Best of the Worst: Deadly Prey, Hard Ticket to Hawaii, and Miami Connection

March 24, 2013653 Comments

To mentally escape the Hell that is Wisconsin winter, the gang watches three films from 1987 that all take place in warm climates: the Rambo knockoff Deadly Prey, the Andy Sidaris action classic Hard Ticket to Hawaii, and the recently rediscovered Miami Connection.

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    can i be first?

  • Drevna

    Ha ha ha, Hard Ticket to Hawaii have some of the funniest scenes ever in a movie. Just search some scenes on Youtube for this movie if you want some extra laughs to go with the review.

  • Giant Ant

    Where the heck is Mike?

    • Rory

      i dont like things that are different

    • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

      He left Red Letter Media to produce a movie about teenagers driving cars in 1962.

  • Mark Bisone

    I can’t wait for the sequel, “Die Hard Ticket to Miami: Vice Connection.”

    Gerard Butler can play the parts of both the Euro Villain and the cancer-infested rats. That sonofabitch has a lot of range.

  • Wherethe F. Ismike

    When’s the next Best of the Worst?

  • David Hasenjaeger

    Thanks for finally getting another one of these up, they are absolutely great

  • Brian

    love the tux

  • homncruse

    Where’s mike, what is he too “big” now. Bullshit, can’t even appear in his own videos.

    • John Tibbetts

      Not all of them are in every “Best of the Worst” video. Relax.

    • snow

      This series is the Jay Show :)

  • Harry Doodson

    “It’s like Mass Effect 3″ Let’s not say things we can’t take back Rich. The ME3 ending was the worst thing to happen to videogames.

    • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

      Apparently the writer for Cop Dog wrote Mass Effect 3.

  • Plinkett’s Neighbor

    No Mike is disappointing, but it could mean a new Plinkett review is underway…..

    • Samuel

      That’s BS people… They are working together on these reviews, so unless hack fraud Stoklosa isn’t locked in the bathroom writing script for Plinkett review, I’d not take the importance of his absence.
      That, or Yoko is pushing his losing weight further, so he can suprise us when we will see him after a longed period of time.

      • Alec Baldwin

        Mike isn’t in it because Jess got detention at school and he had to go pick her up. When they got home she started acting up and saying she wouldn’t eat her dinner unless she could be in BOTW so Mike agreed to a compromise that she could be in it for 10 seconds as long as she promised to behave and eat all of her sweetcorn and carrots at dinner.

  • Meester Smeeth

    New Best Of The Worst!
    I’m gonna go for a poo and then we’ll do this thing!

  • goobyplz

    Mass Effect 3 reference by Rich was awesome!

    • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

      Can someone explain this to those of us who’ve moved out of our parents’ basements?

      • Sigh

        I don’t know anything about Mass Effect or video games but the reference seems obvious… the ending must have sucked… you’re not too bright, are you?

        • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

          Video games have endings?

          • Leo

            No, of course now. You just play for points until your space invader ship gets blown up. Also, it’s 1977!

          • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

            I know. And those asteroids keep coming and coming . . . .

          • asteroid

            I CAN’T STOP COMING!

          • Mark Bisone

            Pac Man’s ending was also a serious downer. First Blinky shoots Ms. Pac-Man a new cunt hole, then this happens:

          • Mark Bisone

            P.S. The above picture is just the Cuntrol ending. In the Synthesis ending, Pac-Man turns into Bionic Commando, and all those letters are green.
            (SPOILERS, SORRY)

          • ur mum

            So edgy.

          • Heraclius627

            yes sir they do. The video game industry has evolved over the decades, maturing as time goes on. This means that playability is not the only factor that makes a video game good. Storytelling has become an intricate part for many games though not all. In fact, many game developers hire professional writers to craft scripts for their stories so that it isn’t complete schlock.

          • trololololololol

            Looking at your discuss history, you are not very good at trolling, try harder my son.

        • Prom

          But why did it suck? Whyyyyyyyyy-is it because it’s developers are secret assholes?

      • LemonAidez

        In the end of ME3, it turns out, the only way to save the galaxy is to commit genocide…
        Or to become a Space Dictator. Or to turn everybody into cyborgs.
        It’s horribly stupid and nihilistic, and leaves little room for hope.

        • Mr. T. Tek Nilp


        • or pick a name

          I’ve thought that it’s the way of some gays fucking, or other homo shit. Sorry, my knowledge of ME is limited, and I’m not going too expand it.
          As for Rich, instead of dropping video games references he should take his fat ass and do more Gamestation episodes.

          • Butts

            This is easily the worst comment I’ve ever seen. Every sentence is just god-awful. It’s like poetry.

        • Dan Hibiki

          that’s not really the issue. The issue is the ending is picking a colour and then watching a bunch of things explode for no reason.

          • LemonAidez

            Everyone has their own issues with the ending.
            Alright, the original ending to ME3 is stupid, nihilistic, anticlimatic, nonsensical, unhopeful, cheaply made, obviously rushed, etc.

            For further emphasis, outsiders should know that the entire trilogy, everything was building up to that moment. You’ve wasted about a hundred hours playing three games for that. And it sucked hard.

        • Harry Butters

          Not to beat a dead horse, but the reason ME3′s ending was so bad was: the game promoted individuality and game changing decisions (i.e. Fallout 3) where everything you did, for better or worse, changed the outcome of YOUR game. Your game would be different than everyone else’s and made it special to everyone playing it. But when it came down to the end, it was the same for EVERYBODY. The dialogue was the same no matter what you did, (whether you’re good hearted white knight or an evil prick) and every single person who played the game to the end had the same three choices, (which were all practically the exact same thing) The ending should have been tailored differently for everyone, being affected by all the decisions you had made along the way. Instead it was the exact same for everybody, and none of the decisions you had made throughout the entire game mattered at all.

          • Shameless Dead Horse Beater

            That’s all true, but you’re forgetting how ME3/ the trilogy really ended.


            The trilogy ends with EA/ Bioware telling you to buy DLC.

            Considering Muzyka and Zeschuk had previously been on stages engaging in ego-stroking speeches preaching how “video games are art”, I’d love to hear the creative vision behind ending a series with such a colossally embarrassing and soulless piece of text.

            Oh wait, they resigned.

            What a shock.

            At least Bioware still has EA to put the eventual bullet in its head.

          • Hidde Jansen
          • Regan

            MrBtongue FtW.

          • DoctorKillpatient

            I think the whole ME3 ending debacle has to be one of the biggest failure to communicate between the developers and its fanbase.

            What I see is people (Rich and MrBtongue as well) confusing the words “an ending” and “the ending” – and this is where all the hate and confusion stems from.

            There is no way a game can manufacture a single ending (THE ending) for every player that would incorporate a multitude of decisions made over 3 games. Even Witcher 2 couldn’t pull it off with its supposed 16 (!!!) endings in 1 game – and these guys are the best when it comes to RPGs (at the end there was only 3 – Temeria or elves, and/or Triss).

            Even now the only comment that comes close to understanding the issue is Steve B’s.

            The Reaper invasion is just too cataclysmic event to have it cater a nicely packaged individual ending for every player.

            The problem is that THIS WAS NEVER PROMISED.

            You DO get a multitude of different endings (AN ending) when it comes to Wrex/Wreav, krogan fertility and Mordin, quarians vs geth, Morinth or Samara, all the love interests (Jack, Tali, Liara, Ashley/Kaidan, Miranda, Jacob, Garrus, Thane, Steve/Samantha, Kelly), Joker and EDI, Conrad Verner etc etc etc. All the end results encompassing these characters or events are individual and determined on what decisions were made in previous games. THIS is what was promised and this is what we got.

            But of course then you have THE ending. And this was handled pretty much in the same way how every decision was constructed in these games – paragon (sacrifice), renegade (destruction) or neutral (synthesis).

            People simply fail to comprehend that there is no way to incorporate things like krogan fertility issue or your love interest’s affections into a final solution when dealing with the Reapers.

            It’s funny when people like Btongue complain about the lack of “narrative coherence”, since narrative of ME3 (THE) ending was exactly coherent and it is only when they had incorporated every decision ever made into the ending it would have turned into an incoherent mess.

            Of course there are also those sad people who just wanted to beat the Reapers single-handedly and then go and impregnate Liara.

        • zero_miles_per_hour

          Also, Bioware promised that this would not be the case, sort of; they told people to hold on to their old save files so their character’s actions in Mass Effect 2 could carry over, and in the end it made absolutely no difference.

        • Steve B.

          The hopelessness of ME3′s ending was actually the only good thing about it. ME3 was doomed to have a hopeless ending after the way they ended ME2. The game reminds me of Mike’s criticism of Jack the Giant-Slayer, where the arrival of the giants was set up to be an apocalyptic situation that the protagonists had to prevent at all costs, but then ultimately the giants do arrive and the protagonists successfully fight them, betraying the initial premise.

