A Conversation with Len Kabasinski

May 28, 2014700 Comments

While in town for Best of the Worst and Space Cop, we sat down with Killer Wolf Films’ Len Kabasinski to talk about his movies.

For more info about Len and his films, visit the KILLER WOLF FILMS Facebook page.

Red Letter Media on Patreon

May 5, 2014175 Comments

Hey all. We’ve set up a Patreon profile. If you’re so inclined to donate, you can find it here:


Without doing any research whatsoever, we’re going to brand it as the most modest Patreon page ever created. The highest pledge tier we have is $15! And in exchange for a small donation, we’ll be posting frequent updates on what we’re working on as well as behind the scenes photos and videos.

As stated on the Patreon page, we don’t expect or assume anyone will contribute any more to what we do than simply watching our videos. We appreciate that by itself. But if you feel like contributing more, it’ll all go back into creating more stuff. And if you don’t feel like contributing, the website and our videos will continue on as normal. In fact, an AMAZING new Half in the Bag will be TRANSCENDING onto the site later this week!

Space Cop Behind the Scenes: Making Aliens

April 19, 2014482 Comments

Production on Space Cop slowly but surely chugs along. RLM tends to be involved in pretty much every aspect of production, but outside assistance was required in bringing our alien characters to life.

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101 Wacky Kid Jokes part 2

March 15, 2014502 Comments

This time, it’s personal.
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101 Wacky Kid Jokes with Mike and Rich Evans

March 4, 2014438 Comments

Mike introduces Rich Evans to the book “101 Wacky Kid Jokes” to Rich Evans’ amusement.
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Space Cop Behind the Scenes: The House Set

January 28, 2014196 Comments

The house set constructed for Doc of the Dead has gotten a lot of use with other RLM projects, including the ongoing Space Cop shoot. Here’s some examples of practical effects work done to accomplish some of the scenes visuals. MINOR SPOILERS if you’re concerned with that kind of thing for a film called Space Cop.
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Red Letter Media Behind the Scenes: Shooting Zombies

September 26, 2013273 Comments

Some people have been wondering about the slowing down of content for the site lately. Well, here’s a big part of why! We’ve been hard at work the last few weeks shooting Mr. Plinkett segments for the film Doc of the Dead, a documentary about zombies in pop culture. It’s been very time consuming and very bloody, but hopefully everyone will enjoy the final result! We’re also working to get all of our exterior scenes for Space Cop shot before it starts to get cold outside, but have no fear: Half in the Bag will be returning soon, and we’ll of course continue episodes of Best of the Worst as well. Thanks for being patient!
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Red Letter Media Studio Time Lapse August 2013

September 9, 2013468 Comments

Here is a recent 3 day long time lapse video! We had to dismantle and store two sets in order to build a new one from scratch for another project. The wide angle lens makes our studio look a lot bigger than it really is so this was quite a puzzle to make room for everything. These sets were all built for WELL under $128,000 too!
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Rich Evans Watches the Robocop Remake Trailer

September 6, 2013625 Comments

We sat down Robocop super-fan Rich Evans to watch the newly released trailer for the remake for the first time. His reaction may shock you!
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Rich Evans watches Vincent Price Easy as 1-2-3

July 23, 2013223 Comments

We made this because why the hell not. You can see the original video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGPakl57PbI.
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