Best of the Worst: V-World Matrix, The Amazing Bulk, and ????

August 28, 2013759 Comments

With professional visual effects artist Colin in tow, the gang watches two visual effects-driven turds as well as a mystery movie.

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  • Dr Higgenlooper

    Best of the FIRST


    I usually only have visual effects-driven turds after eating at Taco Bell.

  • Dr. Heisenberg

    V-World Matrix… Visual Effects by Microsoft Paint!

  • RobotsPJs

    Woah “How Did This Get Made?” also covered Gymkata this week. It’s a double bonus of awesome for me!

  • Skagboy

    wooooooh!!!!!! I can’t believe the next BOTW came out so early! I love you guys!!! Good idea for an episode too!

  • Kyl

    Rich Evans lurking in the background like a Sasquatch.

  • DanceK

    When’s the next Best of the Worst?

  • diehounderdoggen

    Ladies and gentlemen, hack-frauds and neckbeards, I have unearthed the inspiration for the Amazing Bulk.

  • ObliviousMaximus

    Awesome as awlays!

  • ObliviousMaximus

    And by awlays I meant always. 😉

  • AbsoluteSalute

    This is my favorite show of all time. Fuck yes.

  • Mikko Löppönen

    This was excellent guys!

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    Best of the Wurst

  • Adrian Inness

    The Amazing Bulk looks like it was created for an interactive movie game but from the mid 90’s where they used live footage spliced with computer graphics… eg. Harvester, Night Trap (it had TVs Dana Plato in it), ummm some other one.

  • obriencj

    Jesus christ that ending almost made me puke from laughing.

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    I dunno how I feel about a non-hack fraud being on the show…………

  • Rene Lora

    Goddamn it!!

  • Percy Gryce

    See, I knew WOTW was rigged.

  • Sadtire

    Great job guys, it’s a really funny, well-made and entertaining episode!

  • Scott B. Smith

    Hey, guys. I recognized some of the CGI from the final scenes of “The Amazing Bulk.” They’re from a stock image/animation company called Animation Factory. I’ve used them at my job before.

    Here’s the leprechaun.

    Hope that helps you solve the enigma of directorial intent on this “film.”

  • Percy Gryce

    Special guest host: Hollywood star and nepot Colin Hanks.

  • PeptoBizNasty

    So that ending destruction scene was the best part of the whole thing. Well done.

  • IsolateMutate

    Rich Evans reminds me of a grumpy version of the bear from Bear in the Big Blue House.

  • Zardoz

    The ending was the best thing I’ve seen on this site since the last Plinkett review. Awesome video in general.

  • John

    The ending of this episode might just be the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Joshua Pelfrey

    Why is it at the 12:00 mark Mike starts going into “Silent Hill”? Or is that just a generic insanity-siren?

  • RyanTheBold

    I could watch that Canadian run in place all day…

  • Wowsers!

    There’s a new guy!! How will I take to him! How will the other fans take to him! I can’t wait to watch this one later and find all this out!

  • Wowsers!

    Oh yeah, I showed a friend of mine your Half in the Bag Jack and Jill review earlier. He laughed so much that she shat his pants and I had to awkwardly help him clean it all up.

  • Harry Roberts

    Rich Evans appearing in the background at 0:43 has reduced me to tears

  • AlefasTheGreat

    Best episode yet guys. Well done!

  • El_Runko

    I’m five minutes in and Jessi has not moved or shown any reaction to anything. Is she dead? Dead and stuffed?
    Weekend at Jessi’s?

  • DarthRandal

    The biggest mystery about Amazing Bulk is how the fuck it had a $14,000 budget. I know that animation software didn’t cost that much.

    Also, I wonder if Sydnee Steele thought V-World Matrix was going to be her shot in “mainstream movies”. That poor, poor woman.

  • Percy Gryce

    During the ending, you can see that Rich’s training for Space Cop is really paying off.

  • DirkDiggler

    “With professional visual effects artist Colin in TOW, the gang watches two visual effects-driven turds as well as a mystery movie.”

    I hope somebody gets fired for this blunder.

  • Percy Gryce

    Special guest wheel: Wheel of the Worst.

  • eddyk

    Great ending.

  • Dickburger

    The Amazing Bulk is the hero we deserve, but not the one we need right now…

  • Dickburger


  • Carlos

    “that she shat his pants”


  • cgi

    Wow, this was a top notch episode!
    Superb entertainment, great ending, thanks.

  • Morti

    This has to be hands down the best destruction of a movie I’ve seen from you guys.

  • D4Disgruntled

    How old is Colin? If he has been doing Visual Effects or 20 years how old was he when he started? He look barely over 21. Or is this part of the Red Letter Media’s sense of humor?

  • sepiajack

    The ‘Crazy Fat Ethel 2’ I sent them is on the Wheel of the Worst

    My Day = Made!!!!

  • sepiajack

    Count down until someone accuses them of being racist, because that was CLEARLY making fun of all the Japanese people that died when the atom bombs got dropped to end WWII

  • sepiajack


  • sepiajack

    It’s our national sport up here

  • l1flafly

    Crazy Fat Ethel looks like Kyle Gass with a wig on.

  • Abbbbbb

    I watched Gymkata as a kid. For years I’ve been searching for it having forgot the name. Thank you RLM!

  • sepiajack

    I was thinking the same thing, but then got distracted by how funny this episode was.

  • eddyk

    “Henry ‘Hank’ Howard”, they even ripped off the Alliteration in the name from Marvel.

  • sepiajack

    I think Mike is right about the ‘comic sans’ logic too

  • whip

    Are you kidding? He looks way older than 21. Mid 30’s I’d say. And he probably pads his history by counting time as a teen on making images on the computer personally or something.

  • sepiajack

    I wonder if Colin is there to provide some VFX for Spacecop.

  • Loo

    Colin says that you’re a charmer. He also said “oo, we like you”.

  • NN

    The ending was fuckin great !

  • Erwin

    Nice, now my shomach hurts from laughing all the way through it.

  • FuckTumblr

    Yes, also how dare they still not have any black people in their videos! RedLetterMedia are pure evil, cisgendered racists!

  • whip

    Minor nitpick. CRT devices such as old monitors and televisions can retain quite a large charge in them even when they’ve been unplugged for long periods of time. It’s huge capacitor. Ya that scene was utterly ridiculous.. but a monitor or television can still pack a helluva electric wallop ever after being unplugged a long period of time.

    It’s why when technicians work on them, they actually purposely short out the charge in the tube before they start.

  • Kip

    Colin works his magic fingers…

  • Kip

    Why do you doubt Colin and his magic fingers?

  • Sir Breckenridge

    I really hope Space Cop has taken note from The Amazing Bulk. That film was basically the handbook to great cinema.

  • Those nerds that want the Shoji Tabuchi are going to be upset with you guys…

  • Wilburforce_Spunkmeyer

    Rich Evan runs with the elegance of a gazelle.

  • Sébastien St-Pierre Robert

    Oh well. We still didn’t get the Shoji Tabuchi Show.

    I guess the RLM crew ran over the remaining vhs tapes too hastily.

  • Rene Lora

    I don’t like things that are different.

  • stolliosis

    Their faces at the 19:32 mark are priceless:)

  • Guest

    My name is also Colin, I’m also Canadian and I am also a visual effects artist.. I’m scared, Dad.

    LOVE RLM and LOVE Best of the Worst. Thanks for continuing this.

  • Colin

    Wait, I’M Colin. I’M Canadian. I’M a VFX artist.
    I’m scared, Dad.

    Love RLM and Love Best of the Worst. I’ve got a serious addiction/passion for horrible cinema so THANK YOU for continuing this.


  • Black Boy


    (Jack being the only one drinking quality beer in BotW)

  • Rick McC

    “Tell me what to think about bad movies, now!!!” <—- what I yell at the RLYW main page during lulls in posts.


  • Thomas

    Apperently the guy that made this amazing bulk just made it because he could.

  • David Cortez

    That was a truly amazing ending!!!

  • Some Guy

    Mike once again horrified by the thought of Rich Evans having sex.

  • MrBun8

    Gymkata had the budget of $8.5 million according to Wikipedia. It looks horribly cheap, but it’s not quite low budget, actually (as Rich Evans says).

  • I want to believe

  • Skagboy

    great idea for the destruction of Bulk

  • AlcaldeEste

    It’s not beer; it’s cider. Beer would have foam … and no ice cubes.

  • kik

    HEY GUYS !!!
    What do you do for a living ???

  • AlcaldeEste

    Gets fired for what blunder? What are you talking about? They have him ‘in tow’. Google it if you don’t know what it means.

  • Hack Fraud

    Dead and stuffed? Just how I like ’em.

  • Vajackster

    This other free stuff is nice and all, but when’s the next Plinkett review? It’s been forever since the last one and it’s the best thing on here.

  • Luis Del Real

    that ending fucking killed me, XD too good.

  • Joshua Pelfrey

    Every episode the number of candid-Mike-pics increases. Over time a collection of Mike-emoticons will accumulate, then all communications on here will be various flavors of Mike cringing or being befuddled.

  • PlinketFan85

    LOL! You accidentally made the ending look ten times better than the Incredibly Amazing Bulk!

  • Joshua Pelfrey

    Are there black people in Milwaukee? I imagine there are some. But, I mean, if they had a black guy in RLM would he be a measurable percentage of Milwaukee’s non-white population?

    I somehow picture that whole state as a bleak and frozen wasteland. Like the Ice kingdom in “Adventure Time”.

  • fartastic

    Unfortunately, he realized too late he actually could not.

  • fartastic

    You call that a life?

  • BigGuy3

    OH FUCK!

  • CorbeauNoir

    It’s actually kind of amazing that Colin literally pulls the Jack-Black-in-High-Fidelity-just-shows-up-and-everyone-else-just-rolls-with-it move and he still had a more concrete introduction to the segment than Neckbeardless Neckbeard and The World’s Most Adequate Moby Impersonator ever did.

  • Colin

    I new to internets.

  • Colin

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do “Curse of the Blue Lights”! A childhood favourite which was found at the bottom of a bargain bin. It’s a genuine bad movie with epic intentions and has one of the most hilarious establishing sequence of all time. You’re welcome.

  • Heather Ross

    My co-workers are probably wondering why I’ve been hyperventilating at my desk for the past 10 minutes with tears in my eyes.

  • I’d also like a gif of them running at the end 😀

  • Johnny Two Melons

    I enjoyed that more than my monthly high colonic.

  • Percy Gryce

    A buddy and I recently got together to do our own bad movie fest. Coincidentally, one of our choices was Alientator, which I highly recommend.

    But what I really wanted to say was that this buddy is a Marvel fanboy from way back, and he turned me on to the greatest cartoon theme song in history. I thought it was appropriate to share it with the group tonight:

  • Percy Gryce

    By using a Canadian instead of one of their usual Milwaukeeans/upper Midwesterners, they actually made BOTW whiter.

  • Marvin Choi

    Colin has a mildly Woody Allen-ish voice.

  • sepiajack

    Yeah that cover is intriguingly awful, and awfully intriguing, I’d be up for that as a Best of the Worst contender.

  • sepiajack

    I wish I could upvote this comment x10

  • sepiajack

    That’s a future I want to live in

  • sepiajack

    That cover has more artistry put into it than the entire film itself. It’s new levels of laziness, and I think would make for good discussion material behind the motives of how and why the movie was made.

  • sepiajack

    The other Wheels are probably so jealous right now

  • slkfjd

    Poor Jessi!

  • Cheeseburger

    Colin, what sort of trousers are those? Good fit.

  • Chris Portle

    First time I’ve cried from laughing in a long time.

  • decora

    all my friends have their verizon phones. i am stuck here with cancer.

    if i had a verizon phone, do you think i would be cured?

    the people in the commercial look so happy. they are smiling. they seem to enjoy life.

    the only person i see is a nurse named Doreena. She always seems to be angry about something. I hear her in the hall sometimes, shouting at her husband on the phone.

  • Adam Gütter

    You’ve got two episodes labelled Episode 8, you hack frauds!

  • Wildride

    Wow! Double Gymkata!

  • valou999

    The same people who made The Amazing Bulk also did “Avatars VS Aliens”… Much better production, better effects and acting overall in that one, but still cheesy as hell. I’ve seen the director briefly in Obscurus Lupa’s review of Avatars VS Aliens ( ) and he seems to be able to poke fun at himself so I really get the vibe that he’s trying to do the best he can but realizes they’re mostly bad and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. BTW, Lupa – ironically enough – also reviewed The Amazing Bulk and Gymkata.

    Oh and… Unless you really enjoy watching stock footage of a previous movie you haven’t seen, DO NOT WATCH CRAZY FAT ETHEL 2 or you will be very confused… The first movie (Criminally Insane) has enough hilarity in it, do that one instead! xD

    Alienator! Do that one too!

    And if you ever feel like doing a Alien rip-off episode I suggest these: Alien 2: On Earth, Creepozoid…and of course, Bruno Mattei’s Terminator 2 (you heard correctly… Terminator 2)!!!

  • Fruity Rumpus Asshole Factory

    I like how you guys referred to the gymnast as Gymkata, even after you learned his real name.

  • Mike

    Colin was insightful and damn good looking. You shall keep him!

  • decora

    nice job finding that.

    ” Dave hooked me up
    with a couple of writers and we tailored the script around virtual sets that I
    was able to purchase online.”

    man. RLM crew nailed it.