          The arrival of the Reapers was set up in ME1 as an absolutely unwinnable scenario that had to be prevented at all costs. They were an endless swarm of god-like post-human machine intelligences from beyond the stars. They were straight-up unbeatable Lovecraftian techno-horrors.

          Then, they ended ME2 on a cliffhanger in which this essentially invincible, omniscient race of machine gods receives the attack signal and begins their journey back into our galaxy. As soon as I saw this ending, I told a friend that the storyline of ME3 was going to be idiotic. Suddenly we were going to be expected to believe that humanity would actually beat this vastly superior, intellectually godlike race of machine monsters (capable of literally hacking our brains with audio frequencies amongst other miraculous feats) by sending an idiot with an assault rifle to fight them. Maybe they’d wave their hands and say some bullshit about the human spirit or whatever. (I wonder, would the chimpanzee spirit help chimpanzees win a war against homo sapiens?)

          Sure enough, there was literally a scene in ME3 where Shepherd fought a Reaper with an assault rifle. That said, at least Bioware wasn’t dumb enough to include an ending where Shepherd beat the Reapers without enormous sacrifice.

        • Boggerman

          That is almost the same ending as to Deus Ex.

          • deerstop

            Which was also bad.

      • geust

        Video cames actually can be art (at their best of course…), at least more so than most movies these days it seems, lol…
        And yes, ME3′s ending was pretty braindead.

        • you knew it was coming

          It was stylistically designed to be that way

          • CorbeauNoir

            “Our story was shit on purpose, we swear!”

      • CorbeauNoir

        The issues of ME3 go far beyond the endings, it’s the fundamentally-problematic culmination of a video game company that has decided to prioritize story above actual gameplay (to the point where they almost literally have a the-game-plays-itself mode), without even having the benefit of getting the story particularly right.

      • Eric Campion

        Most simply…the ending to ME3 is the most disappointing ever in the history of the human race. Far worse than the Star Wars prequel trilogy…the 2nd most disappointing thing ever in the history of the human race.

    • I will not say anything but…

      *rolles with eyes*

    • Regan

      Rich Evans is my hero now.

  • joe

    these are always better when there’s a girl around to break up the nerd monotony

  • Grant Beaudette

    Geteven. This show needs to watch Geteven.

  • Benzo

    Any given Best of the Worst episode should be judged by the degree that Rich Evans loses his shit.

    • Heinzy

      Agreed, how much would this be on the Rich-ter scale?

      • Benzo

        I’ll give it 4/5 neck-beards

  • Dave’s Hat

    What the fuck is this sausage fest? Bring back Yoko Ono! I mean Mike’s girlfriend!

    • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

      Check your facts: Jess is in one couch scene.

      • haven’t seen yet

        So this is a p0rn?

      • Rocky Lake

        Dude, look at the sunlight shining in through the windows as they watched the movies. They watched them during the afternoon when Jess was at school.

  • Kevin L. Kanellakis


  • Joost

    I don’t normally post, but I love the CGPGrey shirt!

    • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

      He gave RLM shoutouts EVERY TIME.

      CGPGrey, gotta love him.

  • Gilchrist

    Why the fuck is Jay wearing a tux?

    • ColinJ

      It’s gotta be for MIAMI CONNECTION, son!

      He’s showing the proper respect.

    • Tarami

      Probably because people bitched about Josh wearing a worn sweater in the last episode. Thus, Jay went all-out this time as a sarcastic retort.

      • Michelle Obama

        We fucking noticed only it’s more fun not saying anything and it’s definitely more fun than being so desperate to show that you noticed that you have to reply to your own retard questions.

  • Fan #14952352

    When’s the next Plinkett review?

    • cocksaplenty

      that’s right, Jay

  • Fakubaku


  • jim

    jesus thats a lot of snow im like 45 minutes from milwaukee and have half the snow

  • Parsley

    Do a kickstarter.

    Also, love the random CGPGrey shirt.

  • Mark Bisone


  • Blergh

    Watch NINJA TURF, if you liked Miami Connection.

  • Guest

    Lol Jay what’s with the suit?

  • Wesley Dugle

    YES! A Mass Effect 3 reference and an appropriate one! LOL Thank you Rich Evans!

  • Marvin Choi

    oh Jay, such a respectably-dressed young man.

  • E

    Probably the best Redlettermedia video period. I could not stop laughing the entire time. Awesome show guys!

  • Marvin Falz

    That was fun to watch! Best of the Worst with MC Jay.

  • Peter Pantsless

    This show makes me so happy, because I love watching bad movies, but all my friends are joyless assholes.

    • ColonialBoy1

      I hear you.

      I’d love to have friends to sit and watch shitty movies and have a laugh. Sadly people I know only watch mainstream crap completely without irony and would never sit through a MIAMI CONNECTION. Or, God forbid, anything FOREIGN!

      • Edyed

        Not every friend can be Rich Evans.

        • Mark Bisone

          He’s on top, ’cause he plays to win.

    • moo

      To each his own, said the lady as she kissed the cow

    • Amazing A-Man

      Reminds me of when I used to watch Joe Bob Riggs on The Movie Channel with my redneck neighbors back in the 90′s. I’m pretty sure Hard Ticket to Hawaii was on there once.

    • deerstop

      To be honest, it’s usually not fun to watch bad movies. My brother and I tried this about 5 years ago. We just sat through it thinking “What the f?” We were bored and irritated. The reason these guys are having so much fun is probably because 1) they love movies, even the bad ones 2) Mr. Fake Plinkett is laughing like a hyena. He’s completely adorable ))

      • Now I Get It

        “We were bored and irritated. The reason these guys are having so much fun…”

        Yes, and trying to figure out their laughter is one reason I keep coming back here.

  • John Tibbetts

    I just have to say, I love Rich Evans, but I worry about his health. He seems to be getting heavier and he seems to drink a lot of soda.

    • Louis Gonzales

      He’s laughing himself to an early death! :(

      • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

        That laughter is the only thing keeping him going.

      • Judge Doom

        Rich, stop laughing! Don’t you remember what happened to your idiot Hyena cousins?!

      • CorbeauNoir

        Someday there will be a Rifftrax-esque service where you can buy overlay tracks to movies with Rich Evans laughing at what’s happening on-screen.

    • Steve

      He drinks diet soda. It has no sugar.

      • Swifteye

        Isn’t diet soda worse?

        • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

          Diet soda is full of cancer. Regular soda is full of diabetes. You pays your money and you takes your choice.

          • Swifteye

            Fair enough.

          • Homer

            mmm, cancerous aspartame

      • Slim European

        And people wonder why majority of Americans are fat asses… Let me guess, you are also adding a salad to your meals for diet purposes?

        • Fat American

          What’s a “salad”?

          • Andy S

            It what you take out of your McDonald’s burger prior to swallowing them whole, a dozen at a time.

  • Octo Seven

    43 minutes long! The wait was justified :D

  • Captain Feelbad

    I love how Jay’s wearing a tux during the discussion.

    • kylez

      and nobody comments on it.

      • KingBiscuit

        A reference to The Room perhaps?

        • PrincePancake

          Laundry day more likely.

        • Heraclius627

          I thought you had to play football for that…

      • bowtie

        Because Jay is an attention whore, and this was his desperate attempt to take our eyes from Rich Evans?
        Are you trying to say that there are other people in this video other than Rich?

  • Joke?

    Good news, I have finally accepted these two Other Guys as a part of this excellent series, thus promoting Jay “The Other Guy” Bauman to be That Hipster Guy in a Tux. It still a bummer not to see Mike, but he OBVIOUSLY is too busy in working on AT LEAST seven new Plinkett reviews all at the same time while also producng the new episode of GameStation during the weekends (why would he otherwise be busy not to be part of this?) so I will cut that hack fraud some slack for now.

    • Louis Gonzales

      I like to think Mike’s on vacation in Hawaii! :D

      • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

        Mike is taking out the trash because Jess told him to.

        • Old guy in deadly prey

          You’re a liar.

          *shoots novelty size rifle*

  • Thom Williams

    Cash. Review Bullets, Blood, and a Fistful of Cash.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Jack was the star of this one. With lines like “No!” and “What!” and the shaking of the head, he completely stole it from Jay’s tuxedo, Rich’s squawk and beard-man’s beard.

  • scubadonc

    Hard Ticket to Hawaii and Miami Connection are phenomenal movies.

  • Jouke

    “Boobs boobs boobs, here’s the point of this scene, see ya! As noted, that’s how the do it on Game of Thrones.”



      Sexposition. Not my word.

  • bbhaver

    Great show guys!

  • William Crafton

    Haha. I remember seeing the cover for Miami Connection as a kid in a Blockbuster Video; I think I was around eight years old. The reason why I remembered that cover so well is because the hand-drawn picture of Y.K. Kim on the front cover makes him look like a mongoloid. Both my brother and I saw it, and it was extremely funny to us. Every now and then, we still laugh about it.

