Best of the Worst: The Wheel of the Worst

April 30, 2013728 Comments

We introduce a new device of torture on The Best of the Worst – The Wheel of the Worst. Watch as Mike, Jay, Jessi, and Rich Evans spin the wheel of the worst to randomly select terrible videos to watch and discuss.

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  • Lionel Bee

    Fuck, man. I love this shit. Thank you.

  • Hack frauds.

  • ashwilliams

    Hell Yes!!! A new best of the worst!! Keep up the good work!! I’m freakin pumped!!

  • Spiff

    It seems like they’re spoofing Saw. What sell outs. Hypocrites. Shark jumpers!

  • fuck yeah that into was amazing!

  • Oh fuck, they showed us that Fire Safety Rap video in elementary school way back when.

  • Fuck yeah guys.

    Oh, and thank you Jay Bauman and Rich Evans for introducing me to Miami Connection. And fuck that hack fraud Mike Stoklasa or as i call him “MIKE SUCKASSA!”

  • So does Best of the Worst exposed Red Letter Media as shallow, emotionless businessmen? I’ll let you decide.

    (but the answer is yes).

  • splimis

    I’m Breakfast Man!!! … … … … … ..aaaaaaahhh!!!

  • Proto

    For the love of god, please auction off the tapes!!

  • I thought I was going to hate it, but then I decided I loved I. But I still want to see you review bad old movies

  • franciscotheman

    Welp, was gonna sleep for my final tomorrow, but not for another half hour I guess. Hack Frauds > Calculus


  • Brian

    I used to work in a restaurant when I was younger and I would watch the training videos on break when I was bored. There was one called “100 Degrees of Doom” and it was like a noir cooking training video. it was amazing

  • You guys are the coolest! Love all the Red Letter Media shows. Want to see you watch the other ones on the wheel. You all rock! 🙂

  • mcgooch


  • Tobias

    nice audio guys! you fraud hacks!!

  • mcgooch

    I’d like to add that I’m pleased as can be to see “bloopers” and “follies” in the VHS collection. I buy tapes like that at goodwill and my friends look at me like I have 3 eyes. Fuck em.

  • “Can you imagine this without the laugh track?”

    Spit out my water at that one. Damn you, Mr. Evans!

  • Piccadilly Bledsoe


  • Gooilt

    Oh fuck, I’ve seen that Fire Safety Video before. I’m not surprised it made its way into this show.

  • mmsiphone

    You hack frauds better go back and do Shoji Tabuchi Show. I can’t find anything on it on google. Like The Dance of Birth, you guys might have the only copy around

  • ShameonMe

    I too, was nervous about this sudden change, Best of the Worst is my new favorite RLM production and Change is Scary. But this one pulled it out in the discussion section and watching how horribly awkward everyone felt watching the first and last movie.

  • St Antony

    You may have destroyed a copy of Dance of Birth, but that is just the foundation of a brain washing process!

  • I’d love to know what you are going to tell the police when they find you guys burning tapes in an industrial complex in the middle of the night.

  • St Antony
  • MatthewMelange

    Smile you’re on Candid Candid* Camera!

  • I think you guys missed out on the point that “The Dance of Birth” is also for old men to masturbate to. A small subsection old men.

  • Be Cool about Fire Safety actually came out mid90s i remember seeing it on tv i guess it got re-released in 2000 i dont know why. (they were still a decade to late)

  • Pedro Mizukami


  • Please, for the love of God, watch the rest of the tapes for the next episode!

    This was honestly like watching P.O.S. Theater that Mega64 used to do but better!

    Literally every reaction was hilarious, every tape was awkward and every joke during the discussion was great.

    And of course, Richard William Evans III seals the deal at the end with his one liner.

    (Also, Allen Funt apparently had a stroke in 1993 and died 6 years later…It must have been after producing Candid Candid Camera Vol. 7.)

  • Love it. You guys watching stupid, boring movies could keep me entertained forever.
    The acoustics are whack wherever you recorded this. Everyone’s laughing sounds are joined by a cacophony of ghostly shrieks. Especially around 28:50.

  • Best of the Worst Best worst one yet… Ever.

  • Dave’s Hat

    Rich Evans proves himself to be the true messiah with his atheist comments.

  • Wombspaaaace !

  • Rummy Gin

    Rich, for the love of god, go jogging or something.

  • Ameila

    Rich, the Candid Candid Camera was made in 1987 and Allen Funt died in 1999. So he lasted another 12 years. I don’t know if that’s better or worse….
    I will say that I found the Candid Candid Camera fascinating based on what little I saw of it here. It just oozed desperation and exploitation. It was like watching a really icky train wrek.

  • Quamame

    You can buy Let’s Rap About Fire Safety on Amazon for only $99.99!

  • Found something. Branson’s Number 1 Star!

  • MOAR


  • solidd

    Man I would’ve loved to see Tree Stand Safety. There’s just something about the cover that is so goddamn compelling.

    Please do more of these!

  • Manioc

    You guys really deserve to have your own broadcast TV program. Consider checking out The CW- I understand they’ll give a show to really any hack-fraud with a pulse.

  • ColinJ

    Damn! I was hoping they would do ‘Dancin’ Grannies’.

    I need some spank material for tonight.

  • JDDD


  • Brian

    I really loved this idea. It was a lot of fun. Maybe for Best of the Worst you could alternate between this and just regular bad movies? Both formats are great. I was happy that the rapping fire safety one got chosen. : )

  • Dave’s Hat

    Don’t worry, it was just a digitally inserted effect.

  • Oh no you didn’t…..

  • ok, this was the best one yet. I cried tears of sweet sweet laughter!!

  • Muthsarah

    OK, last month’s drunken rant aside…if you wanna destroy any or all of these videos…I’m totally OK with it. ESPECIALLY Candid Candid Camera. Ho ma’ Gawd is that horrible. That’s like TMZ-level evil.

    I swear I recognize that Fire Safety jingle before. You haven’t by any chance featured that on the site in years past, have you?

  • Rich

    Really hoping you guys one day pick up Birdemic: Shock and Terror. That aside Jessi seemed genuinely annoyed with Mike’s reasons for not picking Candid Candid Camera.

  • Daggoth

    Dammit I was all set to watch the Shoji Tabuchi Show!! Nothing better than a family show about an interracial couple with a white kid. And I mean whiter than white here. AND THAT HAIRCUT

  • Earthbound_X

    That was great! Awesome idea, great execution!

    Super funny, love to see this again

  • Wow. After watching Candid Camera as a little kid, seeing that Candid Candid video was absolutely hilarious. Being in showbiz really does fuck people up, doesn’t it?

  • I’m pretty sure that RLM is the reason why a torrent of Miami Connection exists.

  • John Doe

    What in the All American Fuck!

  • I like the amazon review of Candid Candid Camera volume 6:

    This the sixth video of the six videos in the Candid Candid Camera series. Like I said in the review of the first Candid Candid, I had hoped that the complete six videos would come out on DVD, but haven’t. This video had a nude pizza delivery model, a interview with a model on why she liked being nude, a model sneezed and her dress flies off, and other Candid Camera setups.

  • I think this might just be my new favorite video from you guys. Laughed my fucking tits off the whole way through.

  • Tobias

    I second Jay’s movement to never use the wheel again, it resulted in a boring and cringeworthy episode.

    Or at least, next time make sure all of the videos on the wheel are actually movies, or at least designed for entertainment rather then fucking instructional videos.

  • Yay! Jessi’s back. She’s so cute (i.e. frickin hot). Do lots more of these soon, or I’ll make my own. Very entertaining. WTF is Shoji Tabuchi?

  • I’ll never forgive you for this mom, or you “DR” Michaels.

  • Infernocanuck

    I actually thought his comment was incredibly simplistic and inaccurate, and I echoed Mikes, “Really?” when Rick uttered such a strange comparison. But hey, if all you want to take out of this amazingly hilarious video is: “LOL. Religious people pretend there is an invisible man in the sky!” then I guess that’s your prerogative.

  • George Superman

    It was so dense ….

  • JoeJoe

    Suggestion. Pick two movies and use the Wheel to pick the 3rd. While this episode was magic, the odds of doing it again with 3 random videos seems low.

    Also, fix the Message board. The verification isn’t sending mail as it should, so no accounts are possible.

  • I now want to surf the creative while coming of age into a world of small world dancers.

  • Aww… I so wanted to see naked women cum in an 8 year old boy’s bedroom. Will my sexual fantasies never be satisfied visually? 🙁

  • Josh Clark

    So did anyone hear Constanza (Jason Alexander) as the voice of that smoke alarm?

  • Bringer of Bad Things

    Did everyone else notice that the Candid Candid Camera Volume 6 had the number 6 in it? What if there’s more?!

  • Skagboy

    Nah, randomness is part of the fun, even if some videos/movies would turn out to be borring.

  • istah87 .

    Instead of a wheel, why not vote next time? Every one involved in the series (mike, jay, rich) picks one movie and gets 30 second to convince the viewers to choose their.

  • Skagboy

    I’m watching this for the third time now. Best of the Worst Is probably one of the best things to happen in geek culture.

  • “It would be like watching a snuff film!” Rich Evans fucking kills in this video!

  • Dave’s Hat

    Girlfriend is not pleased with husband-man’s choice in pornographic enjoyment. Everything is shameful. All is sad.

  • Dave’s Hat

    >when Rick uttered such a strange comparison


    Get thee behind me Satan.

  • AnalogyShark

    Hopefully not.

  • So hilarious. Can’t wait for more of the Wheel of the Worst. Loved the little cuts to Jay’s beer bottle and Rich Evans’s face with the grease fire scenario. Amazing video this week!

  • LickTheEnvelope

    I do believe Rich’s analogy was that even though someone doesn’t believe in something there is value in it to those that do believe, in this case that those who believe in new age teachings would derive some form of information from the hippy birth video thing. I thought it was a fair comment.

  • Aristotlol

    Review King of the Kickboxers, it’s genuinely the finest shit movie of all time. I have three copies and they’re all different cuts. Nice.

  • LickTheEnvelope

    Terrific Episode gentlemen and lady. Well done.


  • crinexocorum


  • AnalogyShark

    The only song they play from Let’s Rap About Fire Safety I feel like I know. Did they rip that theme off and put new lyrics on it?

    I may have actually seen that growing up.

  • That’s enough with the CARE BOARS ALREADY!~!!@

  • Will Spencer

    More please, this show is just great

  • nuff said

    Yoko is back.

  • Ugly Baby watch out whoa #420

    More wheel!

  • Heinzy

    This was absolutely fantastic, I don’t think I have laughed this much at a BotW before. I think the randomly-picking-a-movie concept works better than the previous format, since neither you or the audience has no idea what you’re in for.

    It’s a bit of a shame that you destroyed Birth though, both that and Let’s Rap… were fascinating in a way. Candid Camera was pure filth though.

  • Heinzy

    Was it written by Allen Funt?

  • Heinzy

    “The Dance of Birth, the movie that ripped Red Letter Media apart.”

  • I hated the scenes from Candid Candid Camera something fierce, but I would vote for the Dance of Birth to be destroyed too. It was an ungodly amount of pure unadulterated cringeworthy stupid through and through. Using Comic Sans on her fucking website is just vomit icing on the shit cake.

    BTW, the foreign woman in CCC spoke Czech, which makes her appearance in such trash especially sad for me.

  • Heinzy

    Agreed, if I had just seen it on tv one day I would’ve just thought it was something stupid. Now I would be horrified.

  • Jez

    Awesome! that you could get Jesse Ventura to do the intro for you, guess he’s strapped for work after that governor gig.

  • faghag

    According to wikipedia, Allen Funt had a large collection of paintings by victorian painter Lawrence Alma-Tadema but was forced to sell them right before the prices shot up. one painting mentioned he sold for 5,250$ in 1973 that painting is worth almost 36 Million today. Glorious.

  • DoctorKillpatient

    Yeah, who would have thought that George Costanza’s character was not going to be a springboard to stardom…

    I think the explotation is worse when it comes to Dance of Birth, since when people bought Dance of Birth, they were exploited out of your money.

    It doesn’t matter if they “feel” like they got some value out of Dance of Birth, the reality is that flailing your arms when you’re pregnant has no benefit on you or your baby. Like Rich puts it, it is like religion – you’re putting your faith and time in something that is imaginary. But, like with religion, in case of Dance of Birth there is also someone who is making money off of your ignorance – you bought an invisible product with no value.

    The homeless guys actually got to see a naked lady. This image will give them at least some comfort when they’re falling asleep under a blanket of newspapers. That shot of a hairy armpit from Dance of Birth will haunt me for the rest of my life.

  • Best episode yet! Please keep the wheel, we must see the shoji tabuchi show.

  • this was creepy

    The bear in Candid Candid Camera must be where pedobear originates from…

  • audiophlie

    Why do this things have that weird echo in the audio at the end discussion ?

  • Alan

    Poor Czech girl, they’re cute. :3

  • I remember watching the fire safety video at a fire house during a field trip in like 1993.

  • Keith

    Oh man, that fire safety video reminds me of another one that was cut up for commercials. Instead of CGI Jason Alexander, you get puppet Gilbert Gottfried!

  • eon davidson

    Can we vote for Dance of Birth to be the next Plinkett review?

  • Splimis

    Why would you even watch the things on this website if you’re just going to be a dumb 13 year old? How about you just fuck off, shove a night stick up your ass sideways, and fuck all 10,000 years of your ancestors that you’ve disgraced.

  • Shoji Tabuchi’s Revenge

    That’s amazing since it was made in 2000.

  • Dance of Death

    They destroyed what might have been the only remaining copy as a service to humanity, so that probably won’t be happening.

  • finally jesus christ


  • everyinchofyou

    When will you hack frauds skip all this discussion shit and just film Jessi’s big rack for the entire 29 minutes?

  • I want GameStation 2.0 🙁 but this was also good, should definitely include the Shoji Tabuchi Show next time

  • BillyBoy

    I love Jess, I want her.

  • Magnus McCullagh

    Shoji Tabuchi!!!!!!!!

