Best of the Worst: Russian Terminator, Ninja Vengeance, and Never Too Young to Die

January 18, 2013474 Comments

We watch a lot of bad movies at the Red Letter Media HQ. We decided to document our findings. The result of these endeavors is Best of the Worst. Enjoy!

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  • Dragreder

    Producer: Rick Berman

  • joose


  • AD

    Cool, new show from RLM

  • This new series is going to be excellent.

  • BenSix

    If it was called Russian Ninja it might have been confused with that other masterwork, Black Ninja.

  • YES. yes. i am into this. you should know that.

  • josua

    that song… OOOOHHHHOOOOOOOHHHH BLACK NINJA tspatspatsu

  • Jason


  • boner

    that fuckers got a gay laugh

  • PHILL DAVIS!!! AHHH HAHAHA! Oh man… I havent laughed this hard in a long time…

  • fdjskl

    you should watch birdemic – shock and terror, it’s one of the worst ones out there.

  • Aaah, the sweet sounds of Rich Evans’ laugh…

  • Jason

    It’s Lil’ Bub!!

  • Starcrash is the best movie ever. Serious. Would like a review please. Not to boss you around, but you will also do reviews of Krull, Deathstalker 1 & 4 (The best), Pocket Ninjas, and Battlefield Earth.

  • X10Unit1

    Awesome work guys and gal! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Medusa

    hot girl

  • AdamCoates

    You hold your tongue. Rich Evans’ laugh is sweeter than an angel’s.

  • (Random, I know) – but Kate Beaton is an amazing artist and lady! Good to see she’s getting some support.

  • Johnegold

    I love how rich evans isnt in the commentary part like he’s a mystical creature that only appears when it’s time to watch awful films

  • AdamCoates

    Were these picked from the vhs tapes you asked your viewers to send to you? If so, does that mean we’ll get to see more video like this?

  • I highly recommend BLOODSURF for this show.

  • Mr_Katanga

    it’s gonna be great

  • yes! Ninja Vengenace! a classic for all time!

  • Kortan

    Why Rich Evans isnt part of the commentary crew ?


  • markocms

    Whaaaat @33.19… a girlfriend???

  • ShootMcKay

    The movie is not russion, its swedish

  • 27:35 Mike has a girlfriend.

  • You just found a movie by the greatest Swedish director since Bergman: Mats Helge Olsson. I highly recommend his masterpiece “The Ninja Mission” shot mostly in gravel pits and farmlands in Sweden.

  • Rich comes from laughter’s realms
    Watches, wrecks the awful films
    When watching drink not beer, nor coke
    His bursts of pain and joy will make you choke
    And since this is RedLetterMedia time
    These stanza’s kinda have to rhyme

  • Destructicore

    well, if we’re going you’re going to talk about the best of the worst, see riki-oh and gunhed.

  • me

    make more of these, the other dude (that ive never seen before) is great! but where is rich? put him at the table! loved it though, but dont stop making HitB and Plinkett reviews

  • Destructicore

    oh, wow. re-do: If you’re going to talk about the best of the worst, see riki-oh and gunhed.


    Thought it was more like 27:31? lol

  • Drop the girl

    Good show, drop the girl

  • mike+jessy=LOVE

  • JohnFr33man

    Mike’s failed attempt to put his arm around the girl at 27:40

  • josua

    I just know i’m going to love this series

  • I demand including Starcrash at some point. IMPERIAL BATTLESHIP, HALT THE FLOW OF TIME.

    Deathstalker 1 & 4 (The best ones), Krull, and Pocket Ninjas are some good candidates as well.

  • Ciaran

    You’ve obviously never seen Irish Kung Fu extravaganza Fatal Deviation. You’re welcome.

  • JohnFr33man

    You guys should check out AMERICAN COMMANDO NINJA:

  • He’s a busy man, with all his feature film and voice acting work.
    It costs them enough just for him to sit there and laugh but to get him to talk is far more expensive.

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    He slides down the chimney with the thumb of his nose, carrying a bag full of bad movies for all

  • guest

    fuck i love the careboars! I watch it after every red letter media show

  • Asshole

    Quick, dumb trivia note. The boom mics in the top and bottom of picture are there because the movie was shown in theaters in some widescreen format (but shot in 4:3).

    More of this.

  • sharkinspace

    I really feel uncomfortable reading the comments right now, so I’ll just get it out of the way: No one cares about Best of the Red Letter Pizza Roll Bag! When’s the next Half in the Worst Rick Fuck Movies Berman Plinkett Dense Media preview review?! I’m so sorry everyone. :'(

  • Guesty McGuest


  • Bobo

    So are Mike and that woman a couple or what? I always thought Mike and Jay were lovers.

  • Padie Wohn

    lol ”ninja for dummies” nice

  • The Russian Ninja IS the original title, I have it on DVD!

  • Alex

    2. Loving the awkwardness of the failed arm stretch at 27:37

  • Tomas P.

    It’s gonna be great


    He was propping himself up you silly bitch! THEY HAVE LOVE SEX AND YOU KNOW IT

  • Kermie Clambake

    Pretty lady…

  • Tomas P.

    I’m loving it. All of you are awesome.

  • Oh my god, please do more of these, this was hilarious and I don’t know if this is sad but I almost want to go find a copy of Russian Terminator now so I can watch it. Gotta go with Jay on this one too, that was one sweet looking sweater.

  • Is that english?

  • Mr_Katanga

    So dense

  • Ray

    Oh man, smooth moves from Mike @ 33:00

  • snape

    I thought you all were serous, ya got me.

  • jaakjdsf

    I love Rich Evans at the end, coming outta nowhere destroying that tape. Like a magical imp that shows up to mock and destroy bad movies.

  • FunHater

    Guys, I have three words for you: Turkish Star Wars

  • stolliosis

    This is Red Letter Media’s version of, “Fuck you, it’s January.” Hilarious! I now want to watch Russian Terminator.

  • JoeJoe

    Yoko – enough said.

  • He probably went too far in a few places.

  • Anteater

    It’s gonna be great.

  • Fuck you Rick Berman

  • Hash Nazi


  • Yeah, I can’t tell what that is. It looks like his advances are getting denied, but it also kinda looks like they were cuddling and they broke apart because they knew the footage would be used…? Also, I thought Mike was married. Is that his wife?

  • What was up with the weird 4 minute Christmas video after the main video and commercials?

  • Mr_Katanga

    It’s gonna be great

  • Riki-oh is just plain good. It’s so bad it’s not even bad-good. It just wraps around to good.

  • This was good. I approve of this. Needs more Rich Evans though. (but what doesn’t?)

  • We don’t speak of that.

  • It’s going to be great.

  • Dude, i’ve been saying the same thing for months now!

  • hushpuppy

    please, upload it on youtube!