  • MathiasAWK

    I did not see that ME3 reference coming. But it fits quite well

  • Jonathan A. Walton

    Hells ya best of the worst!

  • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

    After watching this, I need to figure out what just happened. Let’s unload and hit the jacuzzi.

  • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

    Actortron 5000.

  • Kviii


    • AV32productions

      They wanna see mike stoklasa and the other guy. not the other guy and two other other guys

  • lostcauz707

    “It’s like Mass Effect 3″, made me understand the feeling completely.

  • Octo Seven

    Another great episode.I feel this show enhances my life in a kind of sick way by giving me lists of hilariously bad movies to watch.

  • Gene Parmesan

    Did Jay call that beard guy Wizard?

    • Jack Nicholson

      Wizard hipster was christened Wizard Jefferson Airplane Moobs when he was born to hippy parents shortly after the “summer of love” in 1967. He later changed his name by Deed-poll to Mr Joshua after he read the back of the “Lethal Weapon” VHS box in 1987. His friends who knew him prior to the name change occasionally get confused and call him Wizard though. I hope you found this explanation helpful.

    • fvfg


      • roy wood

        Yes, shhth, you aren’t allowed to mention the word “Wizard”

  • jic1

    I hoped this was coming when I caught a glimpse of the DVD box on one of the previous Best of the Worsts, I’m so glad that you reviewed Deadly Prey! I love that movie (well, I love the first third and the last third. It kind of drags in the middle).

  • Live Snake

    I can’t wait for Space Cop!

  • Bruce Wayne

    Why does the thumbnail say “episode 1″?

    • 1984

      Because television lies.

  • Freddie

    I for one am happy I never got into Mass Effect after hearing of Mass Effect 3

  • RubensBagr

    Oh no, the Care Boars again!

    • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

      It’s inevitable–like death and taxes. Just get used to it.

  • quaazi

    A FRIEND!?

  • Colonossus

    You actually can get cancer if someone with colon cancer farts in your mouth and you inhale it super hard

  • Pol_Potsie

    That friends song reminded me of evil Cartman’s song from that South Park Hallowe’en episode.

  • Poopfeast420

    Why does Jake know the chinese symbols for diapers?

    • yellow fever

      Because he is a chinaman? Just look at him.

  • Daniel O’Raw

    This was hysterical, I did miss Mike though.

  • Matt DeCostanza

    Rich’s laugh is freaking my cat out.

  • Mark Bisone

    I jester to get Jabba from Asian! Doing bottle Oz.

  • Dan Kojak

    1) Cameron Mitchell? Huh. The dad in Deadly Prey is Commander Santa Claus from Space Mutiny.

    2) They’re not stealing diapers, they’re stealing noodles. The box says “udon”, or at least the Korean version of it.

    • Yusuf Naqvi

      “I’ll show you where my elves are working day and night”

  • Zero7teen


  • Anal Fart Scum

    Best BotW so far.

  • The Movie Waffler

    David A Prior’s films are hilarious. He references Mike Danton in his latest ‘Night Claws’. Can’t wait for Deadly Prey 2 this year

  • Mr. T. Tek Nilp


    • hue

      Spoken like a true American.

      • snakes andert

        peace offensive

  • Matt DeCostanza

    Miami Connection looks good as hell.

  • willd

    I was laughing so hard during on this one. And, like everyone else says, Rich Evan’s laugh is transcendent joy.

  • Lamé

    What!? No mention of the epic frisbee death in HTtHawaii?

  • LickTheEnvelope

    My head hurts from laughing so hard at the random skateboarder scene in Hard Ticket to Hawaii… wow.

  • Kamui

    oh shit guys awesome work had me in tears keep it up

  • Steve

    “Friend or foe?” “FRIEND!” “You’re a liar.” That bit had me laughing so hard. Oh man. I miss awesome cheese ball exchanges like that in movies. They just don’t do that kind of thing anymore.

  • barbieri_f

    Holy crap, that guy in “Hard ticket to Hawaii” is soap opera star Ron Moss (from The Bold and the Beautiful)!

  • Michael Patrick

    Did they review Deadly Prey because they made a sequel this year called Deadliest Prey?

  • Rick Rickerson

    Step 1. Find clip of the end of Roger Rabbit
    Step 2. Overdub sound of Rich’s laughter in place of weasels’.

  • Apollo N. Morales

    Why dont you guys put your Star Wars reviews n Netflix?

  • Hash Nazi

    Nice, mass effect 3 reference ^_^

  • Red Rowz

    Did the mystery pair of legs (left) threaten to sue if their face was featured alongside footage of Deadly Prey?

  • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    CGP Grey shirt!

  • Crunch Clancy

    Yoko update:

    If you go to Jack Packard’s page on Vimeo, you will find a music video from February, 2010 that Jack directed for a band featuring Jessi on keyboards.

    If you watch the 2011 Half in the Bag episode (number 10) on the 48 hour film project, you will see a shot of Jack and Jessi creating the music for The Great Space Jam. Mike introduces by full name all the other collaborators for the film … except her. She is mentioned simply in passing by first name only. (Perhaps because her last name is Ono.)

    And, in this video, she appears just once. Jack is there. Mike is not.

    Overall, this is a great subplot to an already delightful series. I look forward to more clues in the next Best of the Worst.

    • guest

      You may want to think about getting a life.

      • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

        RLM is more fun.

    • i don’t care

      Who the fuck is Jack Packard? One of the new guys? They should wear name tags, because without them they are new guy no. 1 and 2.
      Yeah, yeah I know which one he is, you can see him in few of RLM projects. The oldest one I remember is the Phantom Menace review, as one of the interviewed “friends” (you hack frauds).

    • Sandra Bullock

      Dude, Jess’ surname is Nakles…..I know cause I drive her to school on the bus every morning.

    • Robert Pattinson

      Dude, Jess has a surname, it is Nakles. I know because she sits next to me in Science class.

  • James MacLovin Treanor You should watch this for Best of the Worst. Best irish action movie about monks ever!!

    • Octo Seven

      I’ll be watching that tonight! Amazing find lol

  • Blich Flevans

    That dyed mullet is lethal is just to look at.

  • Casey Hudson

    Rich Evans is now permanently banned from Bioware’s forums.

    • John Riccitiello

      Gooooooooooooooooooooood my pet.

  • Joseph Buss

    Where was Mike?
    Other than that, fun review. Yeah, Just so crazy you just don’t know.


    Where’s Mike you hack-bearded neck-frauds?!

  • Clifford T. Hall

    I question the legitimacy of watching films on DVD in this episode. Somehow seems unauthentic.

  • Thomas

    Troll 2 is my current favorite bad movie. No lulls, so many good, memorably awful scenes. Almost every scene is someone else’s favorite. Dark Harvest 2: The Maize will make you kill yourself.

    Please review both. :)

    • Heinzy

      They’ve actually done a HitB of Troll 2.

      • bob

        Want to see a miovie that sucks….go check out “Renfield The Undead”…its hilarious.

  • Richard Macleod

    I thought I couldn’t love Rich more but then he makes a Mass Effect 3 reference for god awful endings.

  • Saruma

    How could you review Hard Ticket to Hawaii and not show the frisbee scene?

  • Topher

    Miami Connection FTW!!!

  • Spudz

    Goddamn Jackie Chan dude was wearing a Charvel shirt.


  • Jesus christ already

    You’re still reading the backs of the boxes. Why are you still reading the backs of the boxes? WHY IN GOD’S NAME WON’T YOU STOP READING THE GOD DAMN BACK OF THE BOX?!

    • Quiet, you fraud

      The back of the boxes is the best part!

  • Thomas

    As always these are great. I just went and watched Miami Connection out of curiosity- SPOILER ALERT- the best part was when Jim was alive. I thought the fact that the wound looked superficial was just cuz, you know, special effects $$$, that fake blood is expensive, but no… They just murdered like 20 people. I bet no one will even care! Hey, happy ending! I’m surprised they didn’t end it with a Combo wedding+funeral for that guy and his sister.

  • jimbo

    Best of the Worst is pretty good, but here’s a few ways to make it better.

    One, Mike needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine. Two, whenever Mike’s not on screen, all the other characters should be asking “Where’s Mike”? Three–

    • Hastee

      Great, great… just leave your notes there on the floor on your way out.

      • MoochieTheRobbinFraud

        Mike died on the way back to his home planet.

        • cocksaplenty

          Mike is immortal; he and Richard William Thomas Evans III cannot die.

