Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #13

December 13, 2016216 Comments

Mike, Jay, Jack, Josh, and Rich Evans try their luck on the Wheel of the Worst™ but fail on an epic level. They must watch every tape!! Or at least PART of every tape!!!

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  • huzzah!

  • zac roper


  • RLMkeepitup

    my God.. maybe those kids are self aware of the films they’re “acting” in. we can only hope no permanent damage was done!

  • Spoiled Ants

    Is this the episode where the premise gets switched: the tapes debate and choose who’s the worst?

  • Yessssssss. Happy Tuesday, you FUCKS!!!

  • frankelee

    I hope they jump straight in to the fuckin’.

  • Charlie

    Seeing the behind-the-scenes footage was like a kick in the gut.

    I just can’t believe that everything–even the stupid fucking Wheel of the Worst– is a fraud.

    Fuck you, you fucking frauds. Keep feeding your slop to the fucking pigs on the internet.

    Also please have Plinkett review another movie. Maybe the Star Trak with the whales.

  • The Big Fuckin’ Lebowski

    PLEASE! Re-edit “Safe Crossing” into Mike’s idea for the ending, and all the video into a horror movie and post it on your channel! I want to see that movie so much!

  • Charlie

    I demand that “Safe Crossing” have an ending tacked on with an eerie tentacle monster coming out of the egg.

  • JapanRuinedMyLife

    corny = laura palmer ?

  • Those Beanie Babies will have grown up into plush millennials by now, all with student loans that greatly exceed their monetary value.

  • Mr_Show


  • That other guy

    After watching this I want to find copies of all these tapes on my own and put them through a tree shredder.

  • Percy Gryce

    How appropriate that, in the Youtube era of Redlettermedia, the final WOTW is bereft of a Percy Gryce video. There are at least 100 other tapes I’ve sent in and I’m sure there was some comedy gold buried in there somewhere. Whatever.

    I do take some pride in having inspired (at least in some small part) the WOTW. It was almost exactly four years ago that, in response to RLM’s call for weird videos, I found and mailed in Shoji Tabuchi, Video Catnip, and one other tape (I think it was a Swiss travelogue). At least I like to think that when Mike saw those tapes, the inspiration for the WOTW hit him. And in a small tribute to me, Mike included two of my tapes in the WOTW title sequence.

    Of course, I went on to an incredible streak of eight straight Wheels with PG videos, including one Wheel with three PG vids (#6, I think). But with only one appearance since then, that was clearly the end of the Gryce era.

    And now with the end of the WOTW, I should really bid you all adieu. It’s been fun. I appreciate everyone’s contributions (except ident and that sensitive Polish guy from Pennsylvania).

    For my Disqus followers, I don’t know what the future holds. But for now, you can follow me on Twitter @percy_gryce

    Good night, farewell, amen.

  • JoeAconite

    In Stranger Danger, isn’t that Daddy Derrick from “Cool Cat” raping a sea monkey alien in the park bushes?

  • Pico

    I would prefer if another kid that looks like the one on the video comes out of the egg and looks at the camera, then a freeze frame and the laught of Vincent Price at the end of Thriller

  • The Big Fuckin’ Lebowski

    Let’s start a petition!

  • Herbert West

    I like that the ghost of Jessi still haunts the title sequence of this show.

  • bhlaab

    I wish to see the entire egg video thank you

  • New Normal Bot

    Pretty sure that ending was concieved and shot in the 10 minutes before Mike & Jay headed down to the bowling alley.
    Any male in his mid-thirties who owns his own bowling ball is in a league, guaranteed.

  • Joe Syxpac

    I wanna see a Cornie and Ooga Booga crossover.

    It’ll be called: Strangers on a Train.

  • DanceOfBirther

    “Non of those guys ever said, ‘I’m horny for Corny.’ Never once, ’cause I sure was.”– Mike Stoklasa

    This is the hardest I’ve laughed at a BOTW since Mike referenced the Jim Jones tapes.

  • DanceOfBirther

    Impressive run, man. I never got past Wheel #2, unless you also count that episode where The Cat Sitter made a reappearance.

  • I’m going to have to rewatch this episode because I’m really confused by the alien molestation video. What the fuck was that? A movie? A sitcom? A public service announcement about pedos? What would a pedo want with an alien? What???

  • TMC_Sherpa

    Is….is that Steve ‘good dog’ Cantin in the Beanie Baby video?

  • Is that the magnotron guy from the dog video? Because that’s who I thought the main host looked like.

  • Constantin Bartosek

    Yes, it’s him.

  • TMC_Sherpa

    That’s the video I was thinking of yeah.

