Best of the Worst: The New Gladiators, Exterminator 2, and Aftermath

February 1, 2013499 Comments

In this sci-fi dystopian schlock episode, Jay, Josh, Jack, and Richard William Thomas Evans III watch three films: The New Gladiators, Exterminator 2, and The Aftermath. Which film will be crowned the Best of the Worst?

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  • gooilt


    • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi


      • Nope


        • capitandelespacio


  • excitedearl

    fuck yeah!

  • Yaanu

    I love this new series. Crappy movies are one of my favorite things in life, next to film restoration (for some reason).

    • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

      My film classes have a “What Not to Do as a Filmaker” Marathon where the entire class watch bad movies like The Room, Troll 2, Warwilf and several MST3K episodes.

      Bad movies should be a must watch for film school students, because it teaches kids about flaws and provides a counter-balance to the good movies they see in class.

    • Paul Howard

      WOOT Awesome! Good recovery!

      • Blergh

        You’re just happy there’s no lady on this episode.

        • Blergh

          Oh, this doesn’t make sense any more.

    • Dan Hibiki

      just watched The Aftermath with some friends after seeing this episode. Fucking hilarious.

      I got far more interest watching these terrible movies then the modern ones they’re reviewing.

  • twat

    Where do you guys keep finding pudgy white guys with neckbeards? Every new episode there’s another one. How many white dudes could Wisconsin possibly have?

    • Steve Reeves


    • twat

      Wait a second.

      Where the fuck is Mike?

      • Leo Ladenson

        He’s with Jess.

        • twat


          Mike is dead?

          • Leo Ladenson

            Mike is the walrus.

        • John Lemonaide

          That’s just the beginning of the Yoko’s influence…

          • Alex

            You’re an idiot.

      • Darius Sinclair™

        Doing the Plinket review.

      • tjp77

        Mike is much too big of a star to participate in these little side projects.

        • eat more salad

          Most definitively he is too big. I’m just not sure on the “star” part.

      • Paul Howard

        I think his girlfriend told him he could not come out and play.

        • Alex

          You’re an idiot.

          • Paul Howard


      • wut?

        He’d rather edit the vid.

    • slit

      Outside of Milwaukee, a real fuckin’ lot

      • ese

        are you implying that there’s lots of chi-khan-noes in Milwaukee ?

    • Ricky

      We’ve seen these guys a couple of times already… oh you forgot to take your medicine again pops

    • Boner Patrol

      I count zero neckbeards, and two pudgy white guys, one of whom you webnerds seem prepared to fellate at the drop of a hat.


    • filibusterz

      They are doing that for the ladies… who doesn’t love a pudgy neckbearded guy talking about bad movies?

      • guest

        So long as everyone is a redheaded coed, nobody doesn’t

    • Mark Bisone

      You’ll make a nice addition to my rape camp. It’s just like soccer camp, except with even MORE rape.

    • Cate

      Totally my first thought while watching this. So many white dude neckbeards.

      • guest

        well, I mean they’re clearly shaved off, not actually present at the time of filming, but we perceived the ghosts OF their neckbeards. Pretty sure that was covered in Paranormal IV

        • guest

          right, right… but it’s more likely someone’s been fuckin with your medication. Seein beards that aren’t there, sheesh. I’m gonna have to chain you to a radiator and play blues tunes for you til I’m sure you’re right in the head again.

        • Bryan M. White

          Clearly back-pedaling on the neckbeard issue.

    • Apexcasket

      none of them have neckbeards you dildo, a neckbeard is a beard on the neck only not the face jesus christ youre an idiot.

      • ghost penis

        whoa, step back sista

      • yep

        reading this was cathartic

    • Fed Up Guest

      I’m beginning to feel like calling people neckbearded hipsters is the “new hipster” of today’s world. Seriously, it’s like a bad case of psychological projection. Where these people project their own failings onto the people they are hating on.

      Get over yourselves.

      Dismissing people out of hand in such a manner is classic ad hominem fallacy. You are dismissing them, and their ideas, based solely on personal attributes and traits which you find unappealing.

      Traits which often seem to be shared by those doing the insulting, as I’ve stated above in suggesting it’s like some form of projection. In particular.. arrogance.. self-amusement.. self-importance.. trying too hard to be cool and witty.. People like twat, and others making these insults, all seem to be exactly what they hate.

      It’s so transparent and obvious. It’s sad that these people don’t recognize their own failings in this regard. Dismissing people in this manner.. insulting them personally, etc.. it’s all a form of psychological compensation. It’s the means by which these people boost themselves up and make themselves feel important and relevant.

      There is no case that can be made for a constructive, good reasoning for the attitudes people like twat put forth. It’s not helpful in any way. It’s just hurtful of peoples feelings.. for no good reason at all other than to make Twat feel good about himself.

      I look at these guys doing these videos and I have tremendous respect for them. They have the courage to go online and post videos of themselves, and their opinions, despite the internet being filled with self important jackasses who do nothing but criticize and insult people all day from their position of anonymity.

      They have courage to put themselves out there and take a chance in such a hostile environment. They have courage and strength and are trying to be entertaining and do something constructive and fun.

      You, on the other hand, only have the courage to attack them personally from your anonymous position.. You contribute nothing of substance. Just insults and outright dismissal of people based on personal attributes.

      Get over yourselves. All of you whiners. Here’s a very simple thing for you to grasp. If you don’t like the people who are doing the show.. don’t watch the show. It’s really that simple. Don’t sit here thinking you are owed anything, or have any right to tell them how to do their show. You don’t. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s that simple.

      Or at least be constructive in your feedback. Rather than such childish personal attacks.

      Get over yourselves.

      • Fed Up Guest

        Oh, and let me quickly try to head off another ad hominem attack that I’m sure will come. No, I’m not someone who is in any way associated with Red Letter Media. Don’t try to dismiss what I’ve said as some kind of personal reaction by one of the people involved. I don’t know any of them. Never met any of them. I’m just someone who his fed up with this kind of online douchebaggery.