  • Don’t soil this by lumping it in with “geek culture”

    The only culture geeks have is on their bedsheets.

  • Karl Bunker

    “Babies were born with shaken-baby syndrome” — one of the best RLM lines ever.

  • jaques

    The Shoji Tabuchi Show is just a regular music and dance show

  • Mark Bisone

    The harsh, horror lighting was definitely appropriate in the talk segments for this one.

  • Marilyn E Spencer

    See! This is what us fans get for raggin’ on about more Plinkett Reviews. Kinda reminds me Thunderdome; “Break a deal, face The Wheel!”

  • I tried finding a Copy of Dance Of Birth to send to their PO Box like some haunted cant be destroyed demon VHS, no luck looks like they really did destroy the very last copy.

  • Fuck you, Rick Evans!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing. Best video destructions so far this series. I especially loved the baseball swing.

  • Try watching the whole video next time.

  • Camberf

    Also, he’d probably enjoy it.

  • Mark Bisone

    You ruined religion, too? What is it with Ricks?

  • Mark Bisone

    I heard that too. I thought it was the ghost of Allen Funt’s laugh track.

  • Can you blame her?

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    Whens the next Careboars you hack fucks!

  • This episode is the best thing i’ve seen since gorilla interrupted.

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    Yeah I had watch it at school too for fire safety week

  • I am loving this series!!!

  • disqus_SM8U47P8Ft

    Those clips selected from Dance of Birth were pretty funny… Why’d you guys have to go destroy it? Somebody upload it or a montage to youtube!

  • Allen Funt

    smile, you’re on candid candid camera

  • Bad Things

    Not only are there more, but it was seemingly Allen Funt’s idea. If you look at his IMDB he produced a video with the same concept all the way back in 1970.

  • AdamCoates

    I love the face Jessi gives Mike when he says “At least it had nudity.”

  • Rufalo

    I’m just glad Admiral Doughtery could take time away from updating to create the Wheel of the Worst.

  • BHugh

    You guys weren’t being very cool about fire safety

  • randomguy

    Jay, Rich and Mike in one video – that’s how it should be. Jessie’s cool so she should stay as well. No need for those other dudes.

  • DanceK

    When’s the next Best of the Worst?

  • YokoOnoMe

    And you are exectly 15 years old?

  • Marvin Falz

    A smoke alarm with Jerry Stiller’s voice shouting: “SERENITY NOW”.

  • Mark Bisone

    Damn, those really *are* some haggard looking babies.

  • There are some crazy videos out there.
    Good job guys, this was fun to watch. 🙂

  • Mark Bisone

    Damn those really *are* some haggard looking babies.

  • DarthRandal

    Funniest episode of BOTW yet. When the fire safety rap played over the shots of the tapes being set on fire I nearly soiled myself laughing.

    The shot of Jessi getting a solid base hit in slow-motion was the pinnacle of the carnage.

  • Mark Bisone

    Great cameo by Rich Evans in this round.

  • rikkibarnes

    I was with Mike on this. Dance of Birth is worse because it’s a ‘self help video’ that actually doesn’t provide any sort of help. I can imagine a poor pregnant woman buying this back in 1998 and dancing around, trying to…do something and feeling stupid and ripped off afterwards, leading to some pre-/post-pregnancy depression. See? That’s heavy, man. 😛

  • You lazy fat homo, nobody cares about Best of the Worst! (Oh wait.)

  • tobi

    That was the Best. Please more from ‘The Wheel Of The Worst’

  • I have the same hoodie as Mike Stoklasa?! I am fulfilled.

  • DanceK

    Shut up you Plinkett Fanboy!

  • Taylor Britton

    You should destroy the copies of all VHS you deem to be “the worst of the worst” Id love to see mike and rich screaming “Fuh-Fuck” while destroying things. Maybe Fuck-Bot can fuck more of the broken tapes and ask them if they like it like that

  • Kyle

    I was going to revise for my A-Levels… but you win again RLM 🙂

  • Alexnine

    I’d say Candid Candid Camera 6 would be the worst because just because its existence means that there was a Candid Candid Camera 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. That’s soul-curdling in itself.

  • Taylor Britton

    oh. besides the lack of fuck bot thats exactly where this is going….

  • BLTB

    Yes! Jessi! More Jessi. Thanks guys.

  • Sean Inglis

    Hard to believe “Candid Candid Camera” made it to Vol. 6. Removing the laugh track was disturbing but inspired.

  • jebediah

    From 20:00 that girl wants your “D” Mike.

  • lenball

    Long live the wheel! And mike is a very brave man to continue with that subject 26:25 lol.

  • What was that video about juggling where some guy in viking drag sang a catchy tune? “juggle your way to health and beauty juggle your way to beauty and health, juggle long and become a cutie”

  • some kind of fungus

    Posting a comment before watching and reading any of other comments .

    I am guessing there is a bunch of lame comments about Yoko Ono,this one included.And some douchebag white knights white-knighting as a response to those.And douchebags responding to white-knighting,this one included.White-knighting white-knighting white-knighting white-knighting white-knighting.

    There .Now you can hate my comment.

  • jRoldo

    i know i’m the last in a list of 5million requests

    but can we get an eta on the next plinkett review?

    not bitching, just asking for a “3 months” or “Halloween” xD

  • this was throughly amusing , i demand more!

  • sjwood

    Stick to movies guys, that was weak.

  • jRoldo

    they dont really charge for watching them. and btw do you really care?

    i did notice that the mic placement was off a bit

  • IncredibleEdibleCake

    Holy shit, I actually watched ‘Be Cool about Fire Safety’ when I was in school… In regards to that, thank you Redlettermedia for scraping my exposed brain with a garden cultivator. Although I must say that those few scenes from Candid Candid Camera 6 made me incredibly uncomfortable. It reminded me of “An Interview with a Cannibal”
    Also, this episode was fucking fantastic. Make more you sell-out-hack-fucks.

  • some kind of fungus

    I am confused by your grammar skeellz

  • you are a geek accept it

    Haven’t you heard ? Geek culture is mainstream since like mid 00s.

  • some kind of fungus

    Viewer participation ?

    It can’t end well.

  • some kind of fungus

    I believe you can find those on the japanese side of porn things of the interwebs.
    Just enter search term “mom sex boy” in japanese.It’s a thing.

  • some kind of fungus

    …the content of that review shows why human species will eventually go extinct..

  • Handsome Pete

    When Jessi hits the burning tape with a bat, it would have been funnier if the tape just exploded into a million pieces, covering her and the bat in molten fiery debris.

  • Handsome Pete

    you got it hombre

  • Handsome Pete

    And they’ve been diluting the meaning of the word ever since. Even some dudes drinking beers and mocking horrible VHS tapes somehow qualifies at this point.

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    no homo

  • Mr. Snrub

    I thought the hosts themselves should vote. I don’t know what they would gain from leaving it to chance, or to the ignorant whims of their audience.

  • Jupiter3000

    Good idea, and was worth trying, but the original format of ‘Best of the Worst’ works much better. Perhaps we could suggest themes for movies, if you are having difficulty putting movie episodes together?

    You are all about the films, and so is your fanbase.

    I don’t know, just thinking out loud. Love you guys.

  • Vaginal Caviar

    Damn, that fire safety music is super funky.

  • Duarte Boaventura

    This is my favorite installment of “Best of the Worst” yet. These were all appropriately terrible tapes and you guys made some great comedy out of them.

  • Librarian

    Ideally causing her slow death by immolation.

  • Rick McCallum

    “Digitally inserted effect” sounds like a euphemism for having your thumb up your ass.

  • Handsome Pete

    I hope that final isn’t for math.

  • runciter

    lol in the first video the girl speaks czech. so weird to suddenly hear that!:)

  • Holy crap, the Wheel of the Worst is brilliant. The only problem I can see is that we (the viewers) can’t also go out and find these videos.. but that might actually be a good thing..

  • I think Mike might have the opposite of the Bandwagon effect, where he actually goes with the opposite of the group.

  • Thank you for navigating the dark recesses of the human psyche for our entertainment. We owe you all a debt of gratitude dear lady and gentlemen. Where’s Jack by the way?

  • that Candid Candid Camera made me feel dirty…..and not in the good way in the sad ashamed that youre addicted to porn way

  • I can like comic books and firefly without running around being a hyperactive fedora-wearing, otaku brony.

  • And possibly even worse, Volume 6 came out in 1987 – 12 years before he died. This was by no means his lowest point

  • AJ

    After 26 minutes this becomes the best redletter media yet. Mike says No, Jessies face after hearing Mike say No and Jay’s ‘n Rich’s triple facepalm.

  • just saying

    Not cool for Rich Evans to make fun of the church…

  • Murderin Murphy

    I couldn’t get through this. That Candid Candid Camera was way too depressing.

    I’m sure there’s some kind of payoff to this segment but I wasn’t strong enough to find out.

  • NAME

    No 13 year old would know who Yoko is.

  • Will Clinton

    I really, REALLY wanted to see “tree stand safety.” When Rich said that I laughed uncontrollably for 8 minutes.

  • ballsandshaft

    I’d say I enjoy the actual movie episodes more because there’s often more for you guys to talk about and explore (being film buffs and all), but this was still damn funny.

  • NotAnIdiot

    All she’s done is watch some low-budget schlock movies and you’re comparing her to a woman who contributed to breaking up one of the most influential bands in history.

  • Jez

    Sounds like he would like reading Magic Man in the Sky.

  • againagain

    help how do you create a wombspace account

  • Zeb364

    Rich Evans has a real way with words.

  • Jason Ross

    Candid Candid… might work as a fetish for me.

  • Rainey

    A naked lady speaking Czech on RedLetterMedia..? I feel nothing but pride. 🙂

  • Jason Ross

    Jason Alexander’s role in the fire safety video occurred in the same year he played Boris in the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie. Go figure.

  • h

    i remember they would use the “be cool about fire safety” chorus thing in psa announcements during commercial breaks. there wasnt any rapping in them though.

  • RLM Withdrawal Victim No. 9894

    *scratches neck neurotically* Finally. My next fix is here.
    *quickly injects into blood stream/ presses play button*
    *Momentary orgasmic bliss ensues. Painful body-destroying withdrawal pains follow.*

  • I was too old to see it in school, but I remember they used to play the song and clips of it on commercials as a PSA.

  • gottadmit

    I wasn’t the only one distracted then?

  • Rick

    RLM’s ‘Best of the Worst’ is the best of the best

  • Great episode!

    Have you seen Requiem for Dominic? Only released on VHS…a docudrama about overthrowing communism! Check it out; it’s actually pretty good.

  • decadyn

    The instructor of “The Dance of Birth” has a website:

    I’m reading through some of her writings and nothing makes sense.

  • Erwin

    LOL, I actually feel bad because of a movie I didn’t even see.

  • Joe

    I looked up Alan Funt after Rich’s comment, and he lived another 20 years after the production of Candid Candid Camera vol 6. That was the last one of those made, by the way.

  • depressed

    Okay, no joking, no irony, no taking the piss………PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NEVER DO ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE EVER AGAIN!!! No movies therefore nothing of any interest or substance to talk about. No Wizard hipster of Beaker so nothing to take the piss out of -THIS IS THE WORST THING RLM HAS EVER DONE! It even makes “GS2” and the fucking “Care Bores” look good!

  • Truth

    Wombspace should be the main villain in Space Cop, or a netherrealm of drugged out, pretentious hippy morons that Space Cop must violently eradicate, less they give birth to cancer-infested rat children and casey hudsons.

    Regardless, I demand Wombspace to be referenced in Space Cop on the virtue of rhyming like poetry.

  • depressed

    I’m too depressed by this to even bother making Yoko jokes.

  • Redbull Werewolf

    another great video, You guys make me laugh every time I could just sit for hours and listen to you discuss awful movies. oh yeah and Jess is hot, please have more of her 🙂

  • mustbetakingthepiss?

    Jesus Christ! You need help, dude!

  • Paul Thomas Anderson

    Since Boogie Nights was mentioned, I suppose it’s worth noting that Allen Fundt reminds me of Jimmy Gator from Magnolia.

  • John

    We can only pray that that the memory of the The Dance of Birth:Death of Hope will be burned from our memories as fast as that tape.

  • God

    Don’t worry. I’ll make sure he’ll burn in a make believe place called hell for all eternity after he’s a lifeless corpse somehow.

  • the audio was a bit weird during the table conversation

    but great episode! I love the wheel of torture

  • Beavinator

    Man…I would really love to know exactly which town The Shoji Tabuchi Show is the talk of…

  • Mr. Thgink Etihw

    Apologies if my name is a bit difficult to pronounce.

    It’s clear at this point that Jessi is more than comfortable on being camera (in her first appearance she was decidedly stiff and came off a bit too self-conscious), and while she doesn’t possess an angelic laugh ala Rich Evans, or the desert like dryness of her hack fraud life partner, M. Stoklasa, she’s clearly as sharp commentary wise as the flabby neckbeards sitting around her. Her feminist comment was definitely a refreshing highlight.

    On a personal note, she also has nice hair, a pretty face, and nice cleavage to look at (PALPATINE DID IT), which is a pleasant break from looking at her balding, morbidly obese cohorts.


    nope… there’s even a DVD, I’m afraid

  • Kenshiroh

    Gilbert Gottfried also played the smoke detector for them on TV.

  • Tmat

    Branson, Missouri

  • Tmat

    I was there. I saw his show 20 years ago.

  • YourLocalDrugDealer

    Wheel of the Worst is fucking awesome!

  • justanotherasshole

    Are you kidding me? All those videos sucked! At least when they pick movies they are enjoyably terrible, not hairy armpit pregnant women.

  • Through the wholly objective measure of How Many Rich Evans Laughs We Got Out Of It, the best of the worst here should have been Dance of Birth. It got more laughs than the other two combined.

    Sure, they should have burnt the awkwardly unfunny Candid Candid Camera 6, but I disagree with their burning the source of the highly entertaining phrase “oxygenating our wombspace.”