  • Muthsarah

    Guys: Mike, Jay, Rich, Wizard, Other Guy, Chick-who-was-in-for-three-seconds (I mean absolutely no offense, but both of y’alls, do ask to get in HitB, since I think you are funny on a collective level). I HOPE/PRAY/WISH/DESPAIR that you NEVER AGAIN destroy a video-movie-disc you find wanting. I……… …….kk……..kinda……..(not really)……get why you do it. But even bad cheese deserves to live. The little stuff needs every gasp of breath it can take. If you wanna destroy Transformers 1-3, I’m TOTALLY cool with that, since it’s sadly EVERYWHERE. Just….PLEASE leave the little movies alone. I hope you agree that these films, however small-budgetted, however technically incompetent, deserve to live, and be loved as the little ironic gems they are. They’re just little movies that want to be loved, and they deserve to have a fanbase same as any other.

    I watched this latest vid (finished about an hour ago), and as I recall you saying you genuinely, collectively, liked them all, even if one did technically get singled out as the least-favored of the three, and that is SO awesome, I love you guys for it, though I know that you maybe wanted to destroy the “loser” of the bunch, as you have before….

    Please don’t. Donate it. Sell it in your Ebay auctions, complete with autographs or cheesecakish photos or whatever. Little films deserve every chance to live. Please don’t ever again physically destroy small movies for entertainment. Please, I beg you, as best I can in purely text form…..

    I don’t recall you destroying anything this week, I understand, but…..well…I remember you destroying I think two movies thus far. Please……though I may be some sort of hippie vegan movie-lover…please never do that again. Mainstream, available-by-the-millions-options, I understand. Just not the little movies. The ones who are genuinely in danger of fading away…dying…forever. Of the three movies you viewed this week, the one three out of four of you most favored was the one that seemingly disappeared for 20+ years. And just how much did you love it now, with the benefit of time properly allowing you to appreciate it? Please…don’t destroy even a single disk. Give it away to someone curious, at the very least. Give it a chance.

    That said….OMG, these three movies sound so beautificallificallygorgeousissisimalily fantasic….I’ma go’ seek them out. All of them. If I can.

    Please try to make yourself a force of good for the cause of “grade Z” cinema. Point more loving viewers towards this surreptitiously glorious flicks. Most of the stuff you’ve discussed, I’ve never heard about (I’ll admit, despite my love for so-bad-it’s-good, I’m ever-reminded I’m a neophyte in this genre)…please try to think of spreading the love of B-movies, not trying to destroy them.

    I’m a total softy, I understand. But I love small-time independent films. I don’t just mock them for fun and/or bandwidth traffic or whatnot. Even if incompetent, I love those who were daring enough to put themselves out there for just a small expression of some story. It’s admirable as hell. I hope you guys can appreciate it.

    Love ya all the same.

    • Benzo


      • Muthsarah


        Dunno what your comment means, but….

        My comment was nonetheless heartfelt. i know my heart is of the bleeding variety, but…still. Thoughts? Or is “*burp*” really the alpha and omega of your thoughts on this matter?

        *for the record, since I AM of the ultra-honest sort, I’m almost-entirely out-of-it right now. Nonetheless, I stand by my earlier statements…and such*

        • Benzo

          Basically, I thought it would be amusing to respond to a long, well-written comment with an unintelligible, guttural noise. Like irony… or something.

        • flea flicker

          There is an important concept on the internet, sad but true, but it is a simple principal represented by the symbol: tl;dr – which is a short hand version of mentioning that the verbosity of your post far outweighed any potential impact it may have had on the reader; if Jesus returned tonight, and wanted to announce it on the internet, it had better be in 200 characters or less. If you were still wondering, tl;dr stands for “too long; didn’t read.”

          • Muthsarah

            Yes, had I been sober at the time I vomited all that up on the webs, I imagine that might have occurred to me. But I barely remember typing any or all of that. I may have even missed the vid. :p

    • Internet, what’s that?

      Did you know DVDs can be ripped, then copied endlessly? I know, I was surprised 12 years ago as well!

    • Hezokuai

      For all you know they blow up Props, now smile knowing it’s only a show…

    • kenchun24

      I agree…the documentary “Rewind This” has some interviewees(?) that are a part of some groups working towards the preservation of VHS media. I haven’t seen the doc but have been keeping up with reviews and what not (SXSW most recently) and heard great things about it. I’m sure some of these BOTW movies may have cameos in the doc.

  • FancyPenthouses

    Holy shit! Grandpa in Deadly Prey is also Captain Santa Claus in Space Mutiny!

  • Annabelle

    Aw man, you cut out the amazing “OH MY GOD!” after he opens the letter!

  • Blue_Trombone

    Love these reviews! Why isn’t there a dedicated link on the site for them though? They’re difficult to find if you want to watch the old ones.

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    Rich Evans deserves to get laid with a really hot babe. I am founding the campaign to GET RICH EVANS LAID to repay some of the joy Rich has given to us. Donate a dollar, or donate five. It will be the best money you have ever spent.

    • cocksaplenty

      you know, if everyone who watches this stuff donated just one dollar, we could get rich evans laid tomorrow.

  • Sean Hacker

    The Miami Connection cover shows the black dude reading the mail and crying. Epic.

  • Greg G Gould

    Be it Half in the Bag, Best of the Worst, or the Plinkett reviews. I just want you all to keep doing what you’re doing. I’d rather watch videos of you talking about shitty movies, instead of just watching good movies.

  • Wiggles114

    IMDB lists a sequel to Deadly Prey in production – Deadliest Prey. The writer/director and the lead gut share a last name.

    • Wiggles114

      *lead guy.

  • Octo Seven

    Did anyone else notice how the black guy with the father letter has an eerily similar voice to Rich Evans?

  • bb-15

    Great editing by Jay. I especially liked the skate boarder/blow up doll death scene as well as the snake out of the toilet attack.

  • Keith Ballard

    C.G.P.Grey shirt?

  • Entoman Just Entoman

    Hey Jay, I’ve found this drawn portrait of you and your beer on DeviantArt:

  • LukeMM95

    This is probably my favourite of all the ‘Best of the worst’ episodes. Just hilarious from beginning to end. and I especially love how Jessi just pops up out of nowhere during one of the films XD

  • BOBO

    Oh man the (over)analysis of all facets of this episode and their “implications” is hilarious.

  • Kjellmand

    I want to watch all those movies! This feature is just excellent.

  • Shorty

    I discovered Andy Sidaris thanks to Joe Bob Briggs. Got bless the late night drive-in on TMC.

  • Luco

    Nice gunshow shirt.

  • MatthewMelange

    Fuck yeah! Mass effect 3 reference.

  • OneMinuteGalactica

    This said Episode 1 on the freeze frame. Huh? Thought it was a repost.

  • AutomaticJack

    as a huge fan of RLM, who has never met you guys, and probably never will, Rich Evans- you sir, are the man. Although, I had no problem with ME3′s ending… more reviews!

  • Ukisociety Jones

    Kind of sad to see a drunk Cameron Mitchell….

  • Harry Butters

    as much as i like Best of the Worst, the parts where i have to hear Wizard hipster or whoever read the back of the box is like, as Jay put it in the show, “long stretches of boring exposition that I don’t care about.”

    • Gabe kaplan

      Wizard hipster likes reading the back of boxes, it’s his raison d’etre. When he was at school he used to fail all his exams until his mom started putting crib-notes on the back of “Cheerios” boxes.

  • Islander

    Why is Jay in a tuxedo? Is it a homage to Tommy Wiseau’s “Room”?

  • Mike B

    I love the box at the background:

    “Special” Effects

  • keep your shirt on piggy!

    how is it possible to be so fat? Thats disqusting.

    • cocksaplenty

      when you’re as sexy as rich evans, you can be as fat as you want

  • souterfell

    Awesome but… is Rich Evans’ real name Robert Paulson?

  • BibbleBibble

    Is the guy in Deadly Prey a never nude?
    Also, is the older guy in Deadly Prey the same guy from “Space Mutiny?”

  • Gary Glitter

    Why does Jess appear for 5 seconds during the screening of the first movie? Was Mike late picking her up from school?

  • Jon Fite

    Did that skinny, bald fuckface really refer to First Blood and Predator as “action schlock?”

  • Montel Williams

    Why does the wizard hipster dude appear to be trying to distance himself from his wizardness by making Jay call him Josh and using a trimmer on his facial hair and on what’s left of his head hair yet he is still wearing a non-threadbare, newish looking t-shirt with a rug-rat style wizard on it? The dude is clearly confused and has many identity/self-image issues. Can Rich Evans please give him a hug at the beginning of the next episode and tell him “it’s not your fault” in the style of Robin Williams in “Good Wizard Hunting” please? I think this may help.

  • Kim Kardashian

    Whoever gave the Wizard hipster dude the full Seth Rogan make-over for this week’s show really fucked up not kidnapping and burning that fucking brown jumper. If you’re going to do something then make an effort to do it properly guys!

  • Butts

    They watched three films that “all take place in warm climates”? These themes are getting a little broad.

    • Saruma

      Its not like they did an action film, a horror film, and a comedy in tropical climates. They were all very similar types of action movies. See if they’ll give you a refund on your ticket price.