        • blackpeople

          No one bothered to read your essay. Get over yourself.

        • CorbeauNoir

          You sound like an assmad neckbeard hipster, you assmad neckbeard hipster.

          Maybe you should follow your own advice and get over yourself.

  • Clifford T. Hall

    Congratulations, gooilt!

  • JeromeKaino


  • José Rodrigo

    Where is that hot red?

    • Pesidente pullman

      dude, mike is dark-haired

  • postmanblues

    much better discussion this time.

  • Doctor Zaius

    Their reaction when the bike explodes against the wall is goddamn perfect.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Excuse me, I’ve got to go land my ship.

  • Leo Ladenson


  • Goo-ilt

    TWO HUGE, global TV networks

  • Souter Fell

    damn, Rich Evans can be brutal.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Rich Evans is Mexican Coca-Cola sweetened with cane sugar and served in a thick glass bottle.


    Where’s his lovesex interest?

  • Pizza pie

    The black guy driving the garbage truck in exterminator 2 was the Vietnam vet in from dusk till dawn lol!

    • Rom Ponce

      And Also Hannibal Lecter’s Nurse -Barney-

      • Sidewinder

        And Police Commissioner Burrell in The Wire.

        • Mark Bisone


    • Mark Bisone

      No that was Fred Williamson, you ignorant racist fuck. The guy driving the garbage truck was Samuel L. Jackson, and he just got elected president CHECK YOUR FACTS

      • Mark Bisone

        Whoever thumbsdowned me CHECK YOUR FAX. I just sent you your W-40 tax form, so you can check your tax.

  • Vinny

    Love this!!!!Do more of these the’re the best!

  • Brian

    is that Burrell from The Wire?

    • Leo Ladenson

      Ding, ding, ding.

    • MarkH

      Thanks. Couldn’t remember where I recognised him from.

    • Joshg

      He’s also from Silence of the Lambs and Coming to America, among lesser films.

  • So There’s That

    Only Mike or Rich Evans has to be there. If neither of them were there, I would say fuck it, but I think Rich is actually better than Mike anyway so there’s that.

    • Guest

      of course god is better than mike.
      mike is jesus

      • burn the heretic

        You sir know nothing about religion. The God is one, but in three (equal) persons – God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

        • zeitguest

          well yeah but even then there was that whole Filoque double procession of the spirit argument with thousands of people dying over whether the Holy Spirit “proceedeth from” the father AND son or just from the father. So let’s quickly agree about the oneness so we can get on to the bloody slaughter over semantic shades of meaning OF oneness.

          Like, if Jay is the Holy Ghost, does he proceed(eth) strait from god or is it like a dual procession where he proceedeth from both Mike and God? Wait, if we agree not to say proceedeth we probably have nothing to argue about, let’s do that instead. Then we can skip sacking Constantinople, take out the robot control ship directly, and skip the other 2 dangerous pa– argh I’m losing my mind… but definitely let’s talk more religion, the more the better.

  • rdp

    Is RedLetterMedia going to sponsor a movie at next year’s B-Fest? Clearly you’re sitting on a gold mine.

  • Meta

    Oh my god is that Frankie Faison (Ervin Burrell in the Wire) driving the truck???

    • Jason Konas

      I was checking to see if anyone caught that, too. lol

  • So There’s That

    These hack frauds spelled “dystopian” wrong in their twitter feed.

    • Sealifefucker2010

      Calling them “hacks” well, okay, that’s subective, but “frauds” the fuck are you talking about?

      • Adam Sandler

        Theses guys are the fraud faggots. they can suck my Jew dick.

        • MonstaMash1998

          yea frauggets indeed ! I agree that they can suck your dick, but you shouldn’t be allowed on here you jew fag. go back to oppressing Palestinians or whatever it is you do in your spare time. joking !

          • Adam Sandler’s Mother

            Don’t talk to my son like that, you gentile bastard!

      • So There’s That

        It’s a joke. Hack fraud is an endearing term.

      • rgagsssawerf

        Jay once sold me the shroud of Turin, which later turned out to be ripped jeans with taco stains on them. Fucking frauds!

  • Sagan

    I really like this new segment, I think you guys are at your best when dismantling terrible movies. Thanks for all your entertainment =D.

  • Dildysteez

    Are we not allowed to have both Mike AND Chris at the table??

    • Dildysteez

      I meant Rich. Fuck.

      • Dr Sigmund Freud

        You’ve meant to fuck Rich? In your dreams baby, in your dreams only.

    • or pick a name

      Because the universe would collapse under their combined awesomeness. Haven’t you noticed, that you were not able to mention both of them in the same sentence? That’s my friend no coincidence.

  • CripplePope

    Get a bigger table so both Mike and Rich can be there at the same time.

    • PoorComedicAttempt

      get a fatter FACE.

  • fdsafdsa

    Y’all really need to work on the audio with these videos, there’s too much reverberation.

    • reverblover6969

      Aint nothin wrong with reverb, nigga.

      • zeitguest

        The reverb was just on the edge of becoming phasing but not quite – I confess it kinda freaked me out and made me wonder… who’s fuckin with my medication?

        Eh maybe different peoples’ mics were picking up other people than themselves. …in which case I’d almost consider replacing em all with a single unidirectional mic if you’re recording to stereo or mono. If you’ve got separate tracks for each mic throw a gate on those suckers.

  • Beardaddy74

    I’d prefer these guys to be fatter.

    • BeardaddyFister75

      What’s your email addy, daddy?

      • mmbangers an’ mash?

        What do you get when you gobble down sweets?

        • Mr. Oompa

          Eating as much as an elephant eats.

  • FatNerdFucker666


  • Craig Maher

    it’s like when Paul McCartney died and they hid it. Mike is dead!

    • Mike

      I was under the table, offering up fellatio.

