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  • whip

    About time you gave this it’s own web section, you lazy hack neckbeard frauds.

  • Chip Chipperson

    This really is quite an entertaining show. Jess is a welcome addition, as well. Nice job.

  • Marilyn E Spencer

    I second that!

  • Matt G

    I love this series but I really think you guys need to stick to movies, or at least videos with a storyline (intended or otherwise). Reviewing any dumbass who can get his hands on a camcorder just doesn’t really work.

  • fuck you

    Shut the fuck up and stop telling them what they should do. They can do whatever they like, cunt!

  • Pickle

    Yes! Finally a section for this!

  • Fishbone

    ust have senn the latest episode of Best of the worst
    and find that the foreign girl in the candid candid camera was from Czech Republic
    as so am I
    If you are interested what she was saying here is brief trnaslation:
    There was my clothes, where are they?
    Do something, get the phone and call somebody…
    just have need to tell somebody 😀

  • DarthRandal

    This entire series reminds me of working at RST. What a shitty place. You’d never find any of this crap at Big Choice Video.

  • bananna hammock

    We should start a pool on how long it takes before a movie is so bad they commit ritual suicide…

  • It’s too bad they don’t live near Portland. I would love to work on a movie with these guys. Today I made a soft foam manhole cover that I could see being put to great effect in a Jay & Mike production.

  • Workshed

    I enjoy BotW…. I’d been putting off watching XTRO since I saw something on the cover of Fangoria in 83 – I’d have never gotten around to watching that Brit horror classic if it weren’t for BotW. Anyone who doesn’t find the review of R.O.T.O.R. funny needs to grow a soh. I was literally pissing my pants with laughter at the breakdance scene. I suppose BotW carries on the tradition of shows like Michael Medved’s ‘Golden Turkey Awards’ and there will always be a place for shit like that in my life.

  • wildfungus

    Like you guys read these comments or care, but Best of the Worst has RAPIDLY become my favourite thing you guys do. I often disagree with some of your opinions in half in the bag but I respect your approach and the episodic ‘written’ content as well. I always watch it. it’s an opinion other than mine, I appreciate it.

    but thank you for these forays into b grade fun. Robot Jox was a childhood favouriteo fg mine the movie channel had it cuz it was mainstream b grade, not enough fights too much melodrama. looking foreward to the assumed impending star trek sequel analysis.

  • joecharcoal

    BotW is the greatest. Please do a Godfrey Ho ninja movie, perhaps Ninja Strike Force?

  • Yes!

  • BOTW Suggestions – Wizards of the Demon Sword and Leo Fong’s Low Blow.

    Love the show guys!

  • Randal Graves

    This job would be great if it wasn’t for all the fucking customers.

  • Free Food

    Loving the Best of the Worst. I keep thinking you guys can’t ever top the stuff you put out, then I am pleasantly surprised. I’ve watched every video on this site, I am a convert and a zealot, I force all my friends to watch you destroy their long held beliefs that episode one was awesome and they thank me for it.

  • elderly bob

    great idea, keep it up!

  • Maraselah

    19.99 for Deadly Prey on DVD. Uh no.

  • randyparkerheggis

    Surviving Edged Weapons would be great to see on here.

  • Charon

    Please review Meteor with Sean Connery and Natalie Wood! Terrible, just terrible.

  • Rupert Giles

    I really think Best of the Worst is my favorite redlettermedia program to watch -even more than Plinkett or Half in the Bag. Every time I drink, I only want to watch Best of the Worst, and that’s a high compliment indeed.

  • MS

    I just created the ‘Best of the Worst’ page on It can now be scraped from your media centers. Feel free to add the actors. I am missing last names for Jessi and Josh.

  • JOnn

    Watch out Giles. Beer Bad

  • Dwiggut

    The best part about ‘Best of the Worst’ is that everyone in their 30’s, has watched some terrible movies on VHS, sometimes from their childhood, sometimes from their teenage years; but while watching, the recall memories create a type of humor that can be very personal.

    The other great thing about ‘Best of the Worst’, is that I think it creates an audience for bad movies. I just watched ‘Thunderstorm, the return of Thor’ on Netflix with my wife, which we would never have watched before watching this series, and it turned into a really fun night

  • seppo

    If HIB’s tagline is “Fuck movies!”, then BOTF’s should be “WHAT!? HAH HAH HAH HAAA!”

  • Bob665

    One of these days on best of the worst you should do sequels to movies that have
    appeared on the show. I know Playing Dangerous has one as does XTRO.

  • vsion

    With Man of Steel coming out soon, would love to see you guys do reviews for Superman III and IV.

