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Red Letter Media Talks About Alien: Covenant – SPOILERS

May 26, 2017161 Comments

Mike and Jay have some more questions about the black goo.
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Rich Evans Auditions for Blade Runner 2049

May 9, 201796 Comments

Not many know this, but Rich Evans came very close to getting the lead role in Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming Blade Runner sequel. The production company was kind enough to give us the footage of Rich’s audition.
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Nerd Crew Episode 4: The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown and Analysis!

April 17, 2017236 Comments

OMFG! The Nerd Crew is back to analyze every single frame from the new Star Wars trailer to look for any minuscule clue as to what might happen in a film they will eventually see.

The Nerd Crew Episode 3: Justice League and Star Wars News!

March 30, 2017115 Comments

Hey everyone! The Nerd Crew is back! This time they’re taking a look at the new and exciting Justice League trailer as well as catching up on some old, but new and exciting news about Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

The Nerd Crew: Episode 2

January 26, 2017334 Comments

The Nerd Crew is back! This week, the gang discusses the title reveal of Star Wars Episode 8, as well as unbox the cool pop culture swag in this month’s Nerd Box and Geek Crate.

F**k You, It’s January! (2017)

January 12, 2017276 Comments

It’s that magical time of year AGAIN! when Jay and Mike talk about the dumping ground that is January AGAIN! … and possibly more.

The Nerd Crew: A Pop Culture Podcast with Red Letter Media

January 5, 2017637 Comments

Join media, pop culture, nerd culture, and geek culture experts Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman, and Rich Evans as they discuss the new movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars Rogue One Trailer Breakdown No. 6,387

October 20, 2016176 Comments

Wake. Wake. Wake…


August 22, 2016176 Comments

Snark! Rich and Mike must break some bad news to Jay…
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Scientist Man Analyzes Ghostbusters (2016)

August 2, 2016557 Comments

He’s back! Scientist Man looks at statistics, numbers and the media reaction surrounding the new Ghostbusters reboot. He’s joined by two losers named Rich and Jay who like the original film, but not the reboot. They must be sexists!
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