  • Hero

    Please dont…….

  • nocussing

    the redhead is pretty

  • waltereg0

    No that was very awkward and an obvious fail.

  • OhMyDayum

    That’s gonna be great.

  • Yoko Ono


  • Christopher Kulik

    Nice to see my copy of THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN up on top of the shelf there. When MGM announces a remake of that, you know they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  • Muthsarah

    Hilarious vid. I love the real-timey vloggish stuff. It really helps to separate those who are only funny after weeks of writing and editing and those who are funny extemporaneously. I like pretty much everything you’ve ever done, so I’m not exactly the best critic, but I’m assuming you don’t resent your more gushing fans, do ya?

    That said…: Why did you choose to destroy the Ninja Vengeance cassette at the end? Sure, it sounds like it wasn’t a very good movie, but it’s still a relic of a bygone era, 80s cheese. That should be celebrated, if not exactly venerated. They really don’t make movies like that anymore. Even when it doesn’t work, it’s beautiful that they felt it could have. Any cheesy movie I see automatically seems 80s to me, since I associate anything shoddy but fun with that decade. I think it deserved better.

  • SolidGoldNinja

    You guys should do a Best of The Worst: Miami Connection.

  • nocussing


  • markocms

    That’s right. They shouldn’t have relationships, love, sex … Only sad, lonely life filled with movie rage.

  • adam

    cool new show!

  • Earthbound_X

    That was a lot of fun, hope you continue with this new show.

  • He is probably not with them because the noise he makes has broken many microphones and the ears of headphone-wearing people.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Creepy baby painting . . . its eyes keep following me.

  • done with rlm

    Ugh, Mike has a hot wife.

    Fuck you Mike.

  • Rick Berman

    It’s like poetry, it rhymes.

  • Leo Ladenson

    @ 20:10-20:17 reminds me of the FuckBot press conference @ 1:34

  • Anonymoose

    Any chance of you guys reviewing The Octagon starring Chuck Norris?

  • Leo Ladenson

    Now I know why they wanted us to send them crappy, old VHSes. Well played.

  • mega

    fantastic i asume and demand that more is to come

  • Leo Ladenson

    There wasn’t even a purple bazooka.

  • DAS

    Mike, your girlfriend is hot, you should cuddle with her more while watching movies together.

  • Leo Ladenson

    “Magical imp”: I was thinking more leprechaun–he does a little jig on the grave of Ninja Vengeance.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Hmm. Jay does slam Jessie’s choice of movies down pretty hard on the table.

  • Rett

    22.11 – Mike looks specifically at Jesse when he says “sexual tension”.

  • Promethianfire

    That she is, but…. where did you see a reference to her in the video?

  • Rett

    27.11 – Mike looks specifically at Jesse when he says “sexual tension”.

  • This was just ok. I watched the whole thing but I didn’t enjoy it as much as Half in the Bag. Hope you guys limit yourselves to doing this Best of the Worst show only once every other month.

  • Leo Ladenson

    It’s like curare or some other poison. Taken in small amounts, it heals–but too large a dose will kill.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Instead of the cinder block?

  • Leo Ladenson

    Vanity of vanities. All is Vanity.

  • Twat

    Holy shit, thank you for pointing that out. I laughed harder at that than I did anything in the review.

  • But it’s like poetry, it rhymes.

  • theburninghorg

    Fuck cuddling, Mike. Let’s see some ass-to-ass, and maybe some light bondage. Quit teasing us you BIG FAAAAAAG.

  • Israel

    You know what? This was awesome! You guys should definitely keep doing it.

  • the key

    Jessy’s the key to all this. Because, she’s a funnier character than we’ve ever had befofe…

  • Christopher Kulik

    Gene Simmons deserved an award as the bad motherfucker in 1984’s RUNAWAY with Tom Selleck. Remember those mechanical spiders filled that jumped around and shot acid in people. “That’s good, Ramsay, but not good enough…enjoy the view?”

  • The pope

    You guys should make a tickle-me Rich Evans dolls, I`d buy one

  • Jason Ross

    What about Game Splation?

  • DAS

    thats kinda what i meant actually

  • Tate

    This is going to be an excellent new series. I love the flavor you guys put into your productions, but this is a tried and true formula that your unique brains will ALSO conquer. Congrats on the new relationship Mike.

  • StrawberryJarJarCake

    Be sure to put the Ninja Vengeance video in a Star Wars cover and have Lucas kill it

  • Charlie

    really enjoyed this, reminds me of my old fav, mst3k

  • Adam Starr

    love this keep doing this

  • Rick Rickerson

    I’d like to think that the laughter of angels sounds just like Rich’s

  • Rick Rickerson

    You ruined this, too?

  • Rick Rickerson

    Instead of dropping cinder blocks, why don’t you guys drop a new gamestation on us, you lazy hacks?

  • JimTreacher

    It took a while for Jessi to get warmed up, but then she let you males know what was up.

  • igz

    lol my question is who is that girl actually with ? at one point she is holding hands with dude with glasses , but she gives mike some serious looks, and the leaning on mike, just found that funny random thot

  • Please lose the chick! OMG it is horrible and give her a role somewhere else. She adds nothing to the show, and get Rick back! WTF

  • That was an absolute blast! Give me more, more, more!

  • Kanska

    Rich is so cuddly.

  • Mason

    you guys should watch a movie called “Nukie” next. one of the best worst ever

  • Who is this girl and why is she cuddling with Mike? I don’t like this.

  • HonkeyJim

    I dunno wtf everyone else is thinking. Watching people watch movies for half an hour is unbelieveably boring. Glad you guys aren’t afraid to try new things, but this sucks. Oh yeah, and as you guys would probably point out yourselves, it’s lazy.

  • Josh

    That’s his girlfriend.

  • HonkeyJoe

    Did you actually, you know, watch the video? It isn’t a half an hour of them watching movies. In fact, it’s not much different from Half in the Bag, just focused more on b-movies than Half in the Bag is. If you were to cut together all the shots of them watching the movies, I can’t imagine it would total more than maybe 3% of the entire episode. You’re complaining merely for the sake of complaining.

    As for being lazy, you clearly don’t know anything about editing because this must have been a bitch to edit together. Multiple cameras synced up, cutting in footage of the movie (which also has to be synced up with the footage of them watching the movie), multiple wireless microphones, etc.

  • Kanska

    The video is half an hour long; their reactions are less than a third of the video.

  • Josh

    That’s Mike’s girlfriend. I didn’t see her holding hands with the other guy. Why would she?

  • Kanska

    Where did you learn Mike was married?

  • In the intro and viewing scenes, Josh (bearded fellow with glasses) is wearing a very red version of this shirt, which is from Hark, A Vagrant #331:

  • ikuhggkjh

    Why isn’t rich in on the commentary? He’s pretty insightful. I’ve loved his past commentary.