  • Fritz Wang

    You guys should do a bad kung-foo episode. I highly recommend 1989’s Bloodfight, or Final Fight (depending on what version you can find.) starring Yasuaki Kurata.

  • PercZS

    Jack-O (1995) is a pretty fun Halloween movie to watch. It’s almost as good as that one movie with the guy who wears a white face and chases Jamie Lee Curtis. I think it was called Psycho.

  • Roger Sarvis

    If you guys put the footage of you watching the movies from this show for sale in your store I’d buy it.

  • Trev Goldring

    I’d like to see your reactions to Blood Diner (1987).

  • George Superman
  • Mark

    I have just seen the best film of all time. I must share it. It is Ireland’s first (and probably only) martial arts film. It is freely available to watch on youtube. One of the members of Boyzone is in it. You will love it. It is possibly better than Miami Connection. It is called Fatal Deviation. Here is the Link:

  • Dave

    This movie is amazing(-ly horrendous and quirky)! Please watch it guys. (Please please please) It’s so bad.

  • trexation

    A Chinese Tall Story (2005). This movie is pretty much the definition of “What the hell?” Would be fun to see you guys react to it !

  • Partymachin3

    Birdemic….this is a must watch for best of the worst.

  • Grendel


  • stevie nicks

    The show burns my muffy snatch! Rape my brain harder bitches.

  • David Cole

    When will the next one be out.

  • MSunshine

    Ep.1 – January 18th
    Ep.2 – February 1st
    Ep.3 – February 13th
    Ep.4 – March 24th
    Ep.5 – April 30th
    Ep.6 – Mai 16th
    Ep.7 – Mai 28th

    So its quite hard to make predictions, seeing as they’re (very much understandably) doing the show whenever they feel like it. Still, I think we could expect a new episode around the end of next week – or this would be the longest wait to date 🙂

  • George Superman

    oh and also if you havent seen this guys believe believe me – you want to

  • Andrew James Campbell

    Holy mother bejoisus this is absolutely incredible

  • Andrew James Campbell

    I’m sharing this to my closest and dearest

  • Gary Iacobucci

    I hope we can expect more Wheel of the Worst in the future. The Shoji Tabuchi Show is like this big cliffhanger just dangling out there.

  • StopCivilisation

    Yes indeed. I was a bit of bummed that it never came up.

  • StopCivilisation

    You don’t mess with atomicbreath!!!

  • seangarn1


  • George Superman
  • Matt

    Can you please do another wheel of the worst? I can only watch the one episode so many thousand times…..

  • Waldo.Pepper

    OMG! Mark Hamill AND Jimmy Walker! Only the finest fromage could have both! Thanks for the tip!

  • StopCivilisation

    Awsome! 🙂

  • Lance Holt

    Howdy guys. My best of the worst suggestion? Tetsuo: the iron man. It broke my brain. Seriously. And then it spawned sequels.

  • StopCivilisation

    Tetuso: the Iron man is not really an awulf movie in the sense as best of the worst.
    Its a psycological ride that is best viewed on weed 😛

  • Pink

    Did they stop making Best of the Worst?

  • Otto Torrens

    IF you guys need movie suggestions I can give you some, I’ve got a large pack of DVDs that are just awful shot on shitty-o and B movie garbage.

  • KrangdasVolga

    Super hero movies for the best of the worst… Fantastic Argoman. Green Inferno. Red Eagle.And Robo Vampire!—DVD/9998751.p?id=2109396&skuId=9998751

  • Allan Bøgeskov Jensen

    New Wheel of the Worst is coming soon… Soon… 😀

  • mike

    any of the crippled masters series might be good for botw.

  • Engelhast

    I agree. Tetuso is not a bad movie, it is just a total mindfuck!

  • Engelhast

    Great idea. There are some god awful now budget Superhero movies out there that need to have the BOTW treatment.

  • StopCivilisation

    Haha yeah it sure is a mindfuck.

    I can also recommend A snake of june (Rokugatsu no hebi) by the same director from 2002.

  • The Purple Wiggle

    There’s a movie studio I heard of in the 80’s that buys the licence to old asian films where the studio then splices in new footage of their actors against footage of the film they bought to create a whole new movie.

    The only example I’ve seen of this is a film that goes by half a dozen names: Super Ninja Master, Zombie Rival, Zombe Rival: Ninja Master Zombie vs Ninja, etc.

    It’s worth having a look at.

  • The Blue Wiggle

    Rock and Roll Nightmare aka, The Edge of Hell is also worth checking out.

  • Rather post as guest

    You’re talking about Godfrey Ho. Ninja Terminator in particular is film history

    I’m waiting for someone to splice all the new footage into a movie of its own. It would be … magnificent,

  • Alice Becker

    I know you get a million suggestions but I am not kidding when I say: YOU HAVE TO WATCH ‘DEADLY RECKONING.’

