Best of the Worst: The Killer Eye, They Bite, and Xtro

February 13, 2013511 Comments

The gang examine and discuss three bewb-filled alien creature features, and accidentally watch a good film in the process.

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  • Termi

    YES! I love this show 🙂

  • SomeoneElseTookDude


  • Awesome

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    A taste for young women…oh my…

  • Pyro

    I just knew that it was worth to check the site at least one more time today to see if anything new was up. You rarely post videos on Wednesday, especially after saying that a new episode will be up ‘later this week’, so this was a truly pleasant surprise.

    But enough boring chit chat, I shall now watch the video and enjoy you watching (probably) bad movies.

  • jon kivel

    man, i want that trek yourself before you wreck yourself shirt rich is wearing. i think i could take him, especially if he’s laughing at the time.

  • twat

    Mike’s ‘sexy woman’ voice legitimately turns me on. This is not sarcasm.

  • Vinny

    I really liked the idea of having all 6 of RLM’s favorites doing this show, but there are bound to be people preferring 1 person over another. This is only a problem at the discussion part, when there are only 4 people present. A possible solution to this would be, showing 1 movie to a group of 3, 1 movie to the other 3, and one movie for them all, or something to that effect. that way everyone can be included in the discussion. Also, what’s the point of giving someone something so time consuming, presumably over 3 hours, if they aren’t involved in the discussion. Just my 2 cents, but I love that RLM is taking the initiative to go outside their usual bubble of shows.

  • Sam

    “It’s just the worst”


  • Trekyourself

    Mike’s GF is back!

  • rrrr

    At one point, that woman next to Mike leaned onto him.
    Guess they are together lol

  • guest

    Oh Christ, here we go again…

  • SomeoneElseTookDude


  • Wow the giant eye and it’s giant eye rape reminded me of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, a show that was on Channel 4 here in the UK. Check it out guys!

  • I am so glad you guys found XTRO. I watched that movie when I was a kid and it scared the living shit out of me. I re-watched it a few years back and it held up. Crazy flick.

  • Now I want to know all about the explosimeter.

  • Austin

    So, what were the results of the Explosimeter?

  • I’m a massive fan of this new release schedule.

  • Hey bearded guy, buy yourself a proper sweater for fuck sake.

  • Xtro looks wild as hell

  • Wow, I’m surprised that they genuinely liked Xtro. That flick is very divisive, you either like it or hate it with no in-between. I like it, it has some flaws, but it’s a pretty underrated Alien/Creature feature flick with some great visuals. I couldn’t make it through They Bite and just thought it was stupid.

    Unfortunately the director of Xtro made 2 sequels and they are terrible films that rip off James Cameron’s Aliens as much as possible. You would not think that the sequels were made by the same guy.

  • trekyourselves

    Oh god, watch Beard-Guy’s face @ around 24:00 during the man birth scene!

  • /tv/ – Television & Film


  • Mario Grueso Otalo

    Yup, “Skipper the eyechild” is the name of the episode.

  • /tv/ – Television & Film


  • Mike “The Fourth Reich” Stolka

    Im sick of these damn niggers!

  • Jay “The master of rape” bauma

    The reason why i wasnt in this video was because i cant stand mike fucking all the girls i like and his relaxed racist attitude around my colored friends

  • WhatIsItWithRicks?

    Watching THE KILLER EYE in *that* room with *that* group of guys has got to be the most uncomfortable Jessi has ever been, ever. And please don’t ever make me watch Rich sitting in a corner with a beer bottle between his legs talking about porn. I will have The Nightmares.

  • Classic Gilchrist

    Hey guys great video again, wish i could still be apart of red letter media im sorry mike please give me a second chance get rid of bauman hes a fucking hack

  • Weirdo

    Guys! Please, do battle-fantasy/Conan rip-off episode. And watch Fulci’s “Conquest”. It will be great .

  • the killer eye’s entire existence was for that ad in the begining

  • Cate

    You guys are wearing some comfy looking clothes (and I really dig Rich’s Trek Yourself shirt). Xtro looks like the stuff of my hopes and dreams.

    Also the Killer Eye looks like something I might be into. Love all the content you guys have been churning out.

  • Mark Bisone

    Jessi proved she belongs in the big league with, “She just had her period.”

  • røvguitar

    Young Ron Jeremy in they bite. having porn actors act, is fucking with my mind.

  • WhatIsItWithRicks?

    Wait, we don’t get a reading from the Explosimeter?? Way to set something up and NOT PAY IT OFF, STOKLASA!!

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    You so don’t get the hipster aesthetic, man. Go shop at J.C. Pennies or the Gap or something.

    No, you’re right. His entire wardrobe should be burned on his lawn.

  • Red Rowz

    I made the mistake of showing my new housemate that episode as an example of the comedy I enjoyed. I’ve discovered first impressions tend to last.

  • Schaap

    I thought Xtro was really famous for being excellent. Anyway, Xtro II is an awful confusing mess starring Jan-Micheal Vincent (that guy from Airwolf), who looks and acts like he has completely lost the plot (pun intended). If you get a chance to review that it would be great!

  • Nick

    How do you feel about Xtro being rated quite a bit lower than They Bite on imdb (5.1 and 6.0 respectively)?

  • John

    I like how Richard William Thomas Evans III is seated on a raised throne for the viewing.

  • Well, we should probably fix that, shouldn’t we?

  • Great episode. Xtro looks seriously fucked up, but in a good way. The monster/gross-out stuff kinda reminds me of John Carpenter’s The Thing, which made me sleep with the lights on.

    The tentacle rape stuff is simultaneously nonsensical and disturbing. Those ladies couldn’t tell that the thing that was all up in their business was some kind of eye-tentacle? What is even going on.

  • How do they go through the entire They Bite section and not mention Ron Jeremy?

  • Great episode guys !

  • Painted Pagliacci Of Perfidy

    Now check out Xtro 2 and 3.

  • Fred

    James Rolfe at Cinemassacre also did a piece on Xtro and its terrible sequels. Worth watching if you’re interested.

  • skoobie

    Maybe this is s stupid question, but in the scene where Ron Jeremy is sitting on the porch stroking a long object in his lap, what is the blacked-out long object?

  • Corben Dallas

    Great series, keep making these!

  • RLM sucks lately

    You know what would be better than this? Anything else.

  • celozzip

    i hope this one doesn’t have those two unfunny geek-hipster stereotypes with the black glasses… man, that was painful… and where the fuck was mike??

  • Dylan

    We need a Gamestation 2.0 about the train wreck known as Aliens: Colonial Marines. And compare the footage with the e3 trailers to showcase the lies the developers gave.

  • David T.

    I like how the theme song sounds like something out of “Mr. Wizard”

  • Wildride

    Killer Eye: Hallowe’en Haunt — Hilariously, the characters in that movie actually watch The Killer Eye.

  • Sfing

    I am boycotting the “Wizard” until he starts covering up his man tits with some shirts that fit. Yikes.

  • guest

    How do you boycott a human being?

  • I remember seeing Xtro on cable when I was like 12years old. The birth scene I still remember. What the phuque kind of parental supervision is that!!

  • Steve Reeves

    There is an almost infinite number of other websites on the internet that I’m sure would appreciate your traffic.

  • Steve Reeves

    Any fan of RLM would absolutely love Darkplace.

  • Kawk

    Jessi seems like a very cool girlfriend to have. Cute, funny, big bewbs, nice cleavage, vagina, big bewbs and horny.

  • FixTheGodDamnedCareBoars

    Not everyone is a slave to the fashion industry. I bet his sweater is clean and comfortable. Wear it with pride mr. Wizard!

  • Yeah I’m seriously looking forward to more of these. B movie schlock is suiting to redlettermedia. The “group of friends gather to berate/enjoy garbage retro movies” setup is more entertaining then you’d think. Plus it gives us gratuitous Rich Evans laughing shots, and the whole world needs more of those.

  • Tabbs

    Jan-Michael Vincent’s greatest opus(es)


    It’s adorable to me that at the table Mike is literally only talking to Jess about stuff. God I’m such a fag. <3

  • Alex

    Well obviously I can’t put myself in your shoes if you’re a girl, but I kind of found it refreshing that they could just watch a movie like that in a mixed-gender group and be totally mature and not (too) awkward about it. Key is, in my opinion, to avoid consciously TRYING to make it awkward (which I think you just did).

  • Alex

    Agreed, haha that was fucking gold. I hadn’t even gotten over the shock of the blood-splosion yet.

  • Alex

    Um… so I kind of am really curious about how Extro got made and what the people who made it went on to do, if anything. Somewhat disappointed RLM didn’t enlighten us with their usual Googling skills.

  • Stu

    3:38 Cool! Its the Kodak Printer Challenge theme! Great show guys.

  • Me

    You’re gay.

  • guest

    They all seem pretty relaxed to me.

  • rich is such a cool dude. his laugh warms the cockles of my cock

  • capitandelespacio

    What’s wrong with you?

  • capitandelespacio

    Are you having your period?

  • JoeJoe

    You either love it, or you hate it, or you think it’s just OK (RIP Hedberg).