  • DiagnosedAndDisappointed

    “Maybe he was diagnosed with MS” funniest joke this episode and those nerd pussies couldn’t handle it.

    • Marvin Falz

      And the “giant prank” joke is also funniest joke this episode.

      • WhoKnew?

        People have differing opinions.

        • Marvin Falz

          Yeah, I know.

    • Annabelle

      I think their reaction was more “oh god that’s horribly depressing” rather than “that was too offensive”.

    • Larson

      I LOL’d.

  • Jonah Falcon

    C’mon Crew – it’s Robert F’ing Ginty aka The Paper Chase Guy. Did you NOT see Warriors of the Lost World? The man can ONLY MUMBLE.

    • David T.

      Woah, now I need to see it!

  • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

    Thank God fir the gang watching Exterminator 2.

    It was the first bad movie i saw on cable. Why does Cinemax air shitty movies anyways?

  • Kenny Hotts

    Overuse of “-esque.”

  • Mark Pifher

    Fuck, now I wanna see these movies.

  • Harry Palm

    I saw Exterminator 2 when I was a kid. Even then, I thought it sucked!

  • charlie

    Aren’t you guys supposed to smash one with a cinder block?

    • Shit Level Examiner

      None of them were the shit level of Never Too Young to Die.

    • Shit Level Examiner

      Or whatever the one was called. It wasn’t Never Too Young to Die but I can’t delete or edit my fuck up of a comment.

    • darlie

      Well, there was no girl this time, so there was no one to do the actual work.

  • Robby

    Aha, rape jokes…I love em!

  • Robby

    When is the next Dudebros episode?

  • Robby

    Jay, when Rich Evans is speaking you shut your whore mouth!

    • more screen time for our hero

      Truer Words Were Never Spoken

      • guest

        Was I smoking crack or did they have some reverb on Rich? case he started laughing, I’m guessing?

    • Dickard

      If RedLetterMedia was the Pepsi bottling plant, Rich Evans would be Pepsi Max.

    • Klagnon Moogufu

      Rich Evans when he’s angry:

      Don’t fuck with him

  • duckface

    Love this new series, very funny to watch. Keep it coming!

  • zzzz

    Hey RLM, I hope you read this….Lucio Fulci did not direct that movie, look it up on imdb. idk why it said it, but he didnt do it.

  • GCannon

    Does anyone have a way to “obtain” these films online (New Gladiators and Aftermath specifically)? I doubt the copyright police will go after someone for this schlock.

    • Mike S.


    • Tomas Engström

      Films that are out of copyright can sometimes be found on Youtube.

  • DaHitch

    This blip player is literally the worst, player, ever.

  • Nebelleron

    Love the new show! Keep it up, I’m getting all these great (and not great) movies to watch with my other movie-buff friends.

  • Mike Sedewski

    Hey here’s an idea! How about a Red Letter Media video without Mike Stoklasa? And things get CRAAAAAAZY!!

    OH MY GOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!

  • ReggieRock

    That’s not Running Man, that’s Rollerball.

  • Clifford T. Hall

    Where does Mike try to put his arm around Rich Evans?

    • Mike

      Off camera fellootio, my man.

  • seppo

    I saw the first Exterminator and didn’t care much for it. Yeah it was sleazy and brutal, but I found it quite boring. I’ll stick with Death Wish if I want vigilante action.

  • Stollliosis

    It’s kind of weird without Mike there. Still funny.

  • /tv/ – Television & Film

    this is so fucking masturbatory no one cares what your bald nerd friends think about bad movies fuck off with this pseudo intellectual shit and go back to the rape jokes in funny voices

  • Patrick

    Thank you for covering the movies I didn’t rent in the ’80s, but always wondered about. The funny thing is — movies like “Exterminator 2″ and “The New Gladiators” weren’t super obscure at the time, they were usually in most locally owned video stores. As was “Chud.” I guess there weren’t that many movies on VHS at the time?

  • Pixelsmack

    Who in the unholy pink fucking baby Jesus are these guys?

    • Meester Smeeth

      Red Letter Media. You’re on their site right now.

  • Graham

    Where the Fuck is Mike?

  • Graham

    Seriously though. WHERE THE FUCK IS MIKE

  • Kilman

    I love this show! Keep it up. It’s a perfect complement to Half in the bag.

  • Mike B

    ‘Richard William Thomas Evans III’ – A name barely worthy to that man whose, greatness simply known as “the laughter”.

  • David T.

    Holy crap, could you guys please do something with the video to that Star Trek VHS board game you have in the background!?!

  • Tomas Engström

    IIRC, Riggs and Murtag battle the Exterminator (flamethrower + suit and helmet) in the opening to one of the Lethal Weapon films.

  • Baló Timár

    I knew if I practiced enough I could become a spaceship pilot! Now back to my training.

  • Walrus

    As soon as Mike starts dating, he abandons his nerd friends and their silly bad movie discussions.

  • kenchun24

    Great episode (and new segment I guess?) After the RLM gang wraps up the post apocalyptic bad movie series may I suggest a few genres ripe for Best Worst reviews…
    -Ninja- (like 9 Deaths Of The Ninja,Ninja Wars or Cannon’s “Ninja” series,American or otherwise)
    -Women In Prison- (Caged Heat,Prison Women)
    -Bad Early 80′s 3-D Comeback- (Treasure Of The Four Crowns,Metalstorm:The Destruction Of Jared-Syn)
    -Sword And Sorcery- (you know any movie with a long haired protagonist,a sword and scantily clad woman battling evil whatever…ala Beastmaster,Yor or She.The latter which starred Conan The Barbarian’s Sandahl Bergman)

    Keep up the fun content!

    • zeitguest

      and don’t forget the Disco Rollerskating Musical genre, Xanadu being the classic of course. Nothing blows up though, which is increasingly annoying.