  • Bobbs

    Anyone else noticed that even though Mike is absent, the word “schlock” gets used at least once? RLM needs to make a supercut of every instance “schlock” is used in one of their videos. The result would be a 4 hour masterpiece.

  • Elton John

    Why does Todd Solondz start hitting jay like a girl during the screening of the 3rd movie when he isn’t sure if the actors are using improvised dialogue? It was more gay than flying lessons with John Travolta.

  • Mark Pifher

    Don’t make the mistake of watching ‘Best of the Wurst’ by mistake … it’s a total sausage party.

  • Oprah Winfrey

    Can Wizard hipster have his own RLM show please? He has served his apprenticeship on BOTW and looks ready to branch out and front his own RLM production. A few ideas you might wish to consider include – “Pimp My Basement,” and “A Little Something For The Weekend, Sir?” (a regular humorous look into the mysterious world of the barber shop).

  • The Poop

    This is the best one yet!

  • Moovis

    The next half in the bag HAS to be Spring Breakers

  • Rio McDowell

    RLM needs to have a live show of this where they take viewer questions via some skype service or something.

    • OBO

      Uhh…. that would not be wise because 99% of questions would be about Lauren.

  • Jordan

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention the best part of Hard Ticket to Hawaii: The frisbee scene.
    -Just a thrower

    • Incredibly gifted male actor

      Great ass.

    • Baló Timár

      Gotta love that little fistpump at the end.

  • Larry

    Weird, I didn’t miss Mike at all on this episode. This series is coming together nicely and I can’t wait for more. Also want to comment on how well they edit this series together as they get across all of those absurd moments and their reactions beautifully. I actually got jealous today that I wasn’t there watching the movies with them.

  • Jeffrey Heesch

    I watched this yesterday, and I’m literally sore today from laughing.

  • Jared Kerr

    Congrats, you are onto something with this. It’s mainstream enough to become popular. You guys are fucking great, period.

  • Sean Ryder

    If you observe the levels of beer in the bottles during the review section you will notice that Wizard hipster gets onto his 2nd bottle of beer before anyone else has finished their first. You will also notice that on a significant number of cut backs from movie clip to table, Wizard hipster is suckling at his beer bottle as if it were his mothers breast. You should also notice that Rich Evans doesn’t have any beer to drink. All of these observations lead us to the conclusion that Wizard hipster has both a drink problem and nipple fixation and Rich Evans has foregone his share of the booze to feed his addictions and fetishes. While Rich Evans’ selfless behavior is in many ways commendable he is also enabling someone with mental health issues and we at “Wizard Watch” implore him and the rest of RLM to give Wizard hipster some tough love and make an intervention before things spiral too far out of control!

  • Kevin Smith

    Notice Wizard hipster’s botched attempt to make us think he’s just a bit nerdy and in no way a bona fide hipster by referencing “Game Of Thrones” which is soooooo 2011!!

  • Cliff Richard

    Wow! The current version of BOTW is a slightly edited version of the original. I think RLM are trying to cover up the relationship between Todd Solondz and Jay. I’m trying to think of a gay version of Yoko Ono but I’m struggling, I may get back to you later.

  • Betty White

    Being a hipster is so last year!

  • is0lated

    Bring back the Yoko Ono of the group or whatever.

    I liked Jack’s geek group shirt.

    • Uwe Boll

      Yoko used to be referred to as Jess Nakles back in the day before she started sleeping with Mike and was given menial tasks to perform such as pretend she is helping beardy Todd Solondz with the “Space Jam” music. ::looks wistfully into the distance::

  • McG

    Back in the days of the “24 Hour Film Shoot,” the chubby chick with big boobs (who is actually quite funny) was the main RLM go-to female, Todd Solondz had facial hair and Wizard hipster didn’t exist. ::looks wistfully into the distance::

  • Jean-Paul Gautier

    I’d spend $50 at the RLM auction if Wizard hipster sold his ultra cool brown sweater.

  • pete smith

    deadly prey is a classic. Its on youtube at least couple of months back. Check that shit out

  • cacalips

    haha wow the prices for the DVDs on best of the worst on Amazon is nuts! Considering I just watched 90% of these films on youtube as well…

  • David Wilson

    The makers of Deadly Prey made a kickstarter last year to make a sequel.

    It’s called Deadliest Prey.

  • McG

    Wow! The current version of BOTW is a slightly edited version of the
    original. I think RLM are trying to cover up the relationship between
    Todd Solondz and Jay. I’m trying to think of a gay version of Yoko Ono
    but I’m struggling, I may get back to you later.

  • Rob Lowe

    Notice how Wizard hipster is allowed to use a code word for tits because Yoko isn’t there.

  • George W Bush

    I love how Wizard hipster is asked to explain the plot of the 2nd movie and 2 hours later Jay cracks and has to shut him up so he can summarize it in like 10 words.

  • leni riefenstahl

    Why are RLM Nazis removing all posts which contain the word’s Wizard and or hipster?

  • leni riefenstahl

    Why are RLM Nazis removing all posts which contain the words Todd Solondz and gay?

  • leni riefenstahl

    Why are RLM Nazis removing all posts which contain the words Jess Nakels and school bus?

  • Islander

    Why is Jay in a tuxedo? “The Room” reference?

  • Jimmy Hoffa

    Why is it that RLM people can refer to Wizard hipster as “Wizard” during BOTW yet RLM fans aren’t allowed to mention either of the words Wizard or hipster in a post without it being censored?

  • Jimmy Hoffa

    Any ideas how/why Wizard hipster got the nickname “Wizard”? My theory is that he can get his mops, buckets and brooms to do his housework by playing them some Stokowski.

  • Gok wan

    Whoever gave Wizard hipster the full Seth Rogan make-over for this weeks show really messed up by not managing to kidnap and burn that fucking skanky brown sweater/

    • Nick Nolte

      Hey, STFU dude, I’d happily pay $50 for that at the RLM auction.

  • Alex

    I really am moderately shocked that there was no “Snakes on a Plane” reference when they were watching the bewb movie.

    • David Letterman

      Dude, these videos are heavily edited because they want to make them all around 45 minutes long so if they want to include the important stuff like Wizard hipster staring at the TV screen with the same face as he uses while taking a big shit and Todd Solondz screaming like a girl then secondary stuff like “Snakes On A Plane” references and generally humorous comments need to take a back-seat.

  • Keegan Tatum

    I love hearing Wizard’s intros to movies.

    • Jay Leno

      Stop taking the piss!

  • Alpha Pulp

    2 smart-a** comments.

    Cancer can be transmitted indirectly through the Human papillomavirus, which can trigger cancer.

    Adolf Hitler also spared his former Jewish World War I Commander Ernst Hess,but murdered the rest of the family.

  • Thomas Michael Morris

    How did you not mention the frisbee scene in Hard Ticket to Hawaii?

  • dan

    They’re having so much more fun when Mike isn’t around.

    • Captain Iwentthere

      Rich = John
      Jay = Paul
      Josh = Ringo
      Skinny, bald fuckface whose name I fail to remember = George
      Jessi = Brian Epstein
      Mike = George Martin… or maybe the real Yoko?

      • Skinny, Bald Fuckface

        Fuck yeah, I’ll take George.

      • RZA


        Rich = John, Paul, George and Ringo
        Jay = Mao Tse-tung
        Tod Solondz = Jack Twist
        Jess = Hard Candy
        Mike = Humbert Humbert
        Wizard hipster = unintentional result of “The Black Keys” breeding

      • RZA


        Rich = John, Paul, George and Ringo.
        Jay = Mao Tse-tung
        Todd Solondz = Jack Twist
        Jess = Hard Candy
        Mike = Humbert Humbert
        Wizard hipster = Love child of “The Black Keys”

      • William Shatner


        Rich = John, Paul, George and Ringo
        Jay = Mao Tse-Tung
        Todd Solondz = gay
        Wiizard hipster = love child of “The Black Keys”
        Jess = Hard Candy
        Mike = Humbert Humbert
        3rd guy in “Dude Care Bore Brothers Whatever……..” = Pete Best

  • james kramer

    why does your website suck so much? why do the videos never load? why dont you use youtube?

    • Name

      It’s stylistically designed that way.

      • james kramer

        they can’t undo that, but they could diminish the effects of it.

        • CC

          Each stanza rhymes with the last….hopefully it’ll work out…

  • Grayified

    Great reviews! Have you guys seen “Starcrash”? It is truly a “Best of the Worst”

  • vfgb


  • Ryan Allen

    CGP Grey shirt!

  • Jigsaw

    Rich Evan’s laughs exactly like my 84 year old grandmother. I’m not even kidding.

    • Jigsaw


  • Harry Doodson

    Is that a CGP Grey shirt?

  • Miami Connection fan

    I really like how Miami Connection has been rediscovered, since it was one the first films I had seen when my parents bought our first VCR back in 1988. This movie is still on our cassette No.1 with german dub.

