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March 22, 20163,683 Comments

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The Plinkett Awakens

March 9, 20163,238 Comments

literal potty humor.

Cinco De Star Wars!

May 5, 20151,187 Comments

To celebrate National Star Wars Day (Cinco De Star Wars) Mr. Plinkett is back to comment on the second Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer! Hear his terrible, filthy thoughts about what’s in store for Star Wars.
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Mr. Plinkett Reacts to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

November 30, 2014185 Comments

Harry S. Plinkett has awoken from his booze induced slumber to comment on the new J.J. Abrams Star Wars film. Now that he’s awake he just might start work on his next review…
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Mr. Plinkett: The Animated Series – Plinkett Into Darkness

June 12, 2013153 Comments

Mr. Plinkett has a horrible nightmare! Jay and Mike review his nightmare. So meta, so funny. Enjoy friends!
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Mr. Plinkett: Star Trek Into Reference

June 1, 20132,578 Comments

Mr. Plinkett noticed some similarities between JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek film and other Star Trek films.

The Great Red Letter Media Auction #3

March 20, 2013100 Comments

Welcome to the great Red Letter Media auction 3! For those of you new to Red Letter Media, each year or so we auction off stuff from our recent productions. Things like props, scripts, drawings, and one of a kind treasures! We do this in order to raise money for future productions, pay actors, and buy equipment. Doing what we do costs more than we make most times, so stuff like this helps keep us going. Each item comes with a letter of authenticity and items can be signed by Rich, Jay, and Mike (some items are already signed). See all of our auction items ON OUR EBAY PAGE!
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Mr. Plinkett’s Star Trek V Commentary

March 8, 2013164 Comments

Mr. Plinkett’s got a new commentary track for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier! You can get it it here:

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Mr. Plinkett’s Titanic Review Behind the Scenes

January 6, 201384 Comments

Some behind the scenes stuff from the live action portions of the Titanic review. Watch in amazement at the creation of some of the most stunning and breathtaking visual effects ever to be created for a 60 minute long Titanic movie review.
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Mr. Plinkett Review: Titanic

December 9, 2012989 Comments

Linda Hamilton photo credit to: Luigi Novi

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