  • TMC_Sherpa

    Oh good, then I’m not crazy for that particular reason. One down, thousands of other possibilities to go.

  • Patrick Batman

    Why is the world in love again?
    Why are we marching hand in hand?
    Why are the ocean levels rising up?
    It’s a brand new record for 1990
    They Might be Giants’ brand new album: FLOOOOOOOOD

  • IamSithAzagoth

    Why did they give up watching the “Bear Attacks” video when they could have pushed an amazing little button on their VCR/DVD player called the “fast forward button” and got to the part they wanted to see?

  • MikeFromCanmore

    what ! no more wheel of the worst !? now what do i do with my life ( besides watching Best Of The Worst and Mike and Susan on Half In The Bag and Plinkett Reviews ) I LOVE THE WHEEL OF THE WORST !

    damn shame we didn’t get too see all of what Percy Gryce sent in too RLM 🙁 what a awful Birthday gift to receive. ( technically my Birthday is Thursday )

  • Crixxxx

    Instead of watching tons of boring bad videos looking for the entertainingly bad ones, why not simply ask viewers for suggestions?

  • Palpatine

    Maybe the aliens from Ooga Booga destroyed Conry’s home planet. Corny and his family were the only survivors and were forced to move to Earth. The Ooga Booga aliens then abducted an intelligent young Earth boy to learn more about the planet. Secretly, they only wanted information about Earth so they can find Corny’s family and kill them, thereby getting their revenge on Corny’s species. The reason why they want revenge is because in 34 BBY, a trade company that Corny’s species owned invaded the home planet of the Ooga Booga aliens after the Ooga Booga aliens helped implant the taxation of trade routes in the Galactic Federation.

  • MustacheDad

    You guys need to bring back the “How can I make real friends” video because I’ve actually seen it.

  • God I love this. I need more alcholic friends.

  • Rowol

    The fast forward button on their VCR is broken and there aren’t any VCR repairmen left in the word to fix it because nobody makes VCRs anymore.

  • Black Santa

    Releasing content in the middle of the night like I’m not gonna instantly watch it…

  • Jack Example

    Disappointed that no one pointed out that Nightmare on Drug Street had Raymond Cruz aka Tuco from Breaking Bad as Latino guy.

  • Fizzgig

    “Hi. I’m dead.”

    –Wheel of the Worst

  • Rick Sanchez


  • For some reason I don’t figure them the type to play an endurance sport. That seems like the sort of thing they would make fun of.

  • durhay

    to make the wheel of the worst go faster so that everyone needs to hang on tighter just to keep from being thrown to the wolves

  • luvs2pwge✓ˢᵉᶜ ᴼᶠ ᶠᵃᵏᵉ ᴺᵉʷˢ

    How much is the rent on that warehouse?

  • VvdD

    Damn no more WOTW? That’s my favorite show after pre-TFA Plinkett.

    How else am I going to see Mike, Jay and Rich truly suffer?

  • Black Santa

    What’s replacing it?

  • davidwemyers

    Is there a reason people are saying this was the last WOTW? Were there people who didn’t know they don’t ACTUALLY randomly spin the wheel?

    Also I’m annoyed they didn’t mention the appearance of Dog Sitter guy.

  • Bill Hiers

    I’m sure it isn’t true.

  • durhay

    freeze frame and then Vincent Price describing that camera

  • Bill Hiers

    I’m fairly certain they’re not being serious when they say no more Wheel of the Worst. If this was really the last one, they would’ve given the Wheel itself a grand sendoff of some sort.

  • LameSame

    Dear god, let this please actually be the end of The Wheel! Either that or start slapping some real movies on that thing. What a slog the wheel episodes are. Still entertaining, of course– but it sucks seeing the gang suffer through such (mostly non-entertaining) dregs.

  • LameSame

    Before this episode, they actually DID randomly spin the wheel. This is one of the first times they didn’t. I have much better, horse’s-mouth information regarding this. The Wheel was indeed random before this (save a few special circumstances). So you’re incorrect, there. I don’t know why you think what you do.

    As for people calling this the last WotW (which I hope it is!): that’s because RLM alluded to that very thing both in this video and on the live streams.

  • Jaws

    Is this the end of the Wheel.

  • LameSame

    You two and me both.

  • davidwemyers

    I think that because in 12 episodes they’ve never landed on the same video twice.

    I don’t watch the live streams so maybe I missed something. I don’t mind, as they’re not my favorite episodes, I just didn’t hear anything on this video that made me think it was the last.

