Best of the Worst: Hollywood Cop

June 21, 2017129 Comments

In the first “Spotlight Series” episode of Best of the Worst, the gang takes a look at Hollywood Cop! From the director of Samurai Cop!

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  • mb82thegr8a8pe

    Life is now complete.

  • I like that you guys play with your format.
    Keeps things fresh.

  • Ret Marut

    Jay = EGO
    Rich = ID
    Mike = SUPEREGO

  • Percy Gryce

    Just a reminder: Percy Gryce is still around. And I sent in the Hollywood Cop poster. I got it off of eBay a couple of years ago.


  • Nice episode, just the trio, very entertaining

  • t⨂my`

    Bless you.

  • Wow, the YouTube comment section is just the worst.

  • mister man

    How the fuck is Rich Evans so dumb

  • You don’t like the endless repetition of old quotes?
    They come back up like bad sushi and they never go away.

  • Adez

    I like this format

  • LameSame

    No fourth person? No Jack? No sale!

  • Layer Cake

    Guys this is just awesome. Please continue to make episodes of best of the worst in this format. one movie, analyzed in depth by mike, rich and jay. A streamlined version of your show , with red letter media’s holy trifecta. You guys broke new ground.

  • Jeffrey Padilla

    Have you guys done Ghost Town?

  • MichaelKz

    That scene with the kid talking to the dog was adorable.

  • MichaelKz

    Yeah, who knew that Best of the Worst kept guys from committing suicide or always made them cum hard?

  • Oh snap.

  • Hank Schkorio

    Even though this episode was still centered around a mcguffin as most BOTW’s are, it still allowed the characters (Jay, Mike, and Rich) to interact in an organic way and the audience learned more about them. I know a lot of people say there isn’t a character arch, but fans of the show can see these characters change across series. It’s subtle, and that’s what makes this show great. Sometimes I almost find myself believing that these characters are real people.

  • Mr_Show


  • Or made them stop another thing that was critically important or socially significant.

  • You can never move on from the Tums Festival.

  • DanceOfBirther

    Well, every day ends with it.

  • You got wrecked, Bitch Evans, that’s what you get for condoning police waiting outside where they heard there was a fucking “rape and robbery currently in progress” – you sicken me!

  • Fan of MST3k

    I loved this. Please do more spotlight episodes. Half hour with the three of you talking about one bad movie in depth is so much better and more accessible than the normal BotW format.

  • I try not to look at it.

  • That’s, like, hardly scratching the surface.

  • gopher00000

    Every day ends with a…uh…shit. I forgot.

  • MikeFromCanmore

    is Best Of The Worst being replaced by Tums Festival ?

  • Andrew Holden Mazur

    I just started watching but had to stop and comment after Jay said you try to keep episodes “relatively short.” I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve seen every episode of this show more than once, embarrassed not because the show isn’t worth devotion, but because I might be an insane person. Regardless I wish every episode was longer. Spotlight is a great idea, but go long, with all your shows, please. They’re the best stuff on tv;)

  • Thanatos

    Wow the lights on that O are really starting to go.

  • Black Santa

    I liked this episode, but part of the fun of BOTW was always watching them discover a bad movie they hadn’t seen before

  • Hank_Henshaw

    BOTW Spotlight: Curse of the Wolf… it has to happen

  • Hank_Henshaw

    You gotta wonder if Rich would’ve been so sure about it without Mike’s “support”, also claiming he didn’t remember Tums Festival being mentioned.

  • Mike Donahue

    Have these guys discovered the films of Tony Zarindast or George Pan Andreas?

  • BigMcLargeHuge

    The oil wrestling is a pretty clear rip off of the mud wrestling scene in Stripes, down to the triumphant rip of the bikini tops.

  • Donaldo Knottso

    See, you say that, and I’m sure you believe it, but a Things, Zaat, Hollywood Cop episode of BOTW would be the greatest shit RLM ever did. Search your feelings, Black Santa. You will know it to be true.

  • andychrist

    my thoughts on this episode – it was shit ……………… it wasnt , i just thought id say that to appear edgy

  • Donaldo Knottso

    Try to keep the episodes short? You think people want to wait over five weeks for a 30 min BOTW episode? $18,929 a month on your Patreon account and you feed us such scraps. For shame gentlemen.

  • Hour long episodes are what help me sleep at night.

  • I am also insane and I welcome all hour plus episodes so that I can be better guaranteed that on rewatching them I will catch some Z’s. It’s genuinely embarrassing how many times I’ve seen every single video on this site. Like, really embarrassing.

  • Tommy Wiseau

    Is youtube comment section replacing Rich Evans? Haha, see I did a call back. Who is say Tommy is not a good writer?

  • RLMkeepitup

    that dialogue at the hotdog stand around 9:48 is The Room level performance

  • RLMkeepitup

    major tums festival after Arbeeee’s.. wait Rich was wrong!?? (gunshot, fade to black)

  • Yeah I felt that very much as well – there was something so offputtingly wrong about it.

