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Space Cop Behind the Scenes: The House Set

January 28, 20141,188 Comments

The house set constructed for Doc of the Dead has gotten a lot of use with other RLM projects, including the ongoing Space Cop shoot. Here’s some examples of practical effects work done to accomplish some of the scenes visuals. MINOR SPOILERS if you’re concerned with that kind of thing for a film called Space Cop.
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New Half in the Bag Commentary Tracks!

January 25, 2014767 Comments

You can get two brand new Half in the Bag commentary tracks here:
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Half in the Bag: The Legend of Hercules and Her

January 20, 2014872 Comments

Fuck you! It’s January! Mike and Jay celebrate cinema’s greatest month by seeing The Legend of Hercules and then try to make up for that by seeing Spike Jonze’s latest film Her.
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Quick Cuts: American Hustle

January 12, 20141,503 Comments

Jay finally gets around to seeing David O. Russell’s sprawling crime film American Hustle.
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Half in the Bag Extras: Plinkett Eats

January 7, 2014986 Comments

Because the footage used in the actual episode just wasn’t enough…
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Half in the Bag: The Wolf of Wall Street and 2013 Re-cap

January 2, 20141,641 Comments

As with previous years, Mike and Jay close out 2013 by seeing an actual good movie by a well-regarded director. This year it’s Martin Scorsese’s crime epic The Wolf of Wall Street. Meanwhile, Mr. Plinkett eats a 37 double bacon cheeseburgers because hijinks.
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Best of the Worst: Christmas Special

December 23, 20131,244 Comments

Merry Christmas, everyone! Santa’s left the Best of the Worst crew a grouping of films that are the cinematic equivalent to a lump of coal.
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TODAY! The 3rd Annual Stream-a-thon!

December 22, 2013834 Comments

Happy Holidays! We’re streaming stuff all day today. Here’s the link:

US Central Times:
12:00 – RLM Shorts
12:30 – Mystery Feature Film #1
2:00 – The Rich Evans Anthology
2:30 – Best of the Worst extended screening #1
3:30 – Gorilla Interrupted
5:00 – Best of the Worst extended screening #2
5:30 – Mystery Feature Film #2
7:30 – “Classic” Rich Evans short films
8:00 – Santa Claus (1959)
9:30 – Mystery Shorts
10:15 – Where’s Deathlist?
10:30 – Mystery Feature Film #3

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Merry Christmas from Mr. Plinkett

December 18, 2013302 Comments

Mr. Plinkett sings his favorite Christmas songs.
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Half in the Bag: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

December 16, 20131,721 Comments

Happy Holidays, everyone! In this special Christmas episode Mike and Jay put Mr. Plinkett to work so they can be lazy and discuss Peter Jackson’s latest six hour movie about little people walking around a lot, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.
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