    It has a character playing the electric violin, Judo, gun fights, spy shit, the WORST ACTION EVER and more uncomfortable overtures of child rape than you can shake a stick at. Yes, MULTIPLE villains insinuating they are going to rape the 12-year-old lead female. It is magic.

    AND: Robert Vaughn of the Magnificent Seven as the antagonist. Looking appropriately embarrassed, of course.

  • Engelhast

    Curse II: The Bite for an “Animals run a muck” themed Best of the Worst…

  • Normal Dennis

    You should do a movie called Don’t Tell Her it’s Me.

  • Franklin Floratos

    Hope not.

  • theLordoftheEagles

    The last airbender

  • splimis

    I just watched Thunderpants, and I must say, it is an excellent excellent movie for both young and… well I’m 25 and I liked it.

  • Kyl

    I’ve been waiting like a Crack head for a new episode 🙁

  • Ted

    come on, release the new episode! Bring back the wheel of the worst, do something damn it!

  • Franklin Floratos


  • Franklin Floratos

    It’s been a month… and STILL NOTHING!!!!

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    I’ve had the shakes now for a week.

  • thrombic modulator


  • Franklin Floratos


  • Franklin Floratos

    I’ve been suffering BotW withdrawals. It’s haemorrhaging my brain.

  • Young Brad Pitt Herrera

    We areeeeee friends?
    Please make some new stuff.

  • Cassie


  • StopCivilisation

    Wheel Of The Worst # 2 was nice but the sound was a bit awkard at places ?!

  • Matt

    This is all great, all amazing, all the time! Keep it up! I love you… I…

  • MrGreeneless .

    I recommend “Deathstalker,” from 1983. It was so worth it.

  • Tremor

    Can’t wait for the next episode! Really love these

  • Brad Smoley

    I love that a joke Rich made about Let’s Rap About Fire Safety has officially become part of his persona.

  • omgnoway

    Well I say Jay, Jack, Josh (I think that’s the guys with glasses names) and Rich make their own Best of the Worst behind Mike’s back! Then soon when Mike discovers this and agonizes over the betrayal, he’ll take his revenge and destroy them all! Muhahaha! … Wait that’s not what I want to happen at all.. except maybe those four guys making more Best of the Worst.

  • AJ

    what did you even just say

  • Codename Mammaries

    Obviously you didn’t know this, but if you just sit through the first seconds of the credits, you can see the names of whoever is in that episode. Works for movies too! And TV shows!

  • Jeff

    Just watched episode 9, that ending was awesome!!! Thanks for doing Gymkata, I saw that when I was a kid!

  • Titan_Po

    Ever seen the sequel to Purple Rain?? Warning: You cannot ‘un-see’ it.

  • magnum

    Gymkata is available on pirate bay! Get the torrent with 27 seeders – very fast download to.
    The movie starts off about a government mission to claim a piece of technology claimed by some made up foreign kingdom. The kingdom will let a country have access to their technology, or location (or some shit that doesn’t make sense) if the country can beat it’s traditional game.
    That’s the primary plot – but the ENTIRE film is about the sub plot.
    On one note the fight scenes reminded me of the dark night rises – with a hero fighting a brute with really crisp sound effects and other use of audio. One difference though – they were better lol

  • Mr Heaven

    Hansel and Gretel Warriors of Witchcraft – Worst of the worst of the worst. Seriously the 2 minute trailer is most of the film; the rest is just the same repeated shots of the scenery.

  • Doobie

    So, you guys are just watching old Obscurus Lupa and Cinema Snob episodes for ideas now? For shame.

  • Billy Nunez

    Dinosaur Island

  • Wasperheimer

    If you wanna see something that can truly be described as “best of the worst”, check out Psycho Cop Returns.

  • AlcaldeEste

    Cut the bullshit, guys;
    You know what the public wants:
    Shoji Tabuchi.

  • Robert Fitl

    If you can find The Pink Chiquitas, you should review that. It’s a movie
    about a pink meteorite that lands in a small town and turns all the
    town’s women into amazons. It also stars Frank Stallone as the world’s
    greatest detective, with a soundtrack by… Frank Stallone!

  • itsgeo

    Shoji Tabuchi. Now.

    (or whenever you guys get round to it, you do great work 😀 )

  • GraphicsAndBeer

    This looks pretty good, I am intrigued. Hell I like the shadows of the camera crew!

  • Robert Fitl

    Ha! Never even noticed. Amazing. Love this movie.