    Xtro is just OK, but does has some rather amazing scenes in it for a B-movie. I remember showing it to my friends as a teen and they had the same reaction. As an extra bonus, you get to see one of the D’abo sisters naked in it .

  • Klagnon Moogufu

    No mention of Ron Jeremy in They Bite?

  • exbatorra

    So…RLM’s next movie, after Space Cop, will be Invasion of the Fish Fuckers…Yes?

  • playdude92

    Where can you watch these movies? Are they available on the Internet? Don´t (care to) have VCR at home.

  • zeitguest

    Looks like she’s gonna “ruin” the band like Stevie Nicks instead of Yoko.

  • guywithelbowpatchesandapipe

    Usually my man, I’d say, on a scientific basis, it’s a result of environment and genetics, but in this specific case, I’ll hazard a more specific guess that it’s probably a result of british boarding school and all that THAT entails. If you catch my drift.

  • guest

    Which, as established earlier, gives you a case of the not-gays, not the gays.

    Once you pass through The Wormhole Of Awesomeness everything becomes opposite, like when you pass through a black hole and reach a world where superman is evil and Spock is exactly the same, only with a goatee.

  • Lindelof

    I think that one man’s loose ends are another man’s ambiguity, and I think that Ridley was very interested in ambiguity

  • Wow; yeah, you guys aren’t kidding with the best of the worst! Yikes! The winner reminds me of some of the extremely creepy monster movies that used to come on TV late at night in the late eighties. Good show! I’m happy you blew up the loser!

  • Steve B.

    The answer is disappointing.

  • I wish more movies have masturbating Italians flying spaceships like The New Gladiators

  • B-Movies are easy to find on Youtube these days.

  • Steve B.

    The IMDb rating of They Bite is pretty meaningless. 89 users voted on it (versus more than 2,000 voters for Xtro). Everyone who watched They Bite knew exactly what they were getting into. Xtro, on the other hand, is a real movie, and so people are going to review it like a real movie.

    Honestly, person who gives a high score to a movie like They Bite isn’t really saying the same thing as a person who gives a high score to a real movie. The high score votes for Xtro are from people who are saying, “I love this movie,” whereas the high score votes for They Bite are from people who are saying, “Ha ha, this movie is dog crap.”

  • Dixon Bawls

    Thanks for the recommend. The internet’s not totally useless…

  • Steve B.

    Anyone with a pair of black-framed glasses and a beard is a hipster, no matter what their personality, social habits, or wardrobe signifies. It is science.

    “Hipster” is such a meaningless word on the internet. I am left with no choice but to assume people who use the word like you do have never actually encountered a real hipster. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • twat

    I really like this new format but I have one minor complaint. Do you have to swap out discussers every episode? Why can’t the six of you all take part in the discussion? At least give me Mike and Jay in every episode please.

  • Lindelof

    I think it’s a very interesting question to leave dangling. Is it a loose end? Yeah, probably. But it’s probably what sends you to the pub after the movie and has you arguing with your friends as to what you think it might mean.

  • Martin Scorsese

    Dudes…wtf? Doug Jones, beardy John C Riley and ginger emo chick – not very insightful or funny. You guys had a laugh at Arnie’s commentary track on “Total Recal” the other week and those dudes aren’t much better. If you have to have those dudes on camera then you need at least 2 of Mike, fake Plinkkett and Jay with them or else they just talk total ass!

  • guest

    “You guys had a laugh at Arnie’s commentary track on “Total Recal” the other week ”

    What the hell are you talking about?

  • WhatIsItWithRicks?

    I hear it will all be explained in the prequel. It’s gonna be great.


    Richard William Thomas Evans III always has this haunting reverberation in his voice, even when no one else does. It is almost godlike, nay, it transcends godliness. It is Richliness.

  • Tommy Califano

    I have the same shirt as Rich.

  • Why didn’t Mike try to awkwardly put his arm around someone, ANYONE, at the end? Thank you, for finding XTRO for me! My mom forbid me to watch this when I was 9, and then I had forgotten what it was called…

  • Roger Ebert

    Xtro 2 and Xtro 3 are both available to watch on Youtube and boy do they suck ass…especially Xtro 2. You watched the wrong one guys!

  • Lindelof

    Or if not in the prequel, then surely in the sequel to the prequel

  • Scott Fowler

    Oh wow, you guys found XTRO! Harry Bromley Davenport (The Director) Also composed the soundtrack himself.

  • Kawk

    My face 🙁

  • He’s really fitting in with the crowd.

  • vagines

    At about 16:32 they do have an exaggerated blur suggesting the infamous size of his penis. I guess they just didn’t mention it out of respect for “Yoko Ono”.

  • Assface

    Stop casting Leonardo DiCaprio!

  • stagpool

    “out of respect for “Yoko Ono”.

    She, along with the rest of them, are watching and laughing at movies with tentacle rape and vagina monsters. Yeah, I’m sure the mention of Ron Jeremy would have offended her delicate sensibilities.

  • Bearsuit Prophet

    Here in America, “Jessi” can also be a woman’s name.

    A salami and bacon, my brother.

  • Bearsuit Prophet

    I see you just now performed a sex change operation on your boring post. Congrats, Mizzzz Jørgensen.

  • Mark Bisone

    I’m guessing it has to do with the number of camera setups they are willing to run with on a single panel discussion. The master and two “two-shots” has a different feel than if they had to go to three-shots (or even four-shots, depending on how many white dudes they can find in Wisconsin). It would feel less personal with more than two in a shot, and the conversation would lose it’s natural flow a little (or be more expensive) if the camera setup was different. Or, at least, that’s my fucking guess.

  • Rich Evans

    Killer Eye is proof that we should leave tentacle porn to the Japanese/ professionals.

  • zeitguest

    They might even have just 4 lavolier mics or a 4-input audio interface, so the gear could be the limiting factor.. but if you look at most entertainment discussion things, 4 is the number most stop at without a host doing the MCing and sometimes they need an MC for even 4.

    Besides, this way they can keep more content coming with a rotating team.

    The audio tightened up a bit compared to last episode. My theory on the echo was other mics picking up other people… sounds like they figured out a solution. If it were me I’d have thrown a gate on each mic with a compressor after that, maybe eq it a bit, roll off the (essentially inaudible) highs and lows at least. Sounded really good this time whatever they did.

  • No beer?

    That’s it. I shall declare jihad for lack of beer.

    You will pay for your lack of infidel vision.

  • I may have gone too far in a few places.

  • zeitguest

    I tend to assume a hipster is just someone who bought that one Strokes album within a year of its release and wore those ol timey converse tennis shoes. Maybe a fedora like hat and a scarf but not necessarily. …and when they got older and got real jobs they switched to calling people hipsters on the internet. 😛

  • Another video so quickly?!? What’s going on over there?

  • Infernocanuck

    Holy shit, two people of the opposite sex show interest in one another! Stop the fucking presses.

  • Robby

    Oh…now I gotta fuck a fish…

  • Larson

    Jessi seems supercool and is totally adorable. Just another reason for me to hate myself for not being Mike Stoklasa.

  • Satan

    We made a deal of sorts.

    I was tired of only one video every 2 weeks, so I paid them visit. Instead of enslaving their souls in eternal damnation and never-ending hell fire, Mike & Jay (cool guys) promised to pick up the pace of their output.

  • whore hey loo cuss

    “I may have gone too far in a few places.”

    “It’s like poetry, it rhymes.”
    “Get back in the Star Wars review!”
    “It’s stylistically designed to be that way.”
    “Fuck you, Rick Berman! You ruined this too?”
    “Every frame is so dense, there’s so much going on.”
    “Where’s my brain medicine?”
    “If we can get X working… Because X is a funnier character then we’ve seen before.”
    “When is the next Plinkett Review?”

    Now all the mindless, joyless, copycat horseshit has been said on this post. So can all the parrots please shut the holy fuck up for a while? Thank you for your time.

  • @88994c223f4116e3724e4b51f3c78709:disqus But it’s stylistically designed to be that way and you can’t undo that, but you can diminish the effects of it.

  • Grim

    I watched The Thing reboot last year. A decent but forgettable movie that explains the premise of the original material better than Prometheus.

    Then I watched the original 1989 The Thing. That thing (original movie) was stuck on my mind for days. It doesn’t help that the next day my brother-in-law cooked an unholy mix of pounded chicken meat and pork for lunch.

  • Grim

    I didn’t realized the West even made tentacle porn until i watched Best of the Worst. I thought it was a Japanese exclusive.
    The Xtro’s monster by the roadside bit was pretty awesome for a B-movie.

  • You guys never saw Xtro? It had two sequels in the 90’s.

  • whore hey loo cuss

    That’s what your momma said when you was born.
    Abortion On Demand, y’all.

  • Bearsuit Prophet


  • guest

    Woah there cowboy. Check your FACTS man, CHECK YOUR FACTS.

    The original The Thing was made in 1951. The first (and totally classic) reboot was 1982.