      Maybe someone somewhere made a Post-Apocalyptic Disco Rollerskating Musical like, oh no, giant mutant hissing cockroaches, whaddaya say we rolller-dance our way outta this one…

      And 80′s movies starting with The. The Fog. The Car. etc. The Car was about, if I remember from my childhood, a killer black old fashioned car with blacked out windshields that terrorizes a small town. Car movies always work kinda like superfriends episodes featuring aquaman.

      • kenchun24

        Haha! Solarbabies anyone?

        Also like a review of a the “The” bad movie series.TONS of 80′s fodder for that cannon.

  • Weirdo

    Wait a minute. There’s a moment in “The Devil’s Rejects” when Sid Haig’s character calls himself Cutter, which is his characters name in “Aftermath”. It means he survived and became Captain Spaulding. And little boy who shot him grew up to become
    Otis Driftwood. Whaaaaaaaat?

  • what

    You didn’t destroy the movie?

  • John Smallberries

    The Aftermath reminds me of the movie Defcon 4 from ’84 or ’85 I think. Very similar plot. Astronauts in space land after nuclear war, cannibalism, 80′s punk gangs and such.

    Glad to see Rich…RichARD, that is, but you gotta have Mike, fer cryin’ out loud. And bring back the guy on the right, “the man whose profession is a baker”….I don’t know his name. He’s great.

  • Sfing


    No Mike; Didn’t Watch

    • Gnifs

      While I like Mike, and his commentary, it was nice to not see him during a discussion for once. He has a habit of taking over a conversation.

      • Marvin Falz

        I totally liked Rich Evans’ commentaries. He got style. I think that guy has so much positive to offer, though he himself denies that he is good in acting and says that he has no charisma. I think he underappreciates himself. Rich Evans you’re awesome .. and nice .. what a great combination.

        • Steve Reeves

          He’s fantastic in the Western Ore Musical – it’s nice to see him playing something other than Plinkett/shrieking laughter guy.

          • Marvin Falz

            Totally! He’s capable of more than only boobery. And: to me RLM without Rich is unthinkable.

        • Im_fapping_for_evans

          One day we’ll see Rich Evans was murdered on the news with your photo on the screen.

          I like him too…

          • Marvin Falz

            lol .. No, but I’ll write to the IOC urging them to make fapping for Evans olympic discipline.

      • Sfing

        Agree to disagree.

      • shitfish

        Its weird you say that, he just has a big personality, I think Hitb has more Jay banter than Pike. I even capitalized the P. I was very careful.

  • S G

    Exterminator 2 a Post-Apocalyptic film? Hmm.. should’ve picked one of those awful Italian “Bronx Warriors”-movies, or Bruno Mattei’s “Rats”.. they’d fit the bill a lot more closely and are hilariously bad. BTW: While “Exterminator 2″ does suck, the original is actually a cool little flick. Violent, perfect setting (late 70s/early 80s New York), some great FX work plus it features the now-famous “I’ll be back” years before Schwarzenegger ever used it . Which gives me an idea: Why not do a James Glickenhaus retrospective for the next installment? Plenty of good-bad movies on that guy’s resumee.

  • capitandelespacio

    It would be excellent to have a series entitled “Sir Richard Evans Presents”. Dedicated to latin american/european/asian films. It would be nice to watch Mr Evans laugh the crap outta them.

    • Jason Ross

      Do Rich Evans and the hooded bald guy not like beer? Does it give them gas or court summons?

      • capitandelespacio

        I think Rich Evans only drinks blood.

        • filthy_liar

          Ah, he’s actually Mormon, so he can’t drink. It’s cool though, he still cool as hell! I love his commentary

  • Jason Ross

    Best of the Worst: Mike’s first post-breakup episode

    • Marvin Falz

      Hmm, I had the same thought.

  • Jim Groome

    In Exterminator 2, the main guy’s garbage truck driver friend: Is that you, Commissioner Burrell?!

  • Captain Spalding

    All those lens flares and NO-ONE references Jar-Jar Abrams once???

  • Jose Velasquez

    Its quite apparent in this episode that mike and jay are greatly influenced by the Duplass brothers. Notice the zoom in on the actors during their segment in order to capture their moment.

  • capitandelespacio

    ha!, rape jokes… I lov’em!

    • MonstaMash1998

      i also love them a lot. Both funny AND you can masturbate to them !

  • Mark Bisone

    Mike was in the back office trying to land Jessi’s spaceship.

  • Annabelle

    Take a drink every time somebody says something is charming.

  • yoko_is_noko

    This is MUCH better without the girl. I didn’t like the first one at all, it was awkward as hell. However, this, THIS was very entertaining. :) Keep rocking RLM!

    • guest

      So what you’re saying is you’re gay?

      • yoko_is_noko

        just because I like the feeling of a thick, spicy, Italian sausage in my mouth, biting down, and the inner juices squirting into my mouth, does not make me gay.

        Really though, nope, not gay, but there is nothing wrong being gay and, also, this episode was much better than the last one. :)

    • Alex

      Who STILL thinks calling someone “Yoko Ono” is topical? You’re probably 15 and have no concept of women, but hopefully one day you will. When that day comes I hope you and your wife will be happy in your trailer park. Remember to not hit her too much when she gets knocked up again. You’re partly responsible for that, you idiot.

    • cocho_es_loco

      Something tells me “it was awkward as hell” accurately describes every interaction you’ve had with a girl, ever.

  • Duckler

    So this was the other guy, the other other guy, and a couple more other guys…

    I’m other-whelmed.

    • guestq

      You realize that back when Half in the Bag first started, there were most assuredly comments saying “Who are these two guys?”

    • Marvin Falz

      lol, yeah, the next time the guys should wear name tags: the other guy, the other other guy, the other other other guy …

  • MonstaMash1998

    what is this nonsense? not the episode, but this recent trend of fat, early 30s glasses wearing bearded fat man friend ? Ever since those shitty bro “comedies” these kinda guys have been cropping up all over. They’ve even replaced the token black friend ! Didn’t we used to shun and ridicule these comic book heavy set nerds ? Now they’re heroes to be looked up to !?