  • Funkmaster

    You guys ‘should’ watch Camp Slaughter. I’d read that it was a quaint 80’s sci-fi/slasher movie about some teens that go to the woods to party, then get stuck in a time-loop and have to fight for their survival, so I decided to get a hold of it.

    However, it turns out there are two Camp Slaughters; one of them is the dark, science fiction film mentioned above, and the other features a giant man, named “Bunny”, that wears a dress, eats rabbits and kills people.

    I would have stopped right away if ‘my’ Camp Slaughter hadn’t also been about some teens that go into the woods to party and then have to fight for their survival. It also had a bizarre scene where they find some old beans from 1945 that are “mysteriously fresh”. seemingly just to foreshadow the time-travel plot that never came.

    That aside, if you want a movie with bad special effects, worse acting, and an excellent rohipnol sub-plot, Camp Slaughter is the movie for you.

  • magnum

    I’ve seen the Shoji Tabuchi show – it’s just some country singer; not bad, or bad bad, or funny bad.
    Not really worth talking about really.
    I’d rather they did a whole Best of the Worst episode exposing the legit cult following that supports The Dance of Birth.
    Seriously – it has a MASSIVE following. I called the suicide hot line because of it – ‘they told me to do it’!

  • Comatose

    Please please please watch TerrorVIsion for your next show! I saw this once as a small child and thought it was just a strange fever dream, and only recently rediscovered it.


    The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension needs to be a part of this

  • TapewormBike

    Why? That movie is fun and very much aware of all the goofiness. That would be the same as putting on Flash Gordon, Big Trouble in Little China OR Feeding Frenzy for that matter.

  • Drain

    When is this getting a new episode? I want to see RLM talk about Nukie. We all know it’s coming.

  • DeColonise

    aww big trouble! What a movie! <3

  • Len Kabasinski

    thanks for watching our stuff. I feel I’ve made it now since we’re on RLM….however I think you’ll be disappointed with NINJA:PROPHECY OF DEATH (this was filmed before SKULL FOREST and I wasn’t even going to release it). and thanks for watching the end credits but sadly, no, I don’t work at petsmart…..again, thanks for taking the time to view our works.
    Len K

  • ident

    So the movie is so bad you didn’t event want to release it? Oh, man. It’s gonna be great.

  • ident

    Wait, Shoji Tabuchi is a Japanese country singer and you’re saying that that’s not the funniest thing ever?

  • Len Kabasinski

    i highly doubt youll feel that way but it is due for release to DVD in the Spring it looks like. It stars Lanny Poffo ,Darian Caine, and Renee Porada (the lead) from CURSE OF THE WOLF which it appears you gentlemen ‘liked’. it wasn’t going to be released due to me moving on to produce (I didn’t produce NINJA) SKULL FOREST and I put the bulk of my time into that project instead which my brother edited. I went back and decided to finish NINJA:PROPHECY OF DEATH after skull when an editor from buffalo, ny took on the project.

  • Sean Downs

    Have you guys seen your effect on IMDB’s STARmeter. When ever you guys release an ep. the spike is huge for who ever made the film. You guys have some power. Congrats for your hard work and effort. Keep on keepin up with Half in the Bag

  • AnimationWorksNL

    Deadly Prey DVD is going for $ 222 ?!? (Best of the Worst favorites)

  • Pinbacker

    Half in the Bag is my favorite! Keep up the good work!

  • Joni Seppänen

    Hey here’s an idea for an episode: Remakesploitation! Namely one little movie called Turkish Star Wars. It’s horrible but so fun! And sitill better than the fucking prequels!

  • Guest

    Can anyone tell me what video is that one with Rich Evans FURIOUSLY masturbating?

  • TapewormBike

    The one with Psycho from Texas.

  • Maverique

    OH MY GOD. Yes it is, but I meant where they got that from because it’s made me want to see the whole movie or video it came from. Don’t ask me why.

  • TapewormBike

    Chill out buddy, I misread it. And we all get weird boners sometimes, dont worry.

  • Guest

    My whole life has been one weird boner. But seriously, I want to watch that thing. For scientific reasons.

  • TapewormBike

    You hear this man! For the love of boner science, help him!

  • Rene Lora

    I assume its all of them but behind the scenes.

  • Insert Name Here

    I think the Adoring Boyfriend video is aimed at women in their early twenties, who’ve had a couple bad dates/relationships.

  • daniel drew

    Hey guys love all that you do keep it up and don’t ever start to suck because Ill kill you ha ha just being serious don’t ever suck.

  • Fernando Alle
  • Douglas Samson

    I’ve got a really great choice for the show, a 1989 DTV movie that I found on a cheap DVD in a pawn shop, Red Surf starring a Pre-stardom George Clooney with MIchelle Pfeiffer’s sister and Gene Simmons in an epic crime saga(?) of Drug dealing surfers who are out for one last score that goes awry.