    Maybe you’re thinking of Do The Right Thing… no not the 1989 Spike Lee film, but the 1989 B-movie horror porn drama comedy porn thriller situational tentacle porn comedy set in the Arctic.

  • blah blah blah gender blah blah blah white knight

  • guest

    I see what you did there, bold move, I wish you could take it back… but it’s stylistically designed to be that way and you can’t undo that, but you can diminish the effects of it

  • I remember seeing an awful monster movie on cable once called Leeches, which contained a bunch of male homoeroticism, with the female character getting offed by the leeches in the most lazy, quickest editing EVER in order to go back to the guys in bed acting like they want to paw themselves before those same leeches take their sweet time getting to them. after seeing this, I had to look it up and yup: same director who did the Killer Eye. Definitely a pattern. He’s like the B-movie equivalent to Joel Schumacher, only even LESS subtle then nipples on the Batsiut LOL.

  • Ridley

    So you’re saying Prometheus 2 will answer all my questions?

  • wut?

    ”Check your facts”

  • Not Rick Berman

    I like how Rich Evans is just laughing during the birth scene in Xtro while everyone else is screaming and trying to look away.

  • You will be found and removed. I will see to it personally.

  • I farted and a bird came out of my butthole. It flew to the window. Thanks.

  • Wikipedia says there are 2 sequels: Xtro II: The Second Encounter and Xtro 3: Watch the Skies

  • Professormurder

    Holy shit, Josh made a Residents reference! Fellow Rez fan?

  • Zero7teen

    “It’s like the worst Residents album cover.” I approve of that reference.


  • Grim

    Ah. My mistake. I don’t watch movies that far away in the past and I was confused about the 80s.

    1982 it is then. Thanks.


    I would just like to say that I am a massive fan of this new series. I love everything you guys do on here. Keep it up and never stop. I want to be a part of your world.

  • If you do Xtro 2, just know that it has NOTHING to do with the first Xtro. It’s a Terminator ripoff that had the title Xtro slapped on it post-production.

  • shoobydooby

    Since it is valentines, let’s talk bewbs. Is that a relation between mike and the bewbs next to him on the couch?
    2) The gang mentions: “What actress would take this role?” – If you go to Hollywood, any backwoods porn/movie director visiting to pick up local “talent” is a good place to start. They walk street begging for an eye raping half the time.
    3) Xtro is awesome and I Remember watching it and body snatchers when I was younger (in my 30s). Scary stuff! There is an even scarier virus photo of some Japanese guy mimicking this monster. I think the monster actually had a contortionist inside and was not a puppet…

  • shoobydooby


  • shoobydooby

    Creepy body snatching monster! Keep your tentacles off Jessi

  • capitandelespacio

    Rape jokes! With tentacles! Love’em!

  • capitandelespacio

    Hopefully it’ll work.

  • capitandelespacio


  • capitandelespacio

    In the beginning was Rich Evans… and his laugh.

  • i notice such things

    Fat bearded wanabe hipster guy has bigger tits than Jess.

  • parrot

    What’s wrong with your faaaaaaace. And sense of humour.

  • stoklosa is cheap

    Because it is easy to film few assholes on a couch commenting a movie they are viewing? The new series is ok, and does not require so much preparation as the Plinkett, or HITB reviews, so they will be shown more often. It’s not like they will run out of B-movies to view.

  • I would make a reference to the Brilliant Dr Eye, but I forgot that this is not 5SFfilms. Ron Jeremy is in They Bite, not even mentioned so far.

  • Ruiner

    I have to say I am enjoying this new series, and my concern that the team would overexert themselves with this, Half in the Bag, and Mr. Plinkett thus far is completely unfounded.Thank you for all the laughs and please keep up the great work!

    Are you guys taking requests for this new series? If so could you please include the film “Things(?)” which was featured in one of the HitB.Ever since seeing that painfully funny “You wanna see some blood? Here look at this” clip, I have been trying to find it to no avail. Unfortunately while I have found the trailer, a longer version of the same clip you guys featured, and a couple of the most ridiculously terrible music videos from the guy who plays the main character(the one who always looks as if he is about to cry) the full film seems to be extremely rare.
    Now it is time for me to shut-up but thanks again!

  • Dixon Bawls
  • Mark Bisone

    Are you implying that she’s fawking Other Guy? Or Other Other Guy?

  • MohammadIsGay

    Doesn’t jihadists consider infidel vision a bad thing? Thus making a lack of infidel vision a good thing? I’m so confused…

  • guest

    As long as doing this doesn’t decrease the amount of episodes of Half in the Bag that they make, then what’s the problem? So far, there’s been no signs that this is going to take over as their main content.

  • Mark Bisone

    BUT the 1951 original version was actually titled, “The Thing from Another World”. Not just “The Thing”, like you have it.



    (Now excuse me while I comb my neckbeard.)

  • Xtro is awesome, i had it on video years ago. 🙂 Can you do an episode of movies about killer animals?

  • TremulantOne

    Move the water bottle!!!

  • This guy

    Not a single “one-eyed-monster” joke. I like your style, RLM. Keeping it classy.

  • E

    I think they blew up the wrong movie. Any film that has a line with a scientist that says “NO WOMAN WITH BIG TITS WILL BE SAFE!” is good cinema in my opinion.

  • Charlie

    I was on here in the USA on adult swim too. Great show

  • The 8th dimension is like “the worst Residents album cover”. Priceless.

  • Steve Reeves

    She makes me wanna “land my spaceship”, if you know what I mean!*

    *I’m sorry.

  • Steve Reeves

    The possibility of befriending Mike and Jay is the only reason anyone ever moves to Milwaukee.

  • I don’t actually care about movies,let alone old bad movies

    However this format of friends (experienced/educated in films) watching and making fun of crap movies is probably the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen.

    reminds me of mystery science theater, but not so 80’s, and you don’t actually have to sit though the whole awful thing,you just get the highlight real.

    Plus the whole process looks fun and relatively easy.

    I just wanted to applaud the brilliance.

    and state that someone out of your target demographic has just fallen in love with what you do.

  • Gavro Faddon

    I saw Xtro when it came out. Scared the bejeebus out of me then, and still does. The force is strong in this one.

  • These are getting better. Worth watching now.

  • jack

    what was the black goo?

  • Jrgold

    Ironically Rich Evans is the killer eye in this dimension.

  • censor

    Thanks for another great episode, but why did you censor all the t&a, ruins the b-movie vibe!

  • 13-year-old fanboy

    Even Yoko had some hit songs.

  • Mindless, copycat horseshit

    Your comment is the worst thing ever made by a human.

  • Mark Bisone

    Except for bagpipes.

  • Mister_Misinformed

    “probably the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen”

    Oh my god. I’m sorry… 🙁



  • Lindelof

    Ridley definitely had very specific answers to those questions and we talked a lot about how we wanted to put those answers into Prometheus. And whether or not we wanted to hold any of them back. It’s a little bit obnoxious to say, “well if you like this movie, we’ll give that stuff to you in the sequel.” So you have to have a fair shot at being able to extrapolate based on the information in this movie.

  • Charlize Theron

    God, you’re talking like you’re the guy who created Lost. It’s so cryptic. It’s so annoying

  • Lindelof

    Yeah, if you were looking for answers, you came to the wrong place

  • Mark Bisone

    I think that’s just his vagina-monster munching on cock.

  • Pete Sahud

    Rich Evans is awesome! Wonder if he has a “real” job?
    Maybe after all he is the master mind behind RLM?!

  • yeah i know….

    probably should have put “probably the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen online….. besides porn…”

    everything people make on the internet for entertainment is just such shit…

  • Meester Smeeth

    I want Jessi on my face.

  • Marquis Moon

    I’m an HITB obsessive so I get what you mean, but as Jay mentioned in the comments of the last episode, variety is the whole point. Otherwise it runs the danger of being just another “Mike and Jay Show”, and I think they’re more ambitious than that.

    I like BOTW already, but once we’re a dozen episodes deep and they’re fully hitting their groove I think that it’ll be obvious what a great experiment this is.

  • Marquis Moon

    I want internet posting to have a minimum age-and/or-wit limit, so I guess we’ll both have to settle for being disappointed.

  • bananna hammock

    I’ve seen the animated .gif of the monster crawling off the road so many times, glad to finally have some sauce on the subject.

  • bananna hammock

    I feel like I should let you know that your comment is fucking creepy.

  • Officer Friendly

    Yeah, we at the Milwaukee PD do a booming business in enforcing restraining orders.

  • Mark Bisone

    Yeah, you’re right, whatever they went with this time it sounded worlds better. Wonder if the Other Guy could shed some light on both subjects, if he bothers to read this.

  • bananna hammock

    Everyone knows we tune in for Mike Stoklasa and the other guy… Not the other guy and some other other guy.

  • asdfjkl

    A Godzilla t-shirt and a Spock t-shirt. Way to increase the nerd factor

  • Mark Bisone

    Who the Hell is this “Jay” person you speak of?

