Revenge of Nadine: The Episode III Review Epilogue is now online!

March 10, 2011

It’s here! The exciting conclusion of the Plinkett/Nadine storyline! Be amazed by the awkward fight scenes and astounding “special” effects!

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  • Starkiller

    Nadine and Plinkett are awesome!

  • name

    a coma he was to lie in for four years

  • ForwardEarth

    This pisses me off a lot less now that I know about Rich Evans and how he originated the Plinkett character.

  • Whargoul

    The shot of Plinkett rolling down the street in the dark was awe inspiring.

  • Nadine is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Hairy Ass

    Nadine is gorgeous and she’s really good as the character! Just for clarification, she’s Mike’s girlfriend, right?


    Why does there always have to be a “dropped my cane mirror” reaction shot?

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