  • Jack Jones

    Please do “Fatal Deviation” (1997), infamously awful attempt by some guy at being the Irish Jean Claude Van Damme

  • omgnoway

    Do another one… ffffffffff and don’t forget Gillian. 😀

  • GraphicsAndBeer

    You have to go onto RLM, that would be mega-fucking-awesome!

  • Sebastian

    I just want to reiterate what everyone has been saying: I absolutely LOVE BEst of the Worst, it’s my favorite internet-based show. I get so genuinelyy happy every time I see that there’s a new episode that I have to make an event out of it. Keep up the good work! <3

    Also: You guys should review Skeleton Man some time, that movie is just aweful^^

  • Len Kabasinski

    ROBO VAMPIRE is pretty awesome but not nearly as awesome (imo) as the the Reb Brown vehicle ROBOWAR

  • Len Kabasinski

    haha! honestly though….I REALLY love the choices usually for best of the worst…a lot of films I loved from back in the day!

  • Fernando Alle

    Robo Vampire is pretty hard to beat, but I will check out ROBOWAR. Thank for the suggestion.

  • Len Kabasinski

    yes. trust me. ROBOWAR is awesome. lots of PREDATOR references.

  • ThomasHFoolery

    That….was fucking amazing

  • TapewormBike

    Too well known Im afraid, although I agree, I love it.

  • Maverique

    It’s from the short “Rich Evans is a Sex Pervert”, from the Rich Evans Anthology. Still a better title than “Sex Weirdo”.

  • Bloody Axe

    You guys should visit the 80’s barbarian sexploitation genre like Barbarian Queen, The Seven Magnificent Gladiators, Barbarians starring the Barbarian Twins, etc.

  • Curtis Mullins

    Best of the Worst . Superman III vs Blade III vs Spiderman III vs X-Men III

  • Duckler

    Please, please, please fly in Joe Bob Briggs for one of these..!

  • I’ve recently discovered Best of the Worst. Really enjoy it, hope there’s more to come soon.

  • TapewormBike

    I have recently discovered blood in my stool….well, the similarities pretty much end there.

  • Duckler

    Where am I?

  • Robby

    Rich is the only one who didn’t dress up for the Halloween episode, and he’s the only one who dressed up for the Christmas episode. It’s like poetry, it rhymes.

  • Troy J. Faubert

    I’d like to see you guys get your hands on Laser Mission, its got Brandon Lee and the movie’s pretty bad. For kicks, you guys might find Codename: The Soldier interesting, it’s bad and kind of entertaining, and it’s directed by James Glickenhaus who did the first Exterminator movie.

  • benizuka

    my love affair with red letter media began with the phantom menace review, followed by half in the bag and more recently, best of the worst. i just want to say thank you for continuing to churn out this wonderful shit. paypal donation comin’ your way muthafuckers.

    p.s. a second donation will follow if you bring back gamestation 2.0. with plinkett dead, it’s the only way you’ll keep evans out of the soup kitchen.

  • FearAndSlothing

  • The Willard

    Four. This is a great one.

  • omgnoway

    Not the holy quadrilogy of crap!

  • bob665

    The thing I like about best of the worst is it reminds me of when I watch
    mystery science theater 3000 or just trashed a movie with friends. They also
    have some insightful comments from time to time. There’s a saying that you can
    learn a lot more from reading a bad novel than a good one. In general it’s an
    enjoyable time.

    I enjoy when they try to group the movies together. It would be interesting
    if they did an episode dedicated exclusively to foreign films because I’m really
    sick and tired of people saying how forms are always better. (No they’re not
    always better just the ones you’ve heard of are usually the best of the best)
    Gay/lesbian films is a very small sub genre and pretty much all terrible odds I
    wouldn’t mind seeing a good one.

  • Len Kabasinski

    YOR, im pretty sure DID play on WGN, as did Lou Ferrigno’s HERCULES (I and II)….

  • SnackEater

    You guys need to watch some Neil Breen movies just watch the trailer for his movie I am Here Now

  • Will Cox

    The definition of non-medy was changed in this episode. When Rich first said it, it was when you were already not laughing, and then you somehow manage to not laugh even more.

  • SirBraxton

    You must review this, I demand it!

  • George_Liquor

    Huh. I’m guessing Alien Seed was shot in my old home town, since the Gazette Telegraph is its newspaper. After watching this, I can’t imagine why Colorado Springs’ film industry never took off.

  • Crowsteeth

    Everybody loves Len.

