Independence Day (1996) – re:View

June 19, 2016415 Comments

Awaiting the release of the much anticipated ID42:Regurgitation, Jay and Mike discuss the 1996 film Independence Day and make a case for why it’s a terrible, terrible, terrible movie.

There isn’t an extended audio version of this episode because obviously the video version is already long and thorough.
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Escape From New York – re:View

June 7, 2016507 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss the John Carpenter “action” “classic” Escape from New York. Spoilers: Jay loves it and Mike kind of tolerates it.
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Tremors – re:View

May 24, 2016370 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss the classic 1990 film Tremors starring Kevin Bacon and Burt…er…Fred Ward and directed by Ron Underwood.
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