  • RLMkeepitup

    i think lame below hit it, the guys appear impatient with sitting through a 1.5 hr tape that blows. they could just play the actual fun ones or screen em first

  • Now I Get It

    Classy avatar, good English,
    library card in good standing,
    and 100+ VHS donations in kind.

    Truly, you were,
    and will always be,
    the best of the worst.

    Retire In Peace, PG,
    Retire In Peace.
    Follow my new book nationwide

  • RiverDevil

    Regarding bear attacka, haven’t they learned from tree stand safety not to trust anything on the box

  • Palpatine

    Seeing as how they went all out and just watched all the tapes on the Wheel in this one, I think it might be.

  • Palpatine

    Maybe they’re going to auction it off or something.

  • RiverDevil

    So what’s replacing Wheel? More gamestation please

  • DeL Keyes

    What does the alien circles on the bottom of the Wheel support mean in Human English?

  • GlobalResident

    True, that Tree Stand cover “art” led to a huge letdown. The cover should be poster-size and on my wall, though.

  • Ret Marut

    No more WHEEL????

  • SqualrusWalrus

    No Jessi for the last episode?

  • Ret Marut

    I’m sorry. I thought Bear Attacks would be more enjoyable.

  • Jaws

    A lot of guys say that on the way out of the Manhole.

  • Ret Marut

    That’s what’s puzzling. The guys enjoy BEAR ATTACKS at the Manhole.

  • kjellmakrell

    Farm Safety Family Style will forever be unknown then? Bummer.

  • Herbert West

    I dunno, they’ve thrown the wheel away before and it came back.

  • frankelee

    Rich Evans outtakes.

  • Joe Syxpac

    If you live in Milwaukee it’s pretty much a given you’re on a bowling league.

  • Joe Syxpac

    The city dump won’t accept torture devices.

  • Joe Syxpac

    That sounds so boring.

    Can we at least blow up a planet or two?

  • The bus driver looks like a young Louie CK.

  • Otherhand

    tabloid footprints in your hair

  • Percy Gryce

    I’m so eager for your book–and so tired from overwork–that I actually searched that Twitter handle.

  • spriteless

    But now we know how they rig the spins! The magic is gone. They need to pick movies with something really random now, like an Ouija board.

  • Percy Gryce

    re:Views of Quick Cuts

  • It’ll be on that Armoured Knight guy’s review show by February.

  • Thanatos

    I like how one of the tapes was clearly stolen from Hollywood video.

  • Thanatos

    I’m sure Plinketto is still real.

  • Duckler

    So when does that Na’vi girl’s costume auction end?

  • Duckler

    This is the second-best thing these half-hack people have done. Why are there only 81 comments?!

  • Duckler

    Steal from the best, or die like the rest

  • Glyph Wright

    Next time, try strapping yourselves to the Wheel. Because you guys are the worst.

  • Now I Get It

    I’ve done that myself. But as much as you love the hunt, I would also, no joke, be happy just to send you a copy.

  • Hank_Henshaw

    I’m sure that landing on the same video has happened, they just edit it out. In fact, in one of the early episodes Jessi lands on something she doesn’t want to watch, she spins it again and it lands on the same video, much to Rich Evans’ amusement.

  • Lute Hende


  • That other guy

    Anyone else think that Dr. Mysterio looks like the Jigsaw puppet from “Saw”? (Awful movie, BTW.)

  • Herbert West

    They never watched “Magical Star Traveler” either unless I am mistaken. Though, you can find that one on youtube.

  • Charlie

    Yeah Plinketto is too real for Mike, who probably hates the thing because they have to film the entire drop each time they stage one of their “random” and “unpredetermined” rounds of Plinketto.

    Why don’t these frauds just film someone dropping the Plinketto chip from the top of that ladder, and then cutting to the chip falling on the movie they wanted.


  • castlemonster

    RIP, Wheel of the Worst

  • castlemonster

    We’ll never see the Leonard Nimoy How to Survive Y2K tape. We’re doomed!

  • castlemonster

    Yeah, it had a good run. A worthy experiment.

  • castlemonster

    Now they’re free to work on Wheel of the Wurst where they eat randomly selected bad sausages.

  • Like Icare

    Round and round and round it goes… Or as Nietzsche would put it – “It’s a fucking wheel! It has no end!”

  • Like Icare


    People miss that they’ve also pointed out in this episode that they actually make breaks to change angles, then edit it all together.

    As for randomness… It is silly to imagine that it is random at all.
    After all, there is no random process to get the tapes ON the wheel.

  • 9th-Dimensional Secret Self

    I just sawr a ster wers moobie.

  • RLMkeepitup

    im about to see it, should i be drunk?