    • Larson


  • MonstaMash1998

    What the fuck George Lucas ? Why replace the ChubNub song at the end of Return of the Jedi with that new JarJar Rock shit ? Used to love singing along to ChubNub :(

    • Larson

      I don’t see how this is relevant to the subject at hand, but nonetheless I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  • Steven Wisniewski

    I love the new show, keep it up!

  • Steve Reeves

    Damn, you guys sure seem to hate women and chubby bearded dudes! I can only imagine those of you that do do so because a) you don’t have girlfriends and b) you wish you were friends with RLM like the chubby bearded dude. Mike’s girlfriend probably didn’t want to do another one because she didn’t feel like reading a bunch of ignorant shit about her on the internet. Dicks.

    • Marvin Falz

      “Mike’s girlfriend probably didn’t want to do another one because she didn’t feel like reading a bunch of ignorant shit about her on the internet.” – I fear that too.

      • yoko_is_noko

        Yoko added nothing to the show but awkwardness. It was good to see that she was gone, forever.

        • Marvin Falz

          Maybe she’s coming back on the show. The “neck-bearded” dude did. And it’s good.

          • Marvin Falz

            His name is Josh.

          • guest

            I don’t mind these other dudes – it’s just that Jay Rich and Mike have established, distinctive personas on the show, so these guys just need to play to their strengths, differentiate. Do more and let’s see how they do.

            Maybe next time everyone can wear a fake costume neckbeard under their chin kept on with a rubber band or something to make the people saying “neckbeard” (or the one 14 year old posting it over and over, hard to say which) happy. Do some neckbeard-appropriate films with neckbeard-appropriate cinematography. It’d be the Necbeacolypse, which, I would remind everyone, would make it pre-apocalyptic therefore a prequel which is very, very hip nowadays. Moreso now than ever and increasingly so with every second that passes.

          • Marvin Falz

            *drumroll* neckbeard! :D

            Mike, Jay and Rich seem to me fairly natural in the discussion segments of both shows. I don’t see a difference between them in HitB and them in BotW. The same goes for Jack and Josh as far as I can tell after two episodes.

          • zeitguest

            I’m pretty sure there’s a drinking game on this webzone we haven’t been let in on involving the words: hipster, neckbeard, hack, fraud, and yoko.


          • Marvin Falz

            *drumroll* neckbeard! :D

            Mike, Jay and Rich seem to me fairly natural in the discussion segments of both shows. I don’t see a difference between them in HitB and them in BotW. The same goes for Jack and Josh as far as I can tell after two episodes.

        • Steve Reeves

          We should all throw in and get you a prostitute. Maybe once you get laid you won’t be so cranky.

        • fistthebear

          except as the actual Jay Bauman said this episode was filmed first, so she was the addition, not a subtract, but an add. Not taked out but put in. Tired. so very tired.

      • redletterjay

        We filmed this second episode before the first episode was even posted online. The idea is to have a small rotating roster of people involved in the discussions.

        • jay_is_cute_huehuehue

          I masturbate to you Prometheus face.

        • Marvin Falz

          Cool idea! I was hoping for a rotating roster of people.

        • coyoterys

          Any chances of a contest to be a guest host to sit in on the viewing marathon and discussion panel?

          • See_you_soon

            I’d whip me penis out mid-taping and flap it up and down in a thrusting motion while squawking like a duck.

        • Steve Reeves

          That’s what I figured, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Internet is full of horrible, horrible dicks.

        • capitandelespacio

          It’s gonna be great.

        • CorbeauNoir

          Jay 1, whiny female-apologist white-knight 0

    • MonstaMash1998

      LOL True, true :)

    • Charles Petrosky

      Probably the same morons who complained about Rich Evans and his version of Plinkett when Half in the Back debuted. The masses of idiots who don’t like things that are different…The people who prop up Hollywood and all the terrible garbage they keep regurgitating…

    • JE H

      On the other hand you look like someone with a chubby bearded girlfriend. With glasses.

  • Mark Bisone

    What’s with all the fagoos… fagii… fagaloos…fagaloogaloos obsessing over Mike being gone for five seconds? Calm your fucking selves down before I send you to my rape camp.

  • bobby

    Rich Evans and Mike work in shifts.

    • gn

      Maybe they are the same person

  • Redbull Werewolf

    I love the idea of a rotating roster, But I hope we see more women. I liked Jay’s Girlfriend (yes losers she was a good addition)and maybe bring back nadine or that little firecracker you had on an episode of half in the bag. another great show guys I freaking love this site

    • asdsadsadasddsad

      The other girls on HitB were good. Mike’s GF was awkward and not good at all.

      • Redbull Werewolf

        to each their own i guess but I liked her. I just hope she knows she does have fans and that she wants to return

  • John T. Hill

    Robert Ginty is the lead in Exterminator and Exterminator II. Exterminator was a surprise box office hit, but the sequel bombed out and he later did some great (terrible) b-movies. One that is actually post apocalyptic is:

    Which I think you guys would really enjoy (hate). Doing it for a show might be weird, because there is already a fantastic MST3K episode devoted to it.

    • Jonah Falcon

      I think had Mike been discussing the film, he’d mention that Ginty’s mumbling is his acting “style”.

  • Trey

    Someone discovered the camera has a zoom feature….

  • Clifford T. Hall

    Would have been nice to see you set Exterminator 2 aflame.

  • coyoterys

    If there’s one thing to take from Aftermath it should be – The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a 10 year old good kid with a gun.

  • Rootfish Jones

    Jay picked Aftermath BECAUSE of all the rape. In fact that movie went into his collection of movies with rape scenes.

    • yoko_is_noko

      Yeah… eat it…….. eat it with your mouth.