    But you guys at RLM didn’t do your homework. The senseless violence the heroes commit at the end, is justified by the original ending, that was shot, and is included on the blu-ray now. In the original ending the black guy was supposed to die on their way to the airport, becuse of blood loss…That’s why all the set up with him wanting so desperately find his father…

    A fan from Hungary.

  • AnimationworksNL

    This show gets better every episode. Glad to see a new one, for a moment I thought the trolls had spoiled your fun (and mine). Keep ‘em coming!

    • care boars get fucked


  • I guess I’m that guy

    I worry for Rich legitimately. I just watched GameStation again and he was very handsome in that, but he looks bigger and bigger in every video I see him in. Count your fucking calories so I can see you in films in 15 years instead of an obituary.

    FUCKING SPOT ON with the ME3 reference. “Oh…”

  • Harvey Fierstein

    I have never really considered the sexuality of BOTW contributors but after watching both the edited and unedited versions (yes, the original version they put up really was edited again) of the latest show, Todd Solondz is definitely gay.

  • Linus

    Why does he Wizard hipster always don the moth-eaten old sweater before he takes part on the review table? Is it because the room is quite cold and he doesn’t want us to see his erect man-boobs?……..If so then it’s a bit late for that ffs….,,

  • Bob the school bus driver

    It was good to see Jess Nakles watching a movie on the couch for 7 seconds because it means she got home on time and i did my job well.

  • kindwordsonly

    Is it possible if you could ask these failures to shave and wear some clean clothes? They’re creepy enough as it is. And for god sake, wear an undershirt. The saggy man tits are off-putting.

    • Jerry Springer

      Helllloooo….calling all RLM fascist dictators! How come the above post is okay yet all posts mentioning wizards, hipsters, school buses, gay Todd Solondz, Jess Nakel and brown sweaters get removed immediately?

    • Joseph Stalin

      I think I get it now. It’s okay to say shit about BOTW as long as it isn’t remotely humorous/sarcastic/amusing. No need to think too hard about why that is.

  • Andrew F.

    CGP Grey shirt. That is all.

  • Thaaaaat’s right Space Cop!


    You frauds.

  • Henry Winkler

    I wish I could read the back of DVD cases and use imaginary inverted commas simultaneously whist still managing to look the epitome of cool just like the Wizard hipster.

  • Edgar Wright

    Did anyone else ejaculate at the thought of “B-Fest” or was it just me and the Wizard hipster?

  • P T Anderson

    Why was this edition of BOTW re-edited after the original version was posted? Will the original version be available for purchase at the RLM auction?

  • P T Anderson

    I’d be really pissed if I was that dude in “Deadly Prey” the Wizard hipster keeps calling “Tim Curry.” If I was him I wouldn’t let that disrespectful SOB post on my webpage!

  • Cratylus Maximus

    weres the fat guy

  • Concerned Citizen

    Mike’s girl makes an appearance without Mike. I fear he may be chained to a bedpost in some dingy Wisconsin hotel….

  • stephen

    These are great! I’m not into B movies but just having them watching it for me gives me an understanding of how bad movies can actually be really fun!

  • cacalips

    I just watched all 3. I have to say, Hard Ticket to Hawaii was my favorite…Favorite as far as so bad it hurts to watch, but to entertaining to turn it off.
    1) Deadly Prey was good, bad acting, but it didnt try, it just lazily went along. All in all, it was a good use of blood effects and mildly entertaining. No serious business. Fimed in like 3 locations…
    2) Miami Conection is just bad ammature film. I felt sorry for it. It was a “awww this is bad because it just feels poor and misguided.
    3) Hard Ticket To HAwaii takes the cake. Every momment, even if not extremely horrible, just had the worst dialog! In Miami, the dialog was not necessarily bad, it was just the presentation (bad actors). Hard Ticket to HAwaii purposelly had super bad timing and horrible scripts. “I want to suck the nail polish off your toes”. “What are you feeling?” “One mans dream is another mans lunch”…what?? And it had a higher budget, took itself more serious, and had been shot in several locations across the island. Hawaii made me laugh, the others just made me stare like, huh?? oh silly stupid. Hard Ticket to Hawaii made me question: “Do these people know they are this bad??” I even did a little background word on HAwaii and found out several actors were in modern soaps. One guy, Ronn Moss, would have been a great actor for Largo Winch movie based on the comics, he looks just like him! Sadly we got some dumb modern version with nothing to the comic. Any ways…Hard TIcket to HAwaii all the way!

    • kenchun24

      Yeah… I do wanna see Miami Connection as I remember reading about the Draft House re-issue/release,but Hard Ticket To Hawaii is a nostalgia classic for me as it always played (almost on loop it seemed) late night on HBO/Cinemax.

  • cacalips

    Also, I have to say, I think redlettermedia guys got a bad copy of Miami Connection. That dead cut away to the guys eating has a purpose. Just before the asian guy is discussing that the owner of the restaurant has “troubles”, then it cuts away and shows that group eating, they then leave without paying, which prompts the owner to ask for money and get beat down, he then fights back etc. Then the good guys arrive and talk the virtues of fighting and how it is not about money but about the heart etc… In its horrible cheesy way it makes sense. Either redletter media is taking scenes out of place and picking on it, or they have a bad copy. And since the entire movie is bad…it is hard to imagine a worse copy but yeah, the one I am watching doesnt have dead cut away scenes like that…I was waiting for em and not there.

    • Check it

      The one I saw had two separate scenes in the restaurant. One was the one where they just go eat, and the other had the owner fighting the gang of toughs, then the tae kwon do band shows up at the end of that scene.

  • ricarleite

    For the love of God, you guys gotta do “Planet Wars” (aka Brazillian Star Wars). By far, by FUCKING FAR, the worse movie ever made.

  • TheWordShaker

    CGPGrey T-Shirt? Nice.

  • HitDog

    Tae-kwon! Tae-kwon! Tae-kwon-do!

  • Nick Nolte

    Normally I would never consider watching rubbish movies because they are rubbish but BOTW has shown me that if I get shit-faced and record myself watching them for 6 hours then edit the highlights, I can show myself what a good time I didn’t remembered having. Thanks RLM!

  • Macaulay Culkin

    My friends are weird! They think shit like “Team America” and “Sean Of The Dead” are funny and when I show them great movies like “Ben And Arthur” and “The Girl In Gold Boots,” they throw things at me, call me a tosser and don’t laugh at all. I’m so glad RLM makes BOTW because I can imagine you are all my best friends because all of my real life friends are such losers.

  • Stuart Croy

    Great stuff. Please cover “Shogun Assasin”.

  • Manaconda

    That… was… awesome!

  • Jesse Garza

    Wheres Mike????

  • Handwasher

    Heh. I remember getting Hard Ticket to Hawaii from the local video store with a friend. Not sure we made it past the jacuzzi scene.

  • Jason Ross

    Where’s Muscles Glasses?

  • Danny Pockets

    Aw, Jay is so cute! He looks like a little Justin Timberlake.

  • ale-turd

    i love how on the boxart for miami connection they drew the black guy getting his mail

  • Atleastimhappy

    From IMDB:

    Deadliest Prey(2013)– In post production
    David A. Prior Writer, Director.
    Ted Prior- “Danton”
    Same sibling team that brought the wonder that is Deadly Prey (1987).

  • HAT

    watch and review Manos: The Hands of Fate or Eegah…two of the worst films ever made! Have the local suicide hotline on speed dial.

  • winzentween

    I love these guys and if I laugh hard tonight on this episode I will donate cash then write my long overdue blog on these legends and tell others to donate cash to their wonderfully dry web episodes which still have far too much advertising for my taste but hey somethings got to pay for the special effect which is RICH EVANS LOL (i lov u rich…deeply)

  • winzentween

    ok i laughed my ass off so cash for the boyz! no wine for me tonight :<

  • winzentween

    sooo funny, thank u RLM and Jay as always and RIch too for ME3 quote…i feel u man

  • Bill The Thrill

    All that talk about ‘making the Niners pay’ . . . and what happened when Aaron “cry baby” Rodgers got his big chance? The 49ers KICKED. THE. SHIT . . . out of he and the (fudge) Packers.

  • BBW

    Here’s the best way to enjoy Hard TIcket to Hawaii:

  • oprah winfrey

    How long have Jay and Todd Solondz been in a relationship? Seriously dudes, you could come out the closet. It’s not like RLM fans are 90% teenage heterosexual females screaming for Jay’s wiener. WE UNDERSTAND GUYS!

    • Simon Cowell

      I thought the same thing. They were looking very intimate on the original cut of this week’s show. It was a shame that got removed, it would do them the world of good to come out to the fans.

  • Stephen Fry

    I wish I was as good at reading the backs of boxes as the Wizard hipster.

  • Peter O’Toole

    The Wizard hipster has a real drink problem. He has nearly finished her first bottle of cheap beer before they even start reviewing the first movie. I think an RLM intervention is called for before things get out of hand.