  • Ninja Vengeance was an attempt at making a “legit” ninja movie. The beard guy that’s training the shitty ninja is Steven Hayes; he’s supposed to be the only American that went and trained with some ninja master in Japan. I rented this when I was 13 and I hated the shit out of it. That’s really saying something, because I’m pretty sure my favorite movie was American Ninja 4 when I was 13.

  • yooo

    ninja vengeance ends the same way that TDKR dose….batman never kills any one….he needs others to do it for him

  • Can’t believe you guys found the John Stamos/Simmons in drag movie. Saw it as a kid on a local UHF channel. One of my first experiences in appreciating the art of a terrible movie.

  • Little known fact is that he isn’t actually there he’s just superimposed stock footage.

  • Robby

    When is the next Dudebros episode?

  • PJB

    I like this but ya’ll need to let the girl talk more. You keep cutting her off!

  • Tyler Smith

    Awesome video. This almost rivals the Plinkett reviews. Please do more like this in the future.

  • Leorge Gucas

    Repeatedly click 3:35.

    You have now heard the voice of an angel.


    welcome back RLM, I had figured you guys choked on a pizza roll

  • Anks

    The fuck is with the baby?

  • Uter

    I like this new format! How about that terrible movie “Feeding Frenzy” I once saw while sitting on the toilet for the next episode? That surely deserves the stone.

  • Regarding the boom mike shots – those would not have appeared in the movie theater. C’mon, you KNOW that as a filmmaker, Mike. (Just see Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.)

  • Jason Ross

    Mike and Jay’s friend (not Rich) has more hair on the back of his neck than the top 25 Arabian terrorists COMBINED.

    FBI fact.

  • An old friend

    You again?

    Anyway, making a reply to your comment gives me the cheap-ass advantage of appearing as a top comment, so a lot more people will have to read my uninteresting, stupid comment, because they can’t help reading all these while waiting for the next upload. (like me)

    So I haven’t read much, today, but I assume later on some bashing is starting like:

    Why a new show? I don’t like new shows. Does it mean no more Plinkett?

    No more Half in the Bag? This sucks, because it is new.

    Or comments like:

    Why are there new people? It was hard enough to accept Jay, now we have to like even more people? And a female, too?

    Well all I have to say is:
    good job, nice premise, nice new faces, needs a little more RLM craziness and where is the next Plinkett review.

  • An old friend

    Hi, you don’t know me, but I made a comment, way before by cheaply replying to a top commenter. So I do the same here, since you are at the bottom, right now.

    I was wrong. People are liking this. No bashing like in ‘What’s your number’ no Show is gay like ‘Game Station 2.0’ comments. There still hope for humanity…

  • skagboy

    ninjatude? bwahahahaaaaa!!!!

  • Cassavius

    When the girl starts dozing off, I can relate XD

  • I just watched Never Too Young to Die today, and for a couple hours there I thought I’d found a so-bad-it’s-good movie everyone didn’t already know about. Then I check the RLM site and there’s a review. Way to steal my thunder.

    I agree though that NTYTD is really let down by the expectations it creates. Still worth seeing if you enjoy bad movies, but it’s not the perfect storm you’d hope for.

  • That guy

    I’d just like to say that the chick is hot, but her cleavage is a little to distracting and she didn’t have anything interesting to say.

  • skagboy

    Russian Terminator actually is titled Russian Ninja in some releases. So, you guessed it, guys. They used to do this a lot back in VHS era. Some movies were even marketed as different genre movies with different releases.

  • that girl is smoking hot, if it is mike’s girlfriend… great job buddy. If it’s not, can i get her phone #?

  • The Penultimate Gunslinger

    Love this! More please!

  • Dick Masterson

    I also felt there was a little damage control at the end, an inclination to at least try to agree with her choice of movie. Not saying it wasn’t his genuine opinion but something about the body language reminded of me and my ex when I knew she might be annoyed at me disagreeing with her for some reason. If that was me and I just said “Russian Terminator” with no elaboration I’d get chewed out at home for making her feel alone or some nonsense.

  • Mjau

    I usually love you guys, but would it kill you to let the woman talk without being interrupted?
    Also that bearded guy seems like a really condescending assclown.

  • Rick Berman

    They’ve all been condescending assclowns for years, where have you been?

  • Tomas P.

    Fuck you, Rick Berman. Wait you’re Rick Rickerson. What’s up with those Ricks?

  • capitandelespacio

    He thought “it’s gonna be great”.

  • boatmurdered

    Huh, so that’s what Mike’s girlfriend looks like. He mentioned the name of his girlfriend being Jessi in an interview he did earlier.

  • @7248f165e27d68c7090d1ed01f4458d0:disqus But it’s stylistically designed to be that way and you can’t undo that, but you can diminish the effects of it.

  • capitandelespacio

    Hopefully it’ll work.

  • Wezzipooh

    Hopefully Samurai Cop will make it onto one of these shows, and win!

  • Please keep doing this as a series! Greetings from Argentina.

  • guest

    Reading this and other comments below is annoying. They’re ALL constantly interrupting each other, but because one of them is female, people have to add some sort of psychology to it.

    “They keep cutting off THE WOMAN.” “Let THE WOMAN talk more.”

    The men are treating her exactly how they’re treating each other.

  • Guest

    That’s right, these RLM kids are too young to remember the major signifiers of Ninja-American culture in the early 80s. Hopefully someday they realize they put an innocent exploitation film to death.

  • Guest

    Not shown – the scene where she passes out drawings of Mike as a lion, Jay as a pig demon, and Rich as a crab monster.

  • capitandelespacio

    You ain’t no Rick Berman… what is it with Ricks?

  • capitandelespacio

    It’s gonna be great.

  • capitandelespacio

    Stop wasting my time.

  • capitandelespacio

    It’s danish.

  • wheeeeee

    We already knew that.Her name is Jay.

    But seriously.Who gives a shit.They do excellent work.I don’t care what they do with their penises in their private life.

  • Rocket

    This really sucked ass. First of all why wasn’t Rich Evans at the table when he watched the movies? Secondly…weird emo chick – whats the point? She had nothing to say. If they have to start shoving her in shit because she’s banging Mike then she needs a script writer.

  • DatNigga

    Perfect start on the weekend! Ooooh! Mike has a giiiiirlfriiiieeend <3

  • An old friend

    No, you shut up.

  • An old friend

    May the force be with you.

  • capitandelespacio


  • That was a great little show. You guys should make it a regular thing (but please, put the Care Boars out of their misery!)

  • Exactly; this was not lazy. RLM seems to want to do something to the most professional level they can given their resources. Also; I just got to see three movies I will NEVER watch, but got all the most entertaining bits out of them and anything actually worth seeing, along with an interesting meta discussion that touched on filmmaking and studio politics. Maybe it was boring to somebody but not to me.