    Also slightly disappointed this wasn’t the “bad robot films” episode hinted at on Twitter earlier. I’m fine with Wheel of the Worst, but only as a sometimes food. Hoping to get back to the B-movies for the next episode, even if it means putting off The Shoji Tabuchi Show for a while longer.

  • simbob4000

    I think they used bits of the fire safety video with Jason Alexander for tv commercials. That fire safety video reminds me of the horrible looking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rap VHS.


    They should have went all Office Space on those tapes

  • simbob4000

    Yeah, I was looking forward to “bad robot movies” as well, but Wheel of the Worst was good too. Candid Candid Camera 6 reminds me of seeing a Girls Gone Wild video for the first time: We all thought it was going to be titillating going into it, but it just turned out to be boring…and kind of sad.

  • Wildride

    Allen Funt has been doing this since What Do You Say To a Naked Lady in 1970, so he’s been doing the “unexpected nudity” thing forever.

  • Dr.Pepper

    I will have the red haired girl. Deliver her at once, she will birth my sons. My balls are plentiful so there will be many. I command it. Titties !!

  • Guy Est

    I’ve released my throat, but my pelvic floor has not softened at all.

  • Rick B.

    Don’t say “taking the piss”

  • anon

    word. dream team. (jessi’s great too)

  • anon

    Jessi’s great. Make her a new RLM staple.

  • Guy Est

    I found and sent in the Shoji Tabuchi tape at the very end of RLM’s call for VHS tapes. When Best of the Worst premiered, I thought, shit, I really misunderstood the premise. The boys in Milwaukee must hate me for wasting their time. Now I find that my weird find has become a featured item on my favorite webzone.

    The circle is now complete.When I mailed that tape I was but the learner, now I am the master.

  • Harry Butters

    Great job, I was really worried with the three boring videos that were picked, but the commentaries really drove the show and produced a high entertainment value, I’m actually looking forward to the next one, you guys proved it doesn’t matter what videos are picked, and the randomness adds a fun new spin to it all.

  • Dance of Birther

    I’m very happy a video I donated was picked by Jay, laughed at by Rich, and destroyed by Mike!

  • Mark Bisone

    >Don’t say “taking the piss”

    Especially not twice in three sentences, guv’nah. This ain’t the goddamn BBC (big black cock).

  • Erik

    I can’t believe it, but I remember watching the “Yo we’re busting dope rhymes regarding the importance of fire prevention!” video in school. As soon as that song came on it all came flooding back, I was raped.

  • What would it take (I’m talking financially, here) to get you guys to keep doing this feature in perpetuity? I must see the rest of these videos. And then I must see more after that.

  • Google it again. Shoji Tabuchi has an incredibly informative wikipedia page.

  • Should we mourn? 😀

  • Guy Est

    Dude, you’re harshing our mellow with your picture-laden, fact-filled comment.

  • Guy Est

    A photoshop so nice
    you posted it twice.

  • I’m going to go ahead and say that the woman at 19:34, far right, all the way in the back, was pretty cute back in her day.

  • Guy Est

    I’m sure they’ll be happy to send you a little baggy of ashes.

  • Guy Est

    I’m with you. I sent in the Shoji Tabuchi Show, volume 3. I just knew it was comedy gold.

  • waitaminute

    Did Mike knock that girl up?

  • Guy Est

    Jay spun that wheel like he was on The Price is Right and Bob Barker’s ghost was offering him $1 million bills.

  • Siggy

    After all the murders Rich has committed as Mr.Plinkett of course he doesn’t believe in hell. On a more serious note who cares what any of RLM beliefs are. This is a movie site not a forum for Religious beliefs. As long as they don’t sacrifice any cute babies it’s all good. Ugly babies on the other hand…

  • Guy Est

    I liked how the wheel was a practical effect and not some goddamned CGI.

  • Tse Yug

    It’s because you didn’t swallow baby.

  • Guy Est

    Nope, calculus is not math at all. It’s that stuff that builds up in your tub if you have hard water.

  • Guy Est

    Is it just me or does anyone else dig the Careboars’ theme song, that electo-pop version of Jingle Bells with the little fake trumpet notes?

  • okay, the whole armpit hair was really well timed but let’s not forget the woman deciding not to shave her armpits, it’s her body, and it’s hair, us guys have hair and it’s considered natural and women have hair but we tell them they need to get rid of it and basically if a woman decides to shave it’s perfectly fine, if a woman decides not to shave it’s perfectly fine too.

  • Tse Yug

    My soul seed I mean.

  • Brandon

    I really enjoyed this feature and Jessi’s contribution in it. Thanks, guys!

  • BananaCat

    I wasn’t too sure about Jessi in the other videos to begin with, but “feminist bullshit”?

    Oh how edgy and…uninformed of you.

  • CustardBanana

    How was her “feminist commet a refreshing highlight”? I’ve yet to understand what the hell made her draw a connection between the video and feminism.

  • fasd

    15 year old MRA DOES NOT APPROVE!

  • Mae West

    Oh, go undulate on the Huffington Post, Gloria Steinem. No one here is impressed by your laconic, self-righteous twaddle.

  • asdf

    Oh, shut up. Idiot.

  • A Word From Our Sponsor

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    For more information, drink three fingers of scotch, read the collected works of Mortimer Adler, and try grow a shred of identity that isn’t dependent on your hairy vagoonas for validation.

  • Ben

    I’m still having a hard time believing the fire safety VHS came out in 2000 and not 1990.

  • Ben

    Yeah, this was fun, but I think it’d be worth more to stick to actual movies rather than random VHS tapes.

  • Johnny Franky Marty

    Keep your country’s perversions to yourself, Jean-Paul-Francois-Sartre. It’s bad enough you frogs don’t bathe, and now we have to hear about your goddamn furry Chewbacca women?

  • Ebbo

    “Ass to ass! Ass to ass! Ass to ass!”

  • tjp77

    Go back to Jezebel you fucking moron. God forbid a woman actually forms an independent opinion and strays from the groupthink.

  • Rick

    This is episode was truly great. Upon watching for the second time, how has no one talked about Jessi’s line drive at the end? Do the Brewers know about her?

  • tjp77

    Pip pip cheerio!

  • Oh god that was amazing! Your suffering sustains me.

  • i’m not from France.

  • RussTheCop

    Again Mike, Jay, Rich (and Jessi!) you don’t disappoint. Great episode. Give the tree stand video a second chance on the wheel next time. Something tells me there be comedy gold up in them branches! Oh and yeah…it’s feminist bull$hit Jessi. Good call.

  • stolliosis

    That baby looks like Kuato from the original Total Recall.

  • Mark Bisone

    This is the second or third “Banana”-attributed complaint about Jessi I’ve seen on this post in the past hour, so I have to assume it’s all the same person.

    For a coddled, wheedling, knee-jerk, lockstep, simple-minded, jackbooted, feminazi Internet moron, you sure do seem to have a major league fixation on bananas! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe that cokehead Siggy Freud wasn’t totally full of shit after all?

  • AlanSmithee

    Yeah, I agree, that really ticked me off.

  • Hamgrenade

    Oh the gynophobe thought police, thank god you’re here!

  • Apocalypse Soon-ish


    Jesus-f-Christmas, we are just sprouting Orwellian fuckwads like mushrooms in cow shit lately. Thank goodness the Fed keeps buying a quarter-trillion in bonds each and every quarter… I can’t wait to see all these hyper-sensitive, petit-bourgeois Gender Studies dorks standing on breadlines in a few years.

  • Your Dementia-ridden Granpa

    Remember kids.

    If we work together, we can rape up those pesky fires!

  • Mark Bisone


  • James Brown

    Why do people on the internet always feel driven to act like total fuckwads to people they’ve never even met? Seriously, I can’t imagine what you’re like at parties.

  • aaron johnson

    I reckon it’s safe to agree that she was trying a bit too hard? I don’t mind her existing but she’s not as. Funny. As Rich, Jay, and Mike are.

    Although if feminism is a whole hog embrace of sole feminine attributes. And bullshit is another term for calling something useless garbage than yes.

    Dance of birth is filled with feminine mumbo jumbo.

    Bronze badge for the broad. Now lets not scare her off. I get the feeling she holds the lease of one these gentleman….

  • vodka drunkenski

    Just imagine her at Communist Party, comrade!

  • I googled and searched for The Dance of Birth for a good 10 minutes. I found no record of it on the internet, anywhere.

    Anyone find this strange?

  • Skagboy

    not at all. I’ve seen some movies that I could barely find any information on the internet. Also, there is a clip od The Dance of the Birth on youtube:

  • Quincy Butler

    Jay, Jesse, Mike and Rich, holy shit, was this a ton of fun to watch.

  • David Hasenjaeger

    I still have a vhs copy of some “Be Cool About Fire Saftey” Video, not sure if it was the same one but it had that creepy smoke detector

  • bb-15

    Nice swing Jessi.
    – The fire video was pretty standard stuff for kids on public television.
    – Parts of The Dance of Birth with the music might work for people who are stoned.
    – But the Candid Camera tape was just crap. And Mike old men don’t need that junk any more to get off. There is plenty of internet porn for old timers.

  • String Cheese Bell

    Jessi’s voice. Oh Christ.

  • String Cheese Bell

    It’s actually the Alamo Drafthouse which is responsible for the Miami Connection resurgence.

  • String Cheese Bell

    There’s something to be said for brevity.

  • String Cheese Bell

    Be proud of Jaromir Jagr’s playoff aspirations, instead!

  • String Cheese Bell

    Probably not the same, because, you know, you don’t have to act on the internet the way you act in real life, that’s the advantage!

    I can internet roleplay being the chief engineer of the USS Voyager!

    Or, I can express an opinion that Jessi sucks, she has her weird squeaky “yeah, man, I’m as cool as Diablo Cody hatin’ on feminism (from a re-tard-ed video on New Age Birth (so, I’d wager, less feministic than CRYSTALS AND MOON PHASES LOVE OF THE SOUL OF THE EARTH MOTHER SPIRIT) but I’m gonna hang with these surly boys who like the internet!”

    Just be yourself, girlie, maybe you won’t stink up the joint next time.

  • String Cheese Bell

    “independent opinion” might not equal “yeah, fuck this feminist bullshit,” though.

    It might, but given the other shit outta her mouth during this video, I’m not going to assume it does.

  • String Cheese Bell

    Nobody uses ‘twaddle’ unless they’re a big gay, anyway.

  • String Cheese Bell

    Like, she pays the rent?

    Because I’d believe it. Why else is she here? INFORMED, INSIGHTFUL COMMENTARY ASIDE, OF COURSE.

  • String Cheese Bell

    I really didn’t enjoy this feature, especially Jessi’s contribution in it. No thanks, guys!

  • Clan:Rewired_CCW


  • juanito

    Wombspace is my new favorite word!

    And goodness, Rich Evans, that was a rather cheap shot at churchgoers. And this on the website that looks down upon random jokes at the expense of those who are different…

  • Murray Jay Siskind

    I’m sorry, but that look she gave Mike when he tried to defend Candid Camera won me over. That sort of moral outrage when comparing pieces of crap is always funny.

  • I did not venture to Youtube! Excellent find! lol

  • Dudebro

    “a rather cheap shot at churchgoers”

    He expressed his opinion about churchgoers.He was not trying to ridicule them.That’s how he really feels about them is what I get out of it.It was not an attempt at a cheap joke.

  • Klagnon Moogufu

    I think her laugh is awesome. Am I in the minority here?

  • BananCat

    So wait what, I’m a “fucking moron” because point out that Jessi’s trying to act edgy based on a stereotypical, misinformed view of feminism, no wait, “form an independent opinion”, by drawing a connection between zany new age dancers and feminism for no reason whatsoever? Not to mention I find it both tragic and hilarious that she’d say she’s offended by armpit hair. Like, reeeeaaallly…?

    I can’t imagine what pain and offense it causes her to shave/wax/whatever herself.

  • for fu*ks sake

    Please for the love of all that is holy make a few episodes of Half in a Bag in a row with Jessi and another woman from your circle of friends as hosts of half in the bag absent Mike and Jay and even absent Mr.Plinkett,introduce his sister or mother or something ,basically no men,just to annoy these fucking insecure man-children who feel the need to post stupid shit out of their ass because they don’t know how to deal with the resentment they feel about women or more likely lack of women in their life.
    Fucking annoying idiots.

  • Guy Est

    Nobody uses wombspace anymore. All the kids are now on whatswrongwithyourfacebook.

  • Marvin Falz

    Rich’s comment showed his missing believe in the man in the clouds – which is totally OK – but he also sees that those who actually believe in God can get something good out of it. Rich seems to me rather open minded in this issue.

  • suckmydick


  • yo

    war eagle

  • Marvin Falz

    I’d love that, how about Lora Story as one hostess?

  • BananCat

    Not entirely sure if a woman who says “fucking feminist bullshit” when she sees some mindless new age zanyness that isn’t feminism at all and gets offended by women’s armpit hair is the way to go if you want to tell “manchildren” their resentment for women is ridiculous.
    But I guess you gotta start somewhere.

  • BananCat

    I just feels like she either tries too hard or that only the
    painfully negative/edgy stuff that she says ends up on the videos which
    makes it look like she’s pissy about everything. First
    saying some crazy new age weirdass dancers are “feminist bullshit” when
    it has nothing to do with feminism, then saying she’s OFFENDED because a
    woman has armpit hair (fucking seriously? What the FUCK. I even had to
    watch the same part three times to even notice the hair/what she was
    raging about).

    And as a cherry on top of it all “HAHAH LOOK AT
    Like… what….I don’t even like children, but I wouldn’t really find
    it funny if she yelled the same about HAHA LOOK AT THOSE MEN/WOMEN
    THEYRE SO FUCKING DISGUSTINGLY UGLY, and babies aren’t really any

    At least when Mike or Jay hate or laugh at something
    there’s usually some sorta point or explanation to it, and they share
    it. Now I just don’t see any.

    And I didn’t mean to sound like a
    fuckwad, but I wont really apologise if I did after an utterly
    misinformed, stereotypical edgy comment about feminisim. Just makes me
    roll my eyes.