  • Flawfilial

    Like the Ice Kingdom? Bullshit! They’d need a senile, crazy old person who routinely captures and tortures unwilling women.
    Well! Off to watch the Plinkett reviews!



  • decora

    I hate to tell you this, but the atomic bomb was dropped on China, not on Japan. There is this thing called a “history book”. Try reading it sometime.

  • sepiajack

    Is it a verizon phone?

  • gega

    Rich Evans.

  • Jock

    Guys, I appreciate the effort, but Colin isn’t actually black. In fact he doesn’t look to be of any ethnic minority. Have another try. 🙂

  • Bob JaBopistan

    He is short. That is a dispossessed group, right?

  • decora

    most actors are not actively working. by that definition, anyone who is payed to act in a film is, literally, successfull and above average.

  • decora

    The editing is just wonderful

  • Bub

    What is the difference between Crazy Fat Ethel and Criminally Insane? I thought Ethel was the character from Criminally Insane but apparently not.

  • decora

    yes! the handful of companies who tried to make ‘CD ROM’ entertainment consoles.. too lazy to google the names…

  • sepiajack

    Crazy Fat Ethel 2 is the sequel to Criminally Insane. I guess it’s like the Rambo series where the names don’t make sense.

  • Narrator

    I love how, while the other guys are laughing their asses off at V-World Matrix, Jessi is just silently shaking her head.

  • sepiajack

    We need one from the previous Wheel of the Worst when they lit the sparklers and he did the ‘Oh MY GAWD!”

  • Ass

    You can shit your pants but you can’t shit your friends or your friends’ pants.

  • Liz Frazier

    Mike, bless you for stepping in and showing the Wheel who’s boss! Now if you can work your magic again in favor of Tree Stand Safety…

  • Alexa

    You guys should check out Obscurus Lupa’s review of The Amazing Bulk and Gymkata. They’re hilarious.

    The Amazing Bulk:


    And really just watch all of her reviews, she’s awesome.

  • sepiajack

    There are too many layers of sarcasm in the comments of this site for me to be able to know whether or not to take this seriously.

  • Harry Butters

    brilliant way to destroy the worst of the worst at the end, great job as always.

  • Kidakor

    Should’ve known the Nostalgia Cunt’s fantards would eventually find their way here…

  • Kidakor

    They work at Subway.

  • Syrophenikan

    Actually woke the family laughing so hard. That’s what happens when you save BotW for after everyone’s gone to bed.

  • King of Canada

    also canadian

  • Kidakor

    Some of the scenes in Amazing Bulk look right out of those godawful 90s FMV “interactive movies” games where live-action footage was awkwardly mixed with garishly rendered backgrounds. The “acting” is similar, too. Bookshelf guy looks like from Phantasmagoria.

  • Workpigs

    Thanks Jay, Mike, and Evan, for appearing on The Best of the Worst together and in general not having that weird shaven neck beard and other hacks ruin it. A special thanks to your guest on the show do not bing a neck beard, shaven or not.

  • aaron johnson

    Umm…Is it just me or does Gymkata seem fucking awesome?

  • wanker

    Why do all of these movies have amateur porn vibe to them ?

  • aaron johnson

    It was you who sent them that? Thank Christ they didn’t land on that one I’ve seen that movie.


    Guest starring a Canadian hipster fuck

  • aaron johnson

    I assume they’ve been here the whole time. Everybody who reviews things on the internets knows about the redlettermedia.
    I would pass on a channel awesome review of anything. It’s always pretty mediocre.

  • sepiajack

    Trust me, we have way more hipstery people here than Colin, we practically invented hipster in Toronto, that’s why Scott Pilgrim had to take place here.


    Plus Brian Lee O’Malley is from there. I’m just being a dick anyway, I liked the dude. Snazzy dresser, would watch review again.

  • NoNameBrand

    Awesome. Thank you Colin for bringing Gymkata with you.

  • Percy Gryce

    I assume it’s about K-mart employees coming back as the undead?


    They have a film production company-

    called Red Letter Media. They do corporate films and various other stuff.


    All other forms of communication will be rendered meaningless.

  • notashill

    Probably, you know that they have the best national coverage, right?


    Not wanting to see the King of Branson in all his glory.

    Do you even know where the fuck you are?

  • Mike Jakermen

    You Know, When Guy’s do enough of these Worst of the Worst Videos. I think you should put them on DVD. I would buy it in a millisecond. I mean watching you guy’s watch Bad Movies is highly entertaining.


    I understand what you’re saying, but you’re creating a false picture of what acting as a career is.

  • Acanthus Lux

    Wow…what a nice surprise to navigate over here with no expectations whatsoever and be greeted with a brand new BotW.
    And not only that, but there’s another pleasant surprise IN the episode…the guest appearance of a certain circular torture device… (but that’s a slippery slope you started down there Mike…)
    Thanks to Rich, Jay, Jessi, Colin and Mike!


    Obscurus Lupa is heavily derivative of Brad Jones, who is like one of the only tolerable members of Team Awesome. Everyone else sucks.

    I’m not being sexist, she just is.



    Do you have a reason to doubt Mike’s earnestness?

  • Dixon Bawls

    You should put out the entire footage of you all watching these movies. Maybe one or two for the next streamathon. Heck, sell the audio rifftrax for a dollar or something.

  • Johann Schmidt

    I think he looks younger because he was the healthiest/fittest looking guy there.

  • RazzleDazzleAzzhle

    I like your style, dude…

  • an asshole

    Should have known some cunt has been living under the illusion that only special people know about RLM.
    Wake up fuck face,RLM is pretty much mainstream in internet terms.

  • Madeup name

    Yeah Brad Jones is the only decent thing left on that channel and i dont even watch his shit there anymore instead i just go to his site.

    Btw Guys funny review as always keep it coming guys keep it coming

  • votes are for(derogatory term)

    I’m disappointed.. a vote down without an actual response or challenge to what I said.

    It’s sort of like “well I don’t care YOU ARE JUST WRONG!” childish response. No substance.

    Explain to me why this stupid ad hominem fallacy is legitimate.

    Explain to me why someone has to have also tried to do similar work in a field in order to challenge the quality of some other work?

    It’s textbook ad hominem fallacy. Discrediting someone personally in order to discredit their opinion.

    Come on, back that opinion up. You think I’m wrong? Tell me why it’s wrong.

    Or is it that someone can’t tell me that it’s wrong, but has already invested themselves into the silly response above that I responded to.. and now they can’t budge from that position? Is that thumb down you Ramone? 🙂

  • it’s a conspiracy

    Genetics…and he’s from Canada…no chemtrails..OR ARE THERE O.o !!!?????!!11!!!

  • gravespawndrake

    oddly enough the latest episode of How Did This Get Made? just put out their Gymkata episode yesterday

  • an history

    Dear Jay and Mike, and the entire Red Letter Media crew:

    I’ve noticed that there has been an alarming flood of whiny fanboy
    babies and dipshit assholes all over the comments section(s) of your
    page, more and more so in the past few weeks (months?). Particularly on
    this episode. On behalf of us all, I want to apologize for this
    appalling and baffling Zergling rush of irritating buffoons exclaiming
    that you did this review without seeing the movie, turned into cynical
    pricks, lost your touch, sold out to Marvel, or otherwise taking your
    opinions personally, etc. These young children and their tirades do not
    reflect the views of your actual fans. I think I can speak for all of us
    when I say that we eagerly, but patiently, await new BOTW episodes,
    HITB episodes, Plinkett reviews, and original films, and we are as
    confident as ever that you will continue being awesome. Hopefully this
    squabbling nonsense going on in these comments sections will start to
    die down after awhile and we can, once again, have nice things.

    A Concerned Fan

  • valou999

    Why am I getting thumbs down…??? *scratch head*

  • Johnny Two Melons

    If I might make a suggestions, the boys of RLM should find a way to incorporate a vuvuzela into future episodes of BotW.

  • Scott Steiner

    Who else thought during the V-World part, “Hey, it’s Sydnee Steele!”

  • Joshua Pelfrey

    High five to you, excellent build on the joke.

  • Kenshiroh

    I’m not taking any sort of advice from some guy with a bunch of metal crap stuck in his face. #RealityCheck

  • Franklin Floratos

    I hope they include Colin in other episodes. There’s something about him I actually like. If only he were there for ‘Cybertracker’…

  • Dixon Bawls

    But would it be funny for us to watch them sit through it? I’m not getting a sense either way on that yet.

  • Dixon Bawls

    It would probably just be censored with a black bar…

  • Kenshiroh

    The Cinema Snob reviewed these movies. Criminally Insane had a bunch of “sequels” (e.g., Crazy Fat Ethel) where most of the footage is just reused from the first movie.

  • Dixon Bawls

    He had me at “I don’t know.”

  • Guest

    I actually really like the Nostalgia Chick as well as RLM. You remind me of Metal fans who never accepted the rap-metal crossover.

  • Dixon Bawls

    This is a dimension that curves around and goes back up its own turd thermos. I think some people are actually ironic without intending to be, ironically.

  • decora

    you know, that is not the Nostalgia chick. so you basically just insulted someone totally who is not the person you were trying to insult. you insulted two people by mistaking one for the other.

    here is another problem. Nostalgia Chick is enjoyed by many RLM fans. I can promise you that.

  • decora

    Nostalgia Chick is part of “Chez Apocalypse” now.

  • Thom Williams

    Bewbs are cheap.

  • TKDForYou

    Jesus guys, that ending. Genius. Absolute genius!!

  • Professor Hack Fraud

    Boobs are even harder to fuck up than blood squibs. That is why the order of exploitation in cinema from easiest to hardest goes

    1. Sex
    2. Violence
    3. etc, etc

    Don’t forget to study for Thursdays exam

  • williamsn411

    You totally read my mind. I was gonna post the exact same comment.

  • williamsn411

    I thought this BOTW was good. Colin is a good addition to the show. I wasn’t as impressed by the ending as others seem to have been. I mean, it was fine but it didn’t have me rolling on the ground or anything.

  • stefan

    these guys are always hilarious, but i literally cried from laughter at the end.

  • Michael

    Fantastic episode, and the ending sequence almost broke my ribs (the running styles, the missle, the brilliant choice of music). You guys, and I mean the whole extended bunch of you, are the absolute best thing ever. Please keep it coming!

  • Studio Executive

    Halt production on The Revengers featuring the Amazing Bulk!!!

  • Caio Novais de Oliveira

    I thought the ending was appropriate, considering how glaringly bad Bulk was. Sometimes it is not about getting the biggest laugh; getting vindication via irony for enduring that mess is a better reward.

  • Kthomp4321

    I watched that final part like 4 times in a row and laughed the entire time. Let’s hope Red Letter Media is the effects directors for Amazing Bulk 2

  • Doyouevenliftbro?

    What’s up with Jay at 7:15 in? He basically says “Shut up Rich, let a man show you how it’s done!”

  • Jdrock

    Is the the pretty redhead Mike’s wife?

  • Acanthus Lux

    I can already see the people here complaining about her fake laughter at the beginning, and various fake(ish) “shocked at this new low” moments. Maybe Lupa should replace her enthusiasm with a zombie-like disinterest–that way any such “bad” moments from her could be explained as ironic humor.

    Truly, RLM fans require more sophisticated entertainment than Lupa can provide. Like drunk man-boys watching children’s movies about farting.

    But seriously, if you have any remaining curiosity about the Amazing Bulk after watching this BotW, you probably should watch Lupa’s review. It goes into much greater detail about just how bizarre this movie is, pointing out lots of great little details. I find her funny and perceptive.

    “Is it possible for a movie to embody a Geocities page?”

  • Idon’tevenliftbro

    Wait, later Mike does the same thing… It must be a joke, but I don’t get it.

  • fuckthestupids


  • Clyde

    I could watch The Amazing Bulk do that effeminate run all day. Someone needs to loop that infinitely as he collides with cars.

  • stefan

    just realised that rich keeps getting cut off by mike or jay at the start of each new discussion

  • Thomas

    Did anyone else get a resident evil 4 vibe from gymkata? Especially the when the “hero” is in a fight with the town; crazy, murderous peasants, playing on vaguely racist fears about foreigners, the overcast lighting and gritty environs and kinda tight, claustrophobic alleys between buildings. Quite different of course, but had a little bit of the same tone to it, in parts.

  • Clyde

    Why are there so many overly aggressive anti-PC comments on this webzone? I’m not saying I advocate in favor of PC or anything but seriously give it a rest, almost every video here on RLM I find some random rant about how somehow there is an assumption that someone will be easily offended by something and then continue to denounce multiculturalism, blah, blah blah. Is it really necessary? Either that or your comment and comments that are like it are just brilliant satires of those types of people that went way over my head or sarcastic.

  • Clyde

    Yes there are quite a few actually, but its probably the only place in Wisconsin with a substantial enough population.

  • autonomousgerm

    I was going to lose it if there was a shot of one of you painted purple reaching up and grabbing the Amazing Bulk DVD.

  • autonomousgerm

    I’d pay $3 to have the Rich Evans track alone.

  • Duckler

    The best part of V World Matrix was the use of Mario Paint for all of the SFX.

  • Spindles

    Blip is completely fucking worthless. There must be a better way.

  • Jason Robins

    So no one’s gonna explain that sequence at 30:26, huh?

  • Tom Bellmore

    YEP! I was thinking the exact same thing! Eastern European village crazies FTW.