  • Pissernacht

    *Ohhhhhhhh! It’s such a perfect day!
    Sony is burning in hell…
    Such a perfect day!
    If demons used up their assholes, it sure would be swell…*

  • John Gray

    On Shoji Tabuchi, maybe he’s been backed by Yakuza money? Just a thought since we know Sinatra had links to the mafia.

  • Jammeth Mango

    Just the mention of Laser Mission makes me angry. I want that time back…

  • Nick

    Best episode yet and best reaction to Shoji Tabuchi I could have ever expected. Thanks for the laughs!!!

  • Lat

    Here’s an idea for the next episode: Giant monster movies. I’m talking good ‘ol, Asian-made, English-dubbed, building-smashing monsters. (And I’m not talking about The Incredible Bulk)

  • roaroar roarar

    I would totally pay 12 bucks a month for a RedLetterMedia video streaming service like Netflix but filled with all the horrible movies they review on Best of the Worst

  • Lat

    I would pay 12 bucks a month to watch a mini-series about Plinkett’s and Palpatine’s shenanigans in their apartment.

  • roaroar roarar

    see I’m happy with as little Plinkett as we get, because despite my love, I feel like at this slow trickle down rate of Plinkettness, I’ll never get sick of him.

  • Lat

    I would only watch it though if it was Mike’s first-person Plinkett, not Richevans, God love him.

  • roaroar roarar

    I love Mike’s POV Plinkett, but for a whole series, I think they would have to step it up a notch. What about Mike doing voice over for an animatronic Plinkett that’s closer visually to the Plinkett artwork? Maybe take a part a Showbiz Pizza Bear, put new skin on it, cut a leg off and put it in a wheelchair.

    That’d make a great series

  • KoalaJohnson

    vs Batman III (Batman Forever)

  • Lat

    Well they have enough skin laying around in Plinkett’s basement. Get it? ‘Cuz he’s a murderer!

  • bob665

    Just a thought but what about best of the worst featuring first-time directors.
    Monsters could be a pick which would be interesting since he is making the
    Godzilla movie. Sky Capt. and the world of tomorrow could be another one. From
    what I understand he basically got money to make a blockbuster movie after
    making a 6 min. trailer and nothing more. It didn’t do so well. A third I don’t

  • sigaba

    It might be worth doing a BOTW Albert Pyun retrospective– you dump on him in the Captain America review but a discussion of Cyborg, The Sword and the Sorcerer and Alien from LA (natch) might be pretty good.

  • Lat

    What’s even worse is these new bullshit Verizon commercials where the guy just asks people random bullshit questions and they answer “Verizon” with no thought. Stranger’s opinions (that don’t include the answers that weren’t Verizon) don’t make me want to change providers, you fucks.

  • Ohhhhh?Ohhh…..

    Like fish monsters! What a great idea!!

  • Lat

    What? No. No not at all.

  • Mike Jakermen

    I would pay 30 bucks for just a Best of the Worst DVD/Bluray. It dosn’t matter which one.

  • Pissernacht

    Especially when they make us have a mental image of a geriatric woman “twerking”…

    Of all the jackasses responsible for these damn Verizon ads, whoever was the mastermind of that particular opus most deserves colorectal cancer.

  • Steve

    Ren looks so uncomfortable, it’s painful to look at.

  • thatsrightjay


  • Booger

    It’s called separation anxiety. Stimpy wasn’t qualified to talk low budget ninja movies.

  • Workshed

    Why wasn’t George Bush Jr one of the punchable faces amidst ‘History’s Greatest Monsters’..? As a Ladenist I find this video highly offensive.

  • SkaMP

    That’s gonna be great

  • Captain Sheryl Crow

    Oh my gooood

  • vantadr

    English version of the supermarket song from SOS.

  • sigaba

    Actually it’s pretty catchy…

  • QueryVillain

    Does anyone know if idea of personal identification codes implanted in people was already a thing back then? If it was then supermarket in this video is actually a metaphor, some religious people and conspirators call RFID a mark of the beast and believe that it will be used to control our minds and enslave future mankind

  • QueryVillain

    Don’t know about this, but sequel (Dark Hero) looks pretty cool

  • SeekerLancer

    That’s what a lot of fundamentalists thought the UPC was leading to. This happens anytime any kind of new ID number and especially some kind of computerized registration is created. They even called Social Security numbers the mark of the beast when they were first implemented. RFID is just the newest concern.

  • Lat

    It’s pretty Cathy if you ask me.

  • Lat

    Wait, the message really is it’s better to live in a commune in the middle of the woods?

    “We can make it even if we have to live off the land.”

  • Jordan

    If there is anyway you could incorporate “Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity” into your next BOTW that would be impressive

  • Shes leaving with the store’s hand basket!!!