  • Jean Claude Van Damme

    Dude, nobody really likes ginger Yoko, Todd Solondz or “I’m Still Here” – a good solution would be for fake Plinkett to film them discussing movies and let Mike explode the only existing copy of that boring shit instead of destroying remnants of our cinematic herritage.

  • Meester Smeeth

    I guess so…

  • Mark Bisone

    What the fuck is a virus photo? Will it give me Eyeball-AIDS to look at it?

  • Michael Clarke Duncan

    Give Leo a break…he is okay in most movies and he was fucking awesome in “Django.”

  • Julie Andrews

    Dude, you need to get a life.

  • punky brewster

    They’re trying to avoid the “R” rating…

  • Hugh Hefner

    Mike is a lot older than ginger Yoko. I wish them well with their “age-gap relationship.”

  • Marquis Moon

    He’s pretty obscure, you’ve probably never heard of him.


  • Heywood Jablowme

    BotW sucks and is clearly the easiest content for RLM to crank out – it shows.

    Build at least one more set for HitB: tiny kitchen, porch, movie theater seats… something to look at other than beer bottles and chairs.

    And lose the dork fanboys.

  • Guest

    Can we have an episode sometime where Mike sits on a dais and talks about film for half an hour while the others kneel quietly before him with their eyes downturned. And then at the end of the episode, you guys blow up the bearded hipster.

  • More_Rich_and_Jay

    rofl, you took out Rich AND Jay for this, and they are the best film commentators in your company.


    C’mon guys. Leave ones of them in both episodes.

    Also, Yoko jokes aside, it is CLEAR that Mike is much more subdies next to his girlfirend. Drop her.

    Other than that, good show, but now where near as good as the last episode.

    Keep it up guys!

  • more blah blah

    Sorry I’m tired as shit right now so I didn’t type correctly, but you get the idea.

  • Spencer Pratt

    Heywood, you suck balls but you’re right about Mike being different when ginger Yoko is there.

  • Naes

    Hipster douche: Mike and Jay are hack frauds who regularly release entertaining, free content. I visited the site before it was funny.

  • Howard Wainer

    Okay, assuming we all give Mike, Jay and fake Plinkett 9/10 for movie talk lets rate the 3 newbies.,,,I’ll go first:-

    Ginger Yoko – 3/10

    Todd Solondz – 5/10

    “I’m Still Here” – 4/10

  • asdfjkl

    So, people were assuming that when Mike sat out the last time, during the analysis portion, that he went to be with his girlfriend. Are we to assume, this time, that the same is true of Jay and Rich (those lovebirds)

  • Kay

    Jeez kids, yes that’s a woman, get over it already.

  • Guile

    Nothing more aquwark than watching soft pron with a girl in the room, or with other people…

  • guest

    As long as this doesn’t slow down the release of Half in the Bag episodes, then what’s the problem?

    Christ, I sure hope RLM doesn’t actually read these comments. Most of you come across like self entitled jackasses, misogynists, or armchair quarterbacks.

  • no_jess_plz

    no, she’s fucking things up and he’s not acting like his usual self which is what was part of the fun

  • guest

    Mike is acting like Mike. Did it occur to you that maybe Mike isn’t as vocal because there’s four people involved in this discussion instead of just Mike and Jay?

    Just because you’re scared of women is no reason for the people at RLM to be as well.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    What the fuck are you? Some kind of Red Bull butt-chugger????

    Stop trolling this message board, tweaker.

  • guest

    Please post more wonderfully insightful comments that showcase your wit and intelligence.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    check my facts, eh?
    (leans in chair to let gas out) Bwrrrrrrrr!

  • Engelbert Humbledink

    Here’s a great interview of Harry Bromley Davenport, the director of Xtro.

  • Zaat

    How is it possible that nobody picked out Ron Jeremy in “They Bite”?

  • I think the hole in my heart that was left behind when Mystery Science Theatre 3000 got cancelled has just been filled. Happy Valentine’s to me.

  • John Goodman

    Wish the beardy God-botherer type would wear a more loose-fitting shirt so we can’t see his man-boobs.

  • Rob Lowe

    Doesn’t look much older than 18 to me…..I’d ask her to show me some ID first before I banged her let alone have her!

  • Lady Ga Ga

    I was disappointed to see that Rich Evans had attempted to style his hair today before appearing on the show.

  • Beasto

    Like others I love the frequent updates, but I also enjoy the expanded cast. Half in the Bag should always be Mike and Jay with the occasional guest, so I’m real pleased that there’s a separate show where we can see more of Rich, Josh, Jack, and Jesse. What is it with J’s? Oh, and when are we gonna see Lora in another episode of something?

  • Jimbojongo

    The Killer Eye was a waste of an opportunity to have The Residents star in their first ever gangbang.

  • twat

    Mike and Jay are not gay, not gay at all.

  • Some guy

    How do I get a Puppet Master toy?

  • Bang

    I’m actually shocked that no one involved in this had seen Xtro before.

  • Guilermo Del Toro

    Dude, nobody gives a shit what ginger Yoko, Todd Solondz and “I’m Still Here” have to say. I always download the show and edit them out of it by superimposing CGI scrotums… works much better.

  • fartblossom

    Stage directions? VALIDATED!

  • Actually John Goodman

    I’m 6′ 3″ and maintain a consistent panda bear shape.

  • didn’t you watch that on jewtube and almost every major gaamesite already? why have another?

  • can somebody tell me what the fuck does ron jeremy says after the black dude is talking to the actress in bed? alli can understand is “we are trying to sell________”

  • Mark Bisone

    Why the fuck would care what some internet dude wears? What are you, lovers?

  • Some guy

    With Xtro, you had me at “face rape.”

  • Richard Chasen

    Don’t any of you f@ggots tell me that it was explained more in the novelization or some BOTW book. What matters is the BOTW video.

  • Rob N. Tugg

    I’m a new fan of massage release.

  • Bob

    The menstruation joke killed me, Gooble Gobble, one of us, we Accept Her!

  • Coco

    Hahaha, I love the comments “approving” the woman in the group, as if she had to go through some registration process before she was allowed to not be bombarded with insults.

  • You know, it’s funny, I saw Xtro a couple of years ago, and I completely forgot all this stuff was in that movie. I’m going to have to give this a rewatch. Thanks guys! That toy soldier was creepy as hell. I don’t know why Hollywood can’t try to cash in on things like that instead of shaky cam.

  • kylez

    I just saw Siskel and Ebert’s review of Xtro on youtube. Ebert called it “one of the most mean-spirited and ugly thrillers i’ve seen in a long time”.

  • kylez

    by the way, xtro is on youtube.

  • bb-15

    1. Best line of the night (by Jess) “She’s got her period!”
    2. In the discussion the dude with the beard on the left looks like a homeless guy with the big hole in his sweater.
    3. In college my friends and I had fun watching bad movies.
    * Keep this series going please!

  • “Gorgeous” George Lucas

    They went too far in some places…

  • Mr Data

    Hey, you guys know there’s a sequel to The Killer Eye made 2 years ago? No joke

  • celozzip

    i never use this word but i think it applies to you perfectly after that pathetic response. butthurt,

  • celozzip

    seems like the standard ‘geek girl’ stereotype to me. there’s so many of them these days. at least her hair seems natural, most of the others dye it pink/red to show how “alt” they are… she’s like those other guys with the glasses and speech impediments and the beards… oh yes the beards…

  • celozzip


  • RoRo

    Siskel and Ebert reviewed Xtro back in 1983. They didn’t care for it, but Ebert also said most monster movies suck.

  • RoRo

    And if you want to see Xtro on youtube, here is the link to the first part:

  • I believe someone put fresh batteries in Rich Evans @ 11:45

  • celozzip

    indeed. judging by the twats who post on here though, they’re eating this shit up. fucking incredible.

  • shitbreed

    Love that guy

  • shitbreed

    it’s ruining everything

  • shitbreed

    She inhibits Mike’s ability to be funny. It’s like he has to be a good boy in order to get his dick wet afterward. But then when ‘half in the bag’ comes around, its like old times. Yoko Oh No, in full effect.

  • Kamui

    wow that scene with Xtro on the road creeps me the fuck out everytime i see it, also great episode everyone.

  • River Phoenix

    Dude, “I’m Not Here” talks total ass and needs a good fucking make-over.

  • Werner Hertzog

    Ginger Yoko definitely fucks with Mike’s shit… “I’m Still Here” and Doug Jones are also boring assed mofos. Fake Plinkett needs to lock them inside a 7 foot DVD case for Mike to explode before they wreck RLM any further with their shit.

  • I’ll have to check out Xtro. I do love a good sci-fi B film.

  • Mr. Blackwell

    I will say that the enormous hole at the seam of his collar was a bit distracting.

  • Jason Ross

    Gamestation or I blow up your car

  • Dan

    Wha’ts wrong with your sweater!?!?

    Seriously, I love all you guys. Please keep the reviews coming.

    Interesting side-note, Pirate Bay had over a hundred and fifty seeders after this review came out.

  • some fool

    I wish Yoko Ono would stop trying to break up the band!