  • TGWTGisAwful

    Not going to deny that RLM’s comedy isn’t the most high brow in the
    world but I think they have way more comedic talent than Lupa or anyone
    on TGWTG for that matter. RLM are far better at comic timing and their delivery has a far better and more natural flow than Lupa. With Lupa and TGWTG in general there are so many painfully forced jokes that make me cringe instead of laugh.

  • salaamender

    I saw Gymkata on Youtubes a while back. It’s still there. You’re welcome.

  • guyinthehat

    Phelous does the dry zombie like disinterest and completely fails at it. Many of the members at TGWTG don’t have proper comic timing or talent. All one needs to do is watch any number of their reviews or one of the anniversary specials to see that much of their humor is forced. They try too hard to be funny rather than let it come naturally.

    RLM may not have highbrow but they don’t force their humor, they have talent and proper comic timing. It’s like Airplane vs Disaster Movie. Neither film is highbrow but one is funny and witty. The other is just a series of random jokes and pop culture references.

  • guyinthehat

    I don’t think Kidakor was referring to Nostalgia Chick. I’m pretty sure that was a reference to Nostalgia Critic considering NC is the star of the site. Cunt doesn’t necessarily mean that one is referencing a woman.

  • guyinthehat

    Probably because ex-pornstar Sydnee Steele is in one of them.

  • 6hokage

    TGWTG is completely god awful almost in their entirety, from the main schmuck Doug Walker to the lowest trash like Linkard or whatever. 90% of all their “humor” is based on just referencing other movie if something similar was said or done, trying so hard to be funny and completely failing at it.

  • kenchun24

    Gymkata is classic. Ran on HBO all the time. The creepy town villagers chasing down the Olympic gymnast lead dude always freaked me out as a kid.

    Oh and I’m sure folks recognize Vivid girl Sydnee Steele in V-World Matrix from her other “works” over the years.

  • Will Spencer

    Woo more Best of the worst, love this series guys, keep ’em coming

  • kenchun24

    I did.

  • this thing again

    Yes.That would be making the site payable as in leave money cash dinaros at the front door to view the content…you freeloading communist fuck…

  • another obvious joke

    I recognized her in the first episode of Half in the Bag way back when.
    Just don’t understand why she goes by “Jay” these days.

  • wanker

    Yeah,but that does not explain other movies in previous episodes.

  • THfG

    Yeah, but RE4 actually rips off the movie Dagon, try watching that…

  • sepiajack

    That would’ve been great.

  • sepiajack

    I’d happily pay for BotW and Half in the Bag dvds. I emailed them to ask about that once, but they said the fact there are 50+ HitBs alone at over 30 min each means a helluva a lot of dvds.

    I’d still go for it though, it’d give me something to collect now that I have all the classic Dr Whos.

    The other option is they could put them as MP4s on a data dvd, then you could fit probably 15 episodes on.

  • sepiajack

    Not to mention they have the sharpest insight into movies and how hollywood works of any critics working today

  • sepiajack

    I was thinking that too!

  • sepiajack

    Its the most terrible movie I’ve ever seen,

  • sepiajack

    I think so. It has a LOT of head scratching moments. And a foot chase scene that has to be seen to be believed

  • Dane Winton

    That ending was breathtaking.

  • sepiajack

    ^ I’m starting to think this guy is Garret from gorilla interrupted

  • bb-15

    This is where Best of the Worst does well; with goofy movies that try to fit certain genres; horror, action, sci-fi.

    I laughed through this entire episode. And the blue screen ending was terrific.
    Great job RLM!

  • Liz Frazier

    Just watched the Amazing Bulk segment again. *facepalm* I thought things couldn’t get any worse than Black Ninja.

  • infernocanuck

    About 8 months ago, me and a few friends livestreamed “The Amazing Bulk” and mocked it MST3K style. Keeping the raw footage archived, I forgot about it until a month later when I got a personal e-mail from the director, imploring me to take the footage down. I, of course, first just assumed it was a prank, and asked the guy to confirm his identity. Sure enough, it was Lewis Schenbrun. In the e-mail, he lamented how he personally invested so much money into the project and his only returns were fromo idea. Although I’m quite certain I could have kept my riffing footage, I did take it down, out of pity for the man.

  • bb-15

    I watched Obscurus Lupa’s review of The Amazing Bulk and imo it showed way too much of the movie. A review should be a summary and not a breakdown (with clips) of every scene.

    Why watch a movie if a Lupa review shows ~ 50% of the film?

  • bb-15

    True, I think The Amazing Bulk may have replaced Black Ninja as the all time worst of the worst.

  • Rebecca Duncan

    I’ve never commented before but the end of this episode was PURE GOLD! Had to say that.

  • G. Xiong

    Those first 2 were the most painful experiences in my life… Thank you.

  • Liz Frazier

    Straight-on perspective + actors not knowing CG monster’s eye level = COMEDY GOLD!!

  • nocussing

    that ending is easily the best thing redlettermedia has ever done

  • Jigsaw

    That was the best Best of the Worst yet. Hilarious… I couldn’t stop shaking my head at the Amazing Bulk with my mouth open.

  • Jigsaw

    Or use Blu-rays at DVD resolution. That should fit quite a bunch of episodes on one disc. HD isn’t necessary with this stuff

  • Percy Gryce

    Yeah, and the “down-vote” commenter too.

    Sorry, but those “memes” just haven’t caught on.

  • Russ

    No, that’s Mike’s girlfriend Jessi. She’s a composer/singer in her own right and does a lot of contributing to RLM’s films, etc. Mike’s a smart guy. She’s a great addition to these. Check back to some past Best of the Worst. She’s on the panel discussions in a few of them. Nice to hear a woman’s perspective.

  • Russ

    Feel free fellas to include Jessi on the panel when you can! You guys have good chemistry Mike! (I would hope so)

  • Clan:Rewired_CCW

    Check out Lewis Schoenbrun’s website….. oh my…
    Apparently he has been making features since the early 90’s. After The Amazing Bulk comes Aliens vs Avatars… need to see that one! The logo on his site is a farting bear that cuts a piece of celluloid. Classy.
    He seems to be mainly an editor of schlock and an assistent editor on a cou[le of pretty big movies.

  • Rasmus Fröding

    Take that Racism!

  • Ikari Rapeman

    yeah everyone I watched it with immediately drew that comparison

    naturally I loved the movie

  • ShakingMyHead

    And they all play for the Brewers or Bucks.

  • Worthless scum

    This is fucking amazing.

  • Jon

    Are you next going to tell you that you think that they’re mean to Rich as though Rich isn’t in on the joke himself?

  • Jon

    *tell us

  • Oliver Onion

    Hey guys,
    I just saw these 2 copies of Aladdin in the wheel, and now I’m curious.
    Has Bud Spencer or Terence Hill ever been a thing in the US?

    Late 70’s ’till early 90’s? Does it ring a bell, somewhere?

  • Jon

    You could start collecting Disney classic canon films, that’s what I’m doing. I’m getting them all, even the crappy ones such as these package movies they did during wartime or the substandard ones they did during creative drought periods such as The Black Cauldron.

  • Clan:Rewired_CCW

    Oh.. the memories….

  • AnthonyMcEdwards

    I bet none of you young whippersnappers have ever even heard of the Thomas Flair. Now get off my lawn.

  • Jon

    I like Doug sometimes. Mainly when he’s just giving a retrospective of something like Tom and Jerry or Batman the Animated series. I like it when he’s just himself, giving his opinion about a movie he’s seen, either on his own or with his brother. He comes across as likable and puts his points across well. I even enjoy the occasional nostalgia critic, though it has to be of a film that I’ve seen or it holds no appeal and just bores me. He’s taken to hiring actors now so that more random shit can be included in his video’s, which I never personally care for (unfunny forced humour and plenty of mugging at the camera).

    The only other TGWTG shows I’ve ever bothered with are the very occasional Linkara and Angry Joe video’s (I don’t find them funny, but they can be somewhat entertaining) and Brad Jones midnight screening movie chats.

  • omgnoway

    Damn that was funny! The look on mike’s face when the lady was.. doing something to Bulk was so hilarious. And the guy randomly getting shot by an arrow XD

  • Meester Smeeth

    This was great! Colin is wonderful! Will he be a regular collaborator? Has he been working on Space Cops with you guyses?
    Also, Jessi was great in this! I didn’t even notice her stood in the background until she sneezed and dropped the whatever it was and then picked it up again!

  • Rural Juror

    It’s so easy to spot North Americans here in the comments section!

  • cobrazombie

    Bad body language from the redhead.

  • Well of course they brought in a guy who worked on a Marvel Studios film.

    Fucking Marvelite Hack Frauds. Getting paid with those Cobie Smulders handjobs really works eh?

  • Now I Get It

    “…if you have any remaining curiosity…”
    I haven’t seen this Lupa, but I’m guessing you’re right that this is a division of intellectual labour thing. It’s likely that she’s as (validly) specialised as RLM.

  • Constantine1985

    That guy getting an arrow to the guts is hilarious.

  • Ned Loughrey

    No one noticed that the character of Dark Woman in “V-World Matrix” was played by american adult film star Sydnee Steele?

  • A relevant guest”star” not trying to demagogically sell any shit.. only on Redlettermedia.
    I laughed so much at the end. Best best of the worst for me so far.. or worst best of the worst with the worst best worst movie among the worsts.. i m pretty confused right now…

  • Jack Example

    It’s a tiny detail, but I appreciate the star wipes.

  • and she was quite the best acting performance in that thing imo… i need to do some reseaches on the true extent of her skills.. as a serious and dedicated cinephile.

  • the youtube link goes to the previous episode of BotW…..not that that’s a bad thing!

    great episode! keep ’em coming! (the episodes you filthy mongrel!)

  • Leo

    I feel really sorry for Jack and the Wizard. It took people quite some time to warm to these two and yet Colin comes along and the audience immediately seems to take him to their hearts. There’s a couple of comments on here that even say that they find him attractive physically. I like Colin, but I hope that we haven’t seen the last of Jack and Wizard too.

  • Rob

    I own Terror In Beverly Hills. I found it on the floor at my working place when they were gutting it… It was worth every penny.

  • catnep
  • Jayless

    Oh god, now we’re gonna get all those Amazing Bulk fanboys in here..

  • dollar store cashier wife

    Rich Evans laughter is so amazing that Colin traveled all the way from canada just to hear it in person.

  • catnep

    Welcome Spunkmeyer! I thought you died in the second Aliens.

  • Guest

    Colin from Canada? Boy, that’s gotta rack up the phone bill!


    I’ll see myself out.

  • catnep

    I like the look of that gargoyle creature.

  • catnep

    They resent his success.

  • Liz Frazier

    Yeah, it’s really fun to watch audience reaction to supporting cast.

    I also like Jack and Wizard and Colin was funny in this episode, too. My theory is that Jack and Wizard have a similar angle/image as Mike, Jay and Rich (cynical/debauched) and the audience has a lurking fear that they are being eased in as replacements if/when the original members move on from the show.

    On the other hand Colin’s image is different (superficially): he’s clean cut, nice, seems naive at first (that simpleton look at the beginning of the episode is hilarious). Also they tell you where he’s from and establish his full time career. Everything about him screams that he won’t be here long, and thus is not threat.

    Therefore: “Wow! Colin’s a really nice guy, not like those two hipster hacks!”

  • catnep

    The double arm/leg cross is forboding, I agree.

  • Tom

    You guys are truly great, please keep up the good work. It is also very humble of you guys to do this not for money but for the pleasure of yourselves and others.

  • PagingDrPlinkett

    Who’s Jack? Do you mean Beaker?

  • Leo

    Yeah I think that’s spot on actually. They also probably had an underlying “what if these NEW people start to appear on Half in the Bag too and destroy a winning formula?!!” thought even though Jack and Wizard have probably always been there behind the scenes anyway. They have even both appeared on Half in the Bag once before (albeit in separate episodes).

  • Anthony Pirtle

    Best of the Worst: battling bravely against the overwhelming tide of neo-sincerity.

  • David Copperfield

    I’ve never laughed this hard at you guys destroying the DVD then I did this time. Nice job! Colin is a nice addition too, he did well.

  • Derek

    At last! A Best of the Worst episode that I can show to my Grandkids!

  • Dixon Bawls

    Jack was in the Phantom Menace review as well.

  • Cameron Vale

    And the less said about Colin from Pakistan, the better.

  • Cameron Vale

    I guess they just don’t get jokes that aren’t funny at all.

  • Dixon Bawls

    I think it’s “you can shit your friends, and you can shit your pants, but you can’t shit your friends’ pants.”

  • Cameron Vale

    You joke but it probably is, in a negative example kind of way.

  • Dixon Bawls

    Welcome to the Punderdome.

  • Cameron Vale

    We got an RLM in-cider over here.

  • Cameron Vale

    slight vibe of promotional spam on this

  • DarthRandal

    At least Black Ninja has a catchy theme song going for it.

  • Guest

    That’s how Jessi always sits.

  • Cameron Vale

    For equality’s sake, you need some Asian teenage girls on this show.

  • Cameron Vale

    What the fuck is the internet?

  • Acanthus Lux

    Because the only way Rich, Jay and Mike feel they can indulge their deep-seated desire for each other in a socially acceptable way is by watching sex movies together.
    Guys…its okay…just let it happen…

  • Hermit

    Can’t we all just get… Beyond Punderdome?