  • You’re thinking too much and ignoring the fact that Sam Walton is actually Satan himself.

  • Mike Jakermen

    Whats the chances of a Best of the Worst DVD Set.

  • Hank_Henshaw

    I’m sure there is a number of copyright issues that wouldn’t allow them to sell dvds with footage from many of these moopies/videos/things.

  • Thomas Lovecchio

    Hey, You have to watch a film called Gross Out, It’s so bad that I heard the theater had to provide Barf Bags! Oh yeah, it’s that bad.

  • Steve

    What do you guys do for your day jobs?

  • Bugga

    This is their day job.

  • if i may chime in real quick here….HIGH VOLTAGE made by “A-Pix” is NOT the same company that did ELVES (A.I.P.)…..A.I.P. flicks (a ton of them by David Prior) were my fav…well….still are.

  • i loooooooove CYBORG and NEMESIS from Pyun

  • Marty Willer

    You oughta watch Grafitti Bridge by Prince. Now, I love Prince’s music, but he’s like the worst director ever!

  • Jared Franklin

    Have you guys ever considered reviewing stupid-ass Christian propaganda movies? Here’s an example of one I think you should subject yourselves to–err, I mean watch!

  • Dan Blocker

    Considering this had a theatrical release, this would not fit the mold. Best of The Worst is not for the common stuff. It’s for the obscure.

  • Jared Franklin

    Yeah but it fucking sucks.

  • Guest

    Which episode is the one where the police offer says “Someone needs to call the cops”, which I think is also the one where the hospital is like a dentists office or something?

  • Dan Blocker

    There hasn’t been a good Christian film since Ben Hur.

  • sigaba

    Greatest Story Ever Told. Steve Martin’s Leap of Faith. Dogma passes as a spoof film but Kevin Smith really means a lot of it.

    There are some obscure christian films worth a look — I’d love it if someone could find a copy of Rock: It’s Your Decision.

  • ¡David Oakes! 

    Rotor ?

  • Ian

    I just saw a movie on Netflix that would be perfect fodder for Best of the Worst. Its called Class of Nuke ‘Em High.

  • curvycom

    Samurai Cop

  • evillemons98

    You need to put Infra Man, and Two Front Teeth on Best of the Worst

  • Wyldstaar

    BotW reviews lots of movies that were theatrically released. Almost every episode which features actual movies has at least one movie in the roster that was in theaters, however briefly.

  • Chris Veal

    id like to see a worst of netflix episode…..

  • Marty Willer

    Right! That would be awesome 😀

  • David Martin

    That’s a Troma movie, it’s supposed to be bad.

  • Ben Parsons

    Now there’s a quality idea.

  • jimmy

    are they high? i’m 4:38 in and their energy is like non-existent. its like they took a full bongload just before filming. not that i mind, of course! can’t wait, i hope “am i really in love” is chosen!

  • jimmy

    37 min in now, and i think might top the last wheel of the worst. its awesome!

  • Lat

    Wait a minute. How did you post that ‘a year ago’ when the episode you were featured in didn’t air until May? Are you a time traveling ninja wizard from the future? INTRODUCING LEN KABASINSKI AS THE DOCTOR

  • in part of the ninja training acumen, there is the art of time travel NOT just the ability to disappear. so yes, yes that is exactly what i used.

  • Chris

    Ah I’ve seen that. One of those unsettlingly bad movies.

  • Liam

    Yo RLM. You need to check out Fatal Deviation as part of Best Of The Worst. It’s Ireland’s first and last Kung Fu Movie

  • Lat

    “Call security!!”

  • Li S

    Vikingdom.. Do Vikingdom please..

  • eli

    I’d like to see Mindwarp on BOTW. Saw it on fearnet a few years ago and it got me into these kind of crappy movies, plus Bruce Campbell is awesome

  • Guest

    This was Robert Ginty’s last performance

  • thats a great film. legendary even. first one is a classic.

  • KarmikCykle

    As someone who is both Irish and a former kung fu student, I support this idea.

  • SavageBoner

    they made these crazy ass Christian horror movies with beheadings and people getting shot up in the late 70s and early 80s. It was a trilogy referred to as the “A thief in the night” series. It is like Christian propaganda meets grindhouse. Its weird shit

  • Robby

    Any chance of getting “Officer Cooper” on an episode of Best of the Worst? I think she’d be great.

  • the corpse of Andrew Thompson.

    best of the worst need an australian special.

    P.S this is from the production company that makes “MythBusters.”

