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Mr. Plinkett’s Zombie Review

October 30, 2017241 Comments

Never before seen! It’s finally here! The Mr. Plinkett Zombie review segments from “Doc of the Dead” in their entirety. These three segments condensed into one were not included in the final release of Doc of the Dead but now thanks to Exhibit A Pictures and Epix, we bring to you this special treat for Halloween.
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Mr. Plinkett’s Ghostbusters (2016) Review

August 8, 2017620 Comments

Who ya gonna call? Why everyone’s favorite curmudgeon, Harry S. Plinkett! He’s back to breakdown what went so terribly wrong with Ghostbusters (2016) and why it SUCKS so HARD.
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The Next Plinkett Review

August 7, 2017163 Comments

Tuesday August 8th, 2017. 7pm. Milwaukee time.

Mr. Plinkett’s Transformers: The Last Knight Review

June 26, 2017235 Comments

It’s finally here! Mr. Plinkett reviews the latest and most terrible Transformers movie of all!!!

Mr. Plinkett Responds to Comments on his Video Commenting on Disney’s Star Wars Rogue One!

January 1, 20171,042 Comments

Mr. Plinkett is back to clarify some of the things he said in his last video and to respond to some of your viewer comments!
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Mr. Plinkett Talks About Rogue One

December 26, 2016577 Comments

Mr Plinkett discusses his thoughts on the latest Disney product.
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Mr. Plinkett’s The Star Wars Awakens Review

October 2, 2016997 Comments

I squeeze gats till my clips is empty. A review of The Force Awakens and much much more…
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George Lucas Salad Unboxing Video #1

September 17, 2016189 Comments

George unboxes some salads he’s been waiting to get his hands on. Organic Girl’s 50/50 spring green/spinach mix, Bright Farms local spinach blend, and Roundy’s famous cobb salad with chicken.


March 22, 20163,686 Comments

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The Plinkett Awakens

March 9, 20163,244 Comments

literal potty humor.

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