  • Jason Ross

    I think this episode was just an excuse for a bunch of horny guys to watch tit-tays without feeling guilty about it, as a group. Together. Can’t wait for the extra footage scenes wherein they mercilessly poke at the chest of Mike’s gf.

  • the_antithesis

    If the RLM guys do check out the sequels, they should prepare to be disappointed. I’ve heard Xtro 2 is an Aliens rip-off to some degree. I can imagine Xtro 3 is similarly disappointing compared to the original.

  • guest

    How can you even make comments like this after RLM has openly insulted people like you for being immature idiots?

  • Prince Pointless

    Darkplace is great. I just discovered the show Man to Man with Dean Learner. His interview with Garth was hilarious.

  • morris

    Why can’t people just be without pointless analysis?

  • Guest

    Mike has to talk down to that crowd, generally. He is watching the film on a different level than just “LOL, B-schlock”.

    That is why this formula doesn’t work as well. I mean it’s very generous of Mike but let’s face it, he is the one with the talent here.

  • you forgot

    It’s gonna be great.

  • you forgot

    No.It’s not even that memorable.the worst thing made by a human is the A-bomb.And of course the comment sections on the interwebzones.

  • you forgot

    That’s just goes to show people in general have no clue when it comes to taste.
    Just check any music chart.Of any decade.Hell,any chart of any kind.

  • you forgot


  • Yoko Ono

    Go, Jess! Fuck their shit up! Way to go girl!

  • you forgot

    I’ll bet you anything that XTRO is a foundation on which many then kids now decrepit old folk have built our love and wonderment of SF/horror/weird and awesome things.And also that weird feeling in the matters of carnal pleasures.

  • you forgot

    Back ? Jay is always there.

  • you forgot

    Because ego.

    This of course is also anal-ysis.

  • Dirk Diggler

    Dude, you know they would have mentioned Ron’s 12 incher if Yoko wasn’t there.

  • Ringo Starr

    I bet you’re a dude who prefers:Lennion’s solo shit to the Beatles. It will be too late to be sorry when they are presenting HITB from a bed, playing tambourines and reviewing Harmony fucking Korine!

  • Joan Rivers

    I’m not boycotting “I’m Still Here” but I am boycotting his tits. I wear special glasses which prevent me from seeing the offensive appendages.

  • guest

    It’s depressing to know that smart people like RLM have fans that are this fucking stupid.

  • Ron Jeromy

    I’m worried Beardy hipster uses these videos as porn when he gets home.

  • nebakhet

    you’ve gone too far the other way now

  • Mark Bisone

    So does the enormous hole at the seam of Mrs. Blackwell’s legs, but that don’t mean I won’t land my goddamn spaceship in it.

  • self indulgence takes on a hole new meaning

  • they apparently made two xtro sequels too


  • Astor

    What’s a “girl”? is it dangerous??

  • The girl kills it, don’t let her yoko half in the bag.

  • Thomas Harris

    Larson, thank you very much for that message. If you can see your way to maintaining our correspondance then I will endeavour to show my appreciation by mailing you some toe nail clippings and pubic hair from my next victim.

  • Stephen Hawking

    Just a suggestion – why not get a bigger fucking table so everyone who watched the movies can have something to say? If you need one dude to operate the camera teach ginger Yoko or the fat wizard so we don’t have to listen to them talking crap.

  • Helen Mirren

    Why is the bearded man-boobed hipster type always involved with reading the back of the VHS tapes? Make him sit the fuck down and hide his tits behind a cushion.

  • the_antithesis

    Actually, some have compared Xtro 3 to Predator. So I guess both sequels were low-budget knock-offs.

  • stop censoring stufffff!

  • Buffalo Bill

    I already knew you were a great big fat person.

  • Hargon

    Now do Xtro 2 (a shitty Aliens rip-off) and Xtro 3!!

  • BlahSnarto

    A chic who likes Xtro.. Marry me..

  • kenchun24

    XTRO!!! I never saw it but remember it from the ma and pa video store me and my best friend always rented from.Thanks for the review RLM gang!
    Will never forget that box art,it freaked me out and I’d always ended up renting a Cannon/Golan Globus “Ninja” or “Vietnam Action” movie.

  • A

    Haha poor Jay during that scene at 24:30.
    “This movie is like my worst nightmare.” 🙁

  • Meester Smeeth

    I respect Jessi as a woman, not that I’m a woman, because I’m not, obviously, and I respect Jessi’s views and ‘pinions on these here films as much as I respect Mike Stoklasa’s, Jay Bauman’s, Rich Evans’ and whoever those other 2 guys are’s’s ‘pinions and views. I would also like all those guys, as well as Jessi, on my face.
    For the record, I’ve never liked Yoko. I wouldn’t want Yoko on my face, let’s put it that way. Or John Lennon, for that matter. I mean, obviously, it’s John Lennon, one of the four, and I wouldn’t want him on my face, nor Yoko, as I said before. So what does that really mean?
    Red Letter Media should, at least and even less, probably, be flattered that I’d have everyone involved in their operation on my face and, yet, could never accept Lennon, one of the four, or some Japanese lady he, one of the four, was inside on what I’m led to believe was a good few occasions… on my face.
    I just couldn’t do it.
    You think about that.

  • Handle Kraus

    I’m so fucking sick of seeing this fucking show get so much fucking praise. What do you brain-dead brats see in this insidious content? These fucking dorks are not fucking genuine. They’re phoning this shit in just to make a buck. Judging movies on merits never meant to be judged on, forcing so-bad-its-good reactions, and ACTING like they give a crap about any of this. You know who handles horror, exploitation, and Z-grade movies a hundred times better? Brad Jones.

    “Well, fuckface, Brad Jones isn’t the only one aloud to look at such films.”

    What’s your point you small-minded shit for brains jackass? I’m saying he’s fucking competent at is while these guys fart around. Because he’s actually vested into the material he reviews.

    Redlettermedia? END THIS FUCKING SHOW. Prostitutes are not just sex-workers on the street; they’re also the ones that SELL OUT and trade in their principles to the lowest fucking common denominator.

  • ha!

    Haha! So much pointless, misplaced anger. The most hilarious part of your rant is that I think you’re being serious.

    I’m pretty sure if RLM wanted to “sell out,” there would be much wiser ways to do so than making a show where they discuss unpopular movies nobody cares about.

  • Handle Kraus

    I like the part where you defend the alleged quality of the show by saying what you liked about it and where it succeeded for your viewing experience.

    Oh wait, you didn’t, because you know I’m right.

  • ha!

    Yeah, weird. It’s almost like your dumb, hyperbole-riddled rant isn’t worthy of debate.

  • Handle Kraus

    Newsflash, bitch. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it.

  • Great episode……………………………….idiots.

  • Meester Smeeth

    I’m thinking of buying Xtro – The Complete Trilogy [DVD] (2007) on VHS on DVD for £24.89 used (2 offers) on Amazon for £24.89 used (2 offers). The Complete Trilogy. [DVD].

  • Krandle Haus

    You spelled the word “allowed” wrong. It’s not “aloud”. Just thought you would like to know for your next rant.

  • Handle Kraus

    Good to know.

  • Hugh Grant

    Dude, Yoko would be into snowballing and watching Merchant fucking Ivory if it got her infront of camera. Get real mofo…wake up and smell the roses.

  • Johnny Knocksville

    Will Yoko and the fat wizard be appearing in any future episodes of “Game Station”?

  • blah

    just gotta say i sincerely like yoko ono’s art more than lennon’s. sry

  • Mickey Rooney

    Don’t be retarded. Yoko made that dumbass comment before any blood splatter appeared so it didn’t make any sense. Vagina dentata has nothing to do with periods….assholes!

  • Tom Sizemore

    Dude, thery need to ID here before they let her drink beers let alone bang her. Chick looks about 17.

  • Kim Karashian

    Why are people being so hard on Jess and the wizard hipster guy? She seems like a really sweet person and he reminds me of my uncle before he was arrested for that incident at a petting-zoo. Live and let live, guys!

  • Penn Gilette

    Why does “I’m Still Here” start nodding his head at stuff Mike is about to say before he even says it?

    Why have they edited loads of scenes during the screening so that ginger Yoko has the last thing to say? This will only have the desired effect on feeble minded people like Mohamed Taufiq Morshidi.

  • you forgot

    Some of us are faggots like that and actually spend some time with women before we have the sex with them.If you are doesn’t afraid of anything and willing to listen to other than your penis they can be more than just cum dumpsters and in the kitchen sandwich makers.

  • not the biggest fool

    It’s cause I was just fucking around joking. I figured my name would give that way. But there are bigger fucking fools than me! YAY ME

  • guest

    Why are you a jackass with nothing better to do with his time?

    The world may never know.

  • Germaine Greer

    Dude, you are a serious fag. Everyone knows the only things women are good for is banging and laundry.

  • Ricky

    Well damn, Xtro sounds really cool.

  • Harvey Weinstein

    I was going to finance the making of “Space Cop” until Yoko started fucking with their mojo. I’m going to finance “Baby Geniuses 6” instead now.

  • Steve Reeves

    Whatta tool.

