Half in the Bag

Half in the Bag: 2016 Movie Catch-up

December 3, 2016240 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss a bunch of movies they’ve seen in 2016 that have the word “The” in the title.
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Half in the Bag: Shut In and Arrival

November 17, 2016282 Comments

Mike and Jay talk about Shut In, a new release movie that everybody has already forgotten exists, and Arrival, an intelligent science fiction drama that was beaten at the box office by an animated children’s movie based on those big haired troll dolls.
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Half in the Bag: Doctor Strange

November 7, 2016148 Comments

Jay and Mike talk about another new Marvel film. Marvel at their amazing conversation! There’s even a cameo by Stan Lee!
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Half in the Bag: Box Office Number Crunching

October 10, 2016181 Comments

Mike and Jay take a break from watching new release garbage movies to talk about the garbage movies that have already come out this year. Mike also makes cynical predictions about the 2017 box office.
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Half in the Bag: Blair Witch and Don’t Breathe

September 20, 2016305 Comments

Mike and Jay are back at Mr. Plinkett’s house, discussing two recent horror films: The rebootquel Blair Witch and Don’t Breathe, a movie that isn’t a sequel, reboot, or the first entry in a cinematic universe.
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Half in the Bag: Stranger Things

August 12, 2016459 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss the Netflix series Stranger Things, the first and last TV series to ever be discussed on Half in the Bag! OMG!
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Top 1 Things WE Didn’t Know About Suicide Squad

August 9, 2016469 Comments

Jay and Mike need to stop looking at their cell phones during the movies they review! Those idiots! I’ve lost all respect for them forever. Unsubscribed!

Half in the Bag: Suicide Squad

August 7, 2016548 Comments

Mike and Jay weigh in on the critical darling Suicide Squad!

Half in the Bag: Star Trek Beyond

July 28, 2016537 Comments

Mike and Jay see the new Star Trek film, Star Trek Beyond. Then Mike talks at Jay about all things Star Trek.
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Half in the Bag: Ghostbusters (2016)

July 18, 2016873 Comments

Mike, Jay and some guy named Rich Evans talk about the new Ghostbusters movie that everyone else has already talked endlessly about.
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