  • TGWTGisAwful

    That has always been a big problem with TGWTG, almost all of the movie reviewers on there will show you every important scene of the movie they’re reviewing. I remember the Nostalgia Critic did a review of The Room a while back and at the end of the review he told everyone to go see it. No one is going to go out and see the movie after you’ve spoiled every major scene in it.

  • Cameron Vale

    And the actual show’s subject matter is pretty heavy (following the comic closely), so this is a weird choice to say the least.

  • Cameron Vale

    i dont understand

  • Cameron Vale

    If you can wear your friend’s pants, you can shit in ’em too. That’s what my pappy always said.

  • Blaggut

    Oh man, I was just listening to the How Did This Get Made podcast on Gymkata and I had never heard of it before and now I see this.

  • Cameron Vale

    They say that George Lucas’ special effects department was effectively mutinous during the production of Star Wars. It seems like that’s what happened with Amazing Bulk.

  • Dave Schmave

    I agree, I was dying during the end sequence. So awesome

  • Engelhast

    Rich Evens “oh face” and Mike’s reaction to it would have made me piss my pants if I was wearing them.

  • It really was the best.

  • John the Gamer

    11:30 Hey mom? You wanna be in my movie? You can wear a mask. It’s OK.


  • I think I get what you’re saying and if what I think is what you are actually saying, then I agree with you

  • I guess some women don’t like to watch movies of women getting beaten up and electrocuted. Weird.

  • It was like they weren’t even trying.

  • Notna

    That ending was perhaps the funniest thing I’ve seen from RLM.

  • Eric N.


  • Dave’s Hat

    MST3K joke. Much respect.

  • Richard Starkey

    Yoko looks like she’s put on a little weight – I hope Mike hasn’t got her pregnant with Julian Lennon!

  • notfunnydouche

    It would have rhymed, like poetry

  • notfunnydouche

    This comment is way to nice and informative for the internet, down-voted.

  • notfunnydouche

    Oh god, the missile slowly flying towards the bulk dvd. I’m speechless.

  • Alexa

    Well excuse me for liking something and making a suggestion, how dare I be so presumptuous in just directing people, who have the choice of watching it or not watching it, to something I thought were pretty fun reviews of the same movies discussed. Yes how dare I…*sobs*


    Downvoting me without reading lower where I said I was fucking around?

    Whatever, you fucks.


    I actually think it takes a lot of appreciation of very subtle human emotions to understand their humor actually. I could see a lot of people having the kind of hostile reaction to it that many have to Tim and Eric.

  • Germaine Greer

    Notice how Yoko wasn’t sat on the couch during the scene with women’s boobs. I am concerned she has an overly prudish attitude towards sex and Mike has to dry-hump her whalebone corset after she has fallen asleep reading “Madame Bovery” in order to have his wicked way with her.

  • BLTB

    Damn, Jessi looks good!!! And, the special guest is annoying even though he seems like a nice guy.

  • Chris Webb

    Big naked purple blob mincing through every scen

  • Percy Gryce

    Paging Dr. Bisone, paging Dr. Bisone. Dr. Bisone, you’re needed in surgery.

  • Steve Ditko

    I am concerned the Wizard hipster and Beaker will feel ostracized from the group after watching this video. If Rich Evans took his normal seat in the corner then the Wizard hipster could have sat next to Pee-Wee Herman and Beaker could have sat between Jay and Yoko on the other couch. It is obvious Mike and Jay don’t think the Wizard hipster and Beaker are good enough to meet their new friend and they turned the lights off, the volume of the TV down to zero and sat in darkened silence until they thought the coast was clear when they called round that night to have a few beers and watch DVDs. Talk about “fair-weather friends”….I find the whole business very distasteful indeed!

  • Percy Gryce

    If you play Six Degrees of Ron Jeremy with just about anyone who has starred in a BOTW movie, you’ll come up with a pretty low number. In fact, the Hedgehog himself was in They Bite.

  • sepiajack

    You analyzed that as superbly as Mike and Jay analyze movies Liz, Bravo!!

  • sepiajack

    Though at that point RLM would have exerted more effort in making the review than the actual makers of Bulk did on the movie. Sad sad sad that RLM’s thrown together parody sequence of Bulk has better FX than the actual movie

  • Percy Gryce

    Kurt Thomas–he’s the hero we need and/or want but not hero we think we wanted to need or, uh, fuck it.

  • sepiajack

    I was thinking the same thing. I actually think at large that’s a completely untapped market for that. Think of a show like simpsons or seinfeld where HD isn’t necessary and there are tons of episodes. They could release entire seasons on a single disc at dvd quality.

  • ark

    Wow. Not in my wildest dreams have I ever imagined there could be a scene in a movie where a blonde lady starts giving a handjob to Grimace from Ronald McDonald.

  • Percy Gryce

    If you read to the end, you’ll find that he’s teaching at a film school in the Philippines. Since the Great Recession there’s not enough work in the U.S. for talented directors and editors.

    If I hadn’t had my tear ducts removed, I might have welled up a little.

  • Azriel24

    The “running in place” scene at the end was by far the best part…hilarious, That part was better than any of the videos they had to watch combined

  • Ricky Bobby

    This episode was great but the ending was something special. 😀

  • Kickass 3

    Did not think we get a new best of the worst this fast.

  • Lucy

    Yeah what the fuck is the Internet? I thought this was just the magical world inside Dad’s iPad.

  • Ass

    I’m glad we had this talk.

  • Daily Mail commenter

    34:41- 35:05: Romanians. Coming to a U.K city centre near you, 2014!

  • Anders Hass
  • eddie people

    Motherfucker! You guys are gone fucking bonkers! Whats in your water?

  • 715


  • Jodie Foster

    My cat likes BOTW mostest of all!

  • Liz Frazier

    Hi sepia, thought I saw you on the board earlier! Thanks for the kudos. It justifies the fact that I just can’t seem to stop watching this episode (“I’m not obsessed, I’m creating a thought-provoking analysis”).

  • i dont know.. *cries* 😉

  • giganticd

    I saw gymkata as a kid! My friends parents were pushing them to be little baby gymnasts in the early 1990s which gives some context as to why we would be allowed to watch something so bizarre so young. The setting seemed familiar until the scene where the crazy guy hacks his hand off. Then I knew this was it. So wonderful.

  • UnShame

    ” Years ago I assisted on a feature animated film called, The Thief and the Cobbler…”
    oh my god…

  • Paul Schumann

    Does that not look like the best “wheel of the worst” to be seen yet?

  • valou999

    Give me a break…

    I didn’t know referring to another video to make a point about the intent/purpose of a movie that’s being discussed here was now considered promotional spam. …something that makes no sense considering I have no affiliation whatsoever with the said reviewer. Can I not talk or refer to other things or people that I like without it being ‘promoting’ now?

  • Hiza

    “you freeloading communist fuck”

    Wow. Seriously?

    … Wow.

  • whip

    She often looks miserable and like she is not having fun at these things.

  • Marcin Łaciak

    Great job, best episode so far 🙂

  • sepiajack

    Yeah i was making fun of the comments from the previous best of the worst where someone said RLM was racist because they destroyed the tape by dragging it behind a car

  • Mel

    Forget it, Jason. It’s Crazytown.

  • me

    I like how whenever Rich wants to introduce the movie, someone always cuts him off.
    Bullying at it’s finest 🙂

  • Stan Lee

    Back off Ditko, no one wants you here.

  • Gregory Roth

    How do you feel about the digital blood spurts in “The Last Stand” now? Very funny episode by the way, interesting guest too!

  • Dixon Bawls

    This whole subplot just *has* to come back around somewhere, somehow. He has been lurking, sneering, and shunned very recently. Something’s up…

  • Flawfilial

    Jesus, what IS it with you fanboys?!
    I’m MUCH MORE INTERESTED in seeing a film adaption of the Fairness League, featuring Ratman and Blooperman.

  • raf simons

    lol fred perry

  • Colin Daniels

    Yay! Guests from Canada! And with the same name as me! Awesome….

  • Dixon Bawls

    Jack and the Wiz not having a formal introduction made them come off as uninvited guests, fair or not. They certainly deserve a bit more respect for all the work that they do, too.

  • Dixon Bawls

    And whatever happened to your “new segment” where you beat each other with styrofoam bricks, you sons of bitches?!!!

  • microCACTUS

    It’s a hyperbole for comedic purpose. You can tell because he uses the insult “fuck”, which is often ironically employed by Mike Stoklasa. It’s also recurring here in the comment section of RedLetterMedia. With a little effort, you could have figured out by yourself that he doesn’t actually consider you a “freeloading communist fuck”.

  • Acanthus Lux


  • Mike Jakermen

    Oh my god, They want $17 for the Amazing Bulk on Amazon. Are these people insane.

  • Mariani

    I did not see the end bit coming. I didn’t see it at all!
    Hahaha, it was just priceless.
    And I have to agree with you guys, that one film was on the level of Birdemic, but somehow worse.
    The Canadian guy who was involved with the Hulk film must have died inside a little.
    I know I did.

  • Red

    Watch Rise of the Black Bat! Please!
    I tried and couldn’t make it 10 minutes.

  • splimis

    Fuck what that guy tweeted, if you don’t like BOTW then don’t watch it.

  • Studio Executive

    I know nothing about this “Fairness League,” but it sounds like something I can make a profit on… Buy the rights and start production immediately!!!

  • Nobody

    What is it about Rich Evans “running” in place that makes it so magical to watch?

  • qwertz

    Some people can do math only at basic level.

  • Mr.takes everything literally

    Try watching some Jim Norton’s stand up or listening to Opie and Anthony radio talk show.It’s all on youtube. And you’ll maybe learn that humor is not just knock knock jokes.

  • bananna hammock

    I was thinking that by the end of the episode he was going to get very angry and turn into the incredible bulk.

  • corporal corpuscle

    Is it weird to everyone else that they look more natural running in place then when they do the weirdo shuffle they usually do.

  • faceturd



    I’m disappointed.. a vote down without an actual response or challenge to what I said.

    It’s sort of like “well I don’t care YOU ARE JUST WRONG!” childish response. No substance.

    Explain to me why this stupid ad hominem fallacy is legitimate.

    Explain to me why someone has to have also tried to do similar work in a field in order to challenge the quality of some other work?

    It’s textbook ad hominem fallacy. Discrediting someone personally in order to discredit their opinion.

    Come on, back that opinion up. You think I’m wrong? Tell me why it’s wrong.

    Or is it that someone can’t tell me that it’s wrong, but has already invested themselves into the silly response above that I responded to.. and now they can’t budge from that position? Is that thumb down you Ramone? 🙂

  • twitter is for twits

    What guy?
    What did he tweet?


    Implying I actually cared.

  • offtopic
  • whop whop whop
  • ogawaburukku

    Oh my god, I was reduced to tears I laughed so hard… The ending absolutely crippled me. I love this show.

  • Ricky

    Canadian guy was the best runner. Rich, I am disappoint.

  • Oh my god!!!!!!!! The amazing bulk had me laughing so hard i was gasping for breath! 😀 I couldnt breath that shit was so funny and you guys not laughing at how bad it was only made me laugh even harder hahahaha! 😀

  • Sam

    It sounds weird to say, but I don’t have a least favorite or favorite Best of the Worst cast member. To me, everyone is equally good in their own way. I have seen a few complaints about Wizard but I think he generally has some of the best insights. No matter who is on Best of the Worst, it’s always great. When the Conan the Barbarian episode of Half in the Bag premiered, Jay mentioned that Conan seemed like a movie he’d laugh at with all his friends and I immediately pictured that as a show. Now that it is a show, it does not disappoint.

  • Nick

    The ending had me in tears. Haven’t laughed that hard since the final fight between Schwarzenegger and the devil in The End of Days.

  • Ben O’Connor

    I am so happy you guys are doing more Best of the Worst videos. These always have me in tears.

  • A

    I’m struggling to understand why these videos are censored. They are obviously aimed at adults but then insult them by deciding they can’t handle nudity?

  • incrediblebulkfood

    Ending was legendary.

  • Kjellmand

    They’re censored because these are also uploaded to youtube, who doesn’t allow nudity.

  • guest

    unless it’s ‘artistic’.

  • bob665

    The Amazing Bulk kinda reminded me of some Sega CD games I played. Only with
    worse acting. The only way I can make sense of it is that the make a wish funded
    had some six-year-old who really wanted to do special effects. Great job guys.
    Really enjoyed the episode

  • Cameron Vale

    It’s a tiny detail, but I like your name.

  • Cameron Vale

    Some people do that when they’re stressed.

  • Kjellmand

    Haha. If youtube doesn’t recognize V World Matrix as art, I don’t know what is!

  • Cameron Vale

    Was it like this?

  • The Incredible Space Cop

    The ending is straight up amazing, but I was expecting a rampaging Rich Evans covered in purple paint.

  • bicycle repair man
  • Quonk

    That ending sequence was… absolutely beautiful in the ugliest imaginable manner … or was it the other way round? – Oh well, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that I friggin LOVED it!
    But hey, there was still one thing that caught my attention: Call me immature, but hey, at least that movie seemed to have had a GENUINELY BEAUTIFUL lady in it… and by the looks of it, that’s a lot more than that V-World Matrix …home video-thing can claim for itself…

  • John Tibbetts

    Pretty funny stuff, but unfortunately it doesn’t come close to the glory of previous BotW episodes (and I’m not saying that to be some hipster wise-ass, it’s just my opinion). More Wheel of the Worst though. I want to see Tree Stand Safety and hear Mike’s thoughts on Dancin’ Grannies.