  • Steve Reeves


  • Richard Dorkins

    It’s not almost infinite at all you douche! Your girlfriend told me you have absolutely no concept of size.

  • holdon

    This is great stuff. I’m really happy with this new series.

  • Richard Dawkins

    It’s not almost infinite at all you douche! Your girlfriend told me you have absolutely no concept of size.

  • Not a fucking moron

    Shut up, retard. Time to go in the refridgerator!

  • Mark Bisone

    It’s actually more like the S.A.T’s, except with funnier rape jokes.

  • Handle Kraus

    The truth is sleep-inducing to the weak of mind.

  • Handle Kraus

    Your username indicates you knew what you had to say was fucking stupid.

  • Handle Kraus

    Better question. Why are you a jackass with nothing better to do with his time? Who’s time is more wasted? Someone voicing their opinion on a video or someone voicing their opinion that you shouldn’t voice that opinion on a video?

    And don’t give me any dumbass response like “Saying you don’t like something unless you provide constructive criticism (whatever the fuck that means) is useless information.” because I don’t see you calling anyone a jackass for mindless praise such as “Keep up the good work!”. Fuck you.

  • Mark Bisone

    You’re right, you fat, retarded, cocksucking faggot. Not only does Brad Jones leave these RLM poseurs in the dust, but he’s probably the most underrated goalkeeper in the history of British soccer. Remember last October, when he was playing his third Europa League game against Anzhi Makhachkala? Jones kept a clean sheet AND made a great joke about a giant eyeball raping that pinko ruskie’s mom in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Now THAT is a man who is aloud to look at such films, if anyone was ever aloud to look at such films ever.

  • Wow, David DeCoteau doesn’t just make crap, he’s like an eternal fountain of crap.

  • AlexJones4President1995

    please review
    Birdemic: Shock and Terror

    even if it’s just footage of Rich Evans watching it 🙂

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    I welcome anything that puts an end to this interminable sausage party.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    They already do that for the Plinkett reviews, except they only use the audio.

  • Loving this series.

  • Janice Dickinson

    The mathematics of the situation are terrifying! C(6,4) = 6!/[4!(2!)] = 15

    That means we have another 12 shows to go before all possible combinations are exhausted.

    I may have to FEDEX the wizard hipster guy some decent clothes to wear. The dude dresses like he’s visiting a soup kitchen.

  • Stella Mccartney

    If you think hipsters talking ass and the Beatles splitting up is cool.

  • Simon Cowell
  • David Attenborough

    Out of the three episodes so far the wizard hipster was definitely dressed more respectably in episode 2 which is the one show where Yoko isn’t present. I think we can conclude that his choice of clothing is dependent upon his desire to diffuse pheramones.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    Two boring unpleasant pornos masquerading as VHS era creature features, and an expertly made 1980s body horror film? Those are some unusual results.

  • Jonah Hill

    “He sends his toys to do his bidding……this is so good!”


  • Bill Gates

    Dude, you got that spot on! Can’t believe the quality of free content assholes on here are prepared to put up with.I donated $10 to RLM in 2012 and now I either want my money back or they can use it to buy the wizard hipster dude a decent T-shirt.

  • or pick a name

    I’d down vote you, as there is no place for a Yoko in RLM, but I’m too lazy to register to do so, so, that’s that.

  • Care Bears WTF???

    I’ve got a cool idea! RLM give Jess, Hipster Wizard and bald ex spelling-Bee geek their own show?! It will get millions of hits from people like me and Beasto and make the site even more cool! It would be a shame they would no longer have the time to appear on BOTW but the sacrifice would be worth it!

  • Mike Stoklasa

    She’s only 16 you weird sex freak!!!

  • You guys didn’t even mention that Ron Jeremy starred in They Bite!

  • Hey, here’s a thought: Maybe go watch something else that you actually enjoy.

    Also I’m sure RLM is making fistfuls of cash off these free internet videos.

  • Sylvester Stallone

    Fuck you “Hercules,” go pump some steroids you faggy muscle-mary!

  • Richard Doorkinz

    It’s not almost infinite at all you douche! Your girlfriend told me you have absolutely no concept of size.

  • HopOnMyDickMike

    …and I though I hated Game Station.

  • QuitDeletingPostsHitler

    …and I thought I hated Game Station.

  • guest

    Hey, genius, they’re not deleting your posts. You have to change the comment order’s setting from “best” to “newest” so your posts show up at the top. You made the same comment twice in a row and I can see your previous attempt at being clever right below this one.

  • jerry lee lewis

    I thnk Jess is hot!

  • Gary Glitter

    Me too, Jerry!

  • Love this show….missed Jay on this one but i like the rest of the cast. I find each contributes in their own way. Im glad Jess is involved. Keep up the great work.

  • Joseph Monteleone Jr.

    And me, phwooarrr!

  • Jeffrey Nielsen

    I don’t :o(

  • I’d see the case for XTRO every now and then while wandering the video store when I was a kid. Should I be impressed or unnerved that the film turns out to be as disturbing as it appeared then?

  • The Blieber

    Are you mad becuase he’s fat, or because all your nu-metal XXL shirts are out of style?

  • sdkljh

    I was gonna ask how you knew that was a godzilla shirt, then I remembered that hes’s the only thunder lizard that vomits rainbows.

  • David Fincher

    Why are people assuming that the rainbow-breathing dinosaur on the man-boobed hipster’s T-shirt is Godzilla? As all good hipsters know, Godzilla was never seen exhaling rainbows even when he was happy and had an erecion. However, in 1972 Takashi Miike did make a movie called “Niji Gojira” which has only ever been seen by 3 hipsters and his mother. In this movie the dinosaur was seen to not only exhale brightly colored rainbows but to piss and shit them as well. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT DUDES!!!

  • Romant

    I love these shows!! Keep it up!!

  • Ian A

    So, I guess Hopslam is the secret for getting through bad movies? I’d say it’s a pretty good life improver.

  • Tom Cruise

    Is Mike using Jess as an elaborate cover for his gayness just me?

  • Bravo! Xtro is a classic, how’d the hell you guys miss out on all this stuff back in the VHS days, I think you’re all older than I?

  • Steve Felcher

    Hi, my name is Steve. I am Jess’ ex-boyfriend. I’d just like to say she is a really lovely person and doesn’t deserve any of the stick she gets on this forum. We split up 10 months ago in 9th grade home ec. and for what it’s worth, I’m really sorry jess….there was no need for me to do that with those sprinkles.:O(

  • burton

    All these comments about “Jess” (which have been made by “famous people” prior to this post) are so obviously made by the same person that it’s pathetic. Get a life, dude.

  • Dennis Leary

    They aren’t allowed to mention hairy dudes with enormous cocks when Yoko is there. They have to call them pee pees if they need to whisper about them in hushed tones.

  • Please get a fucking life.

  • Mark Bisone

    I loved you in “My Pal, The King.”

  • I bet you’re as much fun to be around in real life!

  • Mark Bisone

    God bless you, anonymous, lazy faggot.

  • sub


  • Mark Bisone

    You forgot cooking and dusting, you dicksucking queen.

  • Dickard Porkins

    It’s not almost infinite at all you douche! Your girlfriend told me you have absolutely no concept of size. I’m right with you Red Three.

  • Alex Three

    The “run across the road” scene from Xtro is a famous gif linked on 4chan a lot years ago. We used to trick my friend into clicking it all the time… ah, good times.

  • m0r1arty

    Feckin’ Care Boars!

  • Mr. Blackwell

    You do know that Mrs. Blackwell is a man, don’t you?

  • Summer S. Eve

    Will everyone who is not a massive fan of RLM please raise his hand?

  • Mark Bisone

    Not after I get through with him he won’t be.

  • Bill Clinton

    This show makes me really miss “Game Station 2.0.” Seriously, dudes…I’ve heard some major BS in my time but “XTRO is one of the best movies we have ever seen.” – wtf???

    Please don’t show the 2 hipsters high-fiveing over the prospect of impending DVD explosion again. The stark realism and intrusive quality of the film making makes it almost too painful to share these moments of personal trdgedy

    Fuck “The Care Bears Save Christmas.”

  • Nelson Mandella

    Why have the RLM nazis removed so many posts relating to hipsters and Mike’s 17 year old gf? What ever happene to freedom of speech??!

  • Kirsten Dunst

    If you guys have to meet your ginger quota then get Gillian Bellringer back…we like her.

  • Montel Williams

    Why are they no longer calling the wizard hipster dude, Wizard? Is he trying to tone down his wizardly hipsterness for televisual purposes? if so, it isnt working. RLM fans will never forgive him for denying his true nature.

    Also, ex spelling-Bee math geek…..”Yeah….it’s niccccccce.” Seriously…WTF??? It’s a shitty B-movie called “Xtro” not a painting done by a retarded child on the back of your friend’s fridge.