  • sigaba

    Disappointed we never got them to do Mr. T’s Be Somebody, or Be Somebody’s Fool

  • sigaba

    “PEACE ON EARTH” was all it said

  • sigaba

    We’ll always have “How Can You Tell if You’re Really In Love?”

  • Jon

    I’ve enjoyed the wheel episodes, hope that maybe you will decide to keep it longer.

  • MichaelKz

    Now, it is time for Plinketto to take over. Embrace the mighty monolith that is Plinketto. There were plenty of videos on past episode of Wheel of the Worst that never got viewed and a lot of them intriguing.
    Anyway, I like to think that Corny’s home planet is at constant war with the home-world of the aliens from Mac & Me.

  • sigaba

    I think the last time we saw Jessie was in the group photo with Matt Hannon, didn’t they break up? Would explain Mike’s drinking…

  • Pretty fun episode, considering…

  • Also, please don’t discontinue Wheel of the Worst.

  • Mr. Wint

    Considering that everyone hates WotW AND Jack?

  • DongsDongsDongs

    “Dr. Mysterio intro” is on youtube because of this and yes search for it with those words

  • RLMkeepitup

    Well rogue 1 was a good star wars movie, suprised to say.. im not even drunk!!

  • Pod Bay Doors

    Either none of them have seen that show, or they were just too broken by the experience of recording this to notice.

  • Aaron Baugher

    The Wheel has produced some great episodes, but if they’re honestly running out of tapes that they can find something funny to say about, it might as well stop. These must have been really dull, if they were less discussion-worthy than Ice Dam Safety or the Dunkin Donuts guy.

  • Yeah, I don’t really believe them.

  • Seeing how they also said nothing about Captain Magnotron appearing in the beanie babies video, I think they may have just been very worn out.

  • Mark Bisone

    This, gentlemen, was your masterpiece. Starring James Franco and Other Franco.

  • David

    Where’s the Rebel One episode you hacks!!!

  • Percy Gryce

    My electronic postal address is my avatar name (one word). At. My ISP is the company that has recently agreed to buy Yahoo (hint: Verizon). Fullstop. And the TLD is the fisherman’s tool (hint: net).

    But you probably know that already.

  • EJ

    There was an episode a while back where Jack yells out “whose idea was it to watch non-movies!?!” and storms off. After the last few I kinda agree with him. When School Bus Egg is the most interesting video out of the entire wheel, you’re probably scraping bottom.

  • EJ

    If it means more Re:View I’m ok with losing WOTW.

  • EJ

    Considering it’s in Milwaukee I’d guess about eight bucks a month.

  • EJ

    Any good wipeouts?

  • EJ

    It would just be a letdown like all the rest. They’re not gonna really chop up a dummy with cheap gore effects in a combine harvester in something called “Family Style” and let’s face it, that’s the only reason any of us would want to see it.

  • Was that Tuco from Breaking Bad in the death-by-drugs video?

  • Now I Get It

    I remember you gave it, Samaratin-like, during an outbreak of suicide talk a couple of years back, but nothing’s coming up when I search my files. Also, I lost many bookmarks when my whole computer crashed last May.

    So, that’s one word, no caps? Same with “verizon”?

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Should’ve just filled the wheel up with Nukie

  • Mark Bisone

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of Kabasinski, it was the winter of Landis, we had everything before us, except for useful periods, paragraphs and semicolons, we were all going direct to Milwaukee, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

    There were a king with a sexy beard and a queen with a wrong face, on the throne of Flyover Country; there were a wizard with a hobo beard and a queen with whale AIDS, on the throne of Hipster Falls. In both countries it was clearer than grain alcohol to the lords of the State that things in general were settled for ever.

    Then cometh Percy Gryce. After cometh tapes and wheels and mayhem. All that is left is apocalypse.

    N.U.K.I.E.R apocalypse.

    (But, seriously — you know they ain’t giving up this W.O.W. gag, right? It’s like Abbot and Costella giving up “Who’s on first?”, and those guys weren’t even frauds!)

  • I hope y’all are out seeing Rogue One. I saw it and I have an opinion that I can’t share until you guys have at it. I will change, you guys stay the same!

  • Like Icare

    As in… pod racing?

  • Like Icare

    That’s not true!

    Not everyone hates WotW.
    Everyone does hate Jack though. Fucking clown…

  • Mr. Wint


  • Cream-A-Thon

    Waitin’ for the porno version, Rogue Cum.

  • EJ

    As in whatever Sam Jackson was talking about when he said “there are some wipeouts in this movie!” in reference to RotS. C’mon man, don’t make me explain a joke.