  • Now I Get It
  • Oliver Onion

    Hey guys, I have to repost my question, since a thousand people had important things to say, like ‘best episode so far’, or ‘the ending had me in tears’ (which might not be untrue) but I just have to bother you with my stupid question again:

    Was Bud Spencer or Terence Hill famous, or in any way known in the US, at some point in time? I’ve asked because of the 2 copies of Aladdin in the Wheel.

    Thank you.

    Where’s the next Plinkett?

  • Now I Get It

    Metallica with the original wrapper.

  • Now I Get It

    No one took the content as spam, as the sincerity of straight information or scholarship usually just risks a no-vote here. So, it must have been in the tone, which is to say diction. Some one word set some one person off. I’d ignore it.

  • Gerhard Van der Berg

    I am a South African so I can not answer for the people from the US, but I have seen some discussion in different forums in the US and on IMDB about Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, but apparently My Name is Trinity was their only minor hit in the US cinemas and a lot of their other stuff was marketed either under a Trinity title or feature a tagline stating that it’s from the Trinity Boys.

    Examples are Crime Busters that was released as ‘Trinity: in trouble again’ in the US, or Odds and Evens that was released as ‘Trinity: Gambling for High Stakes’ in the US, or All The Way Boys that was released with the tagline ‘Those “TRINITY BOYS” take to the air and still fly off the handle!’

    So I think the people in the US who now them are mainly guys that discovered there fun action and comedy movies on VHS back in the eighties and early nineties, but they don’t appear to be household names in the US. By the way they are very popular in South Africa,

  • MovieBuff

    This was fantastic! Great touch with the ending VFX segment.

  • Domo_Konnichiwa

    She’s there to look like Christina Hendricks.

  • Now I Get It

    They were. I knew them from “Watch out, We’re Mad”, which was a mid-70s caper movie and, I believe, strictly drive-in fodder.

    Your question struck me as odd, till I looked into it and discovered that they were spaghetti western icons and native italians. Who knew? Not me.

  • A

    I understand now. That makes more sense. Thank you.

  • bluebottle

    that ending could have been 15 minutes and i would have enjoyed every second.

  • RetardedBlueElf

    I honestly didn’t like the episode at all, mainly because of the first two movies they chose to review. They were just unwatchable, irredeemable garbage that held no value whatsoever. The only movie that I’d dare call a movie was Gymkata which looked pretty awesome and unsurprisingly made the last one third of the episode great.

  • Rene Lora

    Wait …. If Colin has been working in visual effects for 20 years, how old is he? He could be 14 or 40 he has one of those looks.

  • RazzleDazzleAzzhle

    Do you even RLM?

  • Andrew Curry

    Was really excited when you said “Transmorphers”. Would love you to review some asylum movies.

  • Jonah Falcon

    HEY!!!! Mystery Science Theater 3000 invented the yell, “GymmmmKATA!” first.

  • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    The love interest was named Hannah too.

  • Geraint Thomas

    The Gymkata clip with the man in the backless robe looked like it could have been a bit from Holy Mountain. Also I sort of want to watch Gymkata now.

  • StopThinkingBrainUrGoingToHurt

    $17.06 for The Amazing Bulk? Ahhhaahhahaooohhahahooahhguooooraggaahhahahoooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaa… oh wait Amazon is serious.

  • Mike Jakermen

    I hope that not what Jay and Mike had to pay for it.

  • Ryan

    “Beat him more than necessary!”

  • Ass

    The movie should be stolen to discourage charging that much for it. I have an iTunes account and all that shit, but I wouldn’t pay 99 cents to hear a guy making fart noises with his mouth.

  • Dave

    At 17:16 Jays says “it’s a movie nod to” who? Didn’t get it.

  • whip

    My guess is he is 30-35 and includes time spent personally, as a teen, learning the ropes of video / cgi stuff. We all have done that. I know so many people who consider themselves programmers from when they were like 12.

  • whip

    Is that a video from Mike’s childhood?

  • williamsn411

    Anyone know if Mike and Jay allow visits to the RLM studio?

  • fuck xfinity

    Anyone else have internet that is complete shit? it took me 2 and a half hours to acually get through the whole episode

  • Drain

    That Bulk movie looks like a cheap FMV game from Sega CD or 3DO. You could seriously see that footage fitting perfectly into some crappy FMV game from early 1990s. I’m surprised none of them made this connection. Did none of them ever play FMV games or know what they are or look like? Seriously, this is what they typically look like as far as visuals go. Every time I saw footage of this, I thought, “This is FMV game footage. No?”

    What’s really sad though is that trash was actually made in 2010. I’m not sure if that can even count as a movie… it feels more like a group of people got together from Film class to make some zero budget crap for fun. It’s like Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties, but with even less game play… again, that’s an FMV game, or basically a movie on a game where you make very few actions choices(Trust me, if you’ve never heard of it, that’s a good thing). Hell, even “Game Over”, a 2003 movie mostly made up of old recycled FMV footage spliced together in a nice big mess, is probably better than this thing.(Again, another thing you’re better off not knowing about)

  • Drain

    I’m sure you could bribe them with a big enough case of beer. Personally, if I lived near there, I’d try to get pictures with the sets, like fake Plinkett’s room and the “Lightning Fast” office.

  • Drain

    I’m running through that series now. Good stuff, despite the bad quality as it was filmed on miserable old film and never properly updated. It does have a Dvd collection, but it’s basically just VHS ports to discs; it’s no better in quality. No remastered or improved quality of the show exists as far as I know, and due to the way it was filmed(incredibly low budget), it might not even be possible to create.

  • Drain

    Btw, why did the same Aladin movie get 2 copies on the wheel? Was that just a “fuck it, we don’t know what else to put there”, or did it have a real reason behind it?

  • disqus_cgLaPyyLh4

    the last scene made me shit myself, more please

  • J.R.

    WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show! WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show!WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show! WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show!WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show! WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show!WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show! WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show!WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show! WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show!WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show! WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show!WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show! WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show!WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show! WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show!WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show! WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show!WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show! WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show!WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show! WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show!WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show! WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show!WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show! WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show!WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show! WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show!WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show! WE WANT Shoji Tabuchi Show!

  • TurdFerguson

    You can ‘find’ a copy on a website… a website involving a bay full of pirates

  • Now I Get It

    A real reason like…both copies came in the mail as “weird stuff” from two different donors. But if they’d chosen only one copy for the wheel, then one of the donors would have noticed that it wasn’t his or her copy, as each copy has slightly different cover art: one is vivid, the other sunbleached. So, they had to put both copies up on the wheel to avoid disappointing one of the donors.

  • J.R.

    Great Episode!! the end is priceless!! LOL

  • Gabriel Priddy

    Dudes got white shoes…he ain’t no hipster.

    No hate towards them either. I like them.

  • valou999

    That can be explain by the fact that english isn’t my first language and, while I think I do a good enough job expressing myself comprehensively most of the time, I’m still bound to sound slightly off.

  • Spindles

    Get fucked. Blip barley works. It’s a piece of shit, as are you.

  • Hookers

    Hookers? Hookers!

  • Now I Get It

    I agree. I’ve read some of your other comments, and the difference in diction between you and a native speaker is only slight, and is most noticeable in the correctness of your form.

    I went through the same thing when I was learning to fence. In my first tournament I paid so much attention to my posture and footwork that, during one bout, I walked right into the point of my opponent’s blade. In other words, I was defenceless against more practiced opponents, who were, of course, also looser.

    I did get looser, eventually, but never did make fencing my sport, whereas at some point I’m sure you’ll make English your own, probably without you even noticing it. And at that point, no thumbs-down will catch you off guard – if you’ll permit me that personal prediction.

  • Duckler

    Blip can be blippy. I usuallyy let the whole thing load first, then play it. Even then, it can be a bit choppy. Maybe it’s a peak hours type of thing.

  • erik

    Awesome, to bad it wasn’t driven around the milwaukee bucks stadium cause that the worst ever lol

  • RetardedBlueElf

    I’ve seen every single episode of HitB and BotW, watched most of the shorts they’ve made and seen Feeding Frenzy. I do realize that the point of BotW is them watching and talking about horrible movies, but the first two movies they picked were nothing in comparison to something like The Killer Eye or ROTOR. They just didn’t have the same value and it was apparent thanks to Rich Evans’ lacking amount of laughs.

  • Amnestic

    It’ll be so dense, every conversation will have so much going on.

  • bb-15

    I’ve seen this episode 3 times and it doesn’t get old.
    It’s still a lot of fun.

  • StopCivilisation

    Great episode guys!

  • Dinsdale

    Wow I can explain differences in quality in Amazing Bulk, they just steal scene with rendered town…

  • Patrick G.

    Is it little sad that I recognized Sydnee Steele within a half second?
    Ya…ya it is a little sad….nobody has to answer that.
    Fuck it.

    Ah, RLM, eases the pain.

  • Michael W. Distefano

    Anyone else think that one of the hookers in V-World Matrix looks a bit like Mama Harper from Mama’s Family?

  • Nobody

    A movie like the Bulk doesn’t deserve to be given money. It deserves piracy.

  • dirk beefhammer

    00:43 check out rich evans’ zombie walk in the background

  • Margaret Dumont

    That’s amazing! You must be an expert in such things as:

    • Web Pages
    • Browers
    • E-mail

  • Ahnult

    Even if it’s free, do NOT waste a second of your time on this movie. Seriously, it’s painful to watch.

  • jordan

    these were seriously the funniest films you guys have watched on BoTW. which consequently makes this the best episode so far.

  • Ted Knight’s Ghost

    This video is just great! I’ve watched it at least 4 times!! I had to go a head and get the Amazing Bulk to watch….won’t say how I got it but it it could be of the Pirate kind…..

    Either way this shit is fucking brilliant! You guys have successfully blown any of the others away and that’s coming from a Nostalgia critic and Angry Video Game Nerd fan. Those guys have to try WAY to hard and with you guys it just comes natural and realistic. I crown Mike, Jay and Rich the Internet bullshit kings!!

  • Ted Knight’s Ghost

    Christ, if I could only win the lottery, I’d fucking fund you guys for 30 years! Keep up the brilliant work!

  • Ted Knight’s Ghost

    Me too brother….me too.

    I told my girlfriend ”Christ, I’ve seen her in porn” and she just shook her head….

    Is it bad that I topped the night off to a video of her on a streaming site? Does it help if it was Lesbian?



  • Oliver Onion

    Great to hear that. These guys made my childhood. The music is great, too (hence my nickname).
    In my country, the dubbing team took a few liberties and made some of their movies, who where supposed to be more serious, more funny – filled with gags and one-liners.
    This here is for everyone to enjoy:

  • Strelnikov

    The deal with Gymkata:

    This is one of those movies where everything is an excuse for the protagonist to do the physical thing they are known for, in this case gymnastics/quasi-martial arts. Case-in-point: the setting. It takes place in a fictional country in the Hindu Kush, so it should be land-locked, but somehow it’s also near the Caspian Sea (!) If you know geography, none of that makes any sense. In reality, the movie was shot in Yugoslavia, which explains why most of the “Parmistanis” are white guys, though it doesn’t explain why the king/shah/whatever has a Philipina daughter.

    The Amazing Bulk:

    Usually with bad movies we get some sort of explanation from the cast or crew. We know that the guy who directed “Manos, The Hands of Fate” was a first-time director/screen actor who shot the film after work, and it took six months to make the picture. Greg Sestero has written a book about the making of “The Room.” With “The Amazing Bulk” we have zilch, and the flick is three years old. That speaks volumes. I think the movie began as an Asylum-style “mockbuster”, then the money fell out right before shooting, so they did what they could, which wasn’t much. Alternate explanation: this movie might be an in-joke, because a lot of the people involved were B-movie/direct-to-video regulars.

  • Allan Bøgeskov Jensen

    It’s good to show contempt for your audience.

  • Strelnikov

    12:10 Rich looks like a frog gasping for air.

    I think they are real hookers who chose the masks to hide themselves from their pimp, Upgreyydd.

  • CantBanThis

    What world do you live in where MST3K needed video quality?

  • Drain

    What world do you live in where I said it did? I’m just talking about the show. I never said it needed great quality to be enjoyable.

  • Gorrister

    So I recognize Jane, Jesse, Hank, Walt, Combo and Pete. But who the hell are Clockman and Redchest supposed to be?

  • iamthisgermandepp

    this was truly the worst episode of the worst i´ve ever seen, jeeezus. shit really happens sometimes. was a bit lame ans not only cause of the movies. is it possible jessie was pissed all the time? is it *maybe* possible she hated “that guy” from canada? was pretty obvious for me. too bad, cause i love her when she is in the right mood (loved the episode with “thunderpants”).

  • goyim

    WTF who puts icecubes in beer you fucking sociopath

  • Marco Heimeshoff

    I can’t stop laughing, your rocket at the end is too much 😀
    Amazing, simply amazing! :D:D:D

  • zm

    rich was the funniest one in this

  • Johnny Two Melons

    In reality, the movie was shot in Yugoslavia, which explains why most of the “Parmistanis” are white guys, though it doesn’t explain why the king/shah/whatever has a Philipina daughter.

    The explanation is that she’s hot.

  • Jonah Falcon

    It was endlessly run on HBO in the mid 80’s.