  • Uwe Boll

    Thank God for BOTW! I have always wondered why rubbish movies were really rubbish and now I know! Often I would watch a movie and be left with the overriding impression that it was a piece of shit but because it had a beginning, middle and end and used actors performing dialogue written by a script writer I could never quite put my finger on what exactly was going wrong. Not any more! Thanks guys!

  • Scorpion

    Jeez, I hope I’ve still got a cool nickname like Wizard when I’m 50.

  • Mishi

    April Fools Mr. Plinkett

  • Tomas Hedwyn Savage

    Best episode so far! When they blew up the blow up doll, no pun intended, with the rocket launcher I was in tears!
    Love you redlettermedia!

    • kenchun24

      I totally forgot that part (just remember boobs and the giant snake) but when they set up the scene – and the skateboard assassin is shown doing his handstand I totally remembered what was going to happen.

  • McG

    Wow, I watched this show last week and again just now and it isn’t the same. It’s like they edited extra shit out and i can’t think why??! Anyone else notice the same?

    • Jean Claude Van Damme

      Yes, I noticed the same thing. I think they took out the part where Beaker starts hitting jay like a girl.

  • Octo Seven

    Where’s our April Fool’s joke you Hack-Neck Flaw-Beards!

  • DogSwallow

    You guys need to watch 1993′s Lethal Ninja starring Ross Kettle. It’s pretty bad but sometimes enjoyable?
    “An American ninja’s wife is held hostage by a sadistic Nazi chemist on
    an Asian island. He teams up with an African-American ninja to rescue
    her. “

  • WhoBearededYou

    The bearded guy (not Jay) does testeddotcom with adam savage, I think Jamie does some stuff too, but he is a stick in the mud so I don’t watch those. I was just curious what that guy(the bearded guy) is doing here.

    • Jeromy Irons

      Shit, and another one……….

      You’re incorrect, I’m an expert on bearded hipsters and this one isn’t the one from, that is his estranged brother. Story has it that they fell out on Jan 3rd 2000 when they had an argument over which one of them was “soooo last century.” They haven’t spoken since. Apparently, Jay and Mike met the Wizard hipster at “Ironic Dungeons And Dragons” club in 2004 and have been the best of friends since.

    • Cole Christie

      that guy is named Will
      this is josh the Wizard

  • Guest

    They’re making a sequel to Deady Prey!

  • ForwardEarth

    They’re making a sequel to Deadly Prey! Deadliest Prey:

    • ForwardEarth

      And by the way, the evil rich guy was played by Troy Donahue, who was a teen idol in the 60′s.

  • Michelle

    I’m officially sexually attracted to Jay after seeing him in a tux. Jay, I want to watch a bad movie with you. Naked. No, you keep the tux on. I’ll be naked

    • Cameron Diaz

      Jay isn’t as sexy as the Wizard hipster now he has had a full Seth Rogan make-over and wearing that sexy tight-fitting, nipple -hugging wizard t-shirt. Phwooaar!

    • Demi Moore

      Congratulations on getting one through! I guess you can never underestimate a man’s ego!

    • corina

      amen to that

  • Rob Rose

    Hey.. Hack frauds! Best of the Worst has NO section on the site…. fix that! the only way I can find the old episodes is by going back in the stream.. its obviously very well liked, throw it in the menubar!

    • Rupert Murdoch

      I agree! You can tell how well BOTW is loved by RLM fans by the way 9/10 posts are removed and printed off so they can be stuck on the front of Jay’s fridge.

  • kenchun24

    Haha! Hard Ticket To Hawaii – classic wait till the parents go to sleep and sneak back down to the family room to see some Uzi’s & boobies on cable (think there was a giant snake too if I recall? Haven’t watched the review yet).

  • kenchun24

    Oh and great call on the Mass Effect 3 ending being lame like Deadly Prey Rich.

  • Toby Maguire

    What happened to the original cut of this edition of BOTW? I just showed it to my gay friend, Maximus and the really gay part where Beaker hits jay like a girl has been removed! Can we have the directors cut back please? Maximus is new to RLM and was very disappointed!

  • Ridley Scott

    If I was the dude that Wizard hipster keeps referring to as “Tim Curry” I’d be really pissed! If that disrespectful beardy SOB wanted to post on my webpage I’d remove all his posts immediately!

  • Sean Bean

    I can’t believe the Wizard hipster watches “Game Of Thones” – that’s sooo 2011!

  • Prncipal Skinner

    I was disappointed to see Jess Nakles appear on the sofa during the viewing of one of the movies. She brought me a signed letter from her mother saying she had a doctors appointment which excused her from Home Ec. I can see she has got involved with the wrong group of people if they are condoning this behavior.

  • Roger Eibert

    Thanks BOTW! I would never have considered watching any of these movies previously because I was under the impression they were rubbish but now I officially know they are completely rubbish I can’t wait to watch them!

  • J K Rowling

    I think it would be a great idea if RLM produced some similar shows to BOTW which reviewed other things in life which are completely rubbish. How about a show where Wizard hipster and Beaker read and review popular romantic fiction books? That would be awesome!

  • Jess Nakles

    When is the next BOTW please? With all the crappy movies you have in that bookcase you could easily make 3 shows a week! WTF is the matter with you??!!

  • fdsaasdfs

    You all are being doted on over at Reddit: Thought you might enjoy it.

  • supr_g

    So is there a reason you guys haven’t posted a video in TWO FUCKING WEEKS?!?!?!

    • Joaquin Phoenix

      Dude, get a life! Creating quality output like BOTW takes time and effort. Sitting down and watching shitty movies with your friends with a webcam pointing at you isn’t as easy as it looks!

      • guest

        Clearly you’ve never edited anything with a three camera setup and four audio sources. It’s almost as difficult as complaining about a lack of free internet videos.

        • Bill Gates

          Hey, asshole…it’s easy if you have decent equipment unless you’re completely retarded.

          Oh sorry….I guess that must be YOU!

    • guest


    • Sam Rami

      It’s pretty obvious they’re waiting for “The Evil Dead” to come out for HITB. I saw an advanced screening the other day and it’s fucking awesome. Mike will probably have a permanent erection at all the practical special effects.

  • rosemary the whoooooore

    “Friends for eternity, loyalty, honesty…”
    OH MY GOD, I have Miami connection stuck in my braaiiin!

  • John G

    Sad about Rogers.

  • a

    Roger Ebert just died.

    • Danel Day Lewis

      All the shit that dude had to suffer with his jaw and cancer everywhere shows how life sucks ass and the best any of us can hope for is to die in our sleep. RIP Rog, a brave dude and a legend.

  • John A.

    There’s no category at the top of your webzone to link to the Best of the Worst episodes.

  • Ashley Davis

    I would love it if you guys did this series with wrestling themed movies. Like “No Holds Barred” with Hulk Hogan, “Ready To Rumble” with David Arquette, and “The Marine” with John Cena.

  • Liquidus

    I almost died laughing because of “cancer-infested rats” xD

  • Martin_Baun

    I don’t know if it has already been posted, but there is a sequel to Deadly Prey on its way :)

  • Faget

    Are you guys going to review Evil Dead or what?

    Tick tock motherfuckers.

  • Billy Joe Jim Bob

    For your next Best of the Worst you should include “The Baytown Outlaws” 2012

  • Enoughalready

    This one time, I saw Rich Evans’s fat ass do this show called Gamestation 2.0, and that was the gayest thing I’d ever seen until I saw Best of the Worst.



  • godhatesyeast


  • HeatherSeebach

    Wow, just found this, what a weird coincidence they did 3 of the first 4 movies I’ve done for my own video blog Trainwreck Cinema months ago.Damn, I need to pick lesser known movies apparently.

    • Kim Kardashian

      Self promoting ahole! I’m not clicking that link on principal!

      • Henrietta Heather Knowby

        You’re right, i shouldnt have used the link, i didnt mean to be sele-whoring, was just trying to show how weird it is that those were the films chosen of all the bad movies in the world. Me and RLM must be on some psychic wavelength together :P

        • Jim Varney

          RLM are hack frauds! I used to have a youtube channel where I reviewed sci-fi and horror movies dressed as an incontinent old man named Harold S Plunkett until they stole my idea, my identity and all of my self respect. Don’t let those heartless conmen steal your shit and ruin your life like they did mine!

        • Seth Rogan

          I checked your site out. Where is your “Hard Ticket To Hawaii” video?

        • itsonlyme

          You’re right to point it out and if it wasn’t for the fact they did “Samurai Cop” ages before you it would look reallllly bad!

    • itsonlyme

      I checked out your website and it looks like you were totally ripped off! Why havent you done any more videos?

      • HeatherSeebach

        Lack of time :/ when not working I’ve put all my effort into getting a lot of written content on the site lately, but I do hope to get more videos up soon. The Hard Ticket to Hawaii one I just haven’t posted yet (i teased it at the end of my Miami Connection vid). Also, lack of readers/viewers kinda killed my motivation and eagerness to do more quickly :/ But I really appreciate you checking it out, thank you

  • jay bauman

    This website sucks ass!

