Best of the Worst

Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #15

July 12, 2017248 Comments

The Canadians are back! And we’ve decided to torture them yet again with the dreaded Wheel of the Woooooooorst!!!!
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Best of the Worst: Hollywood Cop

June 21, 2017128 Comments

In the first “Spotlight Series” episode of Best of the Worst, the gang takes a look at Hollywood Cop! From the director of Samurai Cop!
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Best of the Worst: Bigfoot vs D.B. Cooper, Black Cougar, and Raw Force

May 16, 2017208 Comments

Special guest star Len Kabasinski is back on Best of the Worst! This time Mike, Jay, Rich Evans, Jack, and Len watch three terrible films (surprise, surprise). Well one is not so terrible after all… CHECK IT THE FUCK OUT!!!
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Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #14

April 11, 2017127 Comments

You thought it was dead. You thought wrong. The gang revives the Wheel of the Worst to torture us all!
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Curse of the Worst

April 8, 201799 Comments

It’s the Curse of the Worst!

Best of the Worst: Biohazard, Slaughter High, and Kill Point

March 20, 2017115 Comments

Mike, Jay and Rich welcome special guest Freddie Williams to the first ever episode of the Best of the Worst Selection Series, in which Freddie personally selects all three films for the group to watch.
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Best of the Worst: Carnosaur 2, The Skateboard Kid 2, and Future Zone

February 23, 2017281 Comments

The gang watches sequels to previous Best of the Worst movies. This is the second time they’ve done this, making it a sequel sequel episode.
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Best of the Worst: Plinketto #3

February 5, 2017211 Comments

The Plinketto board is back to terrorize the BOTW gang. It’s possible with the selections at hand, the ball landed on the worst films possible. Is it fate? Is it the universe telling these losers to get a life? We’ll let YOU decide.
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Best of the Worst: RepliGATOR, Johnson Family Christmas Dinner, and Alligator

December 23, 2016130 Comments

Happy Holidays! To celebrate the Christmas season, the gang watches on terrible Christmas film and two films about alligators!
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Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #13

December 13, 2016215 Comments

Mike, Jay, Jack, Josh, and Rich Evans try their luck on the Wheel of the Worstâ„¢ but fail on an epic level. They must watch every tape!! Or at least PART of every tape!!!
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