  • Fronzel

    I’m glad they decided to forgo the shtick of destroying the movie they liked least. It wasn’t very funny the first time.

    • I’m_so_high

      Yeah, even if a movie is bad, don’t just destroy it… it just seems wrong.

  • Bezhad

    Jess confirmed for Yoko.

    • Larson


  • Steve Reeves

    What I wouldn’t give for five minutes alone with RLM’s VHS collection…

  • the guy with the good ideas

    New guys should be wearing name tags, because I don’t know (or care) who the fuck they are. I also want to ask a very important question. Who is responsible for interrupting Rich Evans cinematic experience?! Just look at 31:21, clearly the sun is shining on his (lovely) eyes. Either put Mike’s fat ass on Rich Evans place, or close these damn curtains, so that our here could focus purely on the movie.

  • DatNigga

    There was a lot of problems with the sound in this one. I really love this new show but im sad Mike wasn’t in it when you discussed the movies.

  • DeadSmoke

    Is it just me or do all the blip videos take forever to load?

    • BitchMaster

      Sometimes loads faster than Youtube for me, unless you mean just at the start, in which case yeah, the adverts are always fucking broken.

  • Allan Bøgeskov Jensen

    Wait, where’s Mike? Other Guy can’t just talk with other guys. You jumped the shark!

  • God

    when does next plinkett?

  • JC Denton

    I love the frequency at which you upload videos now.

  • Guest

    No Mikey, no likey. If I wanted to watch dudes in black plastic glasses bullshitting, I would go to work.

    • Octo Seven

      It was a great episode, stop playing Misty.

  • sestraux

    where is the pretty girl from last time?

  • Darius Sinclair™

    Mario Van Peebles overacts every role. LOL.

  • Octo Seven

    They sold Mike to Disney,

  • lol1234

    Watch Dark Harvest 2: The Maize! Nothing is remotely as irredeemable as that…movie. I want to see your guys’ reactions to it.

  • lol1234

    The buddy driving the truck in exterminator 2 is from The Wire, heh.

  • thomasjr

    I know someone who owns Dark Harvest 2: The Maize, if he can find it, and I find just outside Milwaukee. Hmm. I should have him make me a copy…

  • proterozoic

    O_O I saw Exterminator 2 in a Russian video salon [like a movie theater, only they'd charge peeps to sit in front of a television] in 1993? Our thought process at the time: “Wow, gunfights and explosions, Western movies are awesome!!”

    How’d you guys even find that stuff?

    • Jonah Falcon

      Dear, dear boy. Ever visit a video store bargain rack?

      • proterozoic

        They have stores for that?

  • Marshawnt

    In the first scene of them watching the 3rd movie Mike is gone, but then he’s right back in his seat in the next scene.

    Blatant continuity error.

    • Larson

      Hack frauds.

    • zeitguest

      although “vague” is probably not an adjective you and I would be like, “Oh my God — I’m so excited to go see something that’s vague,” I do think there’s something exciting and challenging about a certain degree of ambiguity in filmmaking—Lindelof, is that you? You fucked this up too?!?!?

  • kingofmadcows

    Why did thin Louie CK smile when they mentioned the rape camp?

  • Kamui

    Love the new series keep up the hard work and more Troma Films specifically “Surf Nazis Must Die”

    • Jonah Falcon

      meh. Too mainstream.

  • Guest

    I see Mike is still recovering from smashing that styrofoam into his head.

  • Jam

    That’s a really nice copy of “The Town that Dreaded Sundown” on top of the shelf

    • Guest

      That cover used to scare me in the store.

  • Pingback: GoodStuff

  • manx

    Love this new skit, guys. But I have to agree with some others. Having no Mike is like having no Groucho. It doesn’t feel right when the whole team isn’t there. It was still a good watch, though. Just different. And I don’t like things that are different.

  • Mark Bisone

    Lots of Yoko comments and whatnot. I don’t think Jessi was all that bad, just bored and asleep half the time. If you’re gonna put more broads on the show, feed them lots cocaine beforehands. That’s an old trick I learned in the Navy.

    Or try to get Gillian Bellinger or Dixie Jacobs on there. Them sluts are funny as hell.

  • lemon aidez

    The fraud ratio has gone from 75% to 100%

  • Ian A

    I gotta’ admit, you guys are putting out new media pretty quickly, and I’ll bet I even watched 30% of this one. Thanks again.

  • AlecJ

    I love this show. Its so much fun. I will admit that i preferred the 1st episode’s panel. Something is missing when Mike isnt there. It has to be Mike and Jay, for sure, and id say Josh and Rich are great additions. Hey, thats just one guys opinion. Ill watch every episode regardless.

    Thanks for doing this show….its one of my new favs.

  • JoshB

    I think you really need at least one female, otherwise its just a bunch of slouching beer-drinkers.

  • diddo

    You could cut the sexual tension between them with a dildo…

  • StrawberryJarJarCake

    Jay can’t look at and listen to Rich talk for more than 15 seconds without laughing

  • bb-15

    Great show. Keep it up.

  • Tip Tappers


    • guest

      I like Mike, but I also like seeing people freak out that he wasn’t there. I’m left feeling very conflicted, as if I win no matter what and don’t know what to do about it.

  • Guest

    I was so looking forward to seeing you smash Exterminator 2! These reviews need more on-screen violence.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I knew I recognized Sid Haig in The Aftermath from House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects.

  • K-Fed

    There’s a comma between global and huge because they are both adjectives. eg: “I saw a short, brown-haired man”. Usage is correct.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      I thought so as well when I saw that.

  • Infernocanuck

    Since most of the people who comment do so to complain, be needlessly insulting, or just try to be internet comedians, I figured I’d put in some positivity to try and balance out the cynical smartasses that the interwebs tend to generate.

    I really like this series, and all the guest commentators you have featured so far. I’ve always really liked watching “So bad its good” movies, and not only are your observations entertaining, but pretty darn perceptive as well. Keep up the great work!

