Half in the Bag: Sucker Punch

April 1, 2011

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Toronto Comic Con THIS weekend!

March 16, 20115 Comments

New Half in the Bag episode, and an update

March 15, 2011

Here’s Episode 2 of Half in the Bag, where we discuss Battle: Los Angeles and the forgotten 80’s classic Galaxy Invader.

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In other news, Mike and Jay will be guests on the webcam chat show TrendyPOP, hosted by Feeding Frenzy actress Gillian Bellinger, this Wednesday night (March 16) at 8:00 pm central time. If you have a webcam, you can “call in” and talk with them, or just chat in questions. Check out their Facebook invite for more info.

Revenge of Nadine: The Episode III Review Epilogue is now online!

March 10, 2011

It’s here! The exciting conclusion of the Plinkett/Nadine storyline! Be amazed by the awkward fight scenes and astounding “special” effects!

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