  • Brian Levine

    Me and my friends don’t want to hang out with you, either. It’s Wisconsin fer cryin’ out loud.

    This movie is like the worst episode of Dennis the Menace ever.

  • Rich is wrong constantly, he just fools people into thinking he knows what he’s saying with that smug look. Rich once said “mexican food isn’t mexican”. Get out, Rich. Get out.

  • Angela

    So, the Best of the Worst Spotlight Series is going to be like re:View but for bad B movies? Sounds like fun. And maybe re:View can be for good movies now…

  • Michael Collins

    Is this replacing anything?

  • EJ

    It’s funny that the guy who doesn’t drink usually seems the drunkest of all of them.

  • EJ

    It’s replacing commenters who beat jokes to death.

  • LameSame

    Your reply is so dense; every single word has so much going on.

  • LameSame

    I think it’s terribly overacted, and the whole “Youtube Personality” trope is very worn out by now. You must be letting nostalgia blind you to some terrible plot holes, too (e.g. what real human being would forget the phrase “tums festival” just minutes after hearing it?).

  • LameSame

    Ends with what, again?

  • LameSame

    RLM is almost like the Beatles of internet videos. So it’s okay.

  • frankelee

    My favorite part was when they all shared a laugh about Amir Shervan’s death as friends.

  • LameSame

    They’re slowly changing the title of the show to “Best the Worst”, which will have a new format and all of that other crap that comes with the joke I’m making. They’ll save money on electricity, too. Etc.

  • EJ

    I like to throw them on in the background when I’m working, so I prefer the ones that ramble on a bit.

  • So much edge it cuts my eyes.

  • Joe Syxpac

    Even after death he continues to entertain people.

  • Joe Syxpac

    You know, that line from Kindergarten Cop?

  • Joe Syxpac

    I guess they can’t afford LEDs.

  • RLMkeepitup

    Tommy, scientist man would like you to check yer facts.

  • wiggle

    I’ve watched them all more than once, too. More than twice. The various RLM shows and Jenny Nicholson’s 2 channels are now part of my daily life.
    They’re like having a social circle without the effort of getting dressed.

  • Andrew Holden Mazur

    I should’ve just been honest. When I said “more than once” I meant “more than twice.”

  • Craig Rigby

    im sure theyre somehow behind it, the curse of the worst strikes again.

  • TheVerySpecialK

    I’m with you on Rich, but think Mike and Jay should be switched.

  • ikdks

    But, many of my friends are strippers.

  • In all seriousness why wasn’t this just a re:View? Or a HitB for that matter?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Makes Copland look like Cop Out.
    **slide whistle**

  • Pop Culture Reference

    “Did you see the way that joke was dressed?”
    **Price is Right sad trombone**

  • Pop Culture Reference

    I’ve seen the Plinkett Star Wars prequel reviews more than I’ve seen the actual prequels. I haven’t even seen Attack of the Clones at all!

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Does that make Jack the Ringo? And the one female commentator the Pete Best?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    No Jack? SOLD!!!

  • Beckoning Chasm

    I guess that taking care of Mike Jr is pretty much taking all of Jessi’s time these days.

  • moron

    I can’t believe I waited a month and a half hour episode is all I got. What am I supposed to do, rewatch the entire BotW series AGAIN before you upload your next one? Or is this just a teaser and you’ll be releasing a full 3 movie BotW sometime in the next 2 weeks? Either way, I’ll probably just start watching Star Trek TOS again where I left off, then after a month or so I’ll start watching the whole BotW from the beginning again.

    For fun and to keep it spicy, one time I watched the series straight through, skipping all the WotW episodes, and then once I was done, I watched all the WotW episodes in order. Now that was torture.

    Nah, just joshing, you guys make it entertaining as always. This time when I watched all the way through, though, I watched the WotW episodes in order as they occurred interspersed throughout the normal episodes.

    And don’t sweat the long length of the episodes as of the past year or so, it doesn’t really feel all that much longer, and its definitely better than early on when you were only giving 3 movies like 40 minutes or so. You have many fans, even if most of them seem kind of braindead. Blame Hollywood, not them.

  • kylemz

    Any books in your house?

  • moron

    No, none. I don’t believe in reading things. THIS AIN’T A GODDAMN BOOK WEBSITE YOU FUCK.

  • Jack is more like Flava Flav. Chuck D brought him onboard and the label was like “we don’t want him we just want you” – but Chuck refused to kick him out of the group. He was part of the act. In a similar way, even if I didn’t like Jack (and I like him just fine, I think he’s a swell fellow), I would still have to admit that Jack at least gives Rich someone to talk to and vibe off of. He’s part of the team.

  • Spoiled Ants

    Have you looked at his avatar name?

