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Gremlins Commentary and New Merch!

November 29, 201692 Comments

Top Ten Things YOU Didn’t Know About Darth Vader’s Suit!

January 1, 2016511 Comments

Happy New Year! Last video of 2015! Rich and Mike learn lots of new things about Darth Vader’s iconic suit! CLICKBAIT!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Clickbait Video

December 15, 20153,072 Comments

Rich and Mike talk more about Star Wars! Lightsabers!
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Rich and Mike’s Predictions

November 4, 20153,250 Comments

Yes. We now know it’s Jakku. Please do comment about it though.

Two New Commentary Tracks Available NOW!

October 26, 20151,036 Comments

Commentary tracks for both A Nightmare on Elm Street and Return of the Jedi are now available here:

Red Letter Media’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Reaction!

October 20, 20152,353 Comments

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Welcome Back, Star Wars!

October 19, 2015577 Comments

The Force Awakens trailer has finally been released. So we melted some Star Wars toys.

Red Letter Media Animated: The Terminator Commentary

October 16, 20151,138 Comments

Here’s a fun animated short a fan made using audio from our Terminator Commentary Track.

You can find Mckodem’s youtube channel here.

Ultron California

October 8, 2015845 Comments

Here’s something random. A fun mash up of Ultron and Robert California from The Office.
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RLM Merch Update

August 27, 20151,263 Comments

Just a quick video to let everyone know that we have some new items for sale as well as some sold out ones that are back in stock!
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