  • ranting

    Porn and masturbation is just like any other aspect of life…when done in moderation it’s actually good for you and you don’t have to harass some random female (or male or whichever) just to fulfill your basic needs…I mean do you act like an idiot in front of people every time you need to take a shit?No, you do it privately if you are somewhat socialized person,you don’t make a big deal about it since it’s completely normal part of human bodily functions and you do it at least once a day if you are in good health…are you ashamed about it ? No…so why should you feel ashamed about watching porn and maybe masturbating if you get in the mood ?
    Then again if you do it 24/7 you might wanna talk to a professional..shitting all day long usually indicates serious health issues…
    As for your girlfriend shaking her head…women can be such hypocrites when it comes to carnal desires…you have to “dress up” the whole affair in love and romance and other malarkey when in fact it’s pretty much the same when it comes to bodily urges..then again some are adult about it and don’t give you any stereotypical BS…

  • g’day to ya

    It might be even that the whole “movie” was made just to have some “legitimate” excuse to engage with hookers…you know..chicks like “movie stars”…

  • FuckYou

    How about you just watch the video instead of trying to psychoanalyse the people in it and their relationships? You creeper fucks need to get a life, you don’t even know these people but all you do is pick apart who likes/doesn’t like who as if it were a fucking sitcom.

  • Jay Stein

    Saw it many times…

  • iamthisgermandepp

    i wasnt the only one who mentioned the state of jessie, so fucking what? btw, actually it IS a fucking sitcom. thats *one* of the reasons, why i loved it; “LAXATIVES????” okok, it isnt a sitcom as much as HITB is one. so fucking what?

  • Evan Jacobson

    Please do “Nightbeast” on BOTW!

  • Dradeeus

    OH MY GOD. The recap of the Amazing Bulk was one of the funniest segments I’ve ever seen. I was in tears. Please, find more crap like this.

  • supersuse

    This was brilliant!!

  • Liz Frazier

    But first…WE WANT Tree Stand Safety! WE WANT Tree Stand Safety! WE WANT Tree Stand Safety! WE WANT Tree Stand Safety! WE WANT Tree Stand Safety!

  • Pharros

    The CGI reminds me of that used in Golgo 13: The professional , which was the first use of CGI for animation ever(Beating out even Pixar). Needless to say, it looks horrendous, but it atleast has the excuse for being in 1983.

  • guyinthehat

    Good point.

  • guyinthehat

    On the money.


    Just ask Michael Bay..


    Wait.. really? Someone was that stupid?

  • Harry Knowles

    Hey, assholes…….if you’re too lazy to go and watch movies then send the Wizard hipster and Beaker! They can make their own version of HITB with Yoko as Fake Plinkett and it would be awesome! All RLM fans would appreciate this very much and there would be zero negative comments.

  • arjumand

    Actually, what he says is, “so movin’ on to Gymkata!”, pretending that The Amazing Bulk was so bad they’re going to skip it and go straight to Gymkata.

    I though it sounded like ‘movie nod’ too, at first, lol. Enunciate, Jay! Kidding, I love you guys.

  • arjumand

    Starting from about 12:01, Rich Evans’ version of “that guy’s ecstasy face” – I laughed so much I almost choked.

    Oh, and when Jay said that The Amazing Bulk was released to make some money off The Incredible Hulk movie – well clearly, but I bet no-one now is admitting to having paid any money to purchase this thing. And I hope only the director’s relatives were those unfortunate people (“it’s shit, ok! But he’s your brother, so buy it!”).

    Actually, it really reminds me of A Sound of Thunder, a movie based on a pretty good Ray Bradbury story which has been forever tainted by association with this stinker. The official story was that a lot of sets were destroyed by bad weather, so they ended up filming nearly everything in greenscreen. And so we have the marvellous walking in place, the wonderfully rendered CGI future cars, etc. It’s not as bad as Amazing Bulk, but it’s pretty bad for something that cost $52 million dollars to make.

  • sepiajack


  • sepiajack

    But they haven’t seen these before they watch them, there’s no way of knowing what they’re going to get. The point is to watch horrible movies, so the worse they are.. the better!

  • sepiajack

    Several people as I recall. There was a whole thread debating it

  • vicomtepicabia

    Y’know, Alex Cox made a movie, Repo Chick, filmed entirely in front of a green screen. It looks better than The Amazing Bulk but still pretty fakey. It’s weird because Alex Cox made Repo Man which is such a great movie.

  • Marvin Falz

    The Amazing Bulk reminds me a bit of the LSD Dream Emulator for the PSX.

  • Dixon Bawls

    RLMing like a BOSS!

  • John Krzeminski

    That’s not bad considering CGI just started being used a couple years earlier.

  • John Krzeminski

    Jessie wasn’t even featured in this episode. You think because you saw her not laughing in a few second long clips that qualifies you to be an expert on who she is? Grow up.

  • Ivan Antic

    The ending of this episod was epic. Shame it didn’t last longer.

  • Pharros

    Well thats true, but it doesnt fit in line with the rest of the movie and is really jarring because of it.

  • Harry Knowles

    Hey, assholes…..if you’re too lazy to go watch movies then send the Wizard hipster and Beaker instead! They could do their own version of HITB with Yoko as Fake Plinkett and it would be awesome! HITB fans would love it and there would be zero negative comments!

  • The Real Alpha2

    Seriously a movie like that the only other explanation is they couldn’t afford the other hot girl they wanted.

  • The Real Alpha2

    I don’t know if I’ve actually seen any of her porn, but something told me “She’s in porn!” Sure enough I looked up “the dark woman” as she’s listed in the credits for Vworld Matrix on IMDB, and the list of porn she’s in was ridiculous!

  • iamthisgermandepp

    ah, got it; so you are the grown up whos an expert on laughing women, cupcake? is this some sort of misleading pc-bullshit here? and how I can grow up while I still see stuff like this show? I dont wanna “grow up”. to “grow up” is the fucking worst I can imagine. who are you? my fucking mother?

  • Better than expected

    Shit, that looks better than most PS1 games.

  • scockery

    My brother use to say Gymkata was about the guy who was president before Reagan.

  • Dr. Ruth

    Yoko has put on weight and looks like she may be pregnant. Maybe she hasn’t told Mike yet and is feeling a little tense. This would explain her unsociable demeanor in this episode.

    It is also possible that her weight gain is a result of eating too much fast food and she is feeling a little self conscious around Pee-wee’s Big Adventure who she has probably only just met. She would probably have been less tense in the presence of people she knows a lot better such as the Wizard hipster and Beaker.

  • Strelnikov

    I can buy that, but it makes no sense within the world of the movie; you have hot Asian princess, you need an Asian-looking king/shah/whatever. Was it too hard to hire Burt Kwouk for a day?

  • Strelnikov

    No, it’s just a soft-core porno that’s hiding that it’s a soft-core porno.

    Michael W. Distefano: I agree that one of the hookers has “Mama Harper” hair, which makes that sex scene even more depressing.

  • Ass

    Hey guys, it’s the same guy who thinks calling people ‘cupcake’ is a thing. He called a guy cupcake on the animated Plinkette video a while back.

    Sorry, it’s not a thing. Stop doing it.

  • Strelnikov

    I remember seeing the Gymkata box in various video stores as a kid and thinking that it was about some white guy fighting ninjas in America or Japan, because the video distributor used the same crap drawing of Chad Protagonist fighting ninjas!

  • sigaba

    I admit I feel gypped, considering how unusual it is to find long-form video of Tabuchi…

  • The Real Alpha2

    Maybe? lol but if you really need an explanation it’s not to hard to think they’d just say her mother was asian making her an “exotic mix”, but frankly I don’t think they thought about it that hard.

  • Abloobloobloo

    Someone actually got an interview with the creator of The Amazing Bulk:

  • Abloobloobloo

    And just to a comment from that interview:

    “My film isn’t controversial so for someone to have such an extreme
    reaction I believe speaks to their own jealousy and frustration at not being a

  • bb-15

    to Abloobloo; thanks for the link to the interview. It explained the train wreak that was The Amazing Bulk. But it also discussed one way to make a micro budget film which was interesting.

    It was also ‘amazing’ how confident the director was with the random cartoon animations in the Bulk chase sequence and that they were completely justified.

  • Pulp

    The Amazing Bulk is probably nothing more than a masculine Drag Queen.

  • tom cruise

    You are all sad fucking homos!

  • iamthisgermandepp

    ah, haha, so dr. ruth is right, the comment just disappeared the last minutes. ok, I was totaly wrong. thanks, doctor.

  • Mark Bisone

    Hudson, Sir. He’s Hicks.

    (There was an Aliens 2? Why the fuck didn’t anyone tell me!)

  • Mark Bisone

    You caress the lips…

  • Mark Bisone
  • horatiogalt

    That girl with her arms crossed, looking thoroughly unamused, that’s how I feel when forced to watch bad movies. I have friends who take delight in it, but they seem unable to distinguish between “so bad it’s good” and “simply bad.” I just can’t do it.

  • RazzleDazzleAzzhle

    Actually, it is because they ARE able to distinguish “simply bad” from “so bad it’s good” that they can enjoy these movies. YOU are the one who doesn’t get it.

  • Christopher Kulik

    Not to mention Sid & Nancy (1986), which I think is his masterpiece about the doomed relationship between Sex Pistols’ punk rocker Sid Vicious and his American girlfriend Nancy Spungen. Gary Oldman’s butt-crack in that movie is fucking epic.

  • catnep

    Thanks for that. Looks like he wore a brand new undershirt for the interview pic!

  • catnep

    One of many gems. I liked that casting was most important to him.

  • Christopher Kulik

    I still think 1986’s STAR CRYSTAL is the absolute fucking worst ALIEN rip-off ever made. When you have a bonding scene between the slimy alien and the fearless protagonist where they play Chinese checkers, you know you have plumbed new depths in the Abyss of the Awful.

  • decora

    and yet. this man has accomplished what i have not. made a film.

    AND it was reviewed by RLM. what more could you ask for in life?

  • decora

    if you read this message board, multiple people gave linked to interviews with the Amazing Bulk director, actors, etc.

  • vicomtepicabia

    I also like “Walker.”

  • decora’s decorum coach

    Psst. Hey, c’mere. You do know that people can lie, right? It’s kind of a thing, but I can understand if you didn’t know that…

  • Bill

    I watched The Amazing Bulk because of this episode, and I had a much more positive reaction to it then the guys here did. Maybe I’m wrong, but I saw it as a deliberate comedy and even a parody of CGI-heavy action movie blockbusters.

  • Dunning Kruger

    Don’t listen to these guys. Just keep telling yourself “I’m #1!”

  • Cbar

    Oh my fuck I laughed harder at the last 2 minutes than anything in in the last month

  • good morning
  • Ted Knight’s Ghost

    You need to write the book man! haha

  • DanteSavion2023

    Oh, so Gymkata is just a 1980’s Tony Jaa film.

  • Marvin Choi

    too easy

  • Marvin Choi


  • Now I Get It

    I agree. The ending could have been absurdly, insultingly long and still worked as a joke. But, of course, then they would have lost the beginning-middle-end structure of trying to achieve the goal of destroying the “Bulk” DVD.

    That’s the difference between the bits on RLM and, say, the Conway Twitty cut-aways on “Family Guy”: respect for a story well-told (however brief).

  • Now I Get It

    Since Rich’s laugh can be heard from space, where does that put Canada?

  • Kidakor

    I actually referred to Doug Wanker itself, Einstein.

  • Kidakor

    go awaaaaayyy

  • Kidakor

    Doesn’t mean they’re allowed to pollute our fine webzone with their sperg scum noises, we have no affirmative action for brainless pools of afterbirth in place here.

    That applies to you, too, so go eat Doug Wanker’s vagina somewhere ELSE.

  • Ted Knight’s Ghost

    You said it!

  • Guestieguest

    Wonderful. Thanks, guys.

  • Jonah Falcon

    I want to see Mike and Jay sing “He Tried To Kill Me With A Forklift” for not giving MST3K its due credit in this episode.

  • Jonah Falcon

    There’s nothing worse than bad parody. (See the Epic Movie guys.)

  • Strelnikov

    My comment is three days old and what I wrote is being criticized for overlooking links that only appeared a day ago.

    That sort of time-warp logic is only possible in threaded comments sections.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Wait, Colin is from Canada? That’s just down the street from me!

  • Alexa

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Seriously dude what’s your problem? I think I can like more then one review site.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash


    I love how Mike intentionally said Colin’s line.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Leave them alone or they’ll go Gymkata on your ass [please make sure you stand near a chin up bar].

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    You can help fund by donating or buying stuff.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I don’t think he’s blaming them for choosing bad movies, but simply stating that since the movies were so bad that it was difficult for RLM to really deconstruct them in their typical manner. Most of what they said about The Amazing Bulk was just random guesses as to how such a thing even exists.

    I felt this episode was entertaining, but that’s solely due to RLM being good at what they do. It didn’t seem like they had much to work with when it came to the first two movies. Those films seemed to lack any inspiration at all.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I understand what you’re saying, but I disagree as I still enjoyed the episode whereas you didn’t like it at all.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    If you notice the way he’s running with the high-kicks, it’s because he’s used to running in snow shoes.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    What is it with Richs?

