Dawn of the Dead – re:View

October 25, 2016133 Comments

When there’s no more room in Hell, Mike and Jay will discuss the George A. Romero zombie classic Dawn of the Dead and manage to avoid using the phrase “social commentary” the entire time.
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The Gate – re:View

October 13, 2016116 Comments

Happy Halloween! Jay and Josh discuss the often overlooked 80s metal/demon/children’s film The Gate, starring Tiny Stephen Dorff and a bunch of guys in rubber monster suits.
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Blade – re:View

September 10, 2016237 Comments

Jay and Jack discuss the often overlooked Marvel movie Blade, where apparently some motherf**kers are supposedly always trying to ice skate up hill.
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The Blair Witch Project – re:View

September 2, 2016334 Comments

Mike and Jay revisit the 1999 pop culture phenomenon The Blair Witch Project. Does it hold up?

No, seriously. Does it? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior – re:View

July 22, 2016409 Comments

Jay and Rich Evans discuss George Miller’s second Mad Max movie, The Road Warrior.
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Ghostbusters (1984) – re:View

July 12, 2016631 Comments

Rich and Mike chat about the original Ghostbusters on this episode of re:View
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Eraserhead – re:View

July 3, 2016362 Comments

Jay and Josh discuss David Lynch’s first feature film Eraserhead: a dream of dark and troubling things.
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Independence Day (1996) – re:View

June 19, 2016416 Comments

Awaiting the release of the much anticipated ID42:Regurgitation, Jay and Mike discuss the 1996 film Independence Day and make a case for why it’s a terrible, terrible, terrible movie.

There isn’t an extended audio version of this episode because obviously the video version is already long and thorough.
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Escape From New York – re:View

June 7, 2016507 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss the John Carpenter “action” “classic” Escape from New York. Spoilers: Jay loves it and Mike kind of tolerates it.
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Tremors – re:View

May 24, 2016370 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss the classic 1990 film Tremors starring Kevin Bacon and Burt…er…Fred Ward and directed by Ron Underwood.
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