  • Mattia Guidarelli

    The protagonist’s trucker friend in Exterminator 2 is Frankie Faison a.k.a. Commissioner Burrell from ‘The Wire’!!!

    • Mark Bisone

      Frankie Faison was played by Bill Cosby CHECK YOUR BLACKS.

  • Jonah Falcon

    It’s time to review Megaforce, guys.

    • kenchun24

      I watched Megaforce way too many times as a kid.Would re-rent at from the local video store (much to my dads dismay) would have to watch it all the way through while flipping channels and I randomly came across it on HBO or USA network etc…

  • Danny Pockets

    I’m so glad they got rid of all the vagina from the last episode. It made me really uncomfortable.

  • Jonah Falcon

    No, no, wait: MICROWAVE MASSACRE.

  • Mister_pants

    I’ve never heard of aftermath before but it sounds like a ripoff of the already low budget film “def-con 4″

  • Gust

    If you guys are looking for movies to watch for this new, show, segment whatever you want to call it, find the movie “Spirits Among Us”, you won’t regret it, imo… (and no not because one is a super hateful anti-religous or w/e asshole, although if you are, it’s probably even more golden. But because the whole point of the movie (or the last 10 mintues or so) are absolutely hilarious, if you think about it, which isn’t hard, lol.)

  • Jubal Biggs

    I liked the first episode better. The discussion veered a little deeper into film (as opposed to total cynicism) and you actually dropped a concrete block on a VHS tape; which is always a winner. I waited for the concrete block in vain this time. :-(

  • BOBO

    The highlight of this episode was the complete failure of Rich’s Coke Zero “joke”. You can’t find that kind of silence in dead space.

  • Jubal Biggs

    I mentioned somewhere I thought the first one was better. Specific example; other than the concrete block (which is always a good idea imho) Mike goes through a quick outline of how you could have made ninja vengeance good in two different ways. This is interesting because he is talking plot, concept, and protagonist. In this episode, everyone is just cynical and likes the most outrageous image. The whole “what could this movie have been?” angle is very interesting to me. Think of the example of “A New Hope” before and after editing. That’s where the discussion about god-awful movies gets interesting; the meta discussion about moviemaking itself.

    • PissedForNoReason

      Hey pretentious douche, I liked everything you said until you described it as a ‘meta discussion.’ The prepositional phrase starting with about was modifying the word discussion adequately. You don’t need to add meaningless words.

      • Jubal Biggs

        I’m mildly curious if you know what a douche is. You probably don’t care, being a troll. In any case; “meta” discussion is a discussion about a discussion. A meta-language is a language that describes a language. For example; if you study symbolic logic, you can reduce sentences in English into an equivalent symbolic form. A discussion, in the form of a film, talking about a film, as a way to inform the art of tim-based story telling is most certainly a “meta discussion”. You amuse me in that you are so obviously angry at people you think are smarter than you, calling them pretentious simply because you don’t understand them. You are like a guy highlighting his tiny little willie by demanding measuring contests with everyone he meets. Are you THAT desperately insecure about your own IQ? Who cares about who uses language better anyway? Seriously!

  • Bryan M. White

    Don’t you guys get it. Rich and Mike are the same person!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    I really enjoyed it. I like everyone involved with RedLetterMedia, even guys I don’t think I’ve seen before. They all are fun to see on camera. Keep it up, guys. Looking forward to the next episode.

  • Dave

    How many of these are already filmed? I remember Jay said this one was actually filmed first. Do you alredy have any other episodes made.

  • RLM sold out

    This was just terrible.

  • troodon

    RedLetterMedia shows up with nothing less than the B-Team. It’s just Jay in command, with a handful of rookies. And THAT guy. Who is that guy?

    • SomeoneElseTookDude

      I know you did not just call Rich Evans “b-team”

  • bananna hammock

    So can we expect regular *Best of the worst*? Or is it just a “whenever we feel like it” kind of thing? Either way, love what you guys do, keep up the good work!

  • ParryHotter

    What’s with the weird reverb?

  • Astor

    Oh man, you just gotta fucking love the 80s!

  • MM

    Mikes become such a star now, he only has to bother with a brief non speaking cameo these days

  • Pingback: UpAllNight

  • ReverendFlashBack

    I like the discussion. It’s good to just have 4 people discussing instead of 6 or 7.

  • BallsToIt

    i expected Exterminator 2 to be set on fire at the end of this…

  • Stu

    In this scene I also love that there’s recoil on the gun’s joystick!

  • guest

    i cant believe that his hand is actually SHAKING when he pulls the stringtrigger of that DUMB killing-truck.

  • MrMeowMeow

    So when is the next Plinkett review?

  • Justin Pool

    ATTENTION: I enjoy this program. It makes my crotch tingle.

  • Jonny5

    Great video, hilarious commentary, really really bad movies. Well done. And fuck yes New Glarus beer! Some of the best beer in the world.

  • The entire human race

    Please stop just reading the backs of the box. Maybe pick one sentence, then just talk about it. But you’re just reading the entire fucking thing. It’s like when some one starts telling you about some nerdy shit like their favorite episode of Futurama, and you humor them for 20 seconds. But then you realize they’re actually going scene by scene to the bitter end. The segment is good. Just stop reading the god damned boxes to us. “And then, hold on hold on it gets better, see in the next sentence they say…” STOP IT. STOP IT NOWW

    • littlemisspiss

      I enjoy them reading the box.

  • Peter Ebel

    I like this more than the HITB reviews, because there’s access to more movie clips than what the trailer provides.

  • Pingback: WilliamO

  • Crandon

    This was great. If you guys ever do a review of Bad Superhero movies you should include the extremely bad and cheese Fantastic Four (it’s even on youtube and Captain America. For a third option you could choose one of the Superman movies from the 80s or the Supergirl spin off they did!