  • Jason

    This is a great idea for a show! I hope you guys keep doing these! I want to hunt down Russian Terminator and watch it with my “bad movie” watching friends!

  • Marvin Falz

    Hey, that was very nice to watch! Looking forward to watch more Best of the Worst with the five of you!

  • Thomas

    No troll 2? 🙁

  • Thomas

    I also recommend Dark Harvest 2: The Maize. You will want to kill yourself.

  • Donatello

    when’s the next pizza roll review?

  • Raffael

    Did someone say pizza?

  • Michelangelo


  • Leonardo


  • Awesome new show RLM! I always felt like the “terrible old movie” episodes of Half in the Bag felt a little off, but expanding that idea as it’s own show with some new faces was a ton of fun. And you even got Rich Evans to come along and laugh at things. <3

  • Bobo

    He don’t want no ho mackin on his man.

  • nobody


  • careboar


  • not rich evans

    Because he is a celebrity, that’s why he’s not hanging with these losers.

  • Victorinus

    TIL: Rich Evan’s opinion doesn’t matter. Also, The girl (Jessie?) was the only one man enough to carry the cinder block up the ladder. Fun video though.

  • random creep from the interweb

    Yeah, right….

    It’s because of the cleavage. Like you would like to see Mike’s one… Someone has to show it.

  • i hate you

    Fuck you sir. Now I’ll be having that tune in my head for the next three days…

  • I agree th

  • Joe Bloggs

    27.12 – Mike glances specifically at the girl when he says “sexual tension”

  • they probably let her do it to be cute

  • I heard it somewhere

  • Herzog

    I like the format.
    It’s nice to have someone on the show who sees things in a different light.

  • Christopher Kulik

    No, you should have said, “Get off your lazy fucking ass and give us what we want you fat homo…nobody cares about TOO YOUNG TO DIE.”

  • we must

    It’s gonna be great!!

  • The “explosions, one-against-a-hundred bazooka battles, and chases” is real, but it was a hyperbole taken out of context to describe the buffet of bullshit that was Never Too Young To Die.

  • More interesting was the “not gay” pillow between Jessi and Josh (the Wizard).

  • James

    This new series is fantastic! I’m looking forward to future installments of it.

  • Wowbagger

    On the topic of bad films, ever seen Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn ?

  • Kamui

    love this new series can’t wait for more great work as always

  • Archie Bunker

    A nice addition to your site. I’m looking forward to more. It’s a shame that Rich Evans wasn’t involved in the anal-sis… hopefully he can leave those tied up hookers in his basement alone for a night and join you guys for the next one.

    P.S. it is impossible to not laugh when Rich laughs. I’ve noticed that Mike especially can’t hold back once Rich gets going!

  • Anonymoose

    Because it’s a funnier series than we’ve ever had before.

  • Loved this! Also noticed that blip player streamed faster than ever…hooray!

  • E

    Awesome show guys! I hope to see more of these when you guys get bored of what’s currently out in the theaters. I recently saw a trailer on Youtube called Miami Connection and instantly thought that you guys should definitely watch and review this film. Maybe dedicate a few shows to great genre of the post apocalyptic films like The Blood of Heros with Rutger Hauer and many other Mad Max knock offs.

  • AAA

    It’s Half in the Bag…but with two people too many…And I don’t like things that are different

  • georgesiv

    I would like to take part of a best of worse

  • For future reference: You can find an indestructible sledge hammer on Amazon. It will probably do better than a block or brick or anything fragile.

  • Cool new show. I suggest watching Death Wish 3.

  • Jarpa

    Haha, turns out that the Russian Terminator is indeed Swedish, the director and lead writer is from a town a few kilometers away from me, Lidköping.

  • Sgt. Pepper

    I do.

  • Oh god this is going to be a good series.

  • ali

    Great fun. Do more. Do ‘Island of Death’.

  • Doip

    When’s the next Half in the Bag review?

  • tjp77

    Hahaha I was wondering that too, they looked pretty cozy on that couch at one point. Then Mike realized his arm was around her and totally awkwardly pulled it back and sat up like he was in jr high and his mom just walked in the room.

  • tjp77

    That was freaking hilarious.

  • justin

    I guess that movie needed a “ninjatude” adjustment.

  • More please, so much more. This was so good bad and bad good.

  • GN

    I hope Jessi gets better with time, until then i am referring to her as Yoko

  • Malchik

    I said the same thing about Yoko.


    Wait, there was a girl in this?!?

  • Jays Mom

    This sucked balls. Rich Evans watched the movies and wasnt on the panel. Instead we got ginger emo chick who had nothing to say. Seriously dudes, dont start including chicks that youre banging if it lowers the quality of the output. Also if you really want to see a movie that sucks ass and is fucking hilarious then go watch “Taken 2.”

  • OE

    I hope you get better with time, until then i am referring to you as misogynist

  • Paranormal Investigator

    They’ve already done a Half in the Bag episode on it. Where have you been.

  • JustSayin

    You could probably make a coat out of Gene Simmons Pubes.

  • Marvin Falz

    I think they knew that the footage might be used. Maybe Mike’s back was aching and he had to correct his posture.

  • Yoko

    That shit happened half a century ago.Let it go man.

  • GN

    Dude – It was a joke. She just looked a little uncomfortable on camera at times. DMY

  • Koko

    You ruined his special wanking time.Yes I am saying he masturbates angrily and cries in shame afterwards.

  • Koko

    They don’t make movies like that anymore because… they do…it’s just that those movies have a budget now and audiences get fooled by CGI and special effect they are watching a movie when in fact they are watching godawfull not even cheese worthy films.Just look at some recent movies.Hell look at most recent movies.

  • quest

    Yes,they suck each others dicks.

    Who gives a shit.We the dumbass masses of the internet will see the most inane version of the interaction of the participants in the video.
    Don’t be a smartass and join the fun.

  • Georgie L.

    We need a movie with Rich Evans as Magical Pimp. In spaaaaaacee.

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    Fuck you? Isn’t the wife for that? And sandwiches.

  • name pickings

    If Rich Evans was there he’d be glancing at him.

  • Made in Sweden

    If you liked Russian Terminator. Then you will love Ninja misson by the same swedish director, Mats Helge Olsson.

  • Jigsaw

    Hipster Alert!

    neckbeard: check!
    glasses with big black frame: check!

    Colorful shirts with motives that only 12 year old girls used to wear: check!
    Enjoying things ironically: check!
    Raising the voice at the end of a non-question: check!

    Yup! Hipster!

  • jakob

    Do we really need a new review show? Just saying that most review shows and not all but most comes from a creative spark somewhere. With the Best of the worst I’m not even sure why they were even made

  • Piepe

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  • presidente pullman

    during sex.
    that’s the joke.