  • BananCat

    Dance of birth is filled with new age crazy mumbo jumbo. I can’t say I see it as feminine, just looks plain crazy to me.
    Well it was feminine in the sense that they were all.. well, pregnant women. But other than that: craaaaazy.

    But yeah I’m not sure if she’s speaking her mind or trying to please someone or just can’t relax and say.. normal.. people.. stuff. Seems a bit timid still.

    Or maybe that’s how she is and it’s her actual opinion and I just don’t get her sense of humour.

  • BananCat

    Yeah I forgot which usernames I’ve used here, so now I made a permanent account and managed to misspell it.
    But anyway, the trick is to combine a cute animal with food. This time it was banana with a cat.

    Also you seem to be about as misinformed about feminism as Jessi is, back to school.

  • Dave’s Hat

    What I love best about internet feminism is when people insist on overanalyzing off-handed comments or jokes until they present an entire psychological and ideological summary of the person who said something, what was said and how it fits into any applicable social issues.

  • iDontEven

    I’m pretty amazed at some of these comments. RLM has taken shots at feminism and religion before, and one of their central characters is a serial murderer of women. I figured RLM fans were pretty much un-offendable. If the comments made during this video made you upset, and all the rest of their content does not, you should really re-examine your ideals.

  • BananCat

    I wasn’t really doing that, though, was I?
    It’s just that there’s no reason to make a connection between feminism and the silly mumbo jumbo pregnancy dancing, or to get offended by women’s armpit hair, especially when you grow the stuff yourself in your underarms, now is there?

  • guest

    Don’t worry, all those comments are have been made by one pathetic guy. But I’m sure he’ll reply to your comment here with five paragraphs of text to explain himself.

  • Cole

    Best of the Worst? For your consideration…

  • BananCat

    Yeah, probably.

  • Big Gay Al

    What’s so wrong with being a big gay?

    And stop using two names to agree with yourself, Banana Hammock. It’s as painfully obvious as the cock in my asshole.

  • Big Gay Al

    He’s talking about you, genius.

    Are you sure you weren’t trying to find instead? I’m sure you can go be a whiny, obsessive buzzkill over there, since this whole comedy webzone thing isn’t working out.

  • BananCat

    I know. That’s the joke.
    Are you sure it’s me who’s getting their knickers in a twist, wanna borrow a mirror?

  • Big Gay Al

    It’s never a good sign when you have to explain the joke, dollface. For instance:

  • Apocalypse Soon-ish

    “Be yourself” is only good advice for 2% of all people.

    This stuck-up ho should definitely try being someone else.

  • BananCat

    I know right, makes me really question the intelligence of my audience when the joke was so obvious.
    But hey, it’s a free world, I can’t control who reads them, really, not in a place like this anyway.

  • Big Gay Al

    Yeah, you are way too smart for RLM. You should really go someplace where your talents will be appreciated.

  • BananCat

    It’s okay man, I’m pretty sure that one dumbass who didn’t get the joke is a rare exception within the RLM audience.

  • guest

    …says the guy that’s made twenty comments about being offended by an offhand joke about feminism.

  • BananCat

    Twenty? You sure about that?

    And I ain’t offended, if anything I’m confused that the zany new age pregnant dancing equals feminism and armpit hair equals offensiveness.

  • Mark Bisone


    Seriously, though, fuck you and your cute-animal-food-whatever nonsense. That makes you sound even dumber than the “Dance of Birth” lady.

  • Anti-Fur Protester

    Shave your pits, you hairy french ape!

  • BananCat

    Non, jamais! Je suis vraiment fier d’être un singe!

  • Hamm let

    To be ass or not to be ass ..that is the question…

  • namename

    You need to suck more dick.Don’t forget to swallow.Taking it in the butt would also help you.

  • Easy Rider

    I like how feminists are always the worst possible advertisement for feminism. An army of whiny, humorless, hairy killjoys and their neutered drones. Gee, where do I sign up?

  • BananCat

    Thanks for reassuring me about the fact that feminism is still definitely more than needed. I appreciate it.

  • Bananarama

    A thing can’t be “more than” needed, you dull, insufferable twat. It’s either needed (like food) or not needed, like you.

  • Pure envy

    Ha ha its, funny ’cause youre a rascist american cowboy asshole, here in the internet, talking stuff ’bout things you’ve seen on a episode of family matters. You know, that show with all these n… nice black people.

    I wish I could be a white american like you. Beating my wife and these freaky foreigners… one can only dream

  • Pure envy

    Good one! Why couldn’t I think of such snappy comeback.

  • Fan

    So, I don’t care about spoilers. Tell us: WHAT IS IT ABOUT?

  • Whaaaaat

    You are so romantic.

  • Anal-isis

    Mike probably has an enormous ego. It shows throughout a lot of RLM or GMP Movies. See him in the Gorilla interrupted docu, how he felt when this gaylord gibberish guy wanted to take over. Having his movie being destroyed as well. here only shows, that people better obey his comands, or they’ve seen the last of the worst.

  • Aceman

    Best one yet.

  • Well, I wouldn’t expect a bell made out of string cheese to like things.

  • Mischi

    Dear BananCat,

    I’ve read a lot of your comments today and wanted to reply, in a constructive way. Positives and negatives.. such stuff.

    Let me start with the negative:

    You seemed to be extremely offended by the women Jessi, making a cheap jab at ‘feminism’. You replied to almost anyone who raised this comment as being ‘funny’, as if you were truly dissapointed in this person. I don’t know how misinformed I am about feminism, but I see it as this:

    Real feminism – making sure women can do the same jobs and get the same money as their male counterparts. Having the same rights and just being treated equal. This is a good thing. I totally agree. This is how I was raised, and it would make me feel uncomfortable if it was otherwise.

    Stereotypical Feminism – I don’t know what falls into that category. Having unshaved armpits sure does. I think it is okay if a women decides not to shave. They shouldn’t have to be forced to do so, alright. But I learned that this behaviour usually goes hand-in-hand with women considering themselves as active feminists. It is like the frenchman with his baguette under the arm. And I am from germany… don’t tell me about stereotypes I have to live with.

    It is a cheap joke, but unfortunately funny, to almost anybody else who isn’t in the insulted group.

    So, all I wanted to say is, that you shouldn’t force your opinion on peoples mind around here, just having a laugh at different stereotypical groups. You look quite desperate, then and I doubt you change a lot of minds…

    But still the positive:

    Having read a lot of comments here, and even before today, some guys really deserve the lecture. HitB – What’s your number. This women actress was there, and the comment section hated it. Just because she was, well female and not stripping. Seriously. The same with Jessi. I mean I somehow like this Yoko Ono thing (if it isn’t meant to be serious) as a tease, but some guys are just plain mean. I hate that. I thought this is a place where we all can have a good laugh, sometimes very cheap and shocking, but mostly very interesting and educating. So you haven’t insulted anyone and that is a good thing, eventhough being insulted several times. I doubt Jessi would agree if we suggest that women should behave like it is 1850, again. So let her have a cheap shot at so-called ‘stereotypical feminism’.

    Thank you for your time,


  • These guys have been friends for a decade or more, and you expect someone who has only recently joined their group to partake in their banter in flawless fashion?

  • The fact that when a girl plays a significant part in any red letter media production it causes the most debate in a comments section (see Whats Your Number for evidence of this as it’s also a different girl) shows that a decent portion of the viewership are manchildren.

  • Guy Est

    It’s the kind of story we all grew up with as kids. It’s about the classic hero on a journey, the adventurous rogue, the damsel in distress, the wise old sage, gay robots, and an epic quest of discovery.

    Honestly, though, I don’t know. I never watched it. I just thought the box was awesome.

  • sympatric

    Wow. I’m never reading a comment section on this site again. So many wankers.

  • I swear I saw Gilbert Godfried voicing a similar smoke alarm in some stupid ad once…

    Anyway, this was awesome, Jessi’s laugh is almost as great as Rich Evans’. And I love how you keep the destruction of the VHS tapes fresh every time.

  • CGI Cancer

    You’ll be dearly missed, anonymous nobody.

  • NMS

    Great video RLM! I gotta say though, the controversy in the comments on both sides is baffling, seeing as people either cheer or jeer at one off-hand comment that felt sort of random more than anything. I think saying ‘spiritualist crap’ instead of ‘feminist’ would’ve been a lot more appropriate, and a lot less apocalyptic for the comments!

  • The best episode so far 😀

  • Wait, what!? Somebody was offended by this? Oh go fuck yourself!

  • Rich spun first

  • Anon

    As a religious person, I was a LITTLE annoyed by Rich’s comment, but I respect his opinions and beliefs

  • Anon

    Well the fact that he said “you get to pretend there’s a big man in a sky” is slightly offensive, because people who go to church don’t pretend, they believe God is honestly real

  • Jouke

    at ur momz place, ofc

  • bananafox

    so you find armpit hair on a woman offensive? well i find YOU offensive

  • bananaramadingdongdoggy

    yeah, i just hate her so much! waaaaahhh!!!

  • slothBanana

    i for one find hairy women incredibly attractive

  • BananaOtter

    you know whose probably NOT a religious person? jessi, fn heathen she-devil

  • decora

    be cool. comprende?

  • Anoff

    I bet you anything that a whole lot of them are just pretending for whatever reason.

    Let’s call it peer pressure.

    Or a habit.

  • This new blip player is really annoying, and making it a challenge to just watch the fucking show. Not a good away to attract new viewers. If I didn’t already love you guys I would just give up and leave.

  • decora

    technically Mr Plinkett has also killed men

  • decora

    how about Lora Story playing the Russian Housewife as a hostess?

  • I caught myself dancing with the fire safety song! I got it stuck in my head now. and I’m cool with that. almost as cool as I am about fire safety. Gotta be COOL! be cool about fiiiiiiiire safety > <

  • decora

    his actual point, i believe, was that there’s nothing wrong with going to church. people are into certain things and they do it and it doesn’t hurt anyone, so whats the problem?

    for example, some people like to listen to the character of a serial killer dissect science fiction films. others like to watch little blob-monsters eat people alive. to each his own.

  • The Schlock Junkie

    Please include ‘Night Train to Terror’ on Best of the Worst! It’s one of the shittiest, cheap ass movies I’ve ever seen. It’s a complete mess on an anthology. The stories make not one lick of sense and the performances are terrible… Some of them were so wooden I thought I was watching a fucking Ikea commercial. All copies of this movie deserve to be encased in concrete and dumped in the arctic ocean…

  • decora

    yes and no. if you visit a large used book store, or flea market, or wander around weekend garage sales, you will find oceans of discarded VHS on every subject imaginable. like Mike is saying, everyone was trying to make these back in the day… in the 80s/90s when video recorders came down to around $200 to buy and tapes were 4 bucks a pop. it was a revolution. imagine the physical manifestation of youtube .

  • WatermelonDog

    When did feminism become propaganda for celibacy ?

    Or are you saying feminists don’t like to have a penis inserted into any of their body parts and are lesbians ? Isn’t that a bit bigoted ?

    I thought feminism is about making women equal to men and not about promoting asexual lifestyle .

    The more you know.

  • aaron johnson

    I would have perferred New Age Mumbo Jumbo. Because that’s what it was. The other two titles come off as someone reaching.

  • decora

    i know. i know. i have been watching RLM stuff for a long time. aside from a few isolated examples, like the time Plinkett murdererd a prostitute and used her body for pet food, the time that Cliff Grabowski stuck his baby in a freezer, the time that Mike and Jay murdered Plinkett by throwing him off a brigde, the time Mike killed a mail man with an axe, the time that Plinkett fucked R2-D2, the time that Plinkett murdered his wife, the other time that Plinkett murdered his wife, the time that Mike and Jay made George Lucas’s face melt, the time Cliff Grabowski murdered his wife and gambling buddies, etc, …. aside from those few examples, I have always viewed RLM as wholesome, family entertainment.

    That was why I was really, really offended when Jessi said “feminist bullshit”. It was like a slap in the face. A huge, wet, sloppy, meaty slap. Like a big lamb chop had just been raked across my mouth, over and over. And I’m a vegetarian. So it was like doubly offensive.

  • aaron johnson

    I don’t remember us hating the hooker broad in the star wars reviews. In fact I think Nadine was very well liked.

  • decora

    aaron johnson: i think we can all agree that his comment is, you know, kind of arrogant and douchey? arrogant because of his pretentious horse shit and douchey because he started the first sentence with a question mark?

  • decora

    well said.

  • decora

    theres actually some sociologists who study this. its something to do with anonymity

  • Guy Est


  • jimbo

    i am loving the wheel of the worst i wish you guys did descriptions of the movies like in the other best of the worst episodes but i guess these dont really need descriptions also i dont know why people who get offended by stuff watch your stuff if you know youl get offended just dont watch cmon its common sense

    i love that you guys put up a best of the worst tab since wednesday i was doing a project going man i wish there was a menu dedicated to best of the worst

  • decora

    the new age dancers are regular customers of Women and Women First book store (google it). its highly likely that the linkage had a good reason. we didn’t see the whole video either so we can’t contextualize the framework of Jessi’s world space blah blah blah blah.

    although its harsh to call you a ‘fucking moron’ .. but you basically started it by calling Jessi edgy with the sarcastic quote marks implied around the word edgy.

  • decora

    i know. if i was on this panel (oh dream of dreams) i would have to embarassingly admit that some of the video was kind of a turn on.

  • for Mr Plinkett who’s into pregger porn.

  • Guy Est

    Best larf today.

  • decora

    has he always been doing it in hotel rooms with random truckers stopped there for the night?

  • decora

    “hairy armpit pregnant women”

    i would love to see a film with that title.

  • decora

    it’s exactly what Jessi and Rich said. people getting together and waving their arms around and having a good time, and then going home feeling good.

  • decora


  • decora

    therapy. it’s not just a river in egypt.

  • T-Lo

    Am I the only one who thinks Jessi’s line “…but the babies looked embarrassed” is one of the funniest lines I’ve heard on here? (And I think this site is hysterical.) More Jessi. She’s adds a slight counterpoint to the rest that I like.