  • Chuck Afterburner

    Hi, I really liked this episode as you are delving in to cult/metalhead flick territory, I’ve known about these movies for years and it’s funny seeing old guys just discovering them but you have to admit it is way more fun than going to the theater. There are Exterminator 2 shirts on and well, that’s all I have to say, I could recommend some fucking doozies for you but I don’t think you read these comments, but anyways I look forward to more episodes.

  • C.R.

    The coolest part about this is that the voice announcing Kill–Bike is Speed Racer [the original cartoon].

  • Smas

    I love Mike. But Best of the Worst is soooo much better without Mike.

  • Marcelo Karim Colin

    I literally pooped myself on the Coke zero joke.

  • Christian Wolfe

    The ship in Aftermath has the same targeting computer as the Millennium Falcon

  • pr0nfolio

    It’s nice to see a Feeding Frenzy reunion of sorts. This is legitimately great stuff, guys. Keep up the awesomeness.

  • Alejo Serna

    I love the show, keep ‘em coming!

  • Skagboy

    this is fucking awesome. Can’t wait for the new episode.

  • Lukas

    The message I am getting here is that if you could just swap out the middle 45 minutes of new gladiators with the last 45 minutes of aftermath, you have a decent action movie.

  • Manaconda

    Love this series!

  • CorbeauNoir

    I kept cracking the fuck up watching this because I always associate the Paper Chase guy with the Warrior of the Lost World episode of MST3K

  • fuckhead

    i laughed like rich evans at the coke zero joke .

  • Destroyer62636

    Its a Sid Haig movie, like Black Mamma White Mamma, lots of rural sex and violence. Review that movie!!!

  • Christopher Pendlebury

    you know your friend is looking increasingly like Paul Giamatti even including the the hand-to-forehead tick shown in the first part of the show. Giamatti does that all the time.

  • Karlo

    You guys should watch Gladiator Cop, it’s one of the most mindblowingly bad movies ever.

  • Patrick

    Denny’s: When you can’t handle parenting your child, just pawn them off on our waitresses!

  • AnimationWorksNL

    And I thought I had seen some bad movies. But these gems from the Rich Evans Premium Collection are something else. Random thought in addition to Mr. Evans baffled description of the ending of Aftermath: I think they ended the movie on a lonely highway because that’s how the Roadwarrior ended.

  • Wyldstaar

    For some reason, that copy of Hero At Large on top of the movie shelf caught my eye. I LOVED that movie when I was a kid. I watched it every time it was aired on TV. It’s probably terrible, but when you’re seven years old you don’t know it’s crap. The fact that it’s on top of the shelf would seem to indicate that it holds a fond memory for one of you guys as well.

  • decora

    8:48 i could have sworn that was Jared Martin from TV’s War of the Worlds seires . . . imdb has nothing.

  • Vinny


  • merzer

    Hey guys, could you tell me what’s up with that framed article with the title “Skæg”? It looks like it’s in danish?

    • B.c. Miller

      It is an article from the King Of Denmark honoring RedLetterMedia’s other job…distributing heroin to the people of Denmark.

      • AlcaldeEste

        Who’s the King of Denmark?

  • Strelnikov

    I thought “The Aftermath” was an alternate version of “Def-Con 4″ (same kind of set-up) but nope, it’s another film. IMdB claims the movie was shot in 1978 and a third of the budget was spent on post-production, so this must have been one of those movies where it took them forever to finish the film. Or the director just couldn’t find a distributor.

    That’s Forrest J. Ackerman as the old guy talking about weapons; he always got roped into low-budget independent sci-fi films (“Future War” and “Equinox”, for example.)

  • Rick

    I LOVE Best of the Worst. Never stop, please.

  • Gord

    The comma between two and huge is correct. The comma doesn’t just separate a tangential idea or three or more list items, but also two or more adjectives that cannot be swapped in place of each other. What a comma should not really be used for, however, is indicating a pause.

    • Now I Get It

      “What a comma should not really be used for, however, is indicating a pause.”

      So true. Indeed, all punctuation serves to break the sentence into parts small enough that you can read the whole sentence in one go, without pausing.

      That notion about pauses is a residue from, ironically, grammar school, when most of us were told, “A period means a pause, and a comma – you see that period with the curly tail? – means a shorter pause.” And, for many of us, that early notion, told mostly for convenience, was never refined or elaborated for correctness.

      I’m also convinced that that notion is responsible for the career of Christopher Walken, who in an interview once explained that, after he gets a new script, the first thing he does is cross out all the punctuation – why? – so that he can create his own pauses in each line. Which is exactly what he’s known for onscreen to this day.

    • NoahesFrio
  • Molandria

    Seriously, keep the recordings of you watching the movies as audio, and give us them as a kind of commentary while we watch it! I’d listen!

  • guest

    does rich evans not drink, i dont think ive seen him drink in any of RLMs videos

    • Steve

      Diet Pepsi.

    • williamsn411

      Wouldn’t surprise me. I’m a guy that can’t stand beer or alcohol in general. I prefer coke or pepsi.

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  • autonomousgerm

    Fuck you Denny’s.

    • williamsn411


      Hey, Denny’s, how about you try serving some food that doesn’t give me diarrhea 5 mins after I’ve eaten it.

  • Otto Torrens

    The Exterminator is really good, not so much the sequel.

  • zhellas

    The black guy friend in The Exterminator 2 is also Burrell in The Wire.

    • williamsn411

      I loved “The Wire”. One of my favorite shows.

  • Rene Lora

    22:45, Jays successful joke celebration drink

  • omgnoway

    they didn’t destroy one! Though I do want to see Aftermath now..

  • andrew thompson

    def-con 4 is another space cannibal nuke movie worth watching

  • ivan zhuravlyov

    If funny was artificaial sweetner, these guys would be coke zero…

  • Patrick

    The plot points (or rather the progression of the people who die) in The Aftermath kind of remind me of the Walking Dead video game.

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