  • McG

    I’m disappointed that the Wizard hipster’s nice new wizard t-shirt wasn’t used as blue-screen. CGI could have been used to give the Wizard hipster an animated plot-synopsis reading friend….a mystical badger maybe? This would have left Jay free to perform other more important tasks such as check all of the audio/visual equipment and gay-wrestle with Beaker.

  • Wizard hipster

    “That was from B-Fest, wasn’t it? awhhhhhharhhhmmmmmmmarhhhhhh I need to change my pants!”

  • Judge Judy

    I couldn’t help but notice the Twitter comment from RLM which said “We’ve been working on some other projects the last few weeks….”. – I would never have thought spending hours every day removing posts from this website would have been considered “a project”!!?

  • Liz Frazier

    Miami Connection is Josie and the Pussycats for guys.

  • Michael Haneke

    Has anyone else noticed the number of people appearing on Youtube slagging movies off recently? For any new movie released, chances are there’s more people making videos for youtube about how shit it is than there are dumb-ass cute pet videos

  • JDDD

    Do an Evil Dead review and I’m sure you’ll find a way to segue a Robert Ebert tribute in it.

    • kenchun24

      Makes sense as Siskel & Ebert did review The Evil Dead on “At The Movies” and Evil Dead 2:Dead By Dawn too I think. (they definitely did the first one for sure)

      At The Movies: Evil Dead

  • Harmony Korine

    I wish I was as hip as the Wizard hipster.

  • James Franco

    Why are all posts which contain the words “Wizard” and “hipster” being removed from this board? Seriously dudes, the guy’s name is “Wizard”, he dresses like a tramp and has a hard-on for nerdy retro shit…….it’s not like he doesn’t fucking know! Please don’t tell me he is in hipster-denial?! He can get counseling for that!

  • Jeffrey LLoyd


    Unless of course Plinkett is going to review it…

    • Topdek

      I finally watched Turkish Star Wars, after seeing so many recommendations of it on this site.

      I almost threw up laughing. It might be the best bad movie ever. Judge for yourself (don’t forget to turn on english captions):

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I didn’t notice that the funnels were on the Titanic backward.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      25:00 until 26:24 is HILARIOUS! Also, nice CGP Grey shirt! :D

  • Guest

    i can’t believe one very simple comment about a B movies ending has turned this into a whiny video game message board. The problem with Mass Effect 3 is that it has nothing to do with HitB or BotW.

  • idontgiveashityoustupiddipshit

    why is jay wearing that

  • Crying Dad Letter Guy

    My mother was Korean

  • crazycrazylady

    easily my new favorite segment! keep them coming – i need this! also, jay: you are pretty hot! i’d tap that – I wouldn’t even have to think about it!

  • Sappho Sabine

    For your comment about Mass Effect 3, Rich Evans, I love you even more. Thank you Sir.

  • jakop


  • winzentween

    very funny! great work guys as always ;>

  • Israel

    Friends through eternity…

  • Andy Villanueva

    NEVER get rid of beard guy

  • j

    watch `the adventures of foodboy“

  • h

    you should review “the adventures of foodboy” !!

  • Pingback: MIAMI CONNECTION REVIEW: FRIENDS FOREVER/ WE’LL BE TOGETHER (4/5) | compulsiveozblogger

  • Christian Langton

    Came back because this happened.

    • bananna hammock

      Just finished the game and couldn’t stop laughing… wanted to see if anyone else noticed.

      • Kyle

        Trust me. We all noticed.

  • Jake Foley

    Just a heads up, they’re releasing a sequel, Deadliest Prey, later this year. Starring the same guy too.

  • BLTB

    Jessi at 17:36.

  • Rex Powercolt

    Rich Evans should do a review of Blood Dragon on that one gaming segment that they probably won’t do anymore because no one cares.

  • Patrick Deeagn

    About that comment Jake said…. can’t wait. Already got my costume of the main character ready to watch the sequel. But in all seriousness…. a movie where Tim Curry plays an action star and actually seems like he fits was more than awesome, now they’re making another one. Yes.

    • erp

      Er… You do know that it wasn’t REALLY Tim Curry, right? Sorry, sarcasm is hard to pick up on the internet sometimes…

  • Muther Fuckin’ Moin

    nice CGPGrey shirt!

  • David

    I don’t know if anyone else mentioned it, but the father-in-law who makes the hilarious speech in “Deadly Prey” was also in another notoriously bad movie – Space Mutiny. He played the father-in-law in that movie, too, though he had a Santa Claus beard.

    • RMCarpenter

      Captain Santa Claus! One of the greatest MST3K episodes ever.

      • Topdek

        “I’ll show you where my elves are working day and night”

  • Robert Sibio

    For those that are interested. Miami Connection is on Netflix. It currently sits at #7 on and has a RATING OF4.0!!!

  • guest

    does rich evans not drink?

    • bruseree

      Rich’s vice is not the drink, it’s the food, he’s a tub of lard! jk.

      • Acanthus Lux

        I almost thought this comment was rude and inappropriate but then I saw the jk and was like HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

    • guest

      His vice is his laughter. He can’t be too jolly outside of RLM, lest his melodic good cheer attract the attention of the unnameable…

    • NightmareFuel

      Maybe he’s got the diabetus.

  • Ross

    Apparently they made a sequel to Deadly Prey that’s currently in post-production called Deadliest Prey.

    • cabbo

      It was a kickstarter. It wasn’t funded.

      • TapewormBike


  • williamsn411

    A question for RLM and all RLM fans:

    “Miami Connection” vs. “Troll 2″ vs. “R.O.T.O.R”

    Which one is the best?

    • Topdek

      Most well-made, technically competent movie? Troll 2.

      Most incompetently amusing movie? Tough call, but I’m going with Miami Connection. Troll 2 is very funny, but the direction doesn’t reach the level of amusing incompetence of Miami Connection. R.O.T.O.R is also very funny, but it doesn’t have the soul of Miami Connection. It just wants to be a ripoff of Terminator and Robocop, yet hasn’t an iota of the greatness of those movies. Miami Connection sincerely wants to spread a message of tolerance and non-violence, which it fails at completely, but you have to love it for trying.


    They call up Rikki Tiki Tavi to get that snake he done kill that bitch done dead

  • Pingback: Welke film heb je vandaag gezien en wat vond je ervan ? (20) - Pagina 226

  • AlanSmithee

    So, I’m watching Miami Connection with our director, and we notice that the movie is set in Orlando, and the only drug deal is right at the beginning, so there’s no real drug “connection” in it. Why is it called Miami Connection?

    Then we noticed that there is an Escobar credited as a producer at the end. Oh I get it, the movie IS the Miami Connection.

  • Mac

    Miami Connection is available streaming over Netflix… and it was f’n hilarious :P

  • Topdek

    Now that I’ve seen Miami Connection (thank you Netflix), I’m surprised that you guys didn’t mention the scene in the biker bar where this movie inexplicably turns into Pink Flamingos minus the subversive humor, with chunky, unappealing biker rednecks drinking beer and women dropping their boobs out. John Waters would not approve.

  • RightWired

    Was that Micheal Phelps in Miami Connection?

  • Sam

    I’ve watched this episode ten or fifteen times, it never gets old. This and the ROTOR episode are so wonderfully fun.

  • Hiro

    Will we ever know why Jay is wearing a tux in this?

    • Derrick Cryderman

      Because if Tommy wiseau can randomly wear a tux while playing football then jay can too

    • Brad Smoley

      They run (or at least used to) a videography service. He might have just come from a wedding. Maybe?

  • Joozeppy

    LOVE this BOTW!!! I’ve watched this and the movies they review so many times I can do the dialogue with them. But why the hell is Jay wearing a tuxedo?

  • Jakoporeeno Tex Mex Johnson

    was the miami connection theme in far cry 3 blood dragon?

  • Bacchus

    Love Miami Connection! Had been having a shitty day and decided to sit down and watch this with a friend. Ended up laughing like crazy all the way through. Outstanding work!

  • Pingback: Miami Connection - Movie Review

  • Jrdn

    You had me at “motorcycle ninjas”

  • Crowsteeth

    I can’t believe you guys didn’t mention the horrible tranny!

  • FearAndSlothing
    • The Willard


  • Cameron Vale

    Jay: Jack, why don’t you explain the plot of Miami Connection?
    Rich: Good luck!
    (collective laughter)
    Jack: Well, you know, going with the theme of the night, very basic plot…
    (roughly eight and a half minutes of incoherent rambling about friendship and ninjas follows)

  • Kenomorph

    Did Rich just compare something to the Mass Effect 3 ending?!
    Wow I’m delightfully surprised, didn’t know Rich played ME, awesome!

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