  • As a feminist, I’d say that pregnancy dance video is more of new-age white people bull shit than feminism… or at least, I know myself and most of my feminist friends know a crock of new-age-shit when we see it.

    That being said, Jessi’s comments seem more of a cheap shot at a demographic that is rather different from the one that was being mocked, and made me feel alienated as a viewer. I know RLM has always been more towards the edgy side of humor and style, and I don’t always find that their humor resonates with my values pertaining to comedy, but I do enjoy their work and greatly value their calling out of racism, homophobia, and misogyny in their discussions. I guess I see a bit of a power/privilege analysis in their work (when Jay and Mike are not in character), and am disappointed to know at least one of the crew thinks individuals who use the feminist label, for any reason, are full of shit.

    Be that as it may, many a feminist has been full of shit, either in their personal lives or in their political dialog. There are certainly bull shit arguments in feminism, and one of the problems in the movement is figuring out exactly what the core of the idea is. I’m not saying the concept is immune to criticism, I’m just saying we don’t go around saying shit like “womb space” and flailing around like a frightened octopus in order to aid pregnancy…

    All that aside, another great collection from RLM, and I greatly look forward to the next piece!

    *Addendum*: My partner watched a bit of this episode with me; she totally remembers the fire safety video from school!!

  • Adolf

    That’s what makes it so tragic.

  • Great job again, RLM! Unfortunately, now I’ll never know what The Shoji Tabuchi Show (exclamation mark) is.

  • mobius322

    I hate that the word “feminist” is almost a dirty word even to people who likely are feminists themselves.

    Its like how many Americans are actually liberals on an issue by issue basis but would be the first to say “I ain’t no fuckin’ liberal” when asked about it. I find a lot of women are the same way in that they run as fast as they can from anything labeled “feminist” as if Rush Limbaugh’s definition of the word is the be all end all be all of it.

  • I just did a Reader’s Digest-condensed version of this and there wasn’t one boring second. It was horrible, but it wasn’t boring.

  • Exactly! The word, and conversely, the conception of it has been raked through the mud so many times by contrarians that most folks have no idea of its basic inherent meanings: equality for everyone, in all realms of life.

    Most people seem to conceptualize it as being very much a 70s radical feminist mindset, with segregation and all. Not that such a mindset doesn’t offer up some interesting ways of viewing our world, but it’s largely obsolete and over simplistic now-a-days.

    Anyway, excellent point! : D

  • NMS

    I see what you mean there, that actually does sound a lot better than the other two. Still though, good video even if that one line was sort of weird.

  • mobius322

    Thanks, enjoyed your post too 🙂 Finally someone else stood up and said that. I’m a guy, but consider myself a feminist too.

    Kinda scary how bad a ‘rap the word “femisist” has. Even on comments sections for progressive shows like The Young Turks their fans yell “DAMN FEMINISTS” at every woman they see as favoring a woman in a story.

    Crazy that Pat Robertson and Phyllis Schlafley have actually won the right to define a movement they hate…to the point where people on the feminists side claim to “hate those damn feminists”…

  • Young Turks… I’ve not seen that show. Is it on Blip?

    Agree, it is a crazy turn of events, but such in the nature of social systems yes?

    Anyway, make sure to remember that the feminist circle jerk is this weekend: we are going to be having a meeting on how to destroy men. turn all women in to political lesbians, advocate fascism on the internet, and make zines about all of the above!


  • ShameonMe

    Seeing as how the other Worst bait is still on the wheel behind them in the discussion section; I think it is a good bet that they will be given a going over in the future.

  • Pretentiousname


  • Unless they will reset each episode; which I hope they don’t: I also want to learn about the internet.

  • The Shoji Tabuchi show is some family in Branson MO that plays violins.

  • See? That sounds FAR more entertaining than Candid Candid Camera Vol 6.

  • You’re putting those cassettes to better use than they’ve ever had before.

  • I also “totally remembers the fire safety video from school!!” Learn about fiiiiiire safety…

  • Alcoholic Pervert

    Whichever one of you decided in editing to zoom in on the beer bottle you are fucking god.

  • Jessi’s super cute and adds a great angle of perspective to the conversation. Holy similar-sounding name, Batman; but didn’t the opening VO sound like a great Jesse Ventura impersonation? Next time, have him say “I ain’t got time to bleed.”

  • Will Sasso

    That’s like asking Chris Farley to go on a diet.

    He’d be less funny.

  • Alcoholic Pervert

    She’s the worst kind of female, the one who interrupts everything you say.

    Mike wouldn’t take that shit from Jay.

  • OoklaTheMok

    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but they made 4 more volumes of that naked, Candid Candid Camera video. So Funt must not have totally been on his deathbed in the first one.

  • Rich Evans Interrupted

    Holy shit! Rich Evans’s going to fight Satan!

  • Mr. Slave

    Yeah, id masturbate to that

  • Marvin Falz

    Sounds good. A ranting Lora Story is a funny Lora Story.

  • Crixxxx

    Funt died in 1999. This video came out in 1986.

  • Dance of Birther

    Fascinating, I turned it off before it cut away from the ocean because it was taking so long cut away from the ocean. So even I, the only person here besides our four presenters who has seen The Dance of Birth in it’s entire fifty minute glory, found it boring.

  • James

    Wow. This was great. So much material for future episodes. The only bad thing was Rich’s comparing that hippie looneyfest with going to church. That’s stupid on so many levels.

  • That’s a shame. If only you’d stuck around for 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

  • Marvin Falz

    The core of the idea, as I figure it out, is equality to men and emancipation from fate by birth, in other words more freedom and the right to choose to do whatever women want as long as it’s not harming anyone. I think that’s perfectly reasonable and potentially enriching society. Problem is when the quest for equality turns into an attitude of moral supremacy. No one’s morally better than anyone else solely based on physical attributes. So I think the question isn’t if a matriarchic or a patriarchic society is better, since both societies have their pros and cons. Those societies have had their times, now it’s time for something new.

  • I grew up not far from Branson. I think the Simpson’s said it best “It’s like Las Vegas designed by Ned Flanders”
    I never saw the Shoji Tabuchi show, and while I think it would probably be bad enough to make fun of on video, there’s no way in hell I would pay the price for a live ticket.

  • Dance of Birther

    Man, you weren’t kidding! You can never have enough death by sex in a movie.

  • WDE!

  • Dan

    Was no one on the shoot of Candid Candid Camera at all concerned for the safety of the women in those skits? Sure, the Asian guy was told not to touch the woman, but it’s so easy for a dangerous person to jump on those girls and hurt them very quickly in that situation.

    Other than that, I’m continuing to enjoy Best of the Worst immensely. Great work, guys!

  • ADL

    “Oxygenating your wombspace”
    Holy fuck I couldn’t breathe after that.

  • zeitguest

    Well, there’s that, but on the other hand, now they’re going to hell for it, where they’ll suffer a neverending eternity of torment with the gnashing of teeth and stuff so…. guess that manages to barely even out with your momentary annoyance.

    And since they sent the two worst movies to hell, they’re there waiting for them, probably an integral part of their future infinite punishment – yet they won’t be able to benefit from the fire safety video, which clearly would have been the most useful one to have in Hell.

  • guest

    …and just when I thought I couldn’t get it up due to that awful depressing candid candid camera video, I found myself able to wank off to sympatric’s post. What a relief!

    Thanks man, couldn’ta done it without ya!

  • guest

    Right, I mean, Church is so smart after all. It always beats me at scrabble. You ever try to beat Church at scrabble? You’ll fail, I tell you, and fail miserably.

  • zeitguest

    The filmmakers could have EASILY made the videos funny just by hiring some high school linebacker for 20 bucks to come flying in from offscreen and slam into the dude the moment he reaches for the naked girl, carrying him off the other side of the screen.

  • BananCat

    It’s hilarious how I keep getting a wave of insults because I’m a feminist, but then the insults aren’t about what I’m saying and have nothing to do with feminism or my opinion, but like yourself, decide to concentrate on a fairly minor misuse of a word, yet call me all sorts of names because of the feminism part!

    I love it, keep going!

  • BananCat

    Propaganda for celibacy? Asexuality? Oh you, that’s silly! Harassing insults have nothing to do with sexuality, or they shouldn’t at least! Try and erase that connectiong between the two from your brain, doesn’t sound healthy.

  • BananCat

    Well it did sound like an “edgy” comment to me? As in trying to sound cool/appeal to someone by saying something controversial. And I was commenting on what she was saying, I don’t know how that’s “starting it”? If I was calling her a fucking moron or the like rather than pointing out what she was saying was a bit silly, then I’d get it.

    But yeah I said it in another comment as well, that it could be that only the.. erm.. edgiest (imo) comments from her end up in the videos and that makes her see overly negative in my eyes, I don’t know.

  • BananCat

    What? I’m not String Cheese Ball, and I voted his/her comment down because who the fuck uses “gay” as an insult?

    That’s like feminist 101, geez.

  • shiggitydiggity

    Was that a copy of La Bete on the wheel at the start?

  • BananCat

    Why is everyone throwing “offended” around? I’m not offended, does that mean I can’t point out that it was weird what she said?

    In fact the only person who feels like she’s being slapped in the face with something offensive is Jessi. I mean there’s armpit hair there. Like for real, right there. Like, that’s some really unnatrual and disturbing and offensive shit, man.

    If it was a joke like all of those other things you listed, then yes, the joke’s on me and I didn’t get it. It however did not look or sound like a joke, like all the other things you listed.

  • Jake

    Good to see religion getting picked on… something so childish and impractical deserves to be ridiculed in a free-thinking, 21st century society. Good job Rich!

  • growl

    The only thing that is harassing here are your comments and your obvious lack of sense of humor.

    Relax your anus.Maybe you won’t loose your shit over something insignificant somebody says next time.

    I am referring to your outrage about Jessi

  • Jouke

    It’s exactly the same thing. Both are spiritual beliefs.

  • BananCat

    I am “outraged” by what she _said_ and in the videos she comes off as quite negative to me where it isn’t necessary, but other than that I have nothing against her.

    Hell, I’m not even saying she shouldn’t be in this video or any other RLM videos like other people here are.

    I’m not hating on her, I’m questioning why she said what she said cause it didn’t sound like a joke to begin with.

    Also relaxing my anus is contradictory to you suggesting I shouldn’t lose my shit. Sounds risky, man.

  • Marvin Falz

    I wonder whose voice was used for the impersonation. Doesn’t sound like MIke’s voice.

  • Marvin Falz

    “The video should have been called: Invitation to Rape.” – Jay Bauman

  • Actually, this is my least favorite episode. I don’t mind Mike being back, but I liked the other guys from before as well, and I did not like the idea of putting up a bunch of videos, none of which were actual films. I’d rather wait longer for one with more commentators and films. The themed set ups of films was really good.

  • Yeah, I was totally hoping to see that “family” guide to the internet too.

  • By “feminist” I assumed that she was referring to the whole “sacred feminine” spiritual aspect of it, you know, with birth dances and oxygenated wombspaces and that sort of thing. Certainly she isn’t referring to “feminism” in the sense of equal rights.

  • AnimationworksNL

    ‘Can you imagine this without the laughter track?’ That was … shockingly brilliant.

  • BananCat

    Extremely well put.
    I definitely agree with your later comment that “feminist” and “feminism” is a bit of a curse word, and I find one of the problems to be the sort of view that feminism is for example, crazy new age flailing about talking about angels and wombspace and whatnot, while hating men and wanting supremacy above all men. Admitting that you’re a feminist is often a good bye to anyone taking you seriously, because no matter what you say your views and opinions are, people have that weirdo/hatemongerer/crazyperson misconception of the whole thing, and that isn’t easy to let go of, and people will assume you to hold aggressive, unfair and mindless views that have absolutely nothing to do with feminism.

    Hell, I haven’t even been or rather recognised, and later admitted myself as being a feminist for that long because of exactly that: there’s that “stereotypical feminist” image.

  • Remember that “brain-dead hippie” comment that Jay made in the video? I think you may fall into this category. These are FILM REVIEWS, not social commentaries. By co-opting your emotional stance from some off-hand comment that WASN’T the focus of the review, you have shown us how vulnerable and insecure you truly are about your own identity.

    If you spend your whole life applying labels to yourself, grasping at categorical straws, and then, telling everyone how wrong they are about YOUR opinion, you’re a narcissistic asshole, not a feminist. This is a forum for movie buffs and film geeks, not a soapbox for sociological imperatives.

    May the goddesses of the earth remove your labia, and curse your vagina to smell like sulfur for all eternity.

  • BananCat

    Sup Mischi,

    thanks for the constructive reply.
    It wasn’t the armpit hair being feminist that bothers me, as that would work as a joke. It’s a joke about stereotypes, and it’s hardly an offensive one unless you’re some sort of paradox of a feminist who objects being associated with bodyhair or something (I don’t know where I’m going with this).

    It’s the connotation between new age mumbojumbo bullshit (as Jessi rightly put it) and feminism that made me raise an eyebrow. The fed up sigh accompanied with “feminist bullshit” already sounds like all feminism is bullshit, but that this mumbojumbo is especially the sort of bullshit that feminists are up to, which of course isn’t true.

    Again, it’s just one comment in one video, hardly anything I’m gonna use to judge her for the rest of my life or something. Still, it sounded wannabe edgy to me, not to mention uninformed. And I sure as hell didn’t realise people would be so uptight about taking a jab at anti-feminism that they’d go on to make fake comments pretending they were me, geez. Then again I haven’t commented here before, I guess now I know what I’m dealing with. Although the utter outrage and shower of insults for no real reason have been hilaaaarious.

    Also about people hating on women online, yeah, I know the deal, which is exactly why it couldn’t bother me less what these people are saying to and about me. I’d also say it’s also a major reason to why I’m a feminist. Whether I personally just roll my eyes when “this” happens, it still shouldn’t happen, it shouldn’t be something that people just expect to happen because they’re a woman and they’re using the internet.

    Also I think Americans might have a whole different thing going on with feminism and anti-feminism, whole other level of misconceptions and rage towards those. And then it’s another thing to take the discussion online where the rage and the expression of it is just fucking rampant.