  • Wizard Hipster’s Mom

    Will people stop calling Josh – Wizard hipster etc. The name on his birth certificate is Joshua and this has been shortened to Josh over time. Growing an excessive amount of facial hair isn’t legally binding when it comes to changing a name by deed-poll and I can assure all RLM fans that I am still in posession of all legal documentation appertaining to Joshua’s real name. I would also like to point out that his granny Jane gave him $50 for his birthday which he isn’t allowed to waste on DVDs and comics…he has promised to take it to Wallmart so he can buy some better clothes for the next episode.

  • April O’Neal

    I like it that wizard hipster dude knows what a terrarium is.

  • William(the refrigerator)Perry

    It was an inside joke which Jay and Mike chose to share with RLM fans because they weren’t allowed to mention mens pee pee’s in the presence of Yoko.

  • guest

    When did the RLM comments section become worse than YouTube? That’s quite a task. What a bunch of fucking idiots. How can people so unintelligent and witless be fans of RLM?

  • againagain

    If the mouth tentacle sperms people with alien DNA, why did an adult man come out of the lady’s vagina?


  • Drum

    Ron Jeremy!

  • lovetoeatallthefood

    The Killer Eye seems like a shitty rip-off of From Beyond, just with the eye substituted for the pineal gland.

  • Marky Mark

    Will the wizard hipster be going with you tio see “Die Hard 68”?

  • Ice Cube

    Why are there so many mean spirited people posting on this thread? I vote we start to spread a little love. If all RLM fans donate 50c by Paypal to “The Wiard Hipster Fund” then Mike and Jay can take him to J C Penney and kit the dude out wiith some nice new threads. Maybe fake Plinkett could film it and this could be the basis for a brand new RLM show! – “Pimp My Wizard” maybe?

  • bananna hammock

    I’d be happy to drop a stack of cash to help fund another movie from these guys.

  • Nina Hartley

    If the wizard hipster and spelling-bee geek dont stop high-fiving in public they will never get laid!

  • Redbull Werewolf

    Mike’s Girlfriend is hot, i wanna see her bewbs!

  • Not really.

  • Ah. True Stories reference.

  • Some guy

    come on, guys, this comment is awesome. look at the name, it’s a joke for christ’s sake

  • Aboveskylevel

    More of this…this series is amazing. Maybe make separate videos solely composed of clips of the group watching the movies. I’d watch that.


    PLEASE. Please. Please stop just reading the back covers. It’s weird. It’s like listening to an 8 year old kid tell you a long joke, where you just kinda nod for 30 seconds. You’re literally reading it to us. Yeah it’s whacky. Holy cow that’s some bad grammar. Yup. That’s kooky alright. Ok. STOP READING THE BACKS OF THE BOXES. JUST DO THE MOVIE TALKING PART.

  • proghead777

    I’m happy to see that these comments are not full of anti-Utero-American sentiments. Yeah, sure, she’s probably Mike’s girlfriend (or really clingy friend who is also a girl). And Jay and her probably don’t get along which is why he’s not in the after-movie discussion and why neither she nor Mike were in said discussion in the previous installment of BotW that DID include Jay. And yeah, her commentary does seem kind of irrelevant and clueless (though that period joke DID make me lol, literally). But that doesn’t mean there aren’t millions upon millions of Utero-Americans out there that have loads of funny and insightful things to say about schlocky B-movies. It just means that this particular Utero-American isn’t one of them.

  • smorges

    Firstly guys, love the new release schedule. It’s great that you’re releasing content every week now, and it’s all highly entertaining, so keep doing what you’re doing!

    Random point, and I apologise for bringing Jessi up again, but I just noticed that on the photos page, there is a photo of Jay and Jessi sitting behind a desk at 2011 Toronto Comic Con. Clearly Mike and Jessi have been together for a while, so why has it taken more than a year to get her involved?

  • bb-15

    Why was Jessi not involved before? Maybe it’s people who hate women (see the BS Yoko comments for specifics).

  • guest

    Why the fuck are people so obsessed with the fact that there’s a girl in a video????

  • bip bop

    Except for the first episode, where Jessi and Jay (and Mike) were in the discussion.

  • bip bop

    Oh, AND you’re a schmuck.

  • John Parker

    I love this show!! I check everyday for new episodes.

  • hi


  • David Letterman

    If you knew anything at all then you’d know thats is when they all fell out. This isn’t the first time it has happened either. Jay was once banging the short chubby chick with the massive boobs who was in that “Space Jam” thing they did and Mike fell out with her one day when she was dressed like a postman in HITB….she hasn’t been on RLM since. The inhouse sexual politics at RLM are highly fraught and complicated. I really wish RLM fans such as yourself wouldn’t speculate on things until yoiu actually KNOW the truth!

  • Reggie Rock

    That kid at the beginning of The Eye has sucked cock for money. I know the look well.

  • Thanks for the heads up on Xtro, what a good movie. My wife noticed (and this is visible in your vid) that during the shot of the clown toy, you can see the little panther toy in his cage right beside the clown. They cut away, and when they cut back to show the clown is gone, the panther toy is now out of the cage. Soooo well done.

  • True, I was using what is called a metaphor.

  • Evanovich13

    There is an Xtro 2 and 3

  • There are some really, really weird and just plain fuckin’ sad dudes running around the internet.

  • Buddy

    Another massive fan? Get in line, buddy.

  • I’m Dying Lauren

    how much more of fatbald and skinnybald are you going to force on us?

  • mrsjane

    Hey guys, I really enjoyed this best of the worst episode. Wow, I have never heard of those movies before…..all of the nudity in them was just disturbing. I am glad I have never heard of They Bite and The Killer Eye or ran into seeing it beforehand. Of the three of them, Xtro is not half bad. From seeing some of the scenes you guys have presented, there looks to be more then one plot going on at the same time. However, the horror in Xtro was presented very well. It created good suspense. The birth scene was absolutely horrifying! I was literally screaming with my eyes closed! Thanks for another great video RLM team, I will keep watching!

  • hi


  • Hey, I’ve seen Xtro and am a bit shocked that they’ve never heard of it.

  • Andrew Dominik

    Hi, can we have a new episode of BOTW fairly soon please?…preferably with as many annoying new people as you can find. The last episode was the best yet but would have been even better if Mike had been replaced by Jay’s Mom or a local cab driver maybe. Keep up the good work RLM!

  • That is worse.

  • Somehow, I don’t think she’s shocked by anything Mike says. (rolling eyes)

  • Truth

    Every one of them looks like the guy to their left, only with less hair.

  • indyjones89

    Ha! When I was in middle school, I saw The Killer Eye on my friend’s paid-cable when we were looking for porn and I’ve always wondered ‘what the fuck’ that movie was and here you’ve answered it for me.

  • Dixon Bawls

    they prefer the term “gyno-american”

  • How can they have not know about XTRO. Seriously you can’t be an 80s B movie buff and not know about XTRO.

  • Brian Anorak

    Which people would you most like to see on this next BOTW?

    My top 5 is ;- The two geeky nerd dudes who can’t describe “Phamtom Menace” characters in the first Plinkett review, the ghost that Jay is fucking in HITB, the na’vi from the last Plinkett review and fake Plinkett’s sister.

  • justaguyDP

    “The Killer Eye” cracked me up. The production design and lighting reminded me of a really bad CW production, LOL. Blue gels? Check. Sterile / clean set design? Check. Young dudes? Check.

  • Rick McC*****

    I need an new episode of something soon – it’s been over a week already. Just give me a 7 minute video of Jay and Mike shopping at the corner liquor store, or whatever. Anything!

  • Alex


  • Bruce Willis

    Just watched “Die Hard 5” – it sucks more dick than Tom Cruise.

  • Ben

    Mike, are you in a relationship??

  • Frood

    If this were a book club instead of a movie night every episode
    would end with them burning books…

  • Meester Smeeth

    How do you expect Plinkett to review Xtro in his Mike Stoklasa voice if you don’t fix his fucking VCR?
    Stop looking Rich Evans in his beautiful horse-mouth etc!

  • SaatananKonemies

    She is absolutely beautiful.

  • Whats the music playing when Mike busts open the tv screen?

  • the music played during the “good day to die hard” review

  • ascetica

    Great episode as usual. How do you guys NOT mention Ron Jeremy in They Bite?

  • Poor Mike didn’t get the pun of Richard Chasen in the first place. Hey, Mike, what’s the nickname for RICHARD? Now say his name: Dick Chasen.

  • They did, visually, with the fake censor bar.

  • tythimo


  • guestieguest

    Keep doing these and everything else. I have loved every episode.

  • How about… you?

  • bubbagumpshrimping

    Only 346 different ways to share the video? Not nearly enough!

  • Shadeprint

    I’m actully beginning to love this show more than Half in the Bag.

  • Bones

    My problem with Prometheus was never the unanswered questions. It was the last 10 minutes that seemingly retconned Alien. Which means it retconned Aliens. Which means it dissed the best movie ever. I don’t lose sleep over it, but… would it have been so hard to have the “pregnant” alien crawl into the cockpit, send out a distress signal, and then get chest-bursted? How were we NOT leading up to that? 🙁

  • Bones

    Oh, don’t worry! Americans have YouTube.