  • presidente pullman

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    i vote for jontron in birdemic

  • presidente pullman

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  • Piepe

    have you gone mental?

  • Zack Zenon

    Absolutely love the new show! I think I own a movie worth screening for you guys.

  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    I found out how loyal I am to RedLetteMedia.
    LOYAL – Watching Plinkett Review.
    VERY LOYAL – Watching two guys who watched movies (Half-In-The-Bag).
    EXTREMELY LOYAL – Watching people while they’re watching movies who will later discuss what they watched while we were watching them (Best of the Worst).

  • guest

    You don’t know what neckbeard means, genius.

  • Why is she even on?

    I wonder if she is one of those controlling types and made
    him feel bad that she was not getting any glory, or she one of those yelling
    and screaming types that just need a little “honey in the hive” if you know
    what I mean.

  • nitpickingasshole

    Okay, this is kind of bad. The girl… who is Mike’s sister, GF, or wife, is making other’s feel really awkward. It’s clear in the video and it really takes away from what this could have been.

    That pillow between the girl and the other guy IS REALLY FUCKING AWKWARD AND DISTRACTING. Just give the other guy a chair, or better yet, please take this woman out from all future videos and don’t mix your lovers into your business.

    I have nothing against women, that “hooker-cop” was one fucking funny lady!!! BRING HER BACK!!! … but leave the girl in this video, who I am sure is a nice person and I wish her the best, out from all future videos PLEASE.

    Rich Evens is great at dissecting films. Why isn’t he in the main after-movie commentary? WTF? If he can’t make it in that date, wait a day to shoot and make sure he’s in it. Not for his laugh, for his fun commentary.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    When’s the next plinkett review?


    Rich Evans Laugh= Godzilla Roar.

  • i can’t get enough of Rich Evans laughing , seriously RLM should give him a show where he watches bad movies and just laughs.

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    I like how they deleted my well written comment that mentioned removing Mike’s lover from the show.

    Dark times to come for RLM? I hope not but… yeah… Yoko needs to go.

  • Infernocanuck

    Its so silly to point this out, but before they shift, he murmurs, “Excuse me” to her. He obviously wanted to shift his weight, due to discomfort by the way he was sitting. Then they just continued watching the movie.

    Yes, Mike probably has a girlfriend, or wife, or whatever, and it’s sweet, but the focus of this video was to highlight some god-awful movies. I’d rather not gossip about the sex life of a guy I’ve never met.

  • Infernocanuck

    Maybe they just deleted your comment because you’re an asshole?

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    When’s the next Best of the Worst?

  • wellscrewyoutoo

    So having a negative opinion about the show, but stating so tastfully, makes one an asshole?

    It’s not like I mentioned the 8 tracking cookies this website installs on your computer.Don’t believe me? Run an anti-malware program, like SuperAnti-Spyware and look at how many come up for

    There, delete this comment too, jerks.

  • smooth

    Now I’ve analyzed this video with a team of pathetic, lonely men. And we came to the conclusion that since Mike was in the credits as the sole editor, he could only have left that scene in on purpose.

    This was just like a similar documentary that came out recently. It wasn’t real popular, but you might have heard about it, it was

  • I liked that…. more please ^^

  • capitandelespacio

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    Awesome, been hoping for another funny female opinion since black ninja. Oh, she doesn’t get to talk. Nevermind.

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  • Floyd

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    That’s a full beard. You don’t know what neckbeard means.

  • James

    Fantastic new series! I’m looking forward to future installments of it.

  • Hey guys – you were right. The film is Swedish, and was originally called “The Russian Ninja”.

  • neckbeard34321

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  • That’s cruel and unusual punishment. No one can watch that film entirely in a single sitting. No one.

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    Mike is clearly getting a piece of that, you could see them cuddling on the couch. My guess is it’s his GF and I hope we see more of her. I liked what she added to the show and you people being hard on her are probably virgins

  • blahblaghggjbbh

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  • demtitties

    DISAGREE WITH YOU THERE, THIS WAS FUNNY AND i LOVED THAT We get reviews and discussions of movies that most of us have never seen before

  • yoko must go

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  • Hey, you re-edited the video.

  • Jigsaw

    Look again. He has two beards. A regular one, and a shorter neckbeard.

  • Jigsaw

    It’s how you do it that makes you a hipster. And I don’t mean raising the voice as in getting louder, but as in raising the tone as if asking a question, even though it’s actually a statement. That’s how hipsters talk.

  • He’s only there to make his trademark shrieking laugh.

  • Williamsburg

    Don’t give him so much guff, man, a hipster killed his parents.

  • The rest of the internet

    Okay, schmuck.

  • Your mother

    I am.


    It’s one of the big bads. But I recently watched In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale and was highly entertained by how terrible it was. Of course, it’s Uwe Boll, so I’m sure people have seen it (or already know what it will be like) but all of the big actors just make it that much funnier.


    Circulate the tapes! What’s the point of finding out about something rare, if you can’t have it?

  • Meester Smeeth

    New show, nice. Love it.

  • Cid

    Or they just, you know, invited her. It does seem odd though, she doesn’t really give much commentary at all.

  • Your mother

    Didn’t you hear me? I told you I am, son.

  • That’s what friends ARE for!

  • Guest

    I find it interesting that Red Letter Media uses words like hell, damn, bitch, bastard, and fuck as part of there usual vocabulary, but the word nigger is censored. What kind of hyper sensitive fucking world do we live in? Do we really have to censor the word from a movie review?

  • themorephinetango

    sometimes the person saying the word isn’t even comfortable with it and wants to be censored. Words such as fuck, shit, damn, bitch, hell and bastard are all offensive within a certain context. And if you don’t understand why “nigger” is offensive in any and every use, then you’re fucking retarded.

  • Dan

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    Please explain. Who’s Yoko?

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  • Heat Man

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  • Jay’s line about crushing Ninja Vengeance was awesome.

  • Lapan


    In german the full title of “Russian Terminator” is “Ninja – In geheimer Mission 2 – Russian Terminator”. There was a very popular trailer for the first movie where one of the lines said translated: “If the terminator was russian, he wouldn’t stand a chance against Ninja – On a secret mission”.

    The sequel likely got that title to abuse that popularity.

  • Riser

    Ummm… so, yeah. I guess I’ll be the one that says I love the new show/format and am really looking forward to more of these in the future… even if it means hundreds of comments discussing your personal lives.

  • ZagZagovich

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  • Great stuff guys!

  • guest

    Yeah, because RLM creating MORE content and MORE diversity to the site is a bad thing.

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    So there is a girl because guys like to look at girls, and RLM aren’t dummies. Got it.

    Please ditch the non-funny stereotypical neckbeard dude showing off his man tits, he was the worst.