    You know Henning Wehn? I absolutely love how he deals with the whole stereotype about Germans.

    Thanks again,
    Angry feminist/Crazy Bitch/Pineapple Pony/Slut/Hatemongerer/Manhater/etc.

  • Marvin Falz

    “… is often a good bye to anyone taking you seriously, because no matter what you say your views and opinions are, people have that weirdo/hatemongerer/crazyperson misconception of the whole thing …”

    It’s kinda like demonizing libertarians and stereotyping them as antisocial and their ideas of living in freedom as destructive for society, although the thinking of prominent artists like Matt Stone and Trey Parker is deeply rooted in libertarian philosophy which shows in their product.

  • BananCat

    Hushh, calm down. I was only explaining the reason behind the nickname as you already seemed to be deep in thought about where it might’ve originated from (with the whole Freud thing you know?)
    Yeah, I knew immediately that you’d be extremely fucking interested in the explanation, since you were actually thinking about it for sooo long that you wandered so far off into your own mind that you managed to make such a far-fetched explanation for it!
    So I was only being super helpful and correcting your mindless misunderstanding. You’re welcome!

  • Guy Est
  • zeitguest

    you could play it on mtv right between a Young MC and a Deelite video.

  • Yeah i know. What the fuck is up with all these slugs. They have to fuckin’ ruin every website.

  • In this comment section you’ll see the reason why the western civilization is dead.

  • Marvin Falz

    A lack of ability of self-reflexion?

  • Brack to the Future

    Well, when you realize that there are other cultures in Western Civilization you shouldn’t feel so bad. The one that succeeds this one is so much better, and saucier! Can you emphatically overcharacterize the word “¡Arriba!,” cholo?

  • Guy Est

    Yeah, the atheist regimes of the 20th century were such a blast, I can’t wait for version 2.1.

  • Brack to the Future

    Personally, I would look into grammar as the source of the failure of Dominant Society. An inability to cogently phrase one’s conversation weighs heavily on them who write your history. Be cautious with words.

    Finally, Marvin, look into the root of your own interesting malapropism: it’s not about a reflex, it’s about a reflection. So look. Loook.

  • Guy Est

    From what we’ve seen, few of the earlier BOTW videos were actual films either.

  • the_antithesis

    You searched for it wrong. I searched for Melissa Michaels and friends and found her web site and that Dance of Birth is available on DVD.

    Fifteen freaking dollars to get that. Jesus fucking christ.

  • notmyrealname

    Was that a grammatical error though?

  • dnzo

    It was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times???

  • Marvin Falz

    Yes, you’re right, it’s not about a reflex, it’s about a reflexion / reflection. Of the self. In light of other selfs. Or maybe it is about flexing … linguistic muscles.

  • Brock Landers

    Best one of these so far, Jay’s Boogie Nights comparison was dead-on. Seedy washed-up 80’s camcorder “sexy” movies are disturbing

  • AnimationworksNL

    YES they are both spiritual beliefs. NO they’re not exactly the same thing. Christian religion has been around for 2000 years, it has influenced the lives of zillions, has had an enormous impact on our western culture (both good and bad) and inspired major works of art and literature. New Age nature philosophies have been around since the 60’s, and only inspired bad oil paintings of unicorns. (Not being a religious fanatic, and I really want this comment section to be just about movies, but this just isn’t right.)

  • Jouke

    It’s pretty hypocritical to mock one spiritual belief as a “hippie looneyfest” while simultaneously asking for respect for another. Whatever happened to turn the other cheek hmm? On that note, Christianity was also only 50 years old at one point. By that logic, maybe we should go back to worshipping the sun god or the earth mother (!) cuz those predate Christianity by thousands of years and have thus had even more of an impact on society. 😉

  • Psykopath

    Let’s Fap about Fire Safety

  • FlorianBrunner

    The Baby looks like Roger Ebert… sorry…

  • Marvin Falz

    Excellent point. Besides, New Ages borrows from mystic Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and whatnot. Also New Age seems to be more modern since female spirituality owns a big part. Yes, New Age contains strange shit in it, but I guess it’s everybody’s own responsibility to check what’s relatable to reality and what is just looney. *shrugs shoulders* That being said: earth mother is the most disappointing thing since the sun.

  • Now I Get It

    I knew a yogi once who could keep his anus firm while relaxing his shit. Also a contradiction, but he embraced those, as it was his job.

  • Digital

    I have to admit, at first I groaned at the lineup for this episode but this turned out to be very funny. In fact I would say this BotW was far more funny then it had any right to be.

    I try to refrain from making requests since I tend to prefer to be surprised but after waiting patiently for so long I have to ask… WILL YOU GUYS PLEASE DO AN EPISODE ON THE MOVIE “THINGS”?!?! For the sake of clarity I am referring to the “You wanna see some blood?” 1989 Canadian horror “film” that we saw a clip from in a Half in the Bag episode.

  • There’s just something so pathetic about the needy attention-seeking of the modern secular humanist. If their ignorance wasn’t so widespread, it might be fun pointing out that history has seen the rise and fall of secular humanist and religious societies many times. Both have their pros and cons … but you know what’s interesting? Virtually all of the art, structures, and intellectual development we take for granted came from the religious eras. There’s something to be said for a strong mind motivated by humble desire to please and better.

    But hey, keep laughing to Ricky Gervais and Richard Dawkins making asshole quotes about stuff they don’t understand. You so edgy!

  • Actually, no, that’s not hypocrisy. It’s called distinction.

  • I’ve got a wombspace… it’s in my basement. Here, I’m gonna put my computer down so I can show it to you…

  • Brack to the Future

    Certainly. A malapropism is specifically noted as an error in grammar, according to a book. Just as a spoonerism is originally a downside-up word or phrase, it springs from the same foundational weakness in grammar.

  • Scottie

    You assholes! I had to watch “Let’s Rap About Fire Safety!” in elementary school! I’d managed to repress that shit until I heard it’s earwormy chorus and now I can’t get it out of my damn head! I wish you’d burned that demonic alarm! Excellent video though, love your stuff! :3

  • Brack to the Future

    Well let’s break it down: a shoji is a type of very fragile room divider, and if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t a Tabuchi a kind of barbeque from the 1970s? The Wall Grill Show doesn’t sound very appealing.

    … or was it a Hibachi?

  • Matt Garber

    Happy this is back. Great new series: right on par with Half in the Bag. Keep up the good work.

  • chris martin

    when ru dudes gonna review “Iron man 3”????

  • Piccadilly Bledsoe

    She’s got a cute voice too. Is she fucking Stoklasa? I get that idea. But more of her boobs, yes.

  • Piccadilly Bledsoe

    I agree with Mike. That fucking video has no reason to exist.

  • Piccadilly Bledsoe

    Are you actually making the amateur mistake of confusing Rich Evans’ senile old man Plinkett with Mike Stoklasa’s boss as shit, bitch-wrecking Plinkett?

  • Robby

    Rich Evans: Making borderline offense (hilarious) comments since time in memoriam.

  • Nick

    I was REALLY hoping for tree-stand safety. Great episode though. You guys can make anything entertaining.

  • Craggy Knob

    or re-released in 2000? it looks very 90ish to me.

  • I cant wait to see your thoughts on iron man 3… :/

  • Cognitive Schizo

    I love Jessi. That’s the one in the blue hoodie , right?

  • Guest

    I wanna see the lady hit the burning tape with the bat, and then, the burning tape goes over the chain link fence and it lands on the propane tanks and they BLOWED UP

  • Bobby

    Rich Evans: Laughter which cures cancer.

  • Guy Est

    That’s been proven by science.

  • aaron johnson

    Yes. Good on them to pick on religion (which they didn’t do). After all. Such a topic being lambasted on the internet is rare and clever….

  • aaron johnson

    I really want to see that internet video. Early commercial computers give me massive nostalgia.
    If it has the AOL browser featured in it I’ll cream my jeans.

  • Stant

    I own the tree-stand safety video…’s better than any of the video they watched.

  • Uncomfortable Nudity

    Plus boobs?

  • Beefwit

    Remember Mike and Jay are Christians. That’s why they were nice to Mr. Plinkett on new years.

  • bountiou

    Who is this “modern secular humanist” and how might I find him?

    Anyway, all I read from Jake was a fool voicing a fool’s opinion. No need to try to refute blind prejudice. I mean, he openly called for ridicule based on personal preference, in the defense of “free thought.”

    Just stop expecting other people to think on your level. I’m sure that you accept that some people are smarter than you. Accept that some are not.

  • bountious

    A lot of people buying into the same bullshit doesn’t change that it’s bullshit.

    Honestly, the less definitive and structured a religion, the more healthy it is for its followers. Creating constructs to interact with constructs- false logical prepositions to make belief seem to fit into a world measured by logic- can easily lead to conflict with self and others. The more informal and emotionally centered a religion, the more honest. Belief is a feeling, not a thought. Justifying belief with the construct of religion strangles the intellect.

    Religion is the opiate of the masses. It’s where people go in-order to avoid accepting that we don’t know and we aren’t meant to know. We are simply self-sustaining patterns, self-justifying reasons. We are temporarily stable processes withing an ever-changing process: our ‘verse. Mostly, we thrive and survive because we find it to be preferable to the discomfort of death.

    God is a construct, created by man to give him purpose in times of peace.

  • bountious

    Gynocentrism is never cool. I don’t care what year you’re in.

  • kjellmakrell

    I saw a glimpse of a “Video Catnip” cassette in the beginning. You’d better not slag that one off. My cat really loves watching that. It’s not meant for humans anyway.

  • bountious

    Feminism is specifically about creating equality for women, not all people. It IS NOT the same thing.

    And no, I don’t buy that women are oppressed in developed Western countries. There are inequities on both sides. Yes, Patriarchy exists. It is a social disorder. The creation of social order is cooperative. We all effect society and we’re all effected by society. I mean, all a guy like me gets out of Patriarchy is women looking at me like I’m a dick, off of bullshit conjecture they heard in some women studies class.

    Struggle together. Unity. Civil rights activism, not female rights activism.

  • bountious

    To seek equality between disparate things is tacitly foolish. Sentiments of “equality for women” are a conceit in-order to make the average person turn the blind-eye. If they were truly for civil rights they’d argue for “equal treatment.” That is not Feminist theory or practice. They purport “equality” to manipulate your sentiments. You don’t want equality, you want equal treatment.

  • bountious

    It’s that outspoken people often think that what they think is important. I mean, if you didn’t, why put-forth the effort? And what kind of people think that their opinions are important? Egocentric people. Internet “comment” sections are just giant clusterfucks of egocentric sentiments expressed anonymously, with a few good quips and life stories sprinkled-in.

  • bountious

    Who needs humor when you use your sex to self-affirm? If I could get away with that I’d be laughing all day, no joke required.

  • bountious

    You’ve inspired me: I will never again explain myself to a Feminist. God, what a catharsis.

  • bountious

    Making disparate shit equal is impossible.

    The more you know.

  • Shooter McGavin

    I had to watch that fire safety show in elementary school. It randomly popped into my head until my early 20’s. I guess I can make that my 30’s now.

  • Charles Montgomery Burns

    You stupid monkey!

  • hate machine

    i can’t wait for The Host review

  • Jason Ross

    Wheel of Retardation needs more G.I.Joe 2

  • tessa tickle

    At 26:20 when the young lady asked “didn’t anything in Candid Candid Camera #6 make you uncomfortable ?”, Mike *really* should have said “yes”. He may have had a point but in the end he comes off as a gigantic weirdo 😀 Well done !

  • Aleph82

    “Virtually all of the art, structures, and intellectual development we take for granted came from the religious eras. There’s something to be said for a strong mind motivated by humble desire to please and better.”

    Good lord what a howler. Insidious nod to the religious ubermensch to boot. I’m sure everyone fashionable person is completely bored with the back-patting atheists you speak, so there is no need for fabrication, you see.

  • Adam

    Love this show, it is a great part of your lineup!

  • Jonii

    I love how you’re being experimental about what stuff you can talk about and still entertain your audiences. It’s not even movies anymore, it’s random videos on VHS. I haven’t got clue what will come next, but I can’t wait to see.

  • JordanB

    “This is like going to church. Everybody gets together, they pretend there’s a big man in the sky, and they go home happy”
    Comparing going to church to Dance of Birth is awesome.

  • Victor

    I loved this episode. All the small editing details, the Jay/bottle zoom… there is so much to love here. Thank you so much for making this, you are providing alot of enjoyment to me and others.

  • Jay Kent

    I’m sure a few pregnant women bought The Dance of Birth expecting useful information. That is why it should be destroyed.

  • AnimationworksNL

    That all fine, but you’re taking this in the wrong direction. I’m not mocking anything or asking respect for another thing. I wasn’t starting a religious discussion by saying Christianity is ‘better’ because it’s older. I was merely saying two spiritual beliefs are not necessarily the same, and illustrating my point by naming some very obvious differences. Satanism and Christianity are both spiritual beliefs, but they are not ‘the same thing’.
    But I’ve seen this type of endless discussion before on internet fora, and I have a feeling I’m not gonna get through this. So I’ll leave it here, but just for the record: everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions, it’s not my concern.

  • I sincerely thank all of you for continuing to torture yourselves for the amusement of others.

  • Ty Tweeder

    best of best of the worst so far. I’ll give you guys money one day.

  • I burst out laughing at that… haha.

  • They’re so tense… every single thread has so many fights going on.

  • Guy Est

    I sent that one too. I’m batting 2 for 3. I can’t remember what the third video was, though. Some travel thing, I think.

  • make this the new format kthx

  • I didnt like this Best of the Worst. I actually watch some of the films you guys review. Here it was just you watching three bad things none of us have any chance of also seeing. Everything else you’ve reviewed has (inexplicably) been preserved online for our viewing displeasure.