  • Bones

    Nope, just INTANETZ

  • Bones

    As a geek, I totally understand how annoying it is to suddenly have every other person claiming to be super nerdy just because they watched that one Star Trek movie. As a geek girl, though, I can assure you that some of us are real. And we dye our hair for unrelated reasons. 🙂

  • Bones

    It’s a little hard to “Yoko Ono” a completely new show that you have always been a part of. I’m not offended as a woman. I’m not even offended. But y’all need to chill. No one is messing with the Plinkett formula. No one is messing with the Half in the Bag formula. Your shows are safe. This is a different show. Some different people are in it. Ssshhh, it’s okay!

  • Y’all should do the Star Trek VCR Board Game at some point.

  • Kringe Mahoney

    There was more than one ship. I just assumed while most of the Engineers died in that pile by the door, a few escaped that were infected first and one of those is the space jockey from Alien 1.

  • stryker1121

    no mention of Ron Jeremy in They Bite?

  • MF from Hell

    While watching the video for Hurricane, a song by Ms Mr, I noticed that they have included a shot from Xtro, namely the one where the alien appears by the side of the road. The whole thing is quite spooky since this weird film has now been brought to people’s attention after so many years by you guys and then I happen to spot it in a video just a few days after I see the review.

  • Bill The Thrill

    That fact that you guise will use cuss-words; but-yet . . . CENSOR the Bewbs . . . makes you look like complete dick heads.

  • I love this series. When is the next episode?

  • Yettin Arnold

    We want more Best of the Worst

  • ColinJ

    I remember the VHS cover of XTRO freaked me the fuck out when I was a kid.

  • Dr derp

    Does anyone know who the actor at 3:10 is? He looks exactly like Marco Pantani

  • Is that Ron Jeremy in that fish flick? Damn! That is surprisingly authentic for that piece of crap movie. Like, they are actors, acting like they want to shoot a porno in a little fish town. But they are given some serious credebility by a real-life porn god being on set. It’s like if they had a real fish with arms as a monster, or something

  • dennett316

    No, it makes them people who know the rules of video hosting sites and their weird attitudes towards sex and violence.

  • GCFC1888

    I don’t mean to derail this discussion but shit, Mike. Is that your lass?

    Go on my son.

  • Cognitive Schizo

    Need more Jessi, I gotta have more Jessi!

  • aniken

    is that redheaded chick mike’s girlfriend they were awfully close on the couch

  • peter frampton


  • Welcome to the wonderful world of words! It’s a terribly exciting world, and if you’re attentive you might pick up some awfully interesting tips about how language has been, and is currently used. I’m sure you’ll find it frightfully inspirational.

    Also I guess congratulations on owning a computer for the first time. Did you know that when you have a question, if you find the right place to ask it, you can come up with answers on your own?


    Dreadfully nice to meet you x

  • Earthbound_X

    That’s what I assumed, that she and Mike were together.

  • Ben, is that really any of your business?


  • n11

    I THOUGHT it was him, figured it was just my imagination lol.

  • Strelnikov

    Factoid: “Xtro” was prosecuted by the British police during the “video nasties” period, but it was never banned outright in the UK.

  • dumbnerd

    It’s funny to hear you say that you are desensitized to movie gore. The point is to suspend disbelief so you can “experience” empathetically what the character is going through. Just saying “fake” “fake” “fake” is missing the entire point of a movie like this. Everything in a movie is fake. Go see a snuff film if you want see real horror. Gettin’ a little to critical, methinks.

  • wishcraft

    At the end of the toy soldier scene I’m sure theres a reference to Luis Buñuel’s The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie. In this movie, an upper class Latino diplomat (who is really a total crook) mysteriously can’t seem to have his uppity upper class dinner with his uppity upper class friends… It’s kind of a marxist-surrealist metaphore thing… In the end he has to hide from rebel hitmen under some tables in a dining room. However he can’t resist grabbing some munchies from the table, the first and only munchies he gets in the movie, which gives away his position and gets him killed. Just like the old lady who can’t resist grabbing a bonbon. It’s a really great movie full of bizarre and macabre imaginations from a truly great artist of the 20th century and I can totally understand how someone who made a movie like Xtro would want to pay hommage to Luis Buñuel, so yeah…

  • Gord

    Yeah, if Jaws was sugar, They Bite would be coke zero.

  • jnorris441


  • Kyl

    This is my favourite Best of the Worst

  • waldo.pepper

    Sadly my copy of The Killer Eye lacks the puppet master toy ad at the beginning so I too missed out.

  • Cameron Vale

    They got it, once they realized it was David DeCoteau. That’s why it says “under the pseudonym Richard Chasen – get it?” at around 9:24.

  • Tommy O.

    There is actually a sequell to killer eye

  • GoodGuyGrayson

    “Marxist surrealist metaphor thing…’ So is Luis Bunuel (I don’t know how to type enyay) is the Latino counterpart to David Lynch.

  • Hale

    I’m inclined to agree, but when it’s a cheapo, gory horror movie, it’s really hard not to just see it it all as fake. The suspension of disbelief really kicks in when you actually care about the characters and story.

  • Liz Frazier

    I remember when I saw this episode for the first time, I really wondered if they would tell us what the Explosimeter measurement was in the next episode 😉

  • JungleMan

    I was taking a drink of water when the stick broke into another dimension….bad timing.

  • Ryan Flanagan

    The pyramid and the eyes at the end of the first movie make me think of illuminati. Movie confirmed for secret society soft porn propaganda friends-type sit-drama.

  • Pissernacht

    The Killer Eye came out of somebody’s eye socket, right? So if the Killer Eye impregnated those women, would they give birth to baby Killer Eyes…or Killer Wombs?

  • TheOjkk .

    HOLY SHIT is this Xtro real? it looks so fucking awesome! How can i have never of this?!

  • James Bushey

    Killer eye- That was a pretty good alternate name for David Decoteu (probably spelled that wrong). It was actually directed from him as they point out, and his alternate name Richard Chasen–dick chasen–dick chasing. Haha thats just perfect

  • Reginald Van Der Slythe III

    Surprised you went after They Bite instead of The Killer Eye. The former is at least fitfully entertaining. The latter…well, I watched it as a horny, undemanding teenager and was quickly and painfully bored out of my mind by it; not even the breasts could keep my interest from flagging. What a slog that was. Outside of the nifty prop there’s literally nothing good about it.

    I do need to see Xtro, though. It’s one of those movies that’s slipped by me for years and I should rectify that.

  • Mark Pifher … XTRO spotted in New Mexico posing as a ‘skinwalker’.

  • George Taylor

    The eye looks like something from Garth Marenghi’s dark place

  • diehounderdoggen

    They’ll need to be oxygenated.

  • Keith Thomas

    British horror fans from the 1980’s know all to well about Xtro. Contrary to what has been claimed, it was never on the DPP’s Director of Public Prosecutions-now called the CPS) infamous ‘video naties’ list, although the police did confiscate copies from video stores.

    Two British films that did appear on the ‘video nasties’ listing, are Island of Death (although technically it was a Greek production) and ‘The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue’ aka Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (with an Italian production crew).

    For more on the ‘video nasties’ listing, it is below, as its considered the holy grail for British horror and exploitation fans:

  • DG

    Mike from Cinnemassacre does a decent review of Xtro, Xtro2 and Xtro 3.

  • Roddy P. Carbonell

    Xtro, Event Horizon, Possession (1981) have always been guilty pleasures of mine.

  • Roddy P. Carbonell

    As a child, I saw it but my mom forced me to turn it off, so I never knew what it was called. Then I asked in the MST3K forum (when it was part of the sci-fi channel), and someone told me it was called Xtro.

  • BYH

    Is that ron jeremy? Why don’t they mention it’s him?

  • LoveSW_Prequels

    so that painting of a baby on the wall is Rich Evans isnt it?

  • Sam

    Jack looks fucking weird with hair. Good call on going cueball Mr. Packard.

  • Bhazor

    Because no one wants to admit they recognise him.

  • person

    Anyone who likes GM’s darkplace and is annoyed that it only had 6 episodes NEEDS to become a fan of RLM.

  • Sam

    It was painted to commemorate the moment they found infant Rich Evans in a manger.

  • Russell Viner

    bald guy isn’t bald in this one. 0/10

  • cricketbones

    I miss the hot girl with the amazing hair and amazing accent. Jeepers…ooooh…that is why.

  • yonderTheGreat

    Was listening to my morning GWAR and this popped up and instantly reminded me of this episode!

    It’s like a merging of awesomeness!

  • Beer_is_so_Awesome

    Bullshit. He was in Boondock Saints. Everybody recognizes him.

  • Jordan littler

    Can someone add Xtro to the ever growing list of “things that ‘inspired’ Stranger Things” The shape of the alien (especially in the road scene) and the face sucking tentacles are pretty damn similar!

  • ikdks

    I was just watching Splash (it holds up), and in the scene where Madison gets her name, there’s a theater in the background playing a double feature of Evil Dead and Xtro.

  • Stan

    Sounds like guardians of the galaxy 2 plot, whatever the last one they watched was called.

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