  • Jay’s “WRONG” brought back Lex Luthor memories from Superman Returns. Say what you want about the movie, but Lex Luthor really brought the thunder with that “wrong”. Probably the greatest one ever. Who here remembers when YTMND made a meme out of that?

  • Tommy Wiseau

    I don’t understand. Why are you comparing Tommy’s movie to Hollywood Cop. This is a bad movie.

  • Urdus

    Because smart phones users. Some podcasters I listened to mentioned that they try to keep episodes short because of the smart phone user. That’s why they trim episodes down to 1h max. The time you’ll need to get to work or have lunch. Problematic if Redletter would think that way, too.

  • Brett Burrett

    You mean people actually want to invite you over to their house and watch movies with you? That’s really fucking sad. They should just knit little doll’s sweaters with your names on them and throw doll movie & tea parties like I do.

  • kylemz

    If you Google “Tums”, “Tums festival” is the next suggestion that comes up after “Tums”. That’s without even typing an “f”.

  • kylemz

    I was wondering if that would happen.

  • EJ

    If you look at Amir Shervan’s Wikipedia page, he apparently made a bunch of movies in Iran in the 60s and 70s. I’m actually super curious to see some of those.

  • EJ

    Tommy what are you talking about? This is a buddy cop movie which is inherently the best type of movie.

  • EJ

    Sorry, Cameron Mitchell, but “3 people are dead, one officer wounded, and McKay is still in the john puking his guts out!” is just not as good a line as “A man in our custody lost his head, an officer lost his hand!”

  • EJ

    I wish Amir Shervan was still alive and he was like the director of Troll 2 in Best Worst Movie, still sincerely convinced he’d made a misunderstood masterpiece.

  • MutePrint

    Sure you guys all have lives now and time has become too important to do one hour plus episodes, it’s not that Red-letter fans have made you famous and given you bags of cash, now you water down the brand so you can have more “quality” time with your loved ones. We demand more! More longer videos on a weekly basis, we want you to give all your time to us.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    I’m glad “Best of the Worst” is curating its cinematic offerings.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Yes, but what’s a Hartnett?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Mr. Spicer, your hostility isn’t warranted.

  • LameSame

    Don’t worry: they’ll have a whole slew of unfiltered shit for your enjoyment(?) very soon, I’m sure.

  • EJ

    You listening, whoever runs the Tums social media accounts? This is some viral shit, get on it!

  • Robotpals

    Best of the Worst is one of the best things on the Internet. Spotlight is fine, but don’t stop with the real thing. Hopefully Jim and Collin being in that phony Half in the Bag will mean we’ll get another Wheel of the Worst soon… Oh. Wait.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    “Unfiltered shit is the best shit!” — a heroin addict

  • Pop Culture Reference

    NRA meetings have really gotten strange since I last time I went to them.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    But is it really George Pan Andreas’ fault?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Team players can get traded.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    “I’ll allow it.” — Police Chief David Clarke

  • Pop Culture Reference


  • Pop Culture Reference

    Any reasonably conscious American voter.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Under His Eye.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Rich radiates with orgone energy.

  • Michael Collins

    Oooh! snarky…

  • t⨂my`

    Blessed Be The Fruit.

  • Kaingerc

    rewatching this video is going to give Rich a Tums Festival.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Too bad Cameron Mitchell is dead, he would have made a great president.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    I imagine there’s a Henry Kissinger sex tape in there somewhere, given the time period.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    “Tip your waitress and try the veal!” — Jesus

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Something something Donald Trump joke.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    “Every frame has so much edge to it.” — Hey, that’s not Rick Berman.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    They could if they courted the same sponsors as those who sponsor Collider. Because that show has integrity, right?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    More! Longer!

  • Pop Culture Reference

    The Tums Festival is replacing Sundance.

  • Pop Culture Reference


  • Pop Culture Reference

    More than enough reason to sterilize humanity.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Or if you are David Carradine, both at the same time.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    May The Fruit Open … or whatever.

  • LameSame

    Freud’s the original hack fraud.

  • Mendoza

    Double post

  • Mendoza

    I sent them the rich action figure where’s my parade or wristy, whichever comes first

  • It’s a Donald Trump reference.

  • Well I like mine better.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Well mine is covfefe.

  • The well starting to run dry?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    I have the biggest most deepest well. I drink its water which is the best water. Fake news. Sad.

  • It’s shocking really how the RLM crew doesn’t know their own abilities and foibles by this point.

    If Rich predicts something in a movie he hasn’t seen, it’s true.

    If RIch remembers things being in specific movies he has seen, it’s not true. It happened during the Ghostbusters 2 commentary too, when Rich (and Mike) insisted that the Titanic and the monster at the arch were in the original film and Jay had to endlessly push that they were wrong up until the moment each appeared on screen.

  • marko112kg

    They’re slyly advertising their new restaurant “Best Of The Wurst.”

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