  • Rich Evans: “This whole thing is a gamble… and we lost.”
    Brilliant! I have to say, I was bummed that you destroyed those tapes because I would have loved you guys to try and film a segment in which you did actually round up a few doctors to watch the video and film their responses to ‘Dance of Birth’. That would have been priceless. It could have been a Candid, Candid Camera meets Dance of Birth experience!
    What an awesome Best of the Worst episode. Keep spinning that wheel because there are still some real gems there that need to be seen and discussed 🙂

  • kjellmakrell

    Haha, brilliant 🙂

  • guest

    To paraphrase one of those crazy euro guys that had redlettermedia over for their film festival, “this is a new kind of entertainment”

    Personally I was impressed that they somehow managed to take 3 utterly crappy vhs tapes – no way we could call em films – and not only make it funny but weave them into a sort of interesting narrative with jokes about one that reference the other and so on. Seriously, that was some surrealistic shit, like a parody of a parody of a parody of a parody. A comedy tesseract. I was sure at the beginning they wouldn’t be able to make anything entertaining out of what they were doing.

  • Glad to see that chubby guy with the beard and glasses wasn’t in this one He was starting to get on my nerves.

  • Saruma

    That video was made in 2000. If you are in your 30s then you would have been out of elementary school by the early to mid-90s. You must be thinking of another video or you saw it in high school.

  • Come on now. Where’s beard guy?

  • cjk

    This was my favorites BTW yet! Keep them coming!

  • randomfellow

    If you don’t mind my asking, should you guys be destroying those movies?
    I mean, they are worthless (as in they have no value due to how terribly they are), but they might be the only copies left around.

  • Brian

    The other reason that “Be Cool About Fire Safety” deserves to not be destroyed is that its soundtrack made the ending of this video absolutely perfect.

  • Gleep Glopp

    And you’re getting on my nerves. What of it?

  • Well, he’s not wrong. It did, in fact, at least have that.

  • Joeseph

    What the fuck was at the end?

  • Marvin Falz

    Yes, I meant equal treatment. Thanks.

  • BananCat


  • paige

    I think they should have danced along to the pregnancy video.

  • Cognitive Schizo

    Better than sucking a fart out of a dead horses ass, which is of course, my favorite thing to do. That , and getting black out drunk while masterbating to the thought of sucking a fart out of a dead horses ass.

  • WAFF0
  • If those are the only remaining copies of those tapes, then they definitely should be destroyed so that future generations need not experience those cinematic turds. Plus, burning stuff is fun!

  • Jerome

    Can someone explain the joke at 16:44, or at the very least, what Mike said? Either I don’t get the reference or I’m repeatedly hearing it wrong.

  • There is no joke, he simply says “That part? Is your favorite part?”

  • Jerome

    My mistake, I mean around 16:50, where [on the topic of the animation quality] Mike says “I would expect more from [something]”, which makes everyone laugh after a moment of silence.

  • “I would expect more from All-State” All-State being the insurance company that produced the video.

  • AutomaticJack320

    Rich Evans for President. You rule dood!

  • DarthRandal

    Watching this the second time and I can’t believe I missed the Rusty Wallace pint glass Mike is rockin’.

  • Quiet, woman.

  • capitandelespacio

    Is there any possibility to get this video in the uncesored version?

  • Fluffy


  • crinexocorum

    Who says you can’t masturbate to the Dance of Birth…

  • Dres

    Unnhh, I know how difficult it is to maintain both Half in the Bag and Best of the Worst but for fuck’s sakes make these faster! These waiting times feel like an eternity. Interesting detour with this new episode, btw. I thought it was a specific rule to keep Best of the Worst limited to just shit-house attempts at a plot. Opening up the floor to instructional videos and half-assed comedy programs will keep this show running til the end of time.

    Please don’t abandon conventional D-list movies though. I would have never even known about Xtro if it wasn’t for you brave souls.

  • S L

    I wanted to see ALL of those videos! Please keep the unseen choices on the wheel for next time. 😀

  • you want episodes produced more frequently? donate!

  • “Lets rap about fire safety” was a series of tv shorts that played during Saturday morning cartoons and after schools shows like bill nye the science guy and legends of the hidden temple in the early to mid 90’s. I remember the smoke alarm and the main theme song from my childhood. They must have taken all the shorts and put them together in a video they released in 2000 because I remember it from way before I was in high school form 2000-2004

  • Damn it, The Dance of Birth, An Invitation to Move with Melissa Michaels & Friends isn’t online anywhere!, it looked hilarious in a Everything is Terrible way.
    Though she does have a website with other dance videos.

  • Guestieguest

    Won’t somebody think of the children?!

  • I’d just like to experience the entire film. The clips are OK, but their commentary is a lot more interesting if you also watch the film in full. And as a D-movie fan there are some I really enjoyed (e.g. Russian Terminator)

    From all we can tell they burned the last copy ever of the Dance of Birth.

  • JimboJambers

    Not quite true. There’s a short compilation of clips here:
    and it mentions that there’s a DVD available. Somebody out there has it.

  • Ted

    I wish you guys would allow for donations in the form of bitcoins

  • Can’t wait for more, pissing myself with laughter

  • 27 is not old

    I also remember the theme song, title graphic and some of the live-action segments from the early ’90s, but the Paul Frank shirt on one of the “rappers” and the presence of Jason Alexander both place some of the segments in the late ’90s at least.

  • Rachel Roe

    We should release our throats to support the softening of our pelvic floors and oxygenate our wombspace.

  • Cognitive Schizo

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  • Oxygenating wombspaces should become a meme.

    It’s gonna be great!

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    Holy crap that was hysterical! Best episode yet, guys.

  • Man, my little brother loved that “Let’s Rap About Fire Safety” video when he was a little kid. Imagine having that thing on repeat for months.

  • Jessilover

    can somebody please tell Jessi, that she is fucking gorgeous… What a nice woman 🙂

  • I feel bad for the tripod that had to get burned on behalf of Candid Candid Camera.

  • JT

    I actually remember watching that fire safety one in school…and the candid camera one

  • psk

    I totally agree!! Stunning with a beautiful smile :
    I notice Jessi and Mike are always sitting beside each other… I wonder if they are a couple..?

  • Guest

    Im so sorry but Rich’s laugh makes this unwatchable. I cant handle it. Dont say funny shit when he’s around.

  • Say what you want about Melissa Michaels, but I thought she was attractive as all hell.

  • Get the Fuck Out

  • To me the funniest part is when Jessi pleads for a do-over when Jay lands on Dance of Birth.

  • Reese

    Jessi’s got a nice swing!

  • ppg

    Anyone know why the f was one of the candid ladies speaking czech at one point (when the girl said “cant she speak english?”)? It just didnt make sense… By the way the co-host girl, I would like to know what is the purpose of you being it this video?

  • Kye

    That was a nice cameo from Ang Lee on Candid Candid Camera

  • i think they are. one episode shes resting on him and he had his arm around her. unless they are really good friends

  • Eraserhead

    why do you all look so uncomfortable watching a movie together? aren’t you all suppose to be friends?

  • They aren’t uncomfortable with each other. They’re uncomfortable with the FILMS. They probably feel all dirty watching them.

  • I feel bad my tripod got burned too.

  • AlcaldeEste

    Sorry, but Rich’s laugh cures cancer. He needs to keep watching bad movies for the good of all mankind. Team Rich!

  • Jack Burton

    I’m almost 100% the smoke alarm was voiced by Jason Alexander

  • Jack Burton

    Nevermind, I kept watching

  • john

    i love the randomness of these best of the worst vids. where else would you see a group of people talking about these types of videos and making them funny and entertaining, more please!

  • proghead777

    I think she just chose the wrong word. It happens to people sometimes when they’re speaking off the cuff, rather than sitting in a comfy chair in front of a keyboard, composing their thoughts, proofreading and carefully editing themselves. You know, like you did when you wrote your post.

  • Earthbound_X

    What the hell is it with people asking why Jessi is in this show? I’ve seen it asked in every eps she was in. Why shouldn’t she? She was even in the first ep. Do people just not want a woman in the show?

    That can’t be right can it? That just sounds so dumb.

  • Loved this. You guys have to cover ‘9 deaths of the Ninja’ sometime.

  • ChrisBen

    I hope the burning of Candid Candid Camera Vol. 6 was enough of a cathartic release because I feel slimy and filthy just watching the review of it… I feel like I need to hunt down my own copy and destroy it just so I can feel clean again.

  • akerryday

    They still play huge blocks of “Be Cool About Fire Safety” on cable access in Alaska.

  • Debra Winger

    I emailed this video to Mellisa Michaels (woman from Dance of Birth) official site!

  • Alastair Bowyer

    More of this!!! I wanna see The Shoji Tabuchi Show

  • <3

    When you go viral with a star wars review you’re bound to attract quite a few special people.

  • Strelnikov

    Did some research and from what I can tell, Alan Funt probably wanted to use nudity as another gag on “Candid Camera” but the FCC wouldn’t let him. So he made a film in 1970 (“What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?”) which was just a nude “Candid Camera.” He stated making the “Candid Candid Camera” tapes in the early 1980s, where they were run on the Playboy Channel and HBO. The one reviewed by Best of the Worst was the last he made, in 1987. Funt died twelve years later, just to screw with Rich Evans.

    I would say that Funt beat the “hidden camera” concept to death; his show lasted, off and on, for sixty years and before that he had a “hidden microphone” show on ABC radio in 1947-48.

  • Strelnikov

    It’s just a Japanese man playing country fiddle in Branson, Missouri. On stage. In his own theater.

  • TheSpooky
  • Dane Corle

    It makes me sad that Rich Evans is gonna die some day.

  • CorbeauNoir

    With his last breath he will release the laugh heard around the world

  • CorbeauNoir

    I’m more confused by the neckbeard with the glasses and the bald hipster; Jess has at least been introduced in HitB. It’s like Jack Black’s character in High Fidelity, those two just suddenly showed up one day and everyone just went with it.

  • Mike

    You didn’t watch HitB carefully. Jack (“hipster”) and Josh (“neckbeard”) have cameos as postman and bug exterminator in couple of episodes.

  • Brendan Paterson

    i disagree with you guys because you failed to mention that there were people being exploited in the dance of birth, and without consent, the babies.

    everyone in candid candid camera volunteered to participate, and the men involved got to that point in their lives by their own decisions, and many of them were creeps, but the only thing that the babies did to have to participate in that awful film was they were born, no wonder their so haggard and ugly, stress will do that to you lol.

  • Brendan Paterson

    i read this as “It makes me sad that Rich Evans is gonna die today.”


  • Russ Moore

    At 5:22 the comment Mike offers makes Jay crack up and me as well. Makes you want to spend the afternoon with these guys on a couch with beer, chips and a really bad couple of movies. These guys will never make it big in the mainstream simply because they are genuinely funny, politically incorrect and have real common sense. But that’s ok. I’m glad they’re here for us little folk who enjoy real old school laughs.
    And thanks Jessi for being a part of the group lately. It’s nice to hear a woman’s take and hear your contributions.

  • GoodGuyGrayson

    It’s Ok. I can imitate Rich’s laugh. After he dies, I will continue spreading his legacy. 🙂

  • Guest

    I’m really sorry you have so little humanity. Rich’s laugh spreads joy and wonder.

  • Geahk Burchill

    I’m so sorry you have so little humanity. Rich’s laugh spreads joy and wonder.

  • whip

    And he’s not a neckbeard. People no longer have a fucking clue what things mean and just use them wrong. CorbeauNoir clearly don’t know what neckbeard means.

    It doesn’t just mean having a beard. Even a bushy or unkempt one.

    Words mean things. Stop using them ignorantly.

  • TapewormBike

    When the naked woman at 2:40 started speaking czech (my native tongue and location) I totally freaking lost it. Btw she says “Pick up the phone and call or something, I cant just stand in here like this…” Love all your shows guys and I think you should isolate Richs laugh and sell it as a therapeutic self help tapes.

  • zhellas

    Still better than Candid Candid Camera: Volume 6

  • Dav Sso

    yeah. i am also from czech republic. it totally caught me off guard 😀

  • Rene Lora

    Rich Evans will live forever.

  • Strelnikov

    Test patterns are better than Candid Candid Camera: Volume 6.

  • RMCarpenter

    I don’t want to live in a world without Rich Evans.

  • RMCarpenter

    They all seem like they’d be fun as hell to hang with, and I have a massive crush on Jessi.

  • RMCarpenter

    Rich’s laugh is like the sound of a thousand angels having an orgasm. It makes everything in the world better.

  • RMCarpenter

    Abso-freaking-lutely. She can keep up with the guys, too. Love Jessi!

  • RMCarpenter

    Lighten up, Francis.

  • RMCarpenter

    If you can’t see the similarities between hippie looneyfests and the modern church, you’re not looking.

  • King Koenig

    Please watch “Desert Thunder” with Daniel Baldwin next.

  • Random Commenter

    Did anybody else notice the smoke alarm was voiced by Jason Alexander?

  • Jonah Falcon

    In case anyone wondered who Shoji Tabuchi is:

  • Kyle

    The reviewers did…

  • rikkibarnes

    Exactly. Thank you, whip.

  • Christopher Willis

    The fire safety theme song at the end was really great, almost woke up the roomy when that came on 😀

  • jasmyn

    My Grandmother had the “Dancing Granies” VHS.

  • williamsn411

    I’m gonna make you a pizza roll and then shove it up your wombspace.

  • williamsn411

    I don’t have a problem with Jessi. I just have a problem with women being featured in HITB and BOTW in general. It just feels forced to me. Like, the women are only there cause they want to pander to women. It’s like the NFL putting female broadcasters on the field. Also, it doesn’t seem like RLM’s content would be appealing to women in the first place…at least, imo. It’d be like if The View hired The Rock or Mark Wahlberg as one of their hosts so that the show could appeal to guys, when in reality no self respecting guy watches The View in the first place. I guess what I’m really trying to say is…can’t, us guys, just have one thing that doesn’t involve women?