  • Mike! Do you do the horizontal lambada with the ginger temptress?!? WE MUST KNOW!!!!

  • The Russian Terminator was made Mats Helge who is Swedish. most of the actors where Swedish as well. Swedes start learning English in school at age 10, and never use voice overs for adult stuff. Grammar and vocabulary is generally ok, inflections and flow is often lacking. A better watch of Mats Helge would probably be The Ninja mission on account of it being hilariously gory.

  • Balage

    This is actually better, than Half in the bag. I love these kind of shows. 😀

  • bitchtits69

    27:38 failed cuz fat

  • Jean-Michel

    She does, but they keep interrupting her.

  • V.

    Why would you cencor something on the internet? On you own website? I just don’t get it, could someone explain?

  • James

    You guys gasped and shouted racism for that terribly made movie and got blown back by “nigger.” When are you doing a Django review?!

  • guest

    They did Django. It’s on the main page.

  • James

    Ah. They glazed over and sugar coated the overbearing anti white racism in that movie…. doesn’t surprise me. A land filled to the brim with hypocrites.

  • Melultu Kibsu

    Cinder blocks do tend to shatter, if only you could get a hold of an acual anvil…

  • guest

    Django isn’t anti-white, it’s anti-slave-owner. Christoph Waltz’s character was white.


  • Kaled

    This was wonderful. I loved it. And that girl is CUTE. There’s no shortage of adorable redheads in the RLM-verse.

    More of these, please!

  • Beefwit

    God damn it. The care boars video always comes on if you wait too long after a video is over.

  • Marvin Falz

    People discuss other people’s lifes naturally but there’s a line between analysing information and intruding the comfort zone.

  • Marvin Falz

    I like that idea. Images of Road Runner come to my mind.

  • T Wal

    I love the old bad movie reviews, so this new series makes me happy. I just hope it doesn’t replace the next B-fest Half in the Bag video.

  • Its good to see those kind of review because often you don’t get the chance of watching these movies, basically I think because you don’t give a F about that…
    Anyway its always good to see those guys talking, even with guests 🙂
    So, episode two will feature the Award Winning “The Room”?

  • J.W. Booth

    Russian Terminator is not about a russian terminator like Lincon isn’t about Lincon.

  • rich evans

    If hollywood is going to use laugh tracks then they should all have Rich Evans in them.

  • <—– Russian Terminator/Ninja, it was actually entertaining.

  • It doesn’t mean that, making fun of obviously terrible movies is going to make them any better, that has nothing to do with art.

  • I LOVED this new series! This is such a great idea and i cannot wait to see the next episode. You guys have mastered the delicate art of critiquing bad movies and it is gleefully entertaining to listen to Rich Evans laugh.

    Thats right Jay!

  • I have a weird feeling that at some point when Jessi was asked if she wanted to be in the review she expressed some concern that she would end up the subject of weird comments or a discussion about her looks or sex life, and was painstakingly reassured by numerous people that there’s very little chance that would happen.



    Deep Rising should be next. If you have no expectations for that movie, you’ll be in for a truckload of awesome!

  • I think you’re lost – this is Red Letter Media, not Stormfront.

  • David T.

    The fatter, gayer one isn’t actually gay? I don’t even know who I am anymore.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Right. Just like they did–for comic purposes–in the FuckBot press conference.

  • Going too far in a few places

    Are we really going to fucking gossip about Mike and Jay’s personal lives? I mean seriously, we don’t know these people and I’m just a little baffled as to why we as fans should give a shit.

  • Nate

    You guys need a bigger table so Rich can join you for the discussions.

  • yoko need to go

    She adds nothing to the show and should be removed.

  • just jabbering

    Production wise it’s awful. Their HitB’s are looking really good, this looked sloppy and was awkward to watch.

    What’s up with that pillow between the girl and that guy? Awkward.

    The girl doesn’t say much, seems awkward, and is talked over.

    Why was Rich not in discussion part? Why will Mike not be in the next show’s discussion part? Mike, Jay and Rich have good on-camera chemistry and it’s why most of us come here to watch.

    Maybe the show will get better as time moves on.

  • Vincent

    You guys should totally upload like a whole movie and do it like half the movie half you guys’s reaction

  • Ghoulstock

    I hate to be that guy, but whatever. The girl seems really nice, and she’s cute, and I’m sure she’s a swell person, but she added nothing to this and just seemed to be ‘there’; replace her with a cartoon dog or something.

  • Marvin Falz

    I think you’re judging too soon. They’ve just begun to film themselves
    for Best of the Worst. They’ll probably warm up and relax more and more
    with time. I find it pretty courageous that they’re sitting down in front of a camera in a private manner for our entertainment, to let us be – for some few moments – a part of RLM. Lord knows how many people love RLM for the friends-and-family-vibe they’re giving off. And call me old fashioned if you will, but I believe that you can’t replace members of the family (unless they’re harmful to you but then you’d rather leave them but that’s another story).

  • case of the not-gays

    They’re showing that Mike, Jay, Rich Evans, and the Wizard have a case of the not-gays. They couldn’t possibly just have 4 guys in the video. They’d have to call it: “4 guys, 1 camera”.

    Heh heh heh

  • you should set a camera close up on rich’s face the whole time just so we can get a whole video of him laughing

  • conor

    i like the girl! she should be in more stuff

  • Who’s the fella in the Lil Bub shirt? He’s my hero.

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  • Mike Lafky

    Next time you could even let the woman talk!

  • xrinti

    So, I hafta know. Have you ever seen “Hell Comes to Frogtown”, and if so, what’d you think of it?

  • sam

    I like this new show… I like it 🙂

  • Damn! Were pulling for you mike!

  • I hate that fucking Denny’s commercial before the video so much. What a sappy piece of shit. Wow that made me sick, fire your whole ad department

  • Wow, on the cover of Never Too Young to Die, did you notice how big they tried to make John Stamos’ bulge?

  • Bob

    Sitcoms should replace their laugh tracks with Rich Evan’s laugh,

  • skfjsdkfjsdnnsdfjnjd

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  • more of this please!

  • JeffreyKublerElf

    I hope you guys had as much fun making this as I did watching it. Looking forward to the next episode!

  • I love this new format. Keep up the good work guys(and gal).

  • Really hope this is the start of a new series. Laughed my ass off several times! Great chemistry and great film choices. Keep up the great work!

  • It looked more like the way Mike adjusted his entire body to reposition his arm, the girl took it as a boundary reset/rebuff and shifted away. Chicks don’t unintentionally put 40% of their weight onto you.

  • Der Gast

    admit it mike, you just did this to show us you have (in contrary to the other guys) a girlfriend.