  • Charon

    This hellish episode is just a prelude to a Christmas episode…which may or may not be hellish.

  • Cream-A-Thon

    The review for Rogue One better be titled “Rogue Ho Ho Ho!”.

  • LameSame

    If Mike and Jack would just do a re:View together… everything would start to become right again! What a beautiful event that would be. What an unlikely team. They’re like the Heat Miser and Snow Miser of RLM, after all.

  • Joe Syxpac

    Actually, it’s Rogue Bum.

  • Joe Syxpac

    Mike doesn’t like to be alone with Jack.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    I fervently hope they ignore Rogue One. It’s forgettable product being used to push a stupid, meaningless social agenda.

    But worse, just like every Star Wars movie since the original trilogy, it has zero value-add. The original trilogy created something; everything since is just cashing in on what it created and is either only memorable for being awful (the prequels) or entirely forgettable pop garbage.

  • Jaws

    I wonder if Plinkett likes Rogue One.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    As long as we’re off topic, and to discuss anything except Vagina One: has anybody seen “The Autopsy of Jane Doe”, and if so, is it particularly graphic and gory? It sounds interesting but I’m not a big gore fan.

  • Or one starring Olivia Munn called Rogue Munn.

  • LameSame

    Hence my wish! I wouldn’t think it a Christmas Miracle without some sort of problem like that.

  • Captain Turbo

    The full-frontal nudity seemed oddly out of place but other than that…

  • LameSame

    They smoke weed for their Christmas episodes, so it should be good.

  • Like Icare

    Actually… that’s not true. Any of it.

    For one… half the shit in the trailers is not in the movie at all. And what IS – it’s subdued.
    Practically everything that is presented in trailers as if it’s front and center is actually pushed to the sides and into to the corner.

    Yeah, sure… there’s a girl character… but all that “I rebel” crap is gone. That scene is not even in the movie – not the way it was in the trailer anyway.
    It’s basically the Ripley principle. Character who happens to be played by a female… aaaand that’s about it on that front.

    There’s no “chosen one”, “special one”, “force favorite”… and by golly all the characters are flawed human beings. Well… except the robot.
    Who manages to be just about not annoying in a comedy relief kinda way while also never going into lovable territory.
    There’s not even a romantic interest subplot. Unless it’s those two Asian dudes… who MAY be gay… I’m not sayin they are… but I can’t be sure they’re not either…

    There ARE downsides to the movie though.
    Unnecessary cameos. Oh holy fuck are there unnecessary cameos.
    Grand Moff Tarkin? Holy shit is he out of place. It’s like cutting to a video game cutscene every time he shows up. CGI on him is SO bad…

    At one point there’s the guy from Mos Eisley cantina… for no reason. It’s Star Wars kids!
    R2-D2 and C-3PO show up too… for no fucking reason. And feel SO jammed in and out of place it’s ridiculous.
    Jimmy Smits shows up… which is the first time any of the Star Wars music is heard I think, and it’s kinda out of place… but not in your face.

    Oh yeah – there are no Star Wars fanfares at the beginning. Which is actually a good thing.
    Cause the movie doesn’t feel like a Star Wars movie but like a movie taking place in a Star Wars universe. Not necessarily even THE Star Wars universe – though it is very much so.

    Thus, all the overplayed aspects of Star Wars are not there.
    No magic Skywalker family, no Jedi, no “the Force did it”, no hero’s journey…

    At the same time… that stuff IS there but it is subdued and used sparingly.
    There is a “Force guy” – but you can never tell if he really feels the Force or is he just a deluded religious fanatic.
    There is a hero’s journey – but not the whole damn played out arc, just the reconciliation with father and atonement for his sins.
    There IS a Skywalker… but it’s a Dart Vader. And he’s in it for only two scenes.
    In which he menaces and minces people. Like a Sith Lord should.
    That is also THE single light saber scene in the movie.

    Stuff that would be (that was) put front and center in prequels or in TFA is pushed to the sides and into corners.

    There ARE other flaws… but they are mostly forgivable.

    Like the way the first half of the movie might be a bit too fast paced for some and thus confusing.

    Or how the whole story could have been leaner… but then there’d be fewer scenes of “awesome” and fewer colorful characters… and the “color” of other such characters would have to be pushed more into our faces.
    Some unnecessary flashbacks…

    But possibly the best part of it all is that it won’t have a sequel.
    Its sequel is Episode IV.

    It literally ends minutes before the events in that movie.

  • Like Icare

    Yeah, well… I’m joking too. An my joke is lamer! HA! Take that!