  • Alli

    As a woman who loves both RLM and the NFL (as well as typical “girly” things, but that is beside the point), your comments strike me as broad generalizations. Sure, RLM may have a larger male audience, but I bet there has always been a decent female audience. I first discovered RLM years ago through Plinkett’s Phantom Menace Review and I have been a faithful viewer ever since. Including a female commentator would only feel like pandering if she didn’t match the tone of the show. In this episode – and the Thunderpants episode – Jessi’s remarks fit very well with the rest of the crew. The first episode Jessi was in seemed a little forced to me, but I think the last couple episodes with her have felt very natural.

  • williamsn411

    I understand what you’re saying. Also, I’m all for women’s rights and equality for all and all that. Also, like I said, I don’t have any problem with Jessi. It’s just that the idea of featuring women in HITB or BOTW seems forced to me for some reason. I still enjoy the shows though.

  • Justin Charity

    Go back in time, to the 30s: GTFOH.

  • oolong

    this needs to happen again!

  • AlanMorlock

    Its on Netflix Instant.

  • AnimationWorksNL

    Hmmm, no need for that. Look at the guy’s reply, not the typical ’30’s thing. He’s just wrong, is all. Jessi is just as witty and observing as the other guys, I don’t see why her presence should feel ‘forced’ or why RLM should feel the need to ‘pander’ to anyone. They certainly don’t strike me as the pandering kind. I think they wanted her on the show because she clearly fits in with the rest of the gang. And her giggle is almost as infectious as Rich Evans’s .

  • Lizz

    As a woman myself, I think she seems perfectly natural here. I couldn’t give two shits about the NFL but RedLetterMedia is awesome. Although Plinkett’s reviews definitely have some tasteless moments in terms of violence against women, the awesome + intelligent points that are made totally make up for it, IMO.

  • Meg

    I’m a woman and I watched RLM religiously and I think Jessi’s doing a great job.

    WHY does it seem forced? You’re not adequately answering that question. You’re making it seem like you’re just sexist and don’t want to admit it.

    a) She’s a good commentator
    b) I don’t think anybody but you gives a crap that she just happens to be a woman.

  • Orangeman

    I remember seeing that fire safety rap video in elementary school!

  • williamsn411

    “WHY does it seem forced?”

    Can’t really explain it. It just initially came across as forced for some reason. I’m use to her now though, so it’s not a big deal.

  • williamsn411

    I’ve gotten use to Jessi by now. It just intially came across as kinda forced to me for whatever reason.

  • binaryTuxedo

    Maybe it seems forced just because you’re so used to Mike and Jay with Rich sprinkled in. It is somewhat hard to accept a new member into things. But, I would try and avoid the language of forced. Though she was new once, I felt she always contributed something to it.


    Translation: “I’m threatened by women who break my preconceived notions and need to bitch about it whenever I see one doing or saying anything other than what I expect.”

  • dave

    I have a box of VHS tapes, including an unopened “the Marky Mark Workout”… how can I send these in for the next fresh wheel?

  • No-More-Room-in-Hell

    You “can” purchase THE DANCE OF BIRTH on her website for $19.99 after shipping… provided of course she is still taking orders.

  • No-More-Room-in-Hell

    So does this mean you own or have access to this artifact known as THE DANCE OF BIRTH?

  • No-More-Room-in-Hell

    Actually, Wombspace is the term used to describe the alternate plane of energy space vessels must travel through in order to move from planet to planet.

    Activate Womb Drive!:

  • Now I Get It

    God, yes. Also, “…the husbands didn’t look very embarrasssed at what they were doing, but the babies looked embarrassed.”

  • John Sohn

    I looked it up. Candid Candid Camera Volume 6 was made in 87. Allen Funt died in 99. I don’t know whats worse this being his last film role as in mike’s hypothetical situation or the real truth that he had to live with being in this role for 12 years

  • Heinzy


  • Ivan Antic

    Jessi is really cute. <3

  • Rene Lora

    I don’t like it. She is challenging Jay’s position as Mike’s lover.

  • Max

    If I’m not mistaken, Candid Candid Camera Volume 6 was a bonus tape that you would get when you ordered the Candid Camera video collection off of late night tv.

  • littlemisspiss

    I think Jessi is awesome.

  • Beverly Crusher

    I only just now had a problem with the “Feminist bullshit” remark, maybe that video was hippie bullshit, but not feminist bullshit, like what the fuck Jessi?

  • littlemisspiss

    It was feminist bullshit

  • littlemisspiss

    How about donating? Maybe they’ll put material out faster ;D

  • Rene Lora

    Every non-Jay&Mike person seemed forced to me, at least at first.

  • diehounderdoggen

    A toast to Jodorovsky’s Dune that never was!
    We shall never know how fucking weird it could be!

  • No-More-Room-in-Hell

    Well, Jodorowsky DID mention recently that he would be open to someone taking the Mobius’ storyboards and creating an animated film. I would be down with that.

  • Rich Wisneski

    I’ve just discovered this series, even though I am an avid watcher of all of the Plinket Reviews, and Half in The Bag. You are all very funny and informative. I enjoy your work, and recommend it to my friends and peers. Thank you.

  • the truth

    Red Letter Media, PO Box 152, Oak Creek WI 53154

  • David Bailey

    Snippets of that fire safety video were on children’s TV in the 90’s as PSA commercials. Seymour Smoke Detector was also on TV in separate but related commercials, but he was played by Gilbert Gottfried!

  • Hiroki

    I just added “Let’s Rap Fire Safety” to Jason Alexander’s Wikipedia filmography.

    You’re welcome everyone.

  • Insert Name Here

    You don’t know jack about women

  • splimis

    When Mike reveals the Wheel of the Worst from under the cloak, the little swell of sound… for some reason I hear the same swell of sound from the beginning of Duel when the old Universal logo is shown before the movie. It sounds a little sped up and higher pitched, but I think thats what that is.

    It could just be another waterphone sample, but I don’t think so.

  • wikiality

    Why didn’t you do the original Be Cool About Fire Safety (1996)?

    Manages to have slightly less suck value. Slightly. Better DUI-forced VO.

  • wikiality

    In a very roundabout dogmatic way, new age bullshit and hippie bullshit generally has nothing to do with politics though. I couldn’t tell if it was feminists or traditionalists doing this shit. And I expect it out of the creepy idiots of both camps.

  • Cameron Vale

    You think great art comes from religious eras? Would that maybe have something to do with their era lasting much longer than the era where atheism wasn’t legal or otherwise caused protection of the law to be denied to you, and the artwork of great pagan regimes of the past like ancient Greece and Rome and Egypt being lost to time (or destroyed in the name of religion)? Religions and cultures and governments don’t make anything, they just destroy, only people make things.

  • Daniel Bellfield

    I really enjoy the ending song from this video. The fire safety bass line is too good for the material. I’m glad you guys took the time to throw it in at the end!

  • sjv

    Candid candid camera should be destroyed for it’s box art alone…a laughing Alan Funt is to much to take.

  • RancidNaners

    Oh god, I actually had to watch that fire safety movie when I was in elementary school. Terrible stuff.

  • diehounderdoggen

    Breaking News! A documentary has been produced exploring the history and impact of Jodorowsky’s Dune. It’s called, Jodorowsky’s Dune! We’ll keep you posted as Rich Evans in our research department uncovers more!'s_Dune

  • Rekliss

    Are you sure that isn’t Maurice Lamarche from Futurama? I am probably totally wrong here. But that is what I heard when I listened to it!

    DUI’s having NOTHING to do with it! 🙂

  • TapewormBike

    So, is everyone in agreement that we should let the comment count be left at 666…oh, fuck!

  • Marvin Falz

    I agree! Oh, already 673 comments, damn!

  • Cameron Vale

    I like the way Mr. Snrub thinks!

  • Jakefrom state farm

    Rich Evans is the best at delivering tacky one liners.

  • Made some gif from the stream-a-thon and decided to dump them all here. The men dancing was my favorite. Ooga-chakka, ooga-ooga-ooga chakka!

  • Strix Marxist

    Thank you <3. The dads are my favorite too.

  • moose

    The fire safety video is way older than 2000. I used to see it on saturday morning cartoons in the early 90s, same video and song. Gilbert Gottfried used to voice the smoke alarm.

  • FearAndSlothing
  • The Willard

    Nine! Yeah! Sloth and sloth!

  • locoma

    *looks down on you -“Smile, you’re on Candid Camera”

  • SkaMP

    Today is a good day for Rich Evans to die! Qapla!

  • SkaMP

    it took 12 years for him to slowly die of shame

  • SkaMP

    Jay could easily be an actual VHS repairman he’s perfect for the role

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “Ooga-chakka, ooga-ooga-ooga chakka!”

    Is that dancing man Chris Pratt?

  • Yep. You caught me. This is viral marketing for Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Duckler

    Happy birthday, Wheel of Cheese and Horrible Crap!

  • Jack Park

    2:26 what’s with the expression on the guys face???!!!???

  • Domo_Konnichiwa

    No, that’s not Chris Pratt.

    That’s Sean Penn before he turned into a douche canoe.

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    Oh come on, how could you destroy “The Dance of Birth”?? That video was so entertaining!

    Also, straight girl-talk: that blazer is a really nice color on Jessi.

  • Simon Zelinger

    I love how the first girl in Candid Candid was speaking some other language (Czech, which has been good to hear, since I am Czech as well…) and that’s probably she’s just wanted to crack her way into the business without speaking a word of english, so she just went nude…

  • Erik Nikander

    Briefly looking it up, it seems like Alan Funt actually lived a good fourteen years after this tape was made! Plenty of time for him to wallow in shame.

  • Joel Farrelly

    Girlie’s got a good swing.

  • Tim Brawn

    Candid Candid Camera Volume 6 was released in 1987, and Allen Funt didn’t die until 1999…not quite within the year, Rich, or even Decade

  • Malevolence

    Jessi’s comment “Can she speak English?” Is making Obama supporters stomp their Sombreros in anger

  • Lat

    It was a simple time. It was a better time. A time when Richevans tried his hand at a goatee.

  • Just like me, stuck in the past.

  • Bhazor

    26:20 The look of death in Jessi’s eyes when Mike says he doesn’t find Candid Candid Camera creepy. Those eyes will burn through you.

  • My ex wife

    Thank you Jay! Thank you for picking The dance of birth, and then to subjecting 3500 loyal RLM fans to its bizarre insanity in the Stream-a-Thon!

    Our pelvic floors will never be the same.

  • Red Skeleton (Yes. AGAIN.)

    Just rewatched this…. thought I’d voice a few comments I’ve never gotten to… voice.
    1) I COMPLETELY agree with Mike about the difference between DoB and CCCv6 (minus the part about not being made uncomfortable by the latter). In fact I’m surprised he wasn’t able to express himself more effectively. The point he was trying to make was that CCCv6 was exactly what it said on the tin. Nobody bought it thinking they were going to learn something useful from it. DoB, on the other hand, sells itself as educational when it’s really a pile of crap, and is therefore exploitative of the audience. CCCv6 is still worse in my mind, but I’m just sad Mike didn’t get to make his point.
    2) I love Rich’s militant atheism on display here.
    3) Mike refers to the women as “poor girls trying to break into the [film] industry.” Which they may well be, however I think a point they missed is it’s clear to me that those women were at least former strippers if not sex workers, and not simply actresses. Why do I say that? Notice how the girl doesn’t even flinch when the creepy asian guy tries to touch her. That takes…. serious discipline. Note I am not judging anyone here, merely remarking on how calm the woman was able to remain in that situation.

  • Red Skeleton (Yes. AGAIN.)

    The Cooks are apparently swingers. Incestuous swingers, presumably, if the cast consists solely of “Cooks”.

  • bruce wayne

    Jessie’s got a nice ass.

  • Red Skeleton

    She’s no Catwoman but she’ll do.

  • bruce wayne

    No she’s not, but she is a real woman not some Hollywood dink who spends more time in the gym than most real women have time for. Nothing wrong with a gal who looks like she can get down with a pizza and not be all self conscience about it.

  • pete smith

    I was there. One of rare moments you remember forever. Bit like 9/11

  • pete smith

    Don’t think you have to be militant atheist (lol)to lose bit of faith to humanity after sitting trough bullshit like candid camera and dance of birth in a row. 😀
    25:50 I was almost sure that creep is going to pull out a knife from his sock haha.

  • lawra Weltreich

    I can’t believe it’s still there. Thank you so much.

  • pootietang

    You must be a new viewer. That’s person’s name is Rich, not Jessie.

  • bruce wayne

    You’ve confused new with gay. But I’m sure Rich has a nice booty too 😉

  • pootietang

    I’m not even gay, Rich’s sexuality just transcends sexual orientation. He’s like David Bowie.

  • bruce wayne

    Well okay then.

  • My definite favourite 4 of the crew. Rich and Mike are a must. And Jessie and Jay are also very likeable. Jack is fine too.
    I don’t want to be mean and it’s hard to pinpoint what is, but Josh definitely has the worst charisma. I just feel like he belongs to a different type of nerd crew.

  • goodpenisbadpenis

    i am the mustachio guy in candid candid camera camera camera camera vol 666

  • goodpenisbadpenis

    I like naked.

  • goodpenisbadpenis

    me too :}

  • Pat

    This was not Allen Funt’s first foray into naked shenanigans. There’s a whole movie…

  • Andrew Dickman

    I remember watching the fire safety video in school, and this review reminded me about the grandfather scene. Oh my gaawwwwdd

  • Nye-heh!

    That’s why it’s called a snuff film!

  • Noah R.

    Watch it again.

  • Monroville

    Wow.. how long we have come.

    How many BotWs are there now?

  • Flat Orange

    There’s something odd about the echo effect when they laugh in this video, it gives them an inhuman quality.

  • Matthew Radick

    I don’t know who exactly Jessi is but why the need to sexualize her? Yeah she is an attractive woman but speaking about someone you don’t know seems silly and ignorant. Would I like to know more about her yes, but since she doesn’t appear in later episodes who cares, shove off pricks.

  • bruce wayne

    Why are you even making this comment? I mean, I get the, “late to the party, wanna try and insult a months old comment,” behavior of the retarded. (That’s you.) Bit you’re not exactly making a point. Or is it your claim that you never talk about politicians, movie stars, or sports players? You really shouldn’t comment while drunk sweetie.

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