  • Going too far in a few places

    My mistake, I meant to reply to the Paul Howard guy below me. I find his comment pretty stupid

  • Ya’ll need to release your own rifftrax…

  • Bailey

    I doubt you guys will see this but I enjoy every thing you do. Jay you are a fantastic editor at least I’m guessing you do the cutting. Mike you are very lovable and intelligent at least I’m guessing you intelligent ha ha ha. I would love to see more of this best of the worst series. Also I would like to see something like the whole video of you guys watching and commentating on movies like the resident evil marathon, understandably not all of it would be interesting to every one but still it would give me and others more insight into you guys. I hope to meet you guys some day, Love you keep up the amazing work I promise it is not going unappreciated.

    Your Fan


  • proghead777

    I wish there was a NetFlix for awful movies, call it, I dunno, ShitFlix, where I could watch these atrocities against filmkind with my friends. Preferably while we’re all drunk. That would be a good time.

  • proghead777

    Hi Mike and/or Jay!

  • Dorkoman

    Who is the chick, she is really sexy

  • Jack

    Just watched “Russian Terminator” on youtube.

    It was awful. Phil awful! I had no ideer!

  • Manaconda

    LOVE this series. More please!

  • Carlos Marcello

    >I just got to see three movies I will NEVER watch
    >three movies I will NEVER watch

    Get out of my country, you filthy fucking communist.

  • Tiny_Tank

    Man I dont know what the hell it is but something about Rich Evan’s laugh is just completely infections. I just listen to Rich laughing and I can’t stop laughing with him because his laugh is so great.

  • Termi

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  • capitandelespacio

    ha!, rape jokes!, I lov’em!

  • OodlaKake

    The chick brought nothing to the table, accept Mike trying to hide the tent he was pitching in his pants, and making the discussion completely awkward. Please leave her out from now on. Thanks.

  • She’s in the background of his birthday picture…

  • namn

    I think I remember watching Russian ninja/ Russian Terminator at some point. At least it looks familiar from the review. What I found hilarious in the movie was when the “good guys” break into the girl’s father’s office complex to steal the papers. They run into a security guard whom they then proceed to murder in cold blood, simply for being in the way. Everyone was totally cool with this in the movie and no repercussions resulted from it.

  • Love that laugh.

  • rarirurero

    i hope that somewhere, the ‘actor’ from ‘the worst ninja’ is watching this and sobbing to himself before his 40 minute commute to his pizza-parlor table-waiting job… haha

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    What this needs is more snide, self-amused, neck-bearded, fat hipsers with nerd glasses and ironic, ill-fitting t-shirts.

  • HonkeyJim

    Actually, it was so boring that I quit watching before the other bullshit, Joe. It’s unfortunate that I missed the impressive editing that included multiple synced cameras… which seems standard… and cuts of the movie… which also doesn’t seem challenging at all, but the first few minutes were just that bad. I have since watched the neckbeard edition of the segment all the way through. Still blows my big, fat, black cock.

  • Undeadpool

    Seriously, you guys looking to ask her out, WHO GIVES A SHIT??? They had TONS of footage to choose from, they kept that in, so I doubt it was anything more than repositioning.

  • Anonymous
  • Neal


  • Alex

    Russian Terminator needs to be part of me and some friends getting together, how do I obtain this movie?

  • morris

    29:23 Best part

  • Dolly Parton

    The wizard hipster dude is wearing a better quality of T-shirt in this episode although his beard is less well trimmed and his thumb-nails are much longer than his finger-nails. I don’t know what any of this means.

  • CorbeauNoir

    Someday there will be a Rifftrax-esque service where you can superimpose an audio track of Evans laughing at events in a particular movie

  • CorbeauNoir

    Well at least he didn’t fake alcohol poisoning in an attempt to score.

  • Marvin Falz

    That’s what I did. Then I realised I’m in a different room. 😉

  • Nameson

    Where the hell can I download the Russian Terminator theme song?

  • The next Die Hard movie will be called Never Too Young to Die Hard.

  • Benedict from Shrewsbury

    You guys are all so cool. How do I get into your cool film gang?

  • bncrpd

    Mike gets rejected at 27:40.

  • joe

    The worst dummy is in Die Hard II when the Bruce Willis pushes over the painting set.

  • Commentinvestigator

    Hey, is this the Yoko message that started it all? I wonder.

  • An old friend

    Well, I was wrong again, coming back here 2 months later. What’s with this women bashing. Why do you care if the women isn’t funny, to you? Why should they get rid of her? The Yoko thing is kinda funny… but you really can’t be serious on this. WTF is wrong with you guys. Are you afraid women take over one of your last men-only hideouts? That place with the rape-jokes.

  • Marvin Falz

    Jessi’s pretty funny during her 5 second appearance in BotW Episode 4. Besides, it’s not like all the others – that is RLM and guests – were a total 100% funny all the time.

  • Doesn’t Care

    She’s got a wedding ring.

  • For You

    You just went full Mythbusters.

  • Now I Get It

    I thought that, too, but a second look shows that he’s holding his own hand. Odd as that sounds.

  • whip

    how about Just Die Hard Already.

  • Wildcherry

    Mikes harrison Ford story s hilarious.

  • Paintingtasters

    What blows my mind is that the teacher in the flashback scenes of Ninja Vengeance is Stephen Hayes, real-life “American ninja”, who was among the first westerners to journey to Japan to learn from Togakure Ryu Ninja Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. He must not have known how bad the movie was going to be when he agreed to help out…

  • Jonas

    Russian Terminator was probably shot in Lidkoping, Sweden. Mats Helge Olsson, the director and producer, shot all of his movies there I believe. Usally he shot several movies at the same time using the same cast, basicly creating different movies while editing. They used to show his movies on late night cable here in Sweden.

    Most of the cast were unknowns, but every now and the you could spot actors from the Royal Theatre who just wanted camera experience and that became a bit embarresed when the particular movie found distribution.

    My favourite Mats Helge movie is without a doubt Ninja Mission! Same storyline as all other Mats Helge movies (russians, ninjas, some random girl, and some old guy), but with higher production values. Check it out!

  • CorbeauNoir

    Okay, proxy-feminist white knight.

  • CorbeauNoir

    Instead she just ended up being the token female hanger-on who didn’t really contribute anything interesting to the discussion. Oh well.

  • Dookus

    I love the mail order Russian wife advertisement off to the side.

  • williamsn411

    “That’s what friends ARE for”

  • Yo

    Did this guy really just feel awkward with “Gene Simmons in eyeshadow and make-up” like it was weird? Gene spent a lot of his career with most of the world not knowing what fam’s face even looked like. It’s weird NOT to see him in eyeshadow and make-up.

  • RMCarpenter

    Someone needs to do a 10 hour “Rich Evans laughing” video on YouTube.

  • RMCarpenter

    I vaguely remembered Never Too Young to Die for that horrific Stargrove song, and for Gene Simmons’ terrible, godawful acting. You’re right, though… the movie does light up when he’s on screen. It’s uncanny.

