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  • Ren1

    I want all my videos back on one page dammit…

  • What’s this then, slut?

  • Hey, don’t call Susan a slut!

  • …but I ordered him from a catalogue. I can call him what I want.

  • yellowface

    I just realized, the February’s almost at its end and there’s only been one Best of the Worst episode this WHOLE year, dude. Thumbs down, unsubscribed.

  • Palpatine

    Yay, new content!

  • Dorothygraynor

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  • snot house

    each day, i pray for the death of everyone below me

  • snot house


  • VirginGeek

    Well that was a bit bad tempered and awkward

  • Variant

    Congratulations, you are now below yourself.

  • Alexander Hoffman

    I’m glad to see the crew have stopped referring to Josh as “The Wizard” but maybe dump that from the credits? I can’t possibly be the only who thinks that a middle-aged fat guy with a beard whose nickname is almost certainly self given needs to stop calling himself by an infantile nickname. Unless you’re a sports star or the nickname has an exceptional story, it’s pretty much never a good idea for an adult.

  • Stephen Norman

    This is how I’ve always felt about Bono and The Edge, except they’re way past middle-aged, which only makes it stupider.

  • Onevok

    Hehe, you said ‘below me’

  • Vig

    Why do you think this bothers you?


    yeah, i agree sometimes that nicknames are infantile, needlessly self-important… i might add, though, that if your true intention *be* to decrease the sum total of these factors in the aggregate of human experience, to reexamine your comment; perhaps hypocrisy really is the tribute vice pays to virtue.

  • Variant

    I think adults should be called whatever they want to be called. Legal names are just made up sounds, and parents usually choose them because they think “Hey… that sounds all right.”

  • ROCCNet

    The term “Wizard” is refering to someone the age of thirty or above who is still a virgin. Likely not why, but I like to think that because Josh annoying and brings nothing but passive aggressive shit

  • KarmikCykle

    Mine literally came to my mom in a dream and my dad only agreed right away because he had to be up for work in three hours and wanted to get back to sleep.

  • sigaba

    I’m pretty sure the guys gave him the name Wizard.

  • Kamil Konarski

    Hey guys, I know that you don’t care about what people say but I can’t believe that you haven’t reviewed Riki-Oh – The Story of Ricky… Give it a watch, I promise you won’t be disappointed

  • Pop Culture Reference

    You mean he’s not in a leadership position in the KKK? He has the body type for it.

  • arekexcelsior

    “Or the nickname has an exceptional story”… a story that you seemingly don’t know and that I have never heard them mention. I have an idea: they can call their friends whatever nicknames they want.


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