Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – re:View

May 19, 201751 Comments

In anticipation of Showtime’s revival of the series, Jay and Josh gush over Twin Peaks for 45 minutes! Specifically, their love for the much maligned prequel film Fire Walk With Me, directed by David Lynch.
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The Mist – re:View

April 27, 2017156 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss Frank Darabont’s monster movie throwback The Mist, based on the Stephen King novella. The film features such horrific things as spider monsters, crab monsters, and that kid that played The Sherminator in those American Pie movies.
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Demolition Man – re:View

April 6, 2017134 Comments

Rich and Jack discuss the Taco Bell film: Taco Bell Man.
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Horse Ninja – re:View

April 1, 2017136 Comments

Mike, Rich, and Freddie talk about their love for a bootleg of a long forgotten 1990’s made for TV movie called HORSE NINJA.
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Starship Troopers – re:View

February 12, 2017527 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss the often misunderstood and underappreciated sci fi action satire Starship Troopers. Would you like to know more?
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True Stories – re:View

January 9, 2017107 Comments

Jay and Josh discuss the little-seen film True Stories, written and directed by Talking Heads frontman David Byrne.
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Land of the Dead and the Social Commentary of George Romero – re:View EXTRAS

November 9, 2016117 Comments

An extended discussion that was edited out of our Dawn of the Dead re:View in which Mike and Jay talk about George Romero’s more recent zombie films and his use of social commentary in them.
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Dawn of the Dead – re:View

October 25, 2016130 Comments

When there’s no more room in Hell, Mike and Jay will discuss the George A. Romero zombie classic Dawn of the Dead and manage to avoid using the phrase “social commentary” the entire time.
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The Gate – re:View

October 13, 2016116 Comments

Happy Halloween! Jay and Josh discuss the often overlooked 80s metal/demon/children’s film The Gate, starring Tiny Stephen Dorff and a bunch of guys in rubber monster suits.
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Blade – re:View

September 10, 2016237 Comments

Jay and Jack discuss the often overlooked Marvel movie Blade, where apparently some motherf**kers are supposedly always trying to ice skate up hill.
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