Re-Animator and From Beyond – re:View

October 18, 2017204 Comments

Boooooo! Just in time for Halloween, Jay and Jack check out a spooky double feature of Stuart Gordon schlock: Re-Animator starring Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton, and From Beyond starring Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton.
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Star Trek Discovery (Pilot Episodes) – re:View

September 28, 2017550 Comments

Mike and Rich sit down to have a long talk about trek. No more interjecting Star Trek references into videos, fuckers. This time it’s ALL TREK ALL DAY LONG. Did they like Discovery? FIND OUT!!!
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Joe Versus the Volcano – re:View

September 24, 2017302 Comments

Josh is joined by Jim from Canada to discuss one of their favorite movies, the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan romantic comedy adventure film Joe Versus the Volcano, which flopped badly when originally released in theaters in 1990 despite being a great movie.
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Blind Fury – re:View

August 26, 2017147 Comments

Rich Evans is joined by special guest Len Kabasinski to discuss the blind swordsman schlock classic Blind Fury starring Rutger Hauer!
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George A. Romero’s Martin – re:View

July 21, 2017137 Comments

Jay and Josh discuss one of several of George A. Romero’s great non-zombie films Martin!
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Blade Runner – re:View

July 2, 2017350 Comments

Jay is joined by Colin from Canada to discuss the Ridley Scott sci-fi classic Blade Runner, a movie Colin (and pretty much everyone else) loves and Jay finds kinda boring. Controversy!
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Transformers: The Last Knight – re:View

June 25, 2017138 Comments

Colin and Jim discuss the latest Michael Bay disaster, Transformers: The Last Knight.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – re:View

May 19, 201753 Comments

In anticipation of Showtime’s revival of the series, Jay and Josh gush over Twin Peaks for 45 minutes! Specifically, their love for the much maligned prequel film Fire Walk With Me, directed by David Lynch.
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The Mist – re:View

April 27, 2017159 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss Frank Darabont’s monster movie throwback The Mist, based on the Stephen King novella. The film features such horrific things as spider monsters, crab monsters, and that kid that played The Sherminator in those American Pie movies.
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Demolition Man – re:View

April 6, 2017135 Comments

Rich and Jack discuss the Taco Bell film: Taco Bell Man.
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