Half in the Bag

Half in the Bag: 2015 Re-cap (So Far)

October 11, 20152,076 Comments

Mike and Jay continue to sit on Mt. Everest as they discuss a bunch of movies they’ve seen so far this year that they haven’t discussed already.
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Half in the Bag: Everest

October 4, 20151,175 Comments

Mike and Jay take a break while climbing Mt. Everest to talk about Everest. They are on their way up to Mr. Plinkett’s house on the top. Even though he climbed down in a recent episode to kill them. Now I guess he went back up and wants his VCR fixed! Hey! He lives up there, what do you want him to do? Stay in a motel? He can’t afford that! But he can afford to spend lots of money trying to fix a VCR to watch an old TV show from the 80’s.
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Half in the Bag: The Visit and Turbo Kid

September 16, 20152,368 Comments

Mike and Jay prepare to make a visit of their own before discussing two new movies, The Visit and Turbo Kid.
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Half in the Bag: American Ultra

August 31, 20151,618 Comments

Mike and Jay talk extensively about a movie that’s already come out and flopped and been forgotten, American Ultra.
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RLM Merch Update

August 27, 20151,263 Comments


Just a quick video to let everyone know that we have some new items for sale as well as some sold out ones that are back in stock!
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George Clooney Batman vs. Tom Hardy Bane

August 18, 20152,067 Comments

As mentioned on the Batman and Robin commentary track, here’s Mike’s attempt to mash up Schumacher and Nolan.
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Batman and Robin Commentary Track

August 16, 2015714 Comments

Oh no! Mike, Jay, and Rich Evans watch the obnoxious 2 hour long Joel Schumacher mess, Batman and Robin…. fart jokes ensue. Start the commentary when the Warner Bros. logo appears. Stop the commentary track when it’s over or when you can’t take it anymore.


Half in the Bag: Fantastic Four

August 9, 20153,018 Comments

Mike and Jay attempt to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, but are unable to. Josh Trank himself buys Mike and Jay tickets to see Fantastic Four. They are the only people in the theater. Not just their theater, but every theater in the nation.
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Half in the Bag: Pixels

July 27, 20156,761 Comments

Mike and Jay (along with Rich and Jack) attempt to comprehend the thought process that would go into creating a lazy, creatively-bankrupt film such as Adam Sandler’s “Pixels”. But more importantly, the gang analyzes and differentiates the phrases “for some reason” and “for no reason.”
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Half in the Bag: Ant-Man

July 26, 20151,519 Comments

Mike and Jay talk about Ant-Man while minding the video game repair shop. This is part one of a two part episode! OMG!
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