  • Now I Get It

    “I don’t think he’s…”
    A friend and I had a similar experience a dozen or so years ago. We spent a month doing scenic breakdowns of plays and movies. Then we happened to pick two novels whose structures were so inept, they were unanalysable. My friend soldiered on, whereas I, purist that I am, just gave up.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    All Canadians are nice guys. Even Canadian women are nice guys.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Canada doesn’t have a physical location, idiot.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I highly doubt it has anything to do with the gender of the person getting beaten up and everything to do with how terrible V-World Matrix and The Amazing Bulk were.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I love Blip barley and I’m glad it works! 😀

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I agree and I haven’t even watched President Evil For.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I thought it was called “Fairness of League” now. Or maybe it’s “League of Fairness”.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Were you rolling on the walls?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Slippery slope? It’s almost as if you’re insinuating something. Mic Stalk-lasso is the more onest man I know.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I’m Canadian and while I disagree with your opinion, you’re entitled to it and I hope you have a lovely day. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go watch a marathon of Trailer Park Boys while lying on my chesterfield in my pyjamas eating pancakes with pure maple syrup. It’s the best way to enjoy a Tuesday afternoon, eh?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    He’s just been cast as Robin alongside Affleck’s Batman in Mens of Steal Too: Electric Boogaloo!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Those two people have NAMES, you know!

    I don’t know their names or I’d correct you, but I know for a fact that they certainly HAVE names!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Wait, the artist that is involved with D+C worked on their poster but the Candandian special effects dude that worked on Marvvel moovies might be working on Space Cop AND was featured in Worst of the Best of the Wheel of the Worst?! It’s like a conspiracy!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Well, in the last episode of HitB, Mike said X-Men [which is 13 years old] was about 20 years ago. Now, I’m no mathemascientician, but judging by the angle of the sun and the moon, I’d say that… Colin is older than he looks but is probably including years before his actual career where he used special effects himself for his own personal projects.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    No, all Canadians look this young. The cold preserves our faces just like those ancient mummies found in the mountains were preserved due to the cold.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    You couldn’t even copy/paste this correctly.


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Cisgendered is the stupidest term I’ve ever heard.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Or EVER need.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I hear they’re WHEELY jealous… heh heh…

    I’m here all week, folks!

    …unless my internet connection goes down because I don’t have a job and I sit at home writing comments on a webzone all day.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Except it’s usually running AWAY from something.

    Like meese or gooses. Or raindeer. Or Satan Claws because the Nord Poll is in Candada.

  • Now I Get It

    Oh, my God! You’ve just published the biggest state secret of the world’s largest virtual nation. Do you know what this means?! Probably nothing. …But still.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I had pussy on MY head last night, if you know what I mean.*

    *I’m referring to sex.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I will have to go into hiding… VIRTUAL HIDING!

    I’ll most likely order ugly hookers and buy pixel beer.

  • Now I Get It

    I think I’d have gone for the pixel hookers and the ugly beer, but, hey, it’s your spider hole.


    Was just fucking around. Said as much in a later post. Liked the dude. Would watch again.

    But is Canada culturally inferior? Who’s to say until we exterminate them all?

  • Now I Get It

    If “uneducated” people are given to moral panic, “educated” people are given to intellectual panic. And in both, the first response is to pounce.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I know you are, which is why I gave you an up-vote. It would be hard to exterminate us all. We’ve made it an art to not stand out and be part of the background. Heck, even some of our movie stars are sometimes mistaken as being Americans.

  • Joshua Pelfrey

    What? How do you know what horatiogalt’s friends are like?
    It sounds like he gets stuck watching bad-bad movies frequently and is mad at their selection. Maybe they are shit friends.

  • Paul Schumann

    That is surreal.

  • Bill

    But I didn’t think it was bad parody. Again, maybe I’m wrong, but the goofy, weird, senseless things that happen in this movie seem like jokes to me.

    Examples include its portrayal of scientific experiments, an army general being extremely wealthy, the female lead apparently not being fazed that her dad runs a secret weapons program, the nearly non-existent connection between the Hulk rip-off storyline and the supposed villain of the movie, and the finale where the general and the hero fight until an absurd anti-climax.

  • David Addis

    Hahahaha, I could not stop laughing at Rich’s ‘ecstacy face’.

  • Shoji Tabuchi

    why is Shoji Tabuchi not on that wheel, you hack frauds!?

  • Kidakor

    cause you suck big throbbing donkey cocks

  • jubalbiggs

    Ok, the end of that was just freaking hilarious.

  • valdisfox

    I’m with Rich and Jay… the first 5 mins of Amazing Bulk /are/ amazing, as is a big chunk of the extended action sequence, but a lot of “knowingly” bad movies do get tedious once the initial novelty wears off. Bulk would have been awesome as a 20 minute short. But as a feature… yeeeeeeeesh, that’s a lot to ask. But I do love ‘Bulk’ if only for the trailer AND the last two minutes of this episode! xD xD xD

  • Alexa

    Oh didn’t realize such thank you for pointing that out. Hope you have a nice day…

  • valdisfox

    BTW… what piece of classical music was used for the hilarious Bulk-style ending??? 50 Nerd Points if anyone knows (deducted from my own supply, of course)

  • valdisfox

    Both Jay and Mike’s different reactions to it were hilarious too! xD

  • Strelnikov

    Tell me about it….I once had a three-day argument here over live-action Disney films of the 1970s. Guy’s handle was “SmarterThanYou” whichever way he spaced it/spelled it.

  • Tiffany Harding

    Guys, your fire extinguisher is expired. It says 2011.

  • missrowsdower

    What’s the Mst3k reference here!??! I need to know! I remember that song.. WHAT DID I MISS

  • Marvin Falz

    It’s a piece of one of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos.

  • Jonah Falcon

    Yelling GYMKATA!

  • Jonah Falcon

    Classical music is for nerds?

  • Alexa

    Well I did the same thing, mentioning Obscurus Lupa that is, but not only did I get thumbs down but I was called a “fantard” for some reason. Its a mad world is all I can say…

  • Cameron Vale

    Do you remember that scene in the “Poochie” episode of The Simpsons, where a focus group of kids is told to give their opinions of various things shown to them on a TV screen by turning a little knob towards “like” or “dislike,” and the studio chairman (who had been observing them through a one-way mirror) suddenly bursts in and calls them all stupid, causing Ralph to cry and turn his knob toward “dislike”? That’s basically how I picture anyone who gives me a thumbs down, and I highly recommend it.

  • Alexa

    I’ll keep that in mind…

  • Eric Monaghan

    To review:

    Bad – The Adventures of Young Van Helsing

    ?? – The Place Beyond The Pines
    ?? – Only God Forgives

  • Bahareh Khosravi

    Man Rich Evans is the fuckin best. I love that man to an unreasonable amount.

  • Mister_Misinformed

    Most FMV games looked more professional than that.

  • Mister_Misinformed

    Geraint should definitely time travel and get an HBO subscription in the 1980s.

  • Yakov

    Now see what I really am!

  • Yakov

    Colin’s little trot at the end evokes a non-threatening Vinnie Jones. He’s the cat’s meow.

  • longdongsilver

    What happened to you Mike, hanging around with corporate people?
    I was like “oh sheeit, that mystery film be Shoji Tabuchi, that shit be crazy”…Shoji ain’t even on the god damn wheel and it should be on any wheel.Why?

  • DanDuranDuran

    No. A comedic simulation of this movie being destroyed is not good enough for me to sleep tonight. I need to see actual footage so I can be secure in the knowledge that there is one copy fewer of the Amazing Bulk in the world for an innocent child to stumble upon.

  • Marvin Falz

    At least not exclusively for nerds. Classical music is like Star Trek for your ears: the more you love it, the more you let your senses, your imagination and your intellect delve into its cosmos and its details, the more pleasure you get out of it, even if you just listen to classical music and stay on a surface level.

  • Now I Get It

    Condolences, if those three days were a long weekend. Oh, heck, condolences anyway.

  • Now I Get It

    “Bach’s Brandenburgs are more elaborate and more intellectual in a sense, yet they attract the unthinking senses at once by the immense, unquenchable vitality of their rhythms and melodies, and by their astonishing imaginative resource in color and texture.”

    …Or so it is said. Must be why I feel warm whenever I listen to it, just like whenever I hear Steely Dan’s “Peg”.

    Your Star Trek comparison is pretty keen, too, so, okay, I’m all in on that. (I have the Klemperer rendition of Brandenburg Nos. 1-6. Not for everyone, apparently.)

  • Now I Get It
  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I don’t get it. It’s just a bunch of hockey players with hairy…

    Oh… oh my…

  • Marvin Falz

    Thank you. The Brandenburg’s give me a warm feeling too and make me see a green color, the mystical shade of green in a forest. I think the blending of flute, strings and cembalo create that illusion. The first movement of the fifth Brandenburg ( is not only one of my favorite pieces of music and of music by Bach but also opens a door to memories of long walks through forests in spring in the 20th and 21st century and builds at the same time a bridge to imagined walks through forests in spring in the 18th century when Goethe lived. Then I see eternity in this Concerto, all melodies are relating to each other, they play, chase and one-up each other, they’re close, wild, they’re like a metaphor for life itself and although they’re forced to follow the same spirit (of life), they don’t feel forced but are very willing to be in tune with their destiny.

  • Ted Knight’s Ghost

    I have. I’ve bought he commentaries and two of the movies.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    As soon as I have stable money coming into my pockets, I too would like to purchase their films and some merchandise. I may even be able to buy some films within a week or two. Should be exciting!

  • Percy Gryce

    Yes, except for the prequel reviews, the Star Trek movie reviews, the Cop Dog review, the Plinkett commentary tracks, HITB, BOTW, WOTW, the Grabowskis, the 48-Hour Films, and How Not to Make a Movie.

  • valdisfox

    Thank you very much for letting my know where to look, Marvin. Also thank you and the others who replied for proving that YouTube commentaries are still allowed to be very thoughtful and conciliatory. It must be the Bach!

  • Marvin Falz

    You are very welcome.

  • The “mystery movie” has been referenced on MST3K many times, usually during a bad martial arts scene. It has cult status. I don’t think it qualifies as a “worst” movie. See what happens when you let Canadians into the country?

  • Yossarian

    Review Brain Damage ( 1988). Overlooked B masterpiece of the 80’s

  • Now I Get It

    Bless YouTube and damn my computer’s tiny speakers.

    I can’t say that I see any colours, but I think I know what you mean by eternity. This is music that will just not fall apart. Ever.

    Joe Jackson alludes to this in his memoir, where he makes a nice argument that, despite music’s obvious relationship to math, that’s simply not how we experience it. For him, music is “a cure for gravity,” for the weight of the world, in other words. Oddly, one of his top favourites, along with Duke Ellington, is Beethoven. But, then, I guess it would take a heavy guy like that to lift the whole world.

    It’s funny, but I can’t remember where I first heard of Klemperer, now that I think of it. It might have been through his son, Werner, who said in some interview that, when he was wondering how to play Colonel Klink in “Hogan’s Heroes”, he decided to sing all of Klink’s lines, in effect, a choice inspired by his father’s career in opera.

    In any case, it’s a certainty that all of these careers and lives in the arts chase one another, up and down, then back again to some common beginning.

  • Chris

    What’s sad is that your parody of the Amazing Bulk is far more competent than the film itself…

  • Mel

    It looks like his passport photo.

  • Jet Jaguar

    Feeding Frenzy is really well-written. Not all of the acting is that great, but Jay, Mike, and Rich’s performances are top-notch. And the special effects are really impressive for a micro budget film.

    And the making-of vid might be even better than the movie itself.

  • aaron johnson

    Damn good answer.

  • Your dad

    I think you should call this show “Best examples of the Worst ego-parading”. Why any of these stupid assholes are being filmed and put an a screen (any fucking screen) in beyond me. What? Trying to give you friends the spot light? A chance to get seen and heard?
    They’re neither funny, nor interesting, nor witty. And for CHRIST SAKES, throw Bitch Evans in the trash can! His laughter is as funny as a grandmother with assburgers and just as annoying.
    Fuck you Mike, and go make a Plinket review.

  • Jonny Edworthy

    Fucking Hysterical.

    Keep up the good work.

  • BunnyFooFoo

    You’re drunk again, George Lucas. Go home and sleep it off!

  • The Summer of George

    My grandmother had assburgers once. She said they were delicious.

  • valdisfox

    *sigh* Another sad, talentless, cranky, belligerent, juvenile, anonymous asshat, clamoring for “NUDDER PRINKETT REEVOOW DERP DERP!” on the one hand and denigrating this extremely talented group’s other offerings for no coherent reason. Don’t like it? Then don’t watch, go away and do us the favor of finding a fire to die in. Thanks. 🙂

  • Dad-Haver

    Oh, my. Bad day there, champ? Get fired from Arby’s (again)? The other guys in the band keep not showing up for gigs? Girlfriend make you sleep in the car again? I was almost worried for you–until I remembered no one gives a shit about your comments. Felt awesome after that. Keep up the sweet work, Mike and Jay! And don’t worry about “your dad,” I’m sure IRL he died years ago.

  • decora


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Yeah, I ‘Like’ their Facebook page and they posted a review or two of that movie. After reading those, I thought, “What the hell have I been doing not buying their other work?!”

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Tell me more about said assburgers.

  • WhoDatNinja?

    Rich Evans could beat a whale to death with his dick.

    That is all.

  • Jet Jaguar

    To be brutally honest, I only bought Feeding Frenzy ’cause I couldn’t find it on any torrent sites. That said, I’m glad I bought it. RLM has been providing top-notch entertainment for years, and I figured I owed them at least something.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    You don’t ‘owe’ them anything for their free content, but you definitely DO owe them money for their content they sell.

