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Half in the Bag: 2017 Movie Catch-up (part 2 of 2)

January 10, 2018161 Comments

Mike and Jay continue talking about movies they saw in 2017, mostly horribly depressing and miserable ones!

(0:23) The Blackcoat’s Daughter
(4:07) It Comes at Night
(8:28) Gerald’s Game
(11:25) The Florida Project
(16:17) Killing of a Sacred Deer
(20:19) Mansfield 66/67
(22:31) Dunkirk
(22:50) A Ghost Story

Star Trek Discovery mid-season – re:View

January 8, 2018264 Comments

Nerd Alert!!! Mike and Rich go insane debating Discovery Vs. The Orville.

Half in the Bag: 2017 Catch-up (part 1 of 2)

January 6, 2018204 Comments

Mike and Jay talk about a bunch of movies they saw last year. This is only half of them! This video includes discussions of:

(1:09) Split
(7:48) Kong: Skull Island
(11:14) I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore
(16:40) Raw
(18:43) Brad’s Status
(23:25) Ingrid Goes West
(30:32) War For the Planet of the Apes
(34:50) The Belko Experiment
(36:54) Mayhem
(40:13) Colossal
(45:27) Wish Upon

Best of the Worst: Merry Kick-mas!

December 28, 2017214 Comments

Ho Ho Ho! The group celebrates Kick-mas by watching some terrible action movies with people kicking on the cover and a terrible animated Christmas special where nobody kicks or does much of anything.

Half in the Bag: The Last Last Jedi Review

December 19, 20171,706 Comments

* we weren’t really sponsored by Fandango…

In this special episode Rich, Mike, and Jay talk about the Last Jedi. A movie that’s complex, but subtle. Beautiful, yet awkward, clunky and unfunny. Good, yet very bad.

Also while discussing the bombing raid on the Dreadnought. Mike talks about a Star Trek Voyager episode coincidentally called “Dreadnought”. Please comment about that below… if you were cool enough to know that awesome fact!!!

The Nerd Crew: The Last Jedi FULL REVIEW (SPOILERS!!!)

December 11, 2017930 Comments

The Nerd Crew releases their review of The Last Jedi after attending the star studded premiere in Los Angeles!

Half in the Bag: The Disaster Artist

December 10, 201789 Comments

The Room commentary track:

Frauds discuss frauds making a movie about a fraud making a movie. It’s The Disaster Artist!

Ed Wood – re:View

December 7, 2017108 Comments

Two hack filmmakers discuss a film directed by an inconsistent filmmaker about a terrible filmmaker. It’s Tim Burton’s 1994 comedy Ed Wood!

Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #16

December 4, 2017216 Comments

Games of chance is the theme today! SPIN THAT WHEEL!! Your inbred flyover best friends from the Midwest (that you’ll never meet or be friends with) spin a wooden wheel with obscure and terrible videos on it. Watch them watch the tapes! Get drunk! And embarrass themselves! Mike gets to spin twice to redeem himself. Enjoy!

Nothing But Trouble – re:View

November 25, 2017138 Comments

Jack and Rich Evans discuss the failed Dan Aykroyd brainchild Nothing But Trouble, starring Chevy Chase, Demi Moore, John Candy and Dan Aykroyd as both an elderly judge and a terrifying diaper baby.

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