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George Clooney Batman vs. Tom Hardy Bane

August 18, 20152,067 Comments

As mentioned on the Batman and Robin commentary track, here’s Mike’s attempt to mash up Schumacher and Nolan.
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Batman and Robin Commentary Track

August 16, 2015714 Comments

Oh no! Mike, Jay, and Rich Evans watch the obnoxious 2 hour long Joel Schumacher mess, Batman and Robin…. fart jokes ensue. Start the commentary when the Warner Bros. logo appears. Stop the commentary track when it’s over or when you can’t take it anymore.

Scientist Man Explains Terminator Genisys

July 9, 20152,301 Comments

See video title. Scientist Man does indeed explain Terminator Genisys in a thorough and scientific manner.

The Terminator Commentary Track Available NOW!

May 18, 20152,185 Comments

Rich, Mike, and Jay sit down to watch James Cameron’s classic film “The Terminator” hear Rich Evans irritating laugh! Here Mike’s dry sarcastic hate-filled comments, Hear Jay provide insight into his love of Maniac Cop 2. Enjoy!

All Trailers are the Same!!!

April 29, 20151,746 Comments

As the summer movie season approaches and you see many trailers in the theater. Remember, secretly they are all the same.
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New Alien Commentary Track!

March 14, 20153,659 Comments

Mike, Jay, and Rich Evans watch Ripley Scott’s 1979 film, Alien and talk about it. Since that film is soooo borrrring they also detour into talking about the entire Alien franchise as well as other things like Rich Evans’ Grandmother’s Christmas nightmare house. Learn stuff about Alien, hear Rich Evans laugh, and have a great time!

4th Annual Stream-a-Thon Schedule

December 29, 20148,451 Comments

The 4th Annual RLM Stream-a-Thon will be on New Year’s Day, January 1st 2015, starting at 12:00 noon US Central Time. There’s always the possibility that some things will change, but the tentative schedule is listed below. Out of the three scheduled obscure feature films, two of them were shot in rural Wisconsin!

This year, the stream will be happening at

12:00 – RLM Shorts
12:30 – Feature Film #1
1:30 – Extended Best of the Worst Screening
2:25 – Feature Film #2
4:00 – RLM Shorts and Outtakes
4:30 – Mystery Wheel of the Worst video
5:00 – RLM Shorts
5:20 – Feeding Frenzy (EXTENDED CUT…includes outtakes and deleted material)
7:00 – RLM Outtakes
7:15 – Mystery Wheel of the Worst video
7:20 – RLM Shorts
7:30 – Feature Film #3
9:00 – Extended Best of the Worst Screening
9:45 – RLM Shorts
10:00 – Mystery Wheel of the Worst video
10:30 – VHS Montage

Nurse your New Year’s hangover with crappy VHS tapes and crappy RLM short films!

Red Letter Media T-Shirts!

December 5, 2014

Rich Evans Reacts to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser

December 1, 20141,531 Comments

Rich Evans reacts to the new Star Wars trailer
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Red Letter Media on Patreon

May 5, 2014175 Comments

Hey all. We’ve set up a Patreon profile. If you’re so inclined to donate, you can find it here:

Without doing any research whatsoever, we’re going to brand it as the most modest Patreon page ever created. The highest pledge tier we have is $15! And in exchange for a small donation, we’ll be posting frequent updates on what we’re working on as well as behind the scenes photos and videos.

As stated on the Patreon page, we don’t expect or assume anyone will contribute any more to what we do than simply watching our videos. We appreciate that by itself. But if you feel like contributing more, it’ll all go back into creating more stuff. And if you don’t feel like contributing, the website and our videos will continue on as normal. In fact, an AMAZING new Half in the Bag will be TRANSCENDING onto the site later this week!

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