• Star Trek: The Motion Picture – re:View

    It's the team up you've all been waiting for! Dry and sarcastic meets dry and sarcastic! Two dull, unfunny, elderly men talk about an old, dull,

  • Mike Talks About Ghost Adventures

    While filming the latest Half in the Bag episode, Mike talked about Ghost Adventures a whole lot.

  • Half in the Bag: The Haunting of Hill House and Overlord

    Look out for ghosts! Mike and Jay talk about a TV show. But they're not going to talk about every TV show. They're just talking about this TV sho

  • Hackers – re:View

    Jack and Mack talk about Hack...ers. Jack is joined by special guest Macaulay Culkin to talk about this "classic" mid-90s techno-thriller or whatever it is. Special thanks to Macaulay Culkin. Check out

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