  • winzentween

    EPIC lol it started off much less funny but then the decent to madness began and that mincing monster lol omg!!! nice to see a new face but i hope the old crew return soon 😀

  • Kane G

    Please tell me that star wipe was in V-World and not just hilarious editing on RLM’s behalf.

  • BYH

    Love Rich Evans running at the end. You really believe he’s a tired old man with a nonchalant gun.

  • horatiogalt

    Good to know there are still people out there with critical reading skills. And they’re not shit friends, they just have shit tastes in bad movies 😛

  • I’d buy that for a dollar!

    Fantastic job guys. That ending had me literally laughing so hard I was crying.

  • Topdek

    I love how Gymkata guy does an elaborate series of acrobatics all to clumsily drop a crate on someone’s head.

  • Michael A.

    Gymkata wasnt a low budget film. $8.5 Million. Not too shabby.

  • CorbeauNoir

    Filler #1 and Mike-Or-Jay-Couldn’t-Be-Part-Of-The-Panel-Today-Can-You-Take-Over?

  • TapewormBike

    Yeah I heard that recently on How did this get made?. I cant fathom that fact honestly. Feels almost like a Jack and Jill type of swindle, What did they use all that money for? Finding a non indonesian pretty actress and failing at it?

  • MastrCylindr

    Does anyone know what the music at 12:08, during Rich’s ecstasy face, is from? It sounds really familiar for reason

  • Franklin Floratos

    It may well have been. Who among us can say?

  • Franklin Floratos

    Don’t threaten execution-by-fire for a simple case of denigration. That’s what Hell’s for.

  • Whatswrongwithyerface

    If I had to guess, back in ’85 they squeezed almost 9 million out for the movie because it had Kurt Thomas in it. For a modern day analogy, it’d be like if Michael Phelps or a one of those idiot Kardashians or any celebrity with an instantly recognizable househould name was just shoehorned into a movie. Even if the movie was absolute complete, had shit laughable CGI like The Incredible Bulk the guys just watched, and made The Room like like Citizen Kane, it would have a budget of millions just because some random celebrity was in it.

    I’m guessing Gymkata is just a 1980’s version of one of those scenarios.

  • Whatswrongwithyerface

    *absolute complete shit

  • Allison

    I guess they didn’t learn how to be cool about fire safety after all.

  • Paulus Cañamonjas

    “Zaat” ?

  • Alexandria Sanders

    the running at the end of this and the shooting. best ever lol.

  • Franklin Floratos

    I reckon the best BotW episode would feature Mike, Jay, Rich, Wizard (with beard attached), Jack, Jesse, AND Colin. For mine, he proved himself worthy of sitting next to the hallowed members of RLM. And besides, what harm would some legitimate knowledge of VFX and its appropriate use do?

  • Dradeeus

    YOU, SIR, HAVE DESTROYED THE ENTIRE INTEGRITY OF THE WHEEL OF THE WORST. I .. I don’t know what to believe, anymore.

  • RC_cola

    Quit being a tease and watch that Japanese violin prodigy!

  • missrowsdower


  • missrowsdower

    But I do know this: ‘Zaat!’ is totally ‘The Blood Waters of Dr. Z’.

  • Jonah Falcon

    More like a Highlander II scenario where Sean Connery’s salary made up most of the budget.

  • Jonah Falcon

    Next time, yell “Hiiii-KEEBA!”

  • TapewormBike

    You’re probably right. I just wonder what exec thought the guy had such a broad appeal. I mean, don’t get me wrong, his gymacting was pretty amazing.

  • Billy Nunez

    Thats not purple paint. That would actually be harder than using the cheap cgi they used. The guy is just shirtless and they shifted the colors to make him purple. Which makes me wonder why the hell wouldn’t you do that for the whole movie? Just have a big guy in shorts running around growling and smashing things, and then later add the filter to… ah fuck it. Anybody want a pizza roll?

  • winzentween

    none at all, im just happy this exists though i wish they would drink more and fall over a little

  • Billkillerz

    Guys, i think you fire extinguisher as expired 😛

  • Anders

    Do ‘Rare exports’.. DO IIIIIT

  • TapewormBike

    Dude, that is a literally awesome movie, why would they put it in this kind of show? Especially when they mostly do obscure VHS era flicks and straight to DVD garbage (read horrible greatness)

  • TapewormBike

    Just for comparison: Gymkata released 1985. budget of 8.5 million USD; Aliens, released 1986, budget of 18.5 million USD. I must say, the gap between those movie that I perceive is somewhat larger than 10 mil.

  • ident

    The question isn’t whether or not covering him in purple paint is harder. The question is did they know they could just shift the color and, if they did, did they know how.

  • ident

    MST3K reference.

  • ident


  • ident


  • ident

    I’m sure it was a tax write off or money laundering scheme.

  • ident

    Are you trying to say that gymnastics is not an effective means of tactical self defense?

  • ident

    All guns are nonchalant.

  • ident

    Someone who has seen V-World could say.

  • ident

    What mystery movie?

  • ident

    It’s almost like they aren’t taking any of these instructional videos seriously.

  • Topdek

    I guess the bars and pommel horse are useful to escape attackers…

    OH! You were using sarcasm to agree with me. My derp.

  • ident

    The Amazing Bulk would have been awesome if, the moment the creator thought of it, the instant shame caused an aneurysm and it never got made.

  • ident

    It is a reference to the Fugitive Alien episode. And that Gymkata reference is obscure. It was said a few times throughout the series but never explained.

  • ident

    A good parody has something else to say beyond the surface parallels. This, however, is not a parody at all. It is a cheap cash in attempt on the recent super hero movies. An ultra cheap and more shameless version of an Asylum movie. The movie is not parodying the conventions of a super hero movie, it is just using them.

  • ident

    What’s the difference again?

  • ident

    Absolutely anything else.

  • ident


  • ident

    If it did, it wouldn’t be the ending anymore.

  • Franklin Floratos

    Have you?

  • missrowsdower

    thanks for the explanations, you guys! 🙂 To return the favour, I’ll explain to you how to make mashed potatoes: YOU BOIL THE WATER, YOU OPEN THE PACKAGE

  • ident

    Who among us can say?

  • Patrick

    I’m so glad that they established that Collin was from Canada before they had him wear the American flag sweater.

  • Watch this episode and find out.

  • Franklin Floratos

    Who among us can say whether any among us can say?

  • Franklin Floratos

    I don’t see what the opening sequence of ‘Shitcase Cinema’ reviews has to do with ‘The Amazing Bulk’.

  • Franklin Floratos

    I don’t see what the opening sequence of ‘Shitcase Cinema’ reviews has to do with ‘The Amazing Bulk’.

  • Franklin Floratos

    I can’t for the life of me imagine what her problem would have been with Colin. He seemed perfectly fine and was certainly (in my honest opinion) not intending to cause any malice. He simply wanted to watch some terrible movies and laugh at them, thinking, “I’m glad I work in VFX. I can tear these movies apart with greater zeal and facility.”

  • Franklin Floratos

    I can’t for the life of me imagine what her problem would have been with Colin. He seemed perfectly fine and was certainly (in my honest opinion) not intending to cause any malice. He simply wanted to watch some terrible movies and laugh at them, thinking, “I’m glad I work in VFX. I can tear these movies apart with greater zeal and facility.”

  • Franklin Floratos

    I would actually love to see the NC do a collab with RLM. Between them, we as the audience could have so much fun watching them systematically and sadistically disembowel crappy movies. That would be amazing.

  • Franklin Floratos

    I would actually love to see the NC do a collab with RLM. Between them, we as the audience could have so much fun watching them systematically and sadistically disembowel crappy movies. That would be amazing.

  • Franklin Floratos

    Bring all three of them in. There’s enough room. Just ask the chair in the corner.

  • Franklin Floratos

    It’s a tiny detail, but your profile picture is rather amusing.

  • Franklin Floratos

    Y U copy me?

  • Franklin Floratos

    ‘Ad hominem fallacy’…

    (I can’t believe I have to do this again.)

  • Liz Frazier

    Trust me, it’s for the best. I truly believe that only a similar kind of “divine” intervention will get us to “Tree Stand Safety” on the next BOTW.

  • Collin

    Is Mike drinking beer on ice?

  • Now I Get It

    Because I absolutely, positively only steal from the best.

  • Franklin Floratos

    Oh, well… I… I don’t know what to say now. It’s all so emotional…

  • Franklin Floratos

    Oh, well… I… I don’t know what to say now… It’s all so emotional…

  • Cameron Vale

    lol I change it all the time, this will make no sense someday.

  • Cameron Vale

    I read somewhere that comic sans actually has its name for that reason; it’s a combination of the fonts used in Alan Moore’s Watchmen and Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

  • Cameron Vale

    I read somewhere that comic sans actually has its name for that reason; it’s a combination of the fonts used in Alan Moore’s Watchmen and Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

  • Cameron Vale

    You’re an aesthete. Or maybe, a synesthete.

  • ident

    is that bad?

  • ident

    Wouldn’t have made any sense otherwise.

  • ident

    you misspelled Asperger’s.

  • Marvin Falz

    What makes you think that?

  • TapewormBike

    Not if you are drinking most of american beers:)

  • The third ??????? movie in the list.

  • Guest

    The Terminator, 1984, USD 6.4 million budget. That’s USD 2.1 million less than Gymkata.

  • Well

    I’m not sure what to say.

  • Franklin Floratos

    You don’t say?

  • TapewormBike

    For anybody who is craving Olympics action flick, I suggest you try the Thai movie Born To Fight (from people who made Ong Bak).

  • Joel Gautraud

    Oh man, you guys nailed the signature “Amazing Bulk” aesthetic at the end there. Bravo.

  • Heinzy

    Liz the Fucking Prophet right here.

  • Manny Rodriguez

    He doesn’t care, he’s not the one writing the movies.

  • Robby

    Seriously, why the fuck do they have five remotes?

  • ThomasHFoolery

    It should be a requirement that every BotW contain at least 1 Mike Stoklasa, 1 Jay Bauman, and 1 Rich Evans.

  • vincent

    and 1 jessi

  • FearAndSlothing
  • Greg

    Anyone else think that was a shout out to Colin at the end of the second Robocop Half in the Bag?

  • 24601

    “Clipart: The Movie”

  • mrsleep

    TV, Cable Box, VCR, DVD/Blu-Ray, Laserdisc, would be my guess.

  • Patrick Harris

    Does anyone know the name of the rock song that comes on when they’re introducing the Wheel of the Worst? Starts at 4:18…

  • SkaMP

    TV, Cable Box, VCR, DVD/Blu-Ray, Richevans, would be MY guess

  • Liam Swenton

    It’s a free song that comes with Final Cut Pro. They use them all the time

  • I kinda wish this episode was just following Rich around as he tries to find whatever it was he was looking for in the background…can you guys make an episode like that?

  • Lat

    Best of the Worst: Special Guest Star Edition

    Len Kabasinski, Colin, Jim, and Matt Hannon all sit down and watch/discuss movies. Please coordinate that.

  • Liam Hagan

    Roddy McDowall’s fee was $8 million.

  • Zoffix Znet

    How old is Colin? He looks like he’s in early 20s, but then he’s been a
    visual effects artist for the past 20 years, which means he’s about 40?

  • The HD

    The Blood keeps him young.

  • Zac Rogalski

    You’ve just given me something to dream about.

  • Zac Rogalski

    which taste like they have a ton of ice (water) in them already…

  • Cacktowl

    They watch the movies and record pre-rec in the rlm studios right? Does anyone know if they own or rent the place?

  • Rich

    According to his IMDb, Colin Cunningham was born in 1972. He does look younger though.

  • Rich

    Seeing as how he worked on Robocop, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Rich

    They have 1-2 cameras on them and a skeleton crew so they probably operate those by remote. As they watch the VHS tapes they’re burning them so they need to control the burner. Plus all the other peripherals and remotes mentioned by others.

  • Rich

    Studios like that are rarely owned, they probably rent. And yeah they do all their work at the studio, except when Jack does PreRec out of his home because he has a smallish studio setup at his place probably because of his production work.

  • Rich

    Wow. I never realized how much Jay lost weight wise. He is really keeping healthy now, good for him.

  • Rich

    Haha, right? I think he was looking for a fire extinguisher.

  • Rich

    Whiskey and ginger ale? It wasn’t frothy enough to be beer, I think.

  • Biji M.

    Do you think they REALLY watch all these terrible, TERRIBLE movies…from front to back??

  • DanceK

    “Why don’t those feral beasts just kill each other? They seem to be working well as a society.”
    Is that how all Canadians think of Americans?

  • Pat

    Interesting that Randal Malone, the guy that played the evil doctor in ‘Amazing Bulk’ is also shown torn in half in that clip from ‘Hollywood Mortuary’. And he had a part in ‘V World Matrix’ as well. Both were directed by Ron Ford (who Mike mentions he used to know)…. yet no mention of this bizarre coincidence?

  • Ren1

    Carrots w/ peanut butter? WTF

  • Yes.

  • I’ve even heard it on iMovie HD, a starter video editing app for older iMacs. Probably newer, too. New version sucks, though.

  • Steven Tarlow

    I used to work with Ron Ford in a non-film-related job in Spokane, Washington. We were bloggers for a consumer finance company. Ron’s a great guy, a true lover of film – particularly classic Universal horror. He still makes movies and is involved in theater in Spokane and North Idaho. You should check out “Tiki,” one of his best films. Used to stream on Netflix. Fun stuff!

  • yonderTheGreat


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