Half in the Bag

Half in the Bag: The Disaster Artist

December 10, 201784 Comments

The Room commentary track: https://redlettermedia.bandcamp.com/track/the-room-commentary-track

Frauds discuss frauds making a movie about a fraud making a movie. It’s The Disaster Artist!

Half in the Bag: Justice League

November 18, 2017262 Comments

Mike, Jay and some guy named Rich discuss the latest DC movie Justice League, starring Batman, Superman’s weird CGI upper lip, Wonder Woman, and some other guys or whatever.

Half in the Bag: Thor: Ragnarok

November 5, 2017283 Comments

Mike and Jay get quizzed by Mr. Plinkett. They also talk about the new Thor film!

Half in the Bag: Blade Runner 2049

October 7, 2017308 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to the box office bomb Blade Runner! But I’m sure it’ll be a hit THIS TIME, right?!

Half in the Bag: mother!

September 20, 2017361 Comments

Mike and Jay talk about the controversial new film that’s not controversial at all: mother!!!

Half in the Bag: IT (1990) and IT (2017)

September 10, 2017412 Comments

Boooooo Mike and Jay do a double feature of the original TV miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s IT as well as the new theatrical version of IT.
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Half in the Bag: Annabelle: Creation

August 16, 2017186 Comments

Mike and Jay re-watch a lot of missed summer movies and the most important one of all, Annabelle: Creation! They also discuss Rotten Tomatoes and uncover the truth behind a sleazy contest.
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Half in the Bag: Baby Driver and Spider-Man: Homecoming

July 9, 2017186 Comments

Mike and Jay talk about the latest Edgar Wright film Spider-man: Homecoming and the latest Marvel film Baby Driver.
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Half in the Bag: Transformers: The Last Knight

June 23, 2017171 Comments

Mike and Jay see the latest Michael Bay disaster, Transformers 5: The Last Knight.

Half in the Bag: The Mummy

June 10, 2017205 Comments

OMG Mike and Jay actually saw the Tom Cruise Mummy movie!
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