  • RMCarpenter

    When they cut to Gene Simmons getting thrown off the dam, I am literally reduced to tears. I don’t know if it’s the scream, or the thought of the prop department, but it almost causes an aneurysm every time.

  • Lennart

    The accents in Russian Terminator don’t sound like any Scandinavian accents I ever heard, and I’m Danish … is what I was about to write, but then I looked it up on IMDb and all the lead actors are Danish and Swedish. That shut me up…

  • Now I Get It

    No “one against a hundred bazooka battles,” or whatever it was.

    Blockbuster did the same thing with Fritz Lang’s “Cloak and Dagger”, describing it as “Gary Cooper parachutes behind enemy lines….” I remember watching and thinking, “There’s not a paracute in here.” But it did have the best hand-to-hand combat scene EVER.

    Anyway, so glad Blockbuster is gone. They were the NY Times of rental outfits.

  • AlcaldeEste

    At 29:28, Josh is obviously eating to try to repress his sexual urges at the arousing scene.

  • Hiro

    23:45 John Stamos changing from brunette to blonde… LOL

  • R.A.S. Protector

    Ooh! This is a fun logic puzzle right here…

    How is it that something “shut you up” when right before you say the very thing you were supposedly prevented from saying by being proved wrong…

    If this were Star Trek, I’d say you somehow contracted a microbial infection that exists in a para-temporal state, allowing you to speak nonsense even as you spontaneously admit you’re wrong.

    This isn’t Star Trek though…anybody got ideas on this problem?

  • Kabbe

    he looks gay in those t-shirts and with his mannerisms.

  • Matt

    i donated for a year, gonna up it to 20-30 a month, can i get a forum sub?

  • AramJulia

    …So what if he is?

  • FestusOnigbinde

    OMG the gal at 14:59 is hot!

  • Sativa Indica

    lol @ 11:48

  • Douglas Samson

    Well, if you’ve seen either Wanted:Dead or Alive or Red Surf you would know how subdued Gene Simmons acting can be. Though it is awesome in Red Surf he turns into a Rambo like action hero at the end of it and takes out a lot of people at a Drug lord’s house.

  • Douglas Samson

    Oh, the only actually good movie from Stephen Sommers.

  • Sativa Indica

    i like the spotted cow ale bottles lol.

  • Undeadpool

    How am I white-knighting? Or does that phrase join “corporate,” “emo,” and “sellout” in the lexicon of “I don’t like something, but I’m also not very articulate”?

  • Liz Frazier

    Starting my Best of the Worst Christmas Eve marathon now.

  • John Whatmeworry

    At 25:18, is that Freddy Kruger?

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    If you watch Russian Terminator on Youtube you can see the original title is Russian Ninja. (look at 2:23)

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    If it makes you feel any better I am 1/4 Danish and I didn’t recognize that shit either.

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    Does she has a name?

  • You never go full Stamos!

  • WTFinternet

    Its great how that girl looks like she’s thinking: “I’m in hell!” trough this whole thing.

  • Pissernacht

    It’s so weird…Rich’s presence is just…magical! His laughter is like seeing a pegasus in flight; nobody’ll believe you, but it doesn’t matter, since that wondrous moment will stay with you forever…

    If you’re curious, yes, I know we have it on film, but hearing it in person? Just thinking about that afternoon in late September makes me smile with irrational joy…

  • Reginald Van Der Slythe III

    “There’s nothing better than a bad dummy.”

    Truly, this man is my brother. The dummies were about the only thing worth watching in Never Too Young to Die. Well, that, Robert Englund’s extended cameo, and Vanity’s body, because damn.

    Speaking of luscious ladies, Jessi. Yowza. What a great laugh, too.

  • Stef Sarch

    What’s the background music at 3:50?

  • diehounderdoggen

    I only just noticed Wizard’s Velocipedestrienne shirt.

  • DG

    A documentary about the filmmaker behind Russian terminator.

  • QueryVillain

    There’s also an Indian Terminator

  • WrongWithYourFace

    That was covered in Half in the Bag Episode 19.

  • Sarah

    Does anyone have any idea where I can get that ridiculous plane shirt?

  • mantaradio

    thats no velopipopidam, that’s lil bub!!

  • bijinius

    Man, that one guy… Rich? Whatever his name is, we all know him as the guy with the MOST NUT-BLAZINGLY ANNOYING laugh. And sometimes at unfunny moments, too… At times it’s just painful. Of course any comedy review show NEEDS a big laugher, but THAT??

  • Sam

    Get out.

  • ccw_clan:rewired

    In all fairness, even if Scandinavian people know the English words they are saying and understand them in a sentence… if they don’t often use them in a sequence, their inflections will be weird as Scandinavian inflection is weird. A lot of the examples used in this video seemed fairly typical to me.
    I spent a lot of time in Scandinavian countries, it’s fun to hear them talk (even if they for some bizarre reason decide to master some Yorkshire or Glaswegian accent – which the also seem to like to do).

  • Matt Bryson

    “Weird” to us. It’s highly likely our accents are just as “weird” to them

  • ccw_clan:rewired

    Obviously weird to most Americans like the Best of the Worst team, that was implied. Not quite so weird to me as I am used to non native speakers with heavy accents. And most non native speakers will notice they speak with a weird accent as well, it makes it easy to spot a fellow countryman as well!! I’m not sure if “American” or “English” accents will sound just as weird to others at all, it’s pretty much what most will hear when they do hear native speakers. South African English may be a bit more weird to a lot of people.

  • I saw the poster for ‘If looks could kill’ at 23mins and instantly recognised ‘Teen Agent’. We all liked stupid movies in our youth.

  • nocussing

    it’s so cute watching this now. they tried so hard with different angles lol

  • Bill Hiers

    Although not necessarily a good movie, I think If Looks Could Kill was still better than Never Too Young to Die.

  • AreyouaNazi? Isthatyourelf?

    Did Len finish work on Angel of Reckoning?

  • HolySnappzors

    Did anyone else see the see the sexual tension between Mike and that girl @27:32 ????

  • therantguy

    Mike is in a relationship with Jessi.

  • HolySnappzors

    Is Jessi the redheaded girl he had his arm around???

  • The Wicker Man (BWF)

    Here is this: about Never too Young to Die. Pretty great old footage.

  • Tucker Bankshot

    Still? She hasn’t been in anything in a while

  • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

    probably cause people are creeps, like mr. deleted comment i’m sure

  • BarryLegg

    The camera angles in this episode are really weird…. like they were experimenting with a three-camera setup where the tripods were randomly adjusted to different heights during recording.

  • Papa Figo

    They say ninja “ninya”. J as a vowel. That stood out to me while watching this movie.

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