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Pre-Rec: Cuphead

October 5, 201754 Comments

Rich and Jack play Cuphead, a Run and Gun shooter whose art looks alright I guess.

Pre-Rec: Playerunknown’s Battleground

August 5, 201778 Comments

Rich and Jack sit around and do nothing for 20 minutes then it all ends with a loud noise!!! PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS

Pre Rec: Strafe

June 7, 201742 Comments

Rich and Jack play Strafe, a First Person Shooter Rogue Like that’s firstly a shooter but light on the rogue.

Pre Rec: Bayonetta

May 5, 201733 Comments

Rich and Jack play Bayonetta for the PC and finally realize their dream of being a sexy, bad-ass, witch. Bayonetta is made by Platinum Games and so far has been very well received… Hint Hint Platinum.

Pre-Rec: Horizon Zero Dawn

March 9, 201768 Comments

Rich and Jack play Horizon Zero Dawn on the Playstation 4, a game that has a horizon but several dawns… so the name makes very little sense.

Pre-Rec: ABSTRACT-MO-TRON: The Episode!

February 3, 201766 Comments

Rich and Jack PURPLE play some absurdist games MONKEY and their DISHWASHER sequels.


Pre-Rec: Dishonored 2

December 1, 201637 Comments

Rich & Jack play Dishonored 2 which is a stealth game that’s also an action game where you have to sneak around unless you don’t want to. Made by Besethda Thoftworks.

Pre-Rec: Gears of War 4

November 4, 201696 Comments

Rich & Jack discuss Gears of War 4 and then spend some time talking about what a great game Vanquish is. You all should try to find a copy of Vanquish #BringVanquishToPC

Pre-Rec: No Man’s Sky

August 23, 2016180 Comments

Jack and Rich play No Man’s Sky which is in the rarely seen genre of “Looking at Funny Rocks and Animals Simulator”.
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Pre-Rec: DOOM

May 21, 2016135 Comments

Rich and Jack rip and tear through DOOM, not to be confused with the the game it’s based on… DOOM.

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