    Also… there are good wipeouts. People get jacked in this movie.
    And exploded. And crushed by having a large landmass dropped on them. And shot by lazers. And there’s generally a lot of dying and genocide in it.

  • Earth

    Help me Harry S Plinkett. You’re my only hope.

    (I swear to God Mike if you like Rogue One…)

  • RLMkeepitup

    did you see it yet? not saying you’re wrong but i didn’t see a social agenda, really its a good movie

  • Frank Lovejoy

    People keep asking that stupid question.

    Yes, I saw it. When it was called Star Wars.

    All you’re watching is the same story with a few tweaks, spending capital built by better movies, existing entirely in the moment it’s released with a social agenda and a smattering of “Really?” and “Seriously?” thrown in because that’s what people think is hilarious now. You forgot it the minute you walked out of the theater, it will never be thought of again as of next month, and most importantly: if the original three movies never existed, this movie would not create a legacy.

    The people who say this is “brilliant” are the same people who thought “Captain America: Rogue Whatever: Number … Who Cares” was “brilliant”. They’ll forget it and think the next one is “brilliant” too.

    Good luck with that. I’m going to drive 40 miles to see a few small-release films and actually enjoy a story again.

  • Not to argue, but Star Wars has always been derivative(Flash Gordon, Seven Samurai, Metropolis, etc. But I get it that they could expand so much further into a big galaxy with billions of characters. I mean, the Death Star is the only epic in the Universe?

  • EJ

    So is the robot basically C-3PO, if C-3PO were a brutally efficient killbot? Because that sounds hilarious and awesome. Yeah I should just watch the movie, but my family told me to wait until I’m home for Xmas so we can see it together.

  • Beefy5Layer

    Are you fine folks familiar with the works of George Anton?
    A decent chunk of his feature films are on his youtube channel, and some of his other stuff (news commentary?) is on his pornhub account, and I think would make for good viewing.

    Highlights include Dracula (2009), two seperate uploads of a hobbit themed movie with different titles that cut between digital footage and Masters of Magic (2008), CHAINS BY A WOMAN (2013), THE PASSIONS OF JESUS CHRIST 2012 (which is structured as an interview show) and [TV] ANGELIENS – TV PILOT and Robinson Crusoe: The Great Blitzkrieg (2008).

  • RLMkeepitup

    i admit force awakens is guilty of that, and i don’t even consider it a good movie. i don’t watch superhero/comic films and agree with you on that.. but rogue was genuinely good.. i hope you do see it and are able to put the social aspects aside. the story of the film is enjoyable and actually contributes to the original films by giving weight to the rebel and empire tensions leading up to a new hope. i respect your opinion but you may be generalizing a bit .. give it a try

  • frankelee

    No, having a child explain to aliens what things on Earth are is a great idea, Ishtar is a terrible idea.

  • fred

    Why, have you seen it?

  • Skullbussa

    Not gonna lie – don’t think I have ever laughed as hard @ RLM content as I did in this video: when Mike says “fuck that, it’s just dogs getting skittish” during the RC car scene. Fuck my chest hurts.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    All stories are ‘derivative’. What matters is if they bring anything new or innovative or memorable to the table. You won’t remember this movie in a week.

  • Bruce

    Rogue One reminded me a lot of the Phantom Menace. Both horrible films, both highly rated by some critics at release for all the wrong reasons (fan service is not a good reason IGN). Both had characters we don’t care about. Act 1 sucked. Act 2 sucked and Act 3 was action for fanboys, because we didn’t care about the characters and we are basically rooting for Vader? I rate the Phantom Menace fanboy stuff better. Duel of Fates was a much better soundtrack as well. In the future Rogue One will be watched like Phantom Menace. Just the space battle Vader scene like the Maul fight.

    They could have made a lot of compelling movies in that timeline. Ahsoka, Starkiller, but nope Kathleen Kennedy went for this. This movie failed at the idea stage and it is pretty sad they are ripping off EU now (Kyle Katarn) and just shemaking stuff and doing it poorly. I guess ripping off A New Hope was not enough. I would rather watch The Force Unleashed cutscenes than this movie which also takes place in between episode 3 and 4 until Disney decided it was not canon like Kyle Katarn. It had more of Vader, the Emperor a protagonist I cared about, a little romance and more compelling companions.

    I hope RLM does a review. Would love to hear Rich Evan’s thoughts and Jack’s as they both played Force Unleased and I imagine the old Jedi Knight games. Would also like to know if Mike thought this was much worse than Star Trek Beyond. I sure did. Sad that this movie will make WAY more money. The power of Disney marketing.

  • Joe Syxpac

    They’ll sing the “12 Rogues of Christmas”.