  • Yod Gon Booze

    Yor gunna daye

  • Ricky Spanish

    Hey look…I was on CNN and they must have seen RLM’s Best of the Worst episode…

  • Beeznitchio

    When you all doing another episode? I am jonesing. If you guys take
    two months off and come back with a Wheel of the Worst I am going to be

  • Nic Cage

    In the Twitch stream they said they’ve shot at least two episodes. Jay is currently editing the Christmas episode so there are more on the way!

  • Scott Jason Winship

    Someone edited the TMNT secret of the ooze page, I almost spit out my pepsi all over my desk i laughed so hard

  • David Martin

    They don’t really take time off, you realize how long it takes to edit just one video? Jay probably works 17 hour days.

  • Simon

    Please do Hell Comes To Frogtown (it’s a weird post-apocalyptic movie with Roddy Piper), or Wasteland (another post-ap movie, but with a testicle eating kung-fu fighting avenger)

  • Charles3Mall

    Do Starcrash.

  • kjellmakrell

    Hell comes to Frogtown has the most sexy rape scene ever.

  • Sam

    Laser Mission! Ernest Borgnine as a German scientist who teams up with Bruce Lee’s late son Brandon to stop the Russians from making an atomic bomb from a giant diamond somehow. Bonus: the big bad’s name is “Colonel Kalashnikov”

  • Swedebeast

    You guys gotta do Cruel Jaws, an Italian rip-off of Jaws.

  • darknstormy

    I second this motion.

  • Monroville

    Link please?

  • Monroville

    You can’t put INFRA MAN on there because it would automatically win.

  • Monroville

    Well I guess they better not quit it, because Palpy’s got to eat.

  • ck

    yes great idea

  • ck

    pod people

  • omgnoway

    The Alchemist (1983) please 😛

  • Macdiddy4

    Please watch Razorteeth or any of the Polonia Brothers movies!! Trailer:

  • Tomas Weissbeck

    Really, really enjoyable episode guys.

    By the way, how come you didn’t mention at all that Claudio Cassinelli, one of the actors, was killed while filming Hands of Steel (aka Vendetta dal futuro)? He died in a helicopter accident filming in Arizona. (See and this too which you’ll have to auto-translate )

    It could be said that a man died for that crappy piece of exploitation cinema.

  • JH

    How has Food Fight not been on Best of the Worst?

  • SkaMP

    What the fuck.

  • I own the vhs to this! Id say go with early 80s flick GREAT WHITE instead….even tho CJ pulled footage from it

  • Bosma

    I love all the movie posters in the viewing room (Xtro, R.O.T.OR., etc) but was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you not to see a poster for Tree Stand Safety. Someone should work on that….

  • Jeff Chapman

    Check out Hack-o-lantern and Nail Gun Massacre.

  • CBSE 12th Result 2014 Declared

    Superb Post ipl 8 live score

  • thebojanski

    RIP Robert Z’dar

  • Juho Turpeinen

    You guys should definitely watch Shark Attack 3: Megalodon. A classic.

  • JohnDz

    Strong female action hero of the 80’s? Ever hear of Sarah Conner or Ellen Ripley?

  • Ruki Shiroyama

    You guys should check out Snow Sharks aka Avalanche Sharks!

  • I saw SNOW SHARK (singular.). its a micro budget indie filmed like 80 min from my house

  • Kawaii as Fuck

    What the hell’s up with only having two episodes of this so far all year?

  • diehounderdoggen

    Pretty sure Food Fight is too horrid for critique.

  • Clayne Zollinger III

    Frank Miller’s Wiki STILL says he wrote the words to the “Go Ninja” rap featured in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…ROFL

  • Mike Rolfe

    We need to talk about shirtless dudes, now where’s Jay?

  • pete smith



    Please do Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge. It has Pauly Shore in it in a early film role. It’s amazingly bad but hilarious.

  • Hayley Nicole Mitrano

    Aww why is the new wheel of the worst video private?

  • goodpenisbadpenis

    Jack looks like a fucking lumber jack with that flannel. stop it! fucking lumber jack cunt, asshole fuck.

  • goodpenisbadpenis

    thats right I said it.

  • Stant

    Why is the new wheel of the worst video private? Why indeed.

  • Will Cox

    Whoever’s guitar that is, you are slowly warping the neck. If you don’t have a stand, then lean the guitar with the strings towards the wall. Do it now, and never know that you should thank me later.

  • Heinzy

    I think they mean a recurrent action hero a lá Arnie or Stallone.

  • mrsleep

    Space Cop.

  • Kawaii as Fuck

    They’re still making it?

  • CalamityCorp

    Development is slow as Space Cop has to reprise his role a Rich Evans every now and again.

  • Noah R.

    One of the best webzone pages ever.

  • stevie-dee

    You guys have to do Gold Raiders (1982)!! One of the BEST worst movies!


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