  • Joe Syxpac

    Hey guys! I just saw the Rogue One trailer!

    Anyone else know this was coming out?

  • Spoiled Ants

    yeah, I even know some fools who couldn’t wait to empty their ass-wallets (15 bucks) to watch a movie on a screen obviously not-adjusted for 3D .
    So I guess they weren’t lying when they said it’s one of the ‘darkest’ Star Wars movies out there.

  • Now I Get It

    Okay, I chanced sending you just enough of a message that will either confirm that you’re you and I’m me. I haven’t heard back, so, either it’s you’re working (or resting) or I’ve disconcerted some other Percy who isn’t you.

  • Spoiled Ants

    What would be a proper sendoff? Strap all Nukie tapes on the wheel, light it on fire and roll it over the cliff where that Shaq tape disappeared?

  • Bill Hiers

    Heh, sure, why not?

  • Cream-A-Thon

    A little frightening to think we’ll soon have 12 SW movie titles to jam into the lyrics of that song. “Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive Empire Strikes Baaaaaaaaack”.

  • Like Icare

    He’s closer to Marvin – if Marvin was more indifferent than depressed.

    He IS comic relief… but the comedy feels kinda toned down.
    He’s not making jokes or being a bumbling robotic idiot – he just has a tendency to state the obvious without any tact and is bad at improvising.
    Where C-3PO waves arms in the air wailing “We’re all gonna die!” K-2SO deadpans “We have a 25% chance of being caught.”
    Followed by “Now it’s 35% chance.”

    He’s also not cute or cuddly at all.
    Which is generally the feel of the movie – that it’s finally a Star Wars movie that’s NOT aimed at kids.
    Also, it’s kind of first time that there is an actual war feel to it.

    That there is an actual battle being fought and people dying trying to accomplish something – instead of it all being a backdrop for the adventures of our hero(s).

  • Like Icare

    You’re basing your prejudices on fraudulent advertising aimed at the fans of TFA.

    I expected the same thing.

    Actually went to see it only cause we finally got a local multiplex theater and they had special pricing for the opening.
    So it was worth to check out the quality of their sound and 3D setup.

    3D actually turned out to be not that good (subtitles kept having reflections) and the movie is NOT intended for nor does it benefit from 3D at all.

    But the movie itself turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

  • fred

    If only

  • Mangiagli1145

    About 30 mins before Rougue One was gonnna start and there were only about 5 people in the theater with me.

  • JNJ

    I was honestly surprised they didn’t mention Dogsitter guy, it was so clearly him. I also had a bit of a ‘holy shit’ moment with the first tape – the t-rex toy that holds the pencil, I had that very toy. It’s hollow rubber and you can kind of use it like a doofy hand puppet.

  • JNJ

    I think strictly from a structural point of view the wheel isn’t the best way to randomize. We’ve seen before how those plastic clamshell cases unbalance the wheel, particularly when one case had fallen off. The wheel would almost be better spun horizontally, like Wheel of Fortune. For vertical spins it would be better to just use a picture of the jacket or some kind of placeholder on the wheel.

  • Joe333

    I saw that the writer of Rouge One is a SJW and some pro Trump people are boycotting the film. Doubt it will have much impact

  • Cream-A-Thon

    I love that ads for the 2nd Annual Stream-a-Thon still show up as random posts. They take me back to the before-times, the days of certainty and progress. I look at these hands now, old hands, and remember…

  • Mercedes Austin (The ALMIGHTY

    Ishtar is funny, get over it.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    The trailers do not influence my decision. I saw parts of “The Force Awakens”. It was a pile of shit. Everyone said it was amazing. I saw the reboot of “Star Trek”. It was a pile of shit. Everyone said it was brilliant. I have figured out the problem, and I don’t need to see more piles of shit to know they are piles of shit.

  • Malevolence

    Rogue One is amazing, go see it and support the best rendition to what a modern Star Wars movie SHOULD be

  • DasKleineTeilchen

    well, an enyoable, loud, colorfull and not totaly stupid, but forgettable popcorn-flic can be “brilliant” which doesnt mean necesserally “important”.

  • DasKleineTeilchen

    true, I wont. so what? was EP4 an “important” movie? no, it wasnt. at all. we were just young and easily impressed. THATS why we remember.

  • DasKleineTeilchen

    “He’s closer to Marvin – if Marvin was more indifferent than depressed.”

    fucking nailed it, mate; that were my thougts EXACTLY as I saw it. thank you so much!

  • DasKleineTeilchen

    “…meaningless social agenda.”

    tell us all about it, frank. cause I am puzzled of what the fuck you mean.

  • Duckler

    Wheel miss you so, random awful video generator? !!?

  • Duckler

    Nah. Maybe don’t. Counter-argument.

  • Duckler

    The Stream-a-Thons were the last times I truly felt alive..

  • Duckler

    I think that while breaking the wheel, you may have justified it further. Edit more awful things for me..!

  • Fine idea, trash execution. (the former)

  • I’m sorry – his pornhub account? Oh this sounds like gold.

  • Jaws

    Am I the only one who’s gonna miss The Wheel.

  • I’m not entirely convinced it’s gone. Too many people like it – but hey if it is gone we still have Best of the Worst. And I have to give the guys kudos for sitting through the hypnosis tape… I couldn’t have done that.

  • Rich. RICH!!!! You should have said “AmAIDSing Things”.

  • That other guy

    I don’t think they’ll really get rid of the wheel. At least I hope they don’t actually get rid of it. I love the Wheel of the Worst! Still, it’s hard to say. They’ve said they were never going to use it again or tried to get rid of it before. It eventually comes back. I’m really hoping the Wheel sticks around for more hilarious episodes.

  • That other guy

    So are you guys doing a Christmas special this year? I’d love to see another Cannon Christmas special.

  • Malevolence

    I foresee more Micheal Bay and JJ Abrams films… 🙁

  • Aaron Baugher

    True. Rich mentioned on a stream that he intentionally built the first wheel to look crummy, but it was heavy on one side and tended to favor the movies on that side. The second one was better balanced, and also had some padding on the back for friction so it wouldn’t stop and go backwards. I don’t know if it matters; if they want to rig it or spin until they get the results they want, who cares?

    I think they could find funny stuff to say about anything, and they’ve sat through long, dull films before. How many hours of bland Branson music did they sit through waiting for Shoji? I think this time they hit a couple boring ones, someone joked, “We’re going to have to watch them all to get enough material for a show,” and that became the theme. But they didn’t have time (or want) to watch 8 full tapes, so bailing out of them early because part of the theme. That’s my guess.

  • They had Chinese guys, lol. That’s ‘different’. JK.

  • Like Icare

    For what it’s worth… I almost fell asleep during TFA and found it… well… hollow for starters. Cashgrab. Bad. 5/10. Meh… Plotholey…Meh…

    Nu Star Treks I don’t even consider to be Star Trek. It’s “Star TrekTM – Can’t Believe It’s Not Star Trek” – For The Generation On The Go.

    My only gripe with those movies is which one of the two is worse. I don’t plan to ever watch the thirds so it’s only the first two that are up for the debate.
    And I’m already getting the same vibe about the upcoming show.

  • Cream-A-Thon

    No. There is another.

  • Percy Gryce

    I’ve been off Disqus–remember I’m trying to make an epic exit. But I got your message and have responded.

  • Percy Gryce

    See, now that’s what I’m on about. This is the level of pure-genius content that used to be de rigueur around here.

    And I’m not joking about the genius part–you and NIGI are creative geniuses who have given me hours and hours of pleasure.

    Oh, that didn’t come out right. That didn’t come out right at all.

    But you know what I’m saying.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    Yeah. Because you live in a world where the writers of this piece of shit don’t have Twitter accounts and don’t tell you exactly what they’re doing.

  • That other guy

    HOLY SHIT! The guy in the Beanie Baby video is the same guy from the Dog Sitter video from WOTW-7! How did nobody else notice this?! Seriously, check it out!

  • sigaba

    The Wheel was lost once before, only to resurface again. That is not dead which can eternal lie; and o’er strange aeons even death may die.

  • I mentioned it the second I saw it the day that video came out. Really though I’m mostly disappointed in the gang not noticing Captain Magnotron staring them down, the very man they’ve made a prank call to.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    “Korny is tempting.” — Jay

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Speaking of rendition, dig CGI Moff Tarkin. Hooray for the Uncanny Valley!

  • Pop Culture Reference

    They discontinued Jessi and had Max Landis on an episode. There is no god.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Not true. Jack is about as charismatic as a year old block of fudge. He has the dynamic sexual charisma of an Amish hovercraft.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    CGI Jack Tarkin was put in as a replacement.

  • Mr. Wint

    He is a (self-proclaimed) weak man!

  • Leafy Greens

    I’d just like to say how much I appreciate Jack’s TMBG shirt. Flood is a great album.

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  • Benny Sajento

    I’m pretty sure that Steve from the beany baby video is the same dude from the dog sitter video.

  • Joe

    The 13th WotW